What Is HubSpot Certification?

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What is HubSpot certification? It is a series of free on-demand online training tools offered by HubSpot to introduce you to the fundamentals of inbound marketing. The training courses are ideal for sales leaders, marketers, business owners and agencies that want to leverage inbound marketing. Each course completion leads to a certification in one of the following areas:

  1. Inbound marketing
  2. Content marketing
  3. Email marketing
  4. Landing page and website design
  5. Sales enablement
  6. Agency certification
  7. HubSpot Marketing software

Inbound marketing isn’t just a hype that promises the moon to marketers. It’s a proven methodology that adapts to the changing customer-brand engagement of today, thanks to the hyper-connected landscape created by social media and smartphones. Consider these findings:

  • 12 searches, the magic number customers do before checking your website. Inbound helps you position your content in those 12 searches (Kapost).
  • 80% of business decision makers who prefer reading about your brand from an article instead of your ads (Content Marketing Institute).
  • 57% of the time buyers go around the buying cycle on their own without talking to you (CEB).
  • 83% of online tech buyers search vendors via Google search (MarketingSherpa).
  • 84% of buyers aged 25 to 34 left a website because of intrusive ads (Mashable).

What do these stats tell you? You need engaging content and you need to push it out there, so you pull in leads. In short, that’s what inbound marketing is all about and what these certifications will teach you about is how to achieve those goals.

Source: HubSpot

In response to the growing needs of business owners, marketers and sales to leverage the advantages of inbound marketing, the HubSpot Academy was created, which offers free trainings and certifications via on-demand videos and free tools.

HubSpot isn’t just a vendor of the popular CRM, sales and marketing solutions. It’s a thought leader in inbound marketing. These certifications will teach you the fundamentals of inbound, how to leverage the free HubSpot CRM and Sales software solutions and how to maximize the features of HubSpot Marketing to get more leads.

7 Benefits of HubSpot Certification

Do you need these HubSpot certifications? Yes! Ideally, finishing all courses will give you a huge advantage in sales and marketing, whether you’re a business owner, marketer, sales leader or from the rank and file climbing your way up for success.

The courses are ideal for novice practitioners who need a refresher and agencies that want to position themselves as inbound experts. They will offer you the following benefits:

  1. Good foundation of inbound marketing. The courses teach you the fundamentals with clear use cases. These include, SEO, landing pages, website optimization, lead nurturing and conversion analysis.
  2. Free, no cost at all. Just sign up for a course and enjoy all the lessons for free.
  3. Learn at your own pace. The training is via cloud so you can access the classes and use the free HubSpot apps wherever and whenever you’re net connected.
  4. Network with other inbound practitioners. The advanced courses will connect you to the HubSpot community of inbound experts, course takers and practitioners.
  5. Earn brand recognition. HubSpot is the must-have brand when it comes to inbound. Carrying this name lends to you legitimacy in the world of inbound.
  6. Negotiate from a position of strength. Inbound marketing is a must-have skill in sales and marketing today. If you’re a career person, you’re in a better position to get promoted. If you’re a business dealing with an inbound agency, you understand the works and won’t be easily persuaded with promises. If you’re an agency, you have more credibility in the eyes of your clients.
  7. Learn from the experts. HubSpot is the thought leader in the inbound space. It isn’t just a vendor, but an institution in this field.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the twelve certifications being offered by HubSpot.

12 HubSpot Certification Programs

1. Inbound Certification

  • What you’ll learn: The HubSpot inbound certification course teaches you the basics of inbound marketing, specifically the four stages of an inbound strategy. These include how to optimize website, how to create effective landing pages and how to develop inbound sales skills.
  • Who is it for? Sales and marketing. Anyone with no or little background about inbound marketing and wants to get the big picture of it.
  • No. of hours: 4.5h
  • Tools: 12 video lectures, HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Lead Flows
  • Certification test: Answer 60 multiple-choice items for 90 minutes.

2. Content Marketing Certification

  • What you’ll learn: The course teaches you how to scale, replicate and promote content to attract leads and conversions. It shows you the tactics on how to build a content base and optimize your content assets for sales. This includes creating a content funnel that runs in auto mode.
  • Who is it for? Content creators and content managers.
  • No. of hours: about 6h
  • Tools: 44 videos, 15 quizzes (optional)
  • Certification test: Answer 60 multiple-choice items for 90 minutes

3. Inbound Sales Certification

  • What you’ll learn: The course introduces you to the basics of inbound sales methodology. This includes identifying prospects, creating outreach campaigns and developing personalized presentations.
  • Who is it for? Sales.
  • No. of hours: 3h
  • Tools: 5 videos lectures
  • Certification test: Answer 60 multiple-choice items for 75 minutes

