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Acuity Scheduling Pricing Packages: What’s Included in the Free Plan?

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What’s included in Acuity Scheduling free plan?
Included in the Acuity Scheduling free plan are a single calendar, client self-scheduling, unlimited appointments and services, and tracking of appointments. The free plan suits companies with minimal booking requirements.

Appointment booking tools use is on the rise globally, with the United States getting the lion’s share of the market at 40%. This increasing popularity of the solution is brought about by customers’ need for a convenient way of booking appointments online.

One example of an appointment scheduling software is Acuity Scheduling by Squarespace. It is a leading name in the niche and has users on different continents.

The main pull of the solution is its cost-effective pricing plans. In this article, we will discuss the Acuity Scheduling pricing packages in-depth as well as its free version. By perusing this, you can have a better idea of how the free plan is designed to scale with your requirements, allowing you to identify which subscription suits you best.

acuity scheduling pricing

How the healthcare system loses $150 billion each year

Nowhere is the cost of missed appointments more telling than in the healthcare system. Here, doctors start and end their day around the first and last patient on their daily appointment schedule.

Each no-show costs both patient and doctor. Assign a cost to all the missed appointments, and you get $150 billion in losses each year for healthcare professionals.

scheduling losses in healthcare

What is the cause of these losses?

In an age where digital transformation is taking place everywhere, it turns out that the healthcare system still relies on landline phones for 88% of its scheduling appointments. It is a scenario that other industries, such as health and fitness and salons, can take a page from to better their operations.

With a slew of powerful digital online scheduling software like Acuity Scheduling in the market today, there is no reason why managing appointments can’t be improved.

Overview of Acuity Scheduling

acuity scheduling dashboard example

Acuity Scheduling is a full-featured appointment scheduling app that serves as an online assistant for businesses of any size. It lets clients see their availability in real-time and choose a schedule that works for you. Clients can even view how much they need to prepare for the appointment when they choose a time slot. This is due to the trend where customers utilize online scheduling apps and select the businesses that provide them.

Clients can also expect to receive email or SMS reminders of their appointments. With this function, your business can significantly decrease no-shows.

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. You can sign up for Acuity Scheduling free trial here.

In addition, even though clients can choose their own time, you retain full control over your schedule and availability. This means that you can block certain time slots and reserve the right to change or reject bookings.

Likewise, you have online payment processing options to choose from.

Acuity Scheduling also has native applications for iOS and Android that enable you to manage your schedule even on the go.

Acuity Scheduling provides the following key features:

  • 36 calendars
  • Custom API & CSS
  • Activity tracking
  • Event and group scheduling
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Auto time zone adjustment
  • Multiple locations and employees
  • Intake-forms
  • Embeddable directly to website
  • Email and SMS reminders
  • Multiple integrations
  • Online payment processing
  • Credit card vaulting
  • Optional tipping feature
  • Coupons and vouchers
  • Classes, workshops, and group events
  • Checkout add-ons for upselling
  • Advanced reporting
  • Subscriptions/memberships
  • Logo display
  • Company colors
  • Customizable app text
  • No “Powered by Acuity” footer
  • Business Associate Agreement

Acuity Scheduling Free Plan & Pricing Packages

The pricing plan for Acuity Scheduling is cost-effective. It has a free plan that includes a customer-facing calendar that empowers clients to choose a meeting schedule that fits their plans of the day. There are three standard paid plans with advanced features and special tools–the Emerging Entrepreneur, the Growing Business, and the Powerhouse Player, as well as a quote-based Enterprise plan.

1. Freebie Plan for Individuals

Though there is a move towards fewer free plans, the app sets itself apart by retaining an Acuity Scheduling cost that budget users do not have to pay for. That is the Freebie Plan.

What’s included in Acuity Scheduling free plan?

  • One calendar
  • Client self-scheduling
  • Unlimited services and appointments
  • Appointments tracking

It has a client self-scheduling feature, and it lets a single user accept and manage unlimited services and appointments. It offers one calendar per user, which clients can use in choosing a convenient timeslot. Customers also receive a confirmation email of their bookings. This makes it suitable for professionals and individuals with minimal appointment booking requirements.

