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Grammarly Student Price: How to Get Max Discount?

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How to get Grammarly discount for students?
To get Grammarly discount for students, you will have to be resourceful getting your hands on student coupon discounts, special premium discounts, and educational package discounts. There are also ways to get extended premium free trial periods, although that might require some extensive works from your end. One such method is by contacting the vendor directly and requesting a discount with a good reason to back it.

With a writing and grammar enhancement software at your disposal, you can thrive in your chosen line of work. Your words can be more fluid, cohesive and powerful. With Grammarly, for example, you get to write better and therefore persuade better. Unlike typical grammar checking applications, it goes beyond the usual grammar errors and common misspelling to actually delve into the contextual issues and producing quality and compact copy. Better yet, the vendor accommodates user cases from any walk of life and dispenses with various discount coupons and other methods so those who need the application will have access as they need.

In this short review, we take a close look at Grammarly, its key offerings, as well as a brief rundown of plans and available discounts. Before making a purchase, consider a lot of factors that may help you maximize this software even more. One thing to consider is the comprehensibility of the solution and its compatibility with your current workflows. Since you will be using the solution often, its capability for systems integrations is worth considering. For those who are loyal to Google Docs and Microsoft Word, you may also check this list of writing enhancement software that integrates seamlessly with both applications.  Next, consider pricing and accessibility. How will larger and smaller plans fit into your current work style and deliverables? Grammarly provides a comprehensive pricing scheme for teams and businesses of any size.

grammary student price

There is always a great reward for putting power into your words. A report by Forbes concludes that with respect to grammar skills, your writing potential affects long-term income. There are around two billion people in the world who can write in English. However, knowing how many of that number can communicate well is a different story.

A Grammarly survey of more than a hundred native English speakers in the consumer goods industry found that people with good grammar are more likely to be successful. Professionals who had less grammatical errors in their LinkedIn profiles were more likely found to have achieved director-level positions within the first 10 years and earned 2.5 times better than those with more grammatical mistakes. Fewer grammatical errors correlated well with more promotions. Professionals who received 6 to 9 promotions made 45% less grammatical mistakes than those who had only been promoted 1 to 4 times.

Oftentimes, we are too preoccupied with academic and social responsibilities that we tend to cram the night before a paperwork submission. Fear not, for on top of general SaaS productivity tools for small business, the growth of technology has resulted in the development of grammar checkers. These types of software are not only capable of correcting grammar but are also capable of detecting signs of plagiarism. However, the most common problem that students and writing apprentices suffer is the lack of or limited budget to get the correct tools like a grammar checker.

Running a grammar checker software in your computer ensures that the number of typos in your document decreases markedly. You are typically able to write more text with this software, allowing you to spend less time on writing and enjoy a productive day or night ahead. To apprentice writers, especially if you are just learning to speak and write English, grammar or writing software can help you improve your skills by assisting you with which words are correct to use and how to spell them.

Grammar checkers save time and educate users on essential grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, all the while teaching them how to improve their stylistic use of the English language. Armed with a better understanding of the language, your written work will never get indecent evaluations nor be considered unimportant. You can thus create a positive image because a correctly composed work reveals enormous information about the writer.

Core Grammarly features

It helps you eliminate errors and find the correct words to express your thoughts and ideas. Taking a book from AI tools, Grammarly is similarly powered by AI, which allows you to compose bold, clear, and mistake-free writing. You can avail it for free with only a single usable feature (critical grammar and spelling checks). Unlike other grammar checkers that stick to a generic structure and merely check for syntax and grammar, Grammarly helps you write with brevity and wit while still sticking to your writing style.

AI capabilities along with the contribution of some of the leading language authorities make Grammarly one of the highest-rated and most used grammar checking software. Additionally, it also provides means for checking your writing across the web, accessing your documents on multiple devices and using native desktop apps.

The sharp AI engine catches contextual spelling while attempting to explain crucial grammar rules.  You get a personal editor via, integrate with Microsoft Office, see definitions and synonyms via double clicks, add words to your personal dictionary, and get performance stats via email. You may opt to learn how this grammar checking software works in more detail.

Grammarly comes with a plagiarism checker module that validates content through academic databases and web pages and verifies the originality of written content. This feature, however, is available only for the Premium and Business account plans.

For the free app, you can easily download it when you sign up for Grammarly for free here.


This certificate is granted to products that offer especially good user experience. We evaluate how easy it is to start using the product and how well-designed its interface and features are to facilitate the work process.