4. Sales Enablement Certification

  • What you’ll learn: The course teaches you how to create a marketing-driven sales enablement plan.It lends to you a managerial skill by starting with the fundamentals of sales enablement and how you can leverage it as a strategic advantage.
  • Who is it for? Marketing managers, sales leaders
  • No. of hours: 4h
  • Tools: 5 sections
  • Certification test: Answer 60 multiple-choice items for 75 minutes

5. Email Marketing Certification

  • What you’ll learn: The HubSpot email certification course teaches you advanced email marketing strategy and it can grow your business. It combines the principles of lifecycle marketing, segmentation, email design, deliverability, analytics and optimization. The goal is to increase the open click rate and conversion rate of your email campaigns.
  • Who is it for? Marketing, anyone in charge of generating online leads
  • No. of hours: 3.5h
  • Tools: 9 classes
  • Certification test: Answer 60 multiple-choice items for 90 minutes

6. HubSpot Sales Software Certification

  • What you’ll learn: The course introduces you to the core features of HubSpot CRM and how to leverage it to build solid inbound sales campaigns. You’ll understand how this software differs from other CRM solutions, mainly doing away with manual processes and confusing features of other systems. The course aims to make you an expert in using one of the most admired and critically received CRM apps today.
  • Who is it for? Sales, marketing
  • No. of hours: 2h
  • Tools: 5 classes, HubSpot CRM
  • Certification test: Answer 50 multiple-choice items for 75 minutes

7. HubSpot Marketing Software Certification

  • What you’ll learn. The course familiarizes you with HubSpot Marketing and how to use it to execute inbound marketing strategies. Included in this course is teaching you the fundamentals and techniques of inbound marketing and how you can adopt the methodology using the software. With a good grasp of inbound marketing and this software, you are empowered with one of the best digital marketing strategies to earn leads and grow the business.
  • Who is it for? Marketing
  • No. of hours: 6.5h
  • Tools: 14 classes, HubSpot Marketing
  • Certification test: Answer 75 multiple-choice items for 90 minutes

8. Growth-Driven Design Certification

  • What you’ll learn: The course teaches you how to create and optimize a website that, not just a repository of content, but generates leads and drives sales. You’ll use video training, quizzes, tools and templates to plan a strategy, including launching the website and managing it based on feedback and analytics for continuous improvement. The course will also connect you to HubSpot’s global Slack community, where you can ask, share and collaborate with other course takes, instructors and practitioners.
  • Who is it for? Content managers, marketing, sales
  • No. of hours: 4.5h
  • Tools: 7 Classes, templates, video training
  • Certification test: Answer 55 multiple-choice items for 75 minutes

9. HubSpot Design Certification

  • What you’ll learnL Did you know you can sell your asset templates via HubSpot? Designers can create templates for websites, landing pages and other template assets and sell it in the HubSpot Template Marketplace. Designers keep 100% of the sale.
    This course teaches you how to build templates for HubSpot and sell them through the marketplace. You’ll also learn how to manage your design assets, code snippets and files and more details and terms about this revenue-making channel from HubSpot.
  • Who is it for? Designers
  • No. of hours: 3.5h
  • Tools: 6 classes
  • Certification test: Answer 70 multiple-choice items for 90 minutes

10. Growth-Driven Design Agency Certification

  • What you’ll learn: The comprehensive course teaches you how to leverage a growth-driven design methodology, including marketing and selling your agency services around this sales-driven strategy.
  • Who is it for? HubSpot partners, agencies, designers
  • No. of hours: 13h
  • Tools: 13 classes
  • Certification test: Answer 75 multiple-choice items for 120 minutes

11. HubSpot Contextual Marketing Certification

  • What you’ll learn: This advanced course teaches you how to build a website tailored to your most-promising visitors. You’ll learn how to design your website to address these visitors’ specific needs, expectations and preferences. This course has pre-requisites to complete.
    For one, it requires a minimum of 500 contacts in your list, since the course teaches about visitor segmentation. Likewise, to fully appreciate this course, it’s recommended that you have a clearly defined set of buyer personas, each one with tailored content from your library.
    Other requirements include completion of HubSpot Marketing Software Certification with practicum.
  • Who is it for? Marketing, designers
  • No. of hours: 15h
  • Tools: 6 classes
  • Certification test: Answer 70 multiple-choice items for 90 minutes

12. HubSpot Agency Partner Certification

  • What you’ll learn: This is an advanced course for agencies and freelance creatives and marketers. It teaches how your agency can market inbound services, from creating services to selling and delivering them. As more companies worldwide realize the benefits of inbound marketing, your agency can get into this opportunity with clearly defined inbound services built around the strength of the HubSpot brand.
  • Who is it for? HubSpot partners, agencies, freelancers
  • No. of hours 6.5h
  • Tools: 15 classes
  • Certification test: Answer 80 multiple-choice items for 120 minutes
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