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Top 3 Most Popular Shopping Cart Software Services: Comparison of BigCommerce, Wix and PayKickstart

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With global ecommerce sales reaching a staggering USD 2.86 trillion in 2018 alone and projected to hit USD 6 trillion by 2022, online businesses have a vast fortune to gain by filling up the gaps in their offerings, processes, shipping and fulfillment efficiency, shopping cart innovations among a host of other things. Evidently, shopping cart software like BigCommerce, Wix and PayKickstart have it in them to help front stores make a killing in their markets. Considering the rewards of success, pricing should be the last of your worries when picking a solution: engaging visuals, fast payment and shipping fulfillment, and checkout efficiency should also figure in the picture, along with the customer support and the aggressiveness to incorporate crucial technologies as they become available.

What are the best shopping cart systems?

In this article, we will analyze the top 3 most popular shopping cart software services so you know which one should help you drive your business to substantial expansion and growth ahead. There are many ways you can analyze BigCommerce, Wix and PayKickstart, but focusing on the essential elements should make your shopping easier. These essential elements point to their pricing, payment processing system, checkout processes, shipping and fulfillment and design and user experience. As to be expected, one application will have the upper hand in one department, so you must look closely at what your business really needs before you make your final pick. It goes without saying that these three solutions had the main ecommerce software benefits and features covered, but the devil is in the details.

While the act of abandoning carts is not really a modern or online shopping phenomenon—who hasn’t abandoned items on the physical shopping cart, for whatever reason, after all?—a recent finding should make online business operators turn their heads: 35% of shoppers find it irritating being forced to create accounts before purchasing and, thus, leave their carts and website in a huff.

Fortunately, the solution is as straightforward as the problem: simply offer an express checkout where shoppers only need to leave their billing and delivery address details to complete the purchase, and then save the details for the next time the user shops on the site. BigCommerce and Wix, for example, have implemented this convenient process, but what of the others?

While 35% is a considerable figure, it’s smaller in comparison to how 60% of shoppers leave their shopping carts altogether once they discovered how extra costs like taxes, shipping and other fees have crossed the lines beyond the justifiable purchase.

Steep shipping costs have always been a source of pain for online businesses, but as more shipping providers enter the fray with better options, they should be able to offer more reasonable rates that their customers can vote for with their wallets.

Before we compare the key features of our top 3 most popular shopping cart software services, let’s get a brief introduction of each one.

Top 3 Most Popular Shopping Cart Software Services

What is BigCommerce?

bigcommerce dashboard example

With support for more than 250 currencies and expert support to differentiate and personalize your business to tell it apart from the pack, BigCommerce offers just about anything you could think of that you need for your ecommerce business to succeed. If you are a startup and still feeling your way about your market, BigCommerce covers all your essential needs for a price that does not hurt your budget.

That includes all the exposure you need for social media management, along with the tools to reap from your hard work engaging with leads and customers.

BigCommerce puts a premium on security, which means multiple protocol layers and full certifications to show for them. Your first shipping orders come with a hefty discount, and BigCommerce does not charge transaction fees which could be a cause of regret for your software investment.

If these sound interesting to you, you can get these features to work without paying a cent when you sign up for BigCommerce free trial here.


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Bigcommerce won our Best eCommerce Software of 2018

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BigCommerce gives you a wide range of options to customize your theme and checkout pages. You can do the same for your mobile deployment, choosing the best elements to go with your storefront and make it more appealing and more functional for your customers to work with.

What is Wix?

wix dashboard example

Starting its life as a dedicated website builder, Wix has since incorporated the most essential tools online businesses need to thrive in their markets. While doing so, it hasn’t forgotten its roots and still provides some of the most stunning design templates and powerful yet easy-to-use editing tools you will need to branch out to more opportunities and to spur your business to steady growth.

Beyond creating gorgeous websites, you can move to a premium plan to convert your website to a full-blast online store complete with your own shopping cart and other ecommerce enhancements. Your premium plan first gets you face to face with Wix Stores, which automatically places a shopping cart icon on your website. Next, you will have a choice of payment gateways, order tracking tools, sales promotion modules and shipping and tax management tools, which finally let you land your product at your customers’ doors.