For example, a fitness coach can set up a calendar for session appointments. Customers can choose the day and time that they want to meet with the coach. That done, the application sends them a confirmation email with the schedule details.

On the back-end, the Acuity Scheduling free plan keeps track of appointments to help users manage them. With this one Acuity Scheduling price plan, the coach can check up on schedules and ensure that they do not miss a session.

acuity scheduling pricing plans

Full pricing schedule of Acuity Scheduling.

2. Emerging Entrepreneur Plan for Startups

The Emerging Entrepreneur Plan is the platform’s most cost-effective paid plan at $15 per month. This Acuity Scheduling pricing plan is similar to the Freebie package with one major difference.

What is included in the Emerging Entrepreneur package?

  • One calendar
  • Advanced features
  • Logo display
  • Company colors
  • Customizable app text

While this subscription bundle only has one calendar, the advanced features make it more powerful. For one, it allows for the synchronization of the schedules with other calendars like, iCloud, and Google Calendar.

Online payment processing is also possible through integrations with PayPal and Stripe, which are among the best payment gateway providers. Businesses can even give clients the option to leave a tip.

Upselling Tool

The Emerging Entrepreneur Plan offers a chance to increase your revenue from a single sale with a client, too. This is because of an advanced feature called the upselling tool. It allows the offering of add-ons at checkout. With upselling proving to be among the 5 effective marketing ideas that will increase your sales, you can imagine how useful this tool is.

Moreover, a user can access advanced reporting that provides a comprehensive look into the volume of appointments, no-show incidences, and the overall performance of the organization. It’s essentially having a business intelligence tool that comes free of charge once you purchase the software.

Professionals and startups that require powerful features to help them expand and grow their businesses can opt for this plan.

For instance, a newly set up consulting company can utilize a scheduler embedded in their website to attract appointments from future clients. They can also use GoToMeeting,, and other web conferencing software integrations to conduct online meetings. With this, they can accommodate clients who are unable to meet with them in person.

The Emerging Entrepreneur package also introduces reminder emails. The system sends these automatically to customers to remind them of their upcoming physical or over-the-internet appointments. Thus, the company can start reducing no-shows.

3. Growing Business Plan for SMBs

The Growing Business Plan is the next paid subscription package on the list and comes for $25 per month. It provides more calendars and supports more staff and locations.

What is included in the Growing Plan?

  • 6 calendars
  • Advanced features
  • Text messaging
  • Subscriptions/memberships
  • Appointment packages and gift certificates
  • Automatic time zone conversion
  • Logo display
  • Company colors
  • Customizable app text

It includes access to advanced features, as well. It adds text messaging, subscriptions/memberships, and appointment packages and gift certificates to the mix.

The text messaging feature is useful for reaching customers quickly. This can be more effective than email reminders, as people often check their smartphones for SMS messages.

A marketing platform’s research shows that SMS open rates can go as high as 98%. People usually reply to text messages faster, too, since they take only 90 seconds on average to do so. Meanwhile, emails generally have a 20% open rate, and people take 90 minutes on average to send their responses.

Good for SMBs

Growing SMBs can take advantage of the subscription/membership plans and appointment packages and gift certificates modules, as well. The former lets businesses provide options to customers whether they want to subscribe to the service for a week, a month, several months, or a year. Packages offer discounts to clients when they sign up for appointments in bulk or when they are paying for multiple sessions. Gift certificates work like packages though they do not necessarily have to cover the entire cost for an appointment. Clients can print or give those digitally to another person.

For example, a business like an MMA training center with a growing number of members can take advantage of the membership plans, packages, and gift certificates. Those can increase sales and encourage repeat visits. More than that, an MMA gym can push gift certificates to attract new customers.

acuity scheduling calendar

Acuity Scheduling sports a clean, easy-to-understand scheduling dashboard.