Grammarly won our Great User Experience Award for 2018

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User satisfaction

How do you get Grammarly student discounts?

Student coupons

To be sure, there is hardly any Grammarly student discount coupon, only Grammarly student price that you can negotiate with the vendor. Beware of various websites that claim to be in partnership with Grammarly, offering impressive discounts. Discounts offered through these links range from 20-40% discounts with Grammarly Premium. However, these coupons might be subject to Grammarly limitations. 

Free trial route

A free trial is the best route to take if you want to check Grammarly’s compatibility with your writing workflow. With it, you are provided with basic tools for checking grammar and punctuation errors and all of Grammarly’s core features, including MS office add-in and a 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption. What is good about this route is that you get unlimited grammar checking without any hefty costs or monetary commitment.

Premium plan

On the other hand, Grammarly delivers a limited time offer with an exclusive 20% off or more on Premium subscription. You can avail of this discount by visiting their website and subscribing to a premium plan that can be seen at the upper right corner of the homepage. The Premium plan covers cutting-edge features for critical grammar and spelling checks, advanced checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, genre-specific writing style checks, and a plagiarism detector that checks more than 16 billion web pages.

The premium subscription is applicable to all plans and pricing offered by the vendor. Pricing plans offered by the vendor are as follows: monthly payment is billed $29.95/month, quarterly payment stands at $19.98/month (billed as a one-time payment of $59.95), and annual payment at $11.66/month (billed as a one-time payment of $139.95). With a quarterly plan, you would be able to save up to almost $100 in yearly costs. With an annual payment plan, you cut off about $219.45 yearly costs from Grammarly subscription.

Business plan vs. Edu plan

A Business Plan has all the premium features for teams of 3 to 100. But to cap it off, you get additional collaboration tools, including admin panels, centralized billing, team usage statistics, priority email support and more. A Business Plan starts at $15 per month/member, billed annually. While it is an attractive offer given the robust and comprehensive tools you’ll get your hands on, it is a bit pricy if you have a team of dozens. If you multiply it by a hundred people in your business, the business plan might cost you around $18,000 annually.

However, there is a way to get the same scope and coverage while saving a few hundred or thousand dollars or so. Grammarly comes with a Group Edu Plan. The package comes with a pre-set number of users and a corresponding yearly price. For 5 users, it will cost only $500 per year. Is there a difference if you stick with a business plan for the same 5 users? There is. With a business plan, you will have to shell out $900 yearly for the same 5 users. You cut down $400 in costs. A package of 10 users under the Edu plan costs only $800 per year. With a business plan, that will amount to $1,800 per year. You save up $1,000 for the same set of features and coverage.

Lastly, the Edu plan offers the best value for a group covering 20 users, costing $1,200/year. That’s a significant saving amounting to $2,400 yearly. Larger groups may also contact the vendor to get a quotation.

Each Group Plan comes with more than 400 types of grammar checks, plagiarism checks, MS Office add-in, vocabulary enhancement tools, and excellent 24/7 support.

Various ways you can enjoy Grammarly at a lower price

Now would be the perfect time to take advantage of Grammarly student price. The checker provides a user-friendly, comprehensive, and seamless experience for refining your writing and delivering your messages with clarity, whether it be for professional or personal purposes.

While it offers an excellent suite of tools for writing and grammar checking, Grammarly is fairly affordable compared to some of its competitors. Added to that, you can enjoy discounted prices if you simply browse through its varied payment plans.

For one, there is no legitimacy to student discounts for Grammarly as there exist no official partners for discount provision. You may see some discount coupons online, and it would be wise to check the validity and authenticity of these offers. Simply log into your Grammarly account and see where the coupon codes take you.

Next, taking the free trial route is highly encouraged. See how your current workflows sync with Grammarly systems. You may also want to attest to how precise and out-of-the-box its writing suggestions and recommendations are. An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for Grammarly for free here.

Lastly, you can enjoy discounted prices and savings through Grammarly’s Premium and Edu plans. With the Premium Plan, you get up to 20% or more slashed off your subscription. You get a ton of premium core features Grammarly has to offer and it does not cost you that much. Edu plans are highly recommended for start-ups or group of individuals. Compared to the Business Plan, which is priced individually per month, you get a lump-sum package that can save you a few hundred dollars or thousands, depending on your team size.

Users are highly encouraged to subscribe to the full plan to experience the service at its fullest. After all, industry professionals and journalists regard it as the handiest writing tool and assistant available in the market.

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