You can see how all these shopping cart and other ecommerce elements play out in your business once you sign up for Wix free trial here.

With Wix’s Store Manager, you can easily monitor how your store items are performing. Once items are sold and shipped, Wix automatically updates your inventory so you wouldn’t run out of your hottest selling items. For items that are proving to be slackers, a variety of promotional coupons and other special offers should have the items pick up more buyers to get them off your warehouse.

What is PayKickstart?

paykickstart dashboard example

Just six years in the business have seen PayKickstart climb up the industry leader board with its robust ecommerce and shopping cart offerings. As one of our top 3 most popular shopping cart software services, it provides some of the best solutions you will find for facilitating efficient and smooth payments, fast upselling, multiple currency support, integrated tax system, vendor-branded affiliate links and many more.

Its tight email integration allows you to handle abandoned carts in the quickest time possible, while promoting your brand and communicating with your teams could never be easier with its built-in webinar integration, a feature that would have cost you substantially if you were to get it from another software provider.

You can see for yourself how these features could help your business once you sign up for PayKickstart free trial here.

One of the unique features of PayKickstart, its lead/CPA tracking allows you to calculate how much you need to pay affiliates commission for each lead they refer. Recognizing that most ecommerce and online shopping are happening via mobile, PayKickstart comes with a full-featured iOS and Android implementation, giving clients the full window of business opportunity from any access point.

Comparison of Pricing

Pricing for BigCommerce, Wix, PayKickstart varies depending on your budget and business needs. The figures are not overly steep, however, making it easier to decide in favor of the fully powered plans. To help you decide better, we suggest you take the free trial routes which are indicated in the previous software descriptions.

As the go-to shopping cart application for businesses on their way up, BigCommerce determines which plan is best for you based on the volume of your sales per year. If your sales turnover for the last year amounts up to USD 50,000, for example, you should go with USD 29.95 per month standard plan. For that much, you get unlimited file storage, products and bandwidth, access to Amazon and eBay, Facebook and Instagram, major payment gateways, real-time shipping quotes, product ratings and reviews, your own blog and reporting tools.

If your annual sales turnover approaches USD 150,000, then you qualify for the Plus plan which adds an abandoned cart saver and persistent cart among other things. All BigCommerce pricing plans come with solid 24/7 customer support and zero transaction fees. If you prefer to avail of special credit card rates from PayPal, however, BigCommerce has a tiered transaction rate for each plan, whereby you pay less the more you go up on the pricing options.

For USD 16.50 per month, you get Wix’s eCommerce package that gives you unlimited bandwidth along with the USD 48-value form builder app and USD 60-value site booster app, which you would have to pay separately if you were on the lower-tier Connect Domain and Combo plans instead. For USD 8 more, you get the VIP plan, which includes 10 email campaigns per month and priority response.

From Wix’s USD 16.50 per month eCommerce plan to PayKickStart’s USD 99 per month Professional plan might appear a big pricing jump at first, until you look at what comes with that package: unlimited products, one-click upsells, email integration, fulfillment integration, custom billing portal, affiliate center, lead tracking, 20-language checkout page translation, audience builder and demographics, automated survey builder, multiple affiliate features along with webinar integrations just among many others. If you are a longtime ecommerce veteran, you know how much these modules would cost you individually. Coming from a single unified application, that USD 99 per month price tag will begin to look like an outright bargain.

Verdict: BigCommerce will not let you down if your business thrives on Amazon or eBay. That profile also comes with the most efficient, most comprehensive shopping cart features you can find for your business. Go for Wix if you want all the essential shopping cart software, payment gateways, shipping features without the need for more elaborate tools and paying more for them. PayKickstart should be the app for you if you are more comfortable extending your reach to affiliates and webinar audiences.

Comparison of Payment Systems

Hands down it is tough to outdo BigCommerce in the payment gateway department, not just for Wix or PayKickstart for that matter. The application packs 65 payment gateways right out the box valid for 100 countries, as well as support for 250 local payment methods around the world, facilitated by world-renowned global payment processing company Adyen. Your use of the 65 international payment gateways does not have any transaction cost since the payment processors are already built right into the platform. BigCommerce further pushes its payment envelope by allowing vendors to offer financing options, all while enjoying bank-grade fraud protection system.