4. Powerhouse Player Plan for Enterprises

The Powerhouse Player Plan is the premium package offered by Acuity Scheduling. The monthly subscription price is $50, which includes all the features in the Growing Plan.

What else does Powerhouse Plan offer?

  • 36 calendars
  • Advanced features
  • Text messaging
  • Subscriptions/memberships
  • Appointment packages and gift certificates
  • Automatic time zone conversion
  • Multiple time zones
  • Logo display
  • Company colors
  • Customizable app text
  • No “Powered by Acuity” footer
  • Business Associate Agreement
  • Custom API and CSS

While the previous pricing plan has an automatic time zone conversion feature that is helpful to clients and users alike, the Powerhouse Player package can support multiple time zones. This is advantageous when a business has locations across different time zones. Through this, they can avoid confusion when it comes to setting up appointments with clients.

The Acuity Scheduling Powerhouse Player bundle allows companies to level up their customization as well. Apart from putting up their logo, changing the colors of the interface, adding their own texts to the app, businesses can make the app truly their own by removing the “Powered by Acuity” footer. In-house or external developers can also utilize custom API and CSS to configure the design and the integrations of the solution.

This subscription package is best for multinational companies like global fashion accessories distributors. They can have separate calendars for each location, managed by a single staff in every office. Thus, each branch can separate their appointments and avoid overlaps with other sites. The multiple time zones feature is likewise convenient.

As mentioned above, there are more customization options available in this top-tier plan. The accessories distributor can take advantage of those and integrate the scheduling solution with their website and other platforms.

5. Enterprise Plan for Global Organizations

Acuity Scheduling commits to grow with you. That is why, in addition to their standard plans, they offer an Enterprise package. This is a custom and quote-based pricing model that is suitable for companies that forecast a high volume of appointments and have more than 36 locations or staff members.

It can have components to serve the special compliance or legal requirements of large organizations, as well.

A not-for-profit institution with a multinational presence can benefit from this plan. They can ensure that their offices have their own calendar and scheduling manager to avoid appointment complications. They can also meet any compliance provisions as well as legal obligations. This is helpful, as there are different stipulations in each country they have a facility in that they need to adhere to. Thus, they can make sure that their operations are in line with standards and that they do not incur any fines or penalties.

acuity scheduling appointment interface

Multiple appointments in Acuity Scheduling.

6. Advanced Features for Paid Plans

Other than the unique inclusions for each paid plan, there are also advanced features available. If you sign up for any of the top-tier packages, you can expect to have these automatically included.

  • Scheduler embedded in website
  • Syncs with, MS Exchange, and Office 365
  • Syncs with iCloud and Google Calendar
  • Meeting app integration such as GoToMeeting,, and Zoom
  • Accounting app integration such as QuickBooks, Freshbooks, and Xero
  • Mailer integration such as MailChimp, AWeber and Constant Contact
  • Pipedrive for CRM integration
  • Zapier integration
  • Online payment processing through PayPal, Stripe, or Square
  • Credit card vaulting
  • Optional tipping feature
  • Coupons and vouchers
  • Classes, workshops, and group events
  • Checkout add-ons for upselling
  • Advanced reporting

Which Acuity Scheduling Plan Is Best for You?

Choosing the Acuity Scheduling plan that fits your needs means taking a good look at the current state of your business. It also means that you have to consider what your goals for your company are. Your budget plays an important role, too. Plus, you have to understand the key features that come with an appointment scheduling application.

Each Acuity Scheduling package is designed with specific users in mind. Once you have defined your requirements, you can register for the solution. For example, if you are still starting or your business has modest needs, you can sign up for the free plan. If you are aiming to expand your operations, you can begin with the Emerging Entrepreneur bundle. The Growing Business package is a great fit for you if you are already established and intend to open more locations. And if you have a national or even global coverage, you can opt for the Powerhouse Player plan to accommodate your numerous locations and scheduling needs.

We mentioned that the vendor has an appealing free trial that lets you tinker with the features at no cost. Again, you can sign up for Acuity Scheduling free trial here.

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