Wix accepts payments from VISA, Master Card, Discover, JCB, Diners and UnionPay credit cards and from Visa and MasterCard debit cards. You can also set up a PayPal payment service, which opens up more currency options for your business. Customers are directed to PayPal for going about the payment transactions. All transaction fees are as PayPal set them depending on the region.

PayKickstart lets you accept payments through major debit and credit cards, as well as through the ACH/SEPA wire transfer protocols for European Union member countries. For more flexibility, you have the option to integrate Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, EasyPayDirect and right into the application. Transaction fees are as these gateways charge them. PayKickstart is working on expanding the payment options, so watch this space for further updates regarding that.

Verdict: No way you can lose out on BigCommerce with its veritable who’s who of the payment gateways, support for multiple currencies if you have full international exposure, and the partnership with Adyen, which makes payments via mobile, POS, or other ecommerce modules as seamless as it can go. Its unique financing system that you can pass along your own customers gives the ultimate flexibility in payment transactions.

PayKickstart lets you choose how your payment gateways appear on the checkout page.

Comparison of Checkout Process

Adding or removing an item from a shopping cart is a straightforward affair with BigCommerce, Wix and PayKickstart. Once customers have all the final items for the purchase, they can then fill out coupon boxes if they have those, or proceed with how they want to pay for the items. Addresses and other shipping details are easy to create and change, as well as other instructions for the shipping companies to follow.

Your first purchase with BigCommerce leads you to the optimized one-page checkout. Here you’ll find options for digital wallets, your choice of language and your stored credit cards. Further on, you will learn that BigCommerce is also good an express checkout and multiple-page checkout. No matter the checkout page you use, you will have the full range of options on gift certificate codes, conversion tracking codes or coupon codes. Unregistered users can also create their accounts in the checkout pages. If you have a preferred checkout provider you can opt for that or simply build your own if you want to remove or add more details.

Wix allows you to edit or update your checkout page by adding your own brand logo and store policies. Likewise, you can change your current and shipping address or add another one where you want the item to be delivered. An Express Checkout page lets customers expedite their purchases by simply adding the billing and shipping address. When they choose to repeat their purchases, they simply have to log in and find their saved shipping and billing details ready.

PayKickstart gives your customers the chance to purchase and pay for any item right away no matter where they are on your storefront. To do that, the platform lets you set up a checkout pop-up widget right on the current page so they can pay for an item without being redirected to the checkout page. PayKickstart also has a novel approach to its checkout page builder: you simply clone an existing product and change details as you go without opening the editor.

Verdict: While Wix offers the most straightforward checkout counter, BigCommerce is more flexible and has more functionalities up its sleeve for more demanding customers. PayKickstart is your platform if you want your customers to pay for items right away before they could change their mind.

BigCommerce checkout page is clean and comes with relevant details in a snap.

Comparison of Shipping and Fulfillment

While taking unique approaches in providing shipping and fulfillment, PayKickstart, BigCommerce and Wix have made themselves trusted names in seeing that customers get their hands on their purchases without much hassle. These services are fundamental to any ecommerce solutions and shipping cost, and arrival estimates and tracking information should be accessible right in the application checkout page.

In the case of PayKickstart, you can create, manage and track your purchases right inside your application account. Shipping fees are easily added to the order. The fees are fully customized for the country. The customers will conveniently see the shipping fees on their checkout pages, the fees added to their total purchases. Once the customer has paid, you can then see the customer details, order details, fulfillment or shipping status, fulfillment company and other information at any moment. For the fulfillment services, PayKickstart automatically sends the relevant customer and order details to ShipStation at the point of sale, creating a seamless process to handle all customer orders.

To set up shipping information with Wix, you have to define the shipping rules based on the shipping region. Shipping rules point to the shipping type, including flat rate shipping, shipping by weight or just free shipping. Next, Wix prompts the customers if they prefer standard shipping or faster overnight shipping, among others. As with PayKickstart, you may integrate Wix with ShipStation for your fulfillment needs.

BigCommerce, meanwhile, offers a wide range of shipping and fulfillment options for your business. You can enjoy better shipping margins while giving your customers better shipping experience by the comprehensive packages powered by Shiphawk and Parcelcast. You can avail of special rates from FedEx, USPS and DHL or provide your own discounted rates with a carrier that you prefer. BigCommerce makes it all possible without going through the setup process on the carrier websites too. Customers can choose free shipping, actual rates in cart or in-store pickup and next-day delivery. Finally, customers can easily track the shipments or manage returns without the typical attendant hassles.

Verdict: For providing customers a seamless shipping and fulfillment experience along with an effective method to handle shipping returns, BigCommerce is simply untouchable at this point.

Comparison of Design and User Experience

While Wix easily suggests gorgeous websites and storefronts, BigCommerce is attacking the need for visual excellence from another perspective: by making the most of customers who are looking for a more personalized experience outside of the Amazon juggernaut. PayKickstart, on the other hand, is all about functional design, where pages should support your idea of a strong brand, drive upsells, conversion rates and funnel optimization.

Wix is built on the belief that stunning, presentable visuals are fundamental to the customers’ hearts. If that makes you cringe recalling how you fail using any one of the leading graphic design tools, fret not for Wix has just the tool you need with its Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to guide you work your way through your website design elements—images, icons, text and layout—like a total pro. To begin, you may browse through hundreds of templates or beautiful samples to fire up your own vision for your website.

If, on the other hand, you consider AI platforms are best used in other fields and you can go it alone, then the Wix Editor is just the right-hand tool that you need. You can play with all the design elements to your heart’s content from your homepage to your checkout page. If you are gifted with coding talents too, then Wix Corvix should just be right for you. The advanced functionalities it offers gives you the freedom to control such elements as repeating layouts, dynamic pages and custom interactions among other things.

BigCommerce looks at websites as business visual platforms to boost your brand image and to effectively engage with your shoppers. If you do not trust yourself in the design department, you can browse through BigCommerce’s expertly curated library of free and premium templates and see which ones agree with your own taste. There are currently 80 of these templates to choose from, which should be more than enough to draw up design ideas of your own. BigCommerce comes with a powerful yet easy-to-use storefront editor to help you accomplish this task without any coding knowledge to start with.

PayKickstart does provide clients with 16 checkout library template along with pop-up widgets and checkout embed forms, but beyond that, you are basically stuck with what the application comes with in terms of design considerations. Here you have to mind that PayKickstart eschews visual considerations for more business making opportunities. That is not to say that your PayKickstart storefront is not presentable—it’s clean and intuitive if you try to run its free trial—but if you can live with this, then you focus instead on growing your conversion rates, sell more with its one-click upsell feature, build your brand and increase partners with its affiliate and webinar modules.

When you consider that web conferencing software alone could cost you a handful, then what PayKickstart is all about gives a clear idea where you might better put your time on your business.

Verdict: Wix with its ADI, Corvix, brilliant templates and long experience in producing stunning websites is the clear winner here. BrightCommerce has a novel take on the uses of design, which you might also want to consider.

Wix offers eye-popping themes like this one.

What is the best shopping cart solution for you?

Based on the factors highlighted and analyzed above, it’s clear how BigCommerce, PayKickstart or Wix could serve your online business based on the features that they excel at. If you are more the business number-type operator, PayKickstart with its abundant methods to capture leads and customers should be your shopping cart application of choice.

If shopper engagement, stunning presentation and balanced features are more your preferred ticket to online selling success, then you cannot go wrong with Wix. While BigCommerce is slowly gaining on the design department, Wix still rules this area.

If shipping and payment flexibility matter more to you, then BigCommerce with its support for international currencies, multiple shipping and fulfillment options and discounted delivery rates should be your top pick. The financing option by itself is enough to turn many businesses and shoppers into instant converts, and you will not find many shopping cart solutions offering that right off the bat.

Of course, there’s still one last step that you should consider before offloading money from your bank: get the free trial work for you so there’s less chance of wishing you could take back your decision later on. All three offer free trials and for our top pick, for example, you can sign up for BigCommerce free trial here.

If you want to explore more options beyond our top 3 shopping cart software here, you should know that there are plenty of leading shopping cart systems out there, each one with its unique proposition.

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