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Why is email marketing software useful? Solutions to common email marketing problems

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Why is email marketing software useful? You can use this tool in various ways: for growing the list of your subscribers, building customized templates, developing segmented lists for sending relevant emails and nurturing your leads. After all, email marketing is the most effective channel for revenue generation.

In this article, we’ll discuss how useful your email marketing software is. Through its robust features, it can help you with the following essential processes:

  1. Segment emails
  2. Conduct A/B testing
  3. Make use of pre-built templates
  4. Optimize emails for mobile viewing
  5. Expedite email creation
  6. Get visibility through reports and dashboards
  7. Monitor email campaigns

Why is email marketing software useful?

This technologically advanced generation has a wide variety of channels for communication. At the same time, even though social media platforms are rising due to their accessibility, a large number of people still prefer to communicate via email.

In a survey by Marketing Sherpa, 72% of adults in the US want to communicate with companies and receive promotional content through email. In comparison, only 17% of the respondents want to communicate through social media. This opens a good opportunity to carry out lead management from generating leads, nurturing them, and converting them into customers.

The biggest challenges faced by email marketers ranked in top threes. (Source: Clutch)

A quality email marketing campaign comes with tedious preparations. It is not an easy task and marketers normally encounter various challenges along the way. Voted first among the top three challenges of email marketing is targeting and segmenting with 40% via Marketing Profs. Next comes growing their subscriber list with 38% and tracking email campaign results with 37%.

Furthermore, email marketing helps you with developing your relationship with buyers through lead nurturing. It is one of the best channels for conducting your lead nurturing efforts. This marketing approach focuses on guiding buyers at every stage of the sales funnel wherever they are on their buying journey. Emails help you stay in touch and maintain communication and engagement with your customers by listening to their needs and providing the answers they need.

Fortunately, email marketing software solutions offer tools and features that automate, streamline, and optimize your most crucial processes when developing email campaigns. We’ll discuss one by one the common pain points solved by this software and the specific features used. After this, you can dig deeper into the other aspects of email marketing, particularly the fundamentals, trends, types, pricing and issues, by reading our comprehensive email marketing software guide.

Meanwhile, let’s proceed on answering the question: why is email marketing software useful?

Why is Email Marketing Useful?

1. Segment emails

Problem: Not generating enough click-throughs and open rates

Solution: When sending email marketing messages, it should always be quality over quantity. Sending your email campaign to all your subscribers doesn’t ensure a high clickthrough or open rate because not all of them are interested in its content. An email marketing software automates segmentation by grouping your subscribers into smaller segments based on specific criteria.

Through segmentation, you can personalize your campaigns and deliver them in a manner that is relevant for your subscribers. In fact, personalized emails have up to 6 times higher transaction rates as per Experian. The criteria may be according to a subscriber’s geographic location, purchase history, and interests, among others. For example, sending a promotional email for your fashion company’s winter collection to subscribers living in tropical countries is ineffective because it doesn’t cater their needs.

2. Conduct A/B testing

Problem: No insight on how to improve long-term email marketing strategy

Solution: The success of an email marketing campaign depends on a variety of factors. To determine which aspect of your email brought an impressive or flopped results, A/B testing serves a crucial role in email campaigns. An email sent without A/B testing is a lost opportunity for growth and leveraging future campaigns. When you send out an email, you can utilize from a backlog of ideas for A/B testing to contribute to your long-term campaign strategy.

That is why A/B testing is one of the most valuable features of an email marketing solution. It enables you to test factors such as your email’s call-to-action, subject line, body text, headline, closing text, graphic elements, personalization (like addressing the recipient by his or her name or using “John” vs. “Mr. Smith”), message layout, and testimonials, among others.

An example is having a consistent call to action. For instance, a CTA of “Educate Me” is a nice idea to collect information about your leads while they gain value in return by exchanging for a learning material. A single CTA, as per Wordstream, drives clicks up to 371% and sales up to 1617%.

HubSpot Marketing lets you measure and filter new contacts according to their lifecycle stage and original source to know your email marketing’s performance.

3. Make use of pre-built templates

Problem: Having no skills or experience in design

Solution: The common priority of creating email campaigns is on its content. You may be skilled at crafting the right CTAs, diction, and content flow when delivering your message. On the other hand, you may neglect the design of your email. This is alarming as the visual impact of your email is crucial, especially when it comes to your branding. The recipient may be uninterested when, at first glance, the newsletter is poorly designed and messy.

Each aspect of your email is important—from its text, fonts, color schemes, and graphic elements, among others. Clear buttons, nice images and graphic elements, and straightforward information about the service are crucial for your emails. Photos should draw attention from the viewers for an effective campaign, hence, your email’s design is a crucial part of your email creation. In fact, there is a 95% higher conversion of humans who saw photos than object photos according to VWO.

You may not have the time and resources to learn about the design component of your email marketingFortunately, an email marketing software provides professionally-designed, pre-built templates that save you time from designing the email from scratch and money from hiring a designer. You can simply choose from an array of available templates and customize it according to your needs.

4. Optimize emails for mobile viewing

Problem: Emails are not responsive when viewed on a mobile device

Solution: More than half—53%, to be exact—of email campaigns are opened on mobile devices according to a survey conducted by Campaign Monitor. Furthermore, 23% of readers who opened an email on their mobile device are more likely to open it again later. With this in mind, it is important to ensure your email is optimized for all environments, especially for mobile viewing.

If you want to make your emails mobile-ready, it often requires coding skills. With the numerous aspects of preparing email marketing campaigns, you’ll have to manage, you may not have the right skills and enough time to do so. Today’s email marketing solutions offer mobile-ready templates to ensure it is responsive on any device it’s viewed from. It will look just as great in Gmail (where 75% of their accounts are accessed through mobile devices) or Outlook from an iPhone or Android device.

5. Expedite email creation

Problem: Creating an email from scratch takes too much time

Solution: Creating an email from scratch is time-consuming. Tedious formatting is needed to deliver an optimized, effective email campaign. To expedite this process, you may reuse and clone your existing email. This doesn’t mean you’ll resend the same emails. Instead, you will utilize the solid foundation that’s already established from your previous emails to expedite creating future emails.

Many email marketing tools provide reusable templates. This allows you to update the copy, images and links to the template to quickly put together an email. In addition to saving time and enhancing deliverability, you also build consistency in your email branding.

Wix Shoutout gives you a wide array of templates to choose from for your email marketing campaign.

6. Get visibility through reports and dashboards

Problem: Low visibility into email performance and deliverability

Solution: Without visibility over your goals, performance, and deliverability, it is impossible to know whether your email campaigns are successful or needs improvement. Email service providers enable you to set up dashboards and reports to get an overview of your performance data. Leveraging these insights also show you how email marketing compares to your other channels, such as PPC and social media, to prioritize your time and efforts on strategies that drive results.

Reports give you a detailed view of your subscriber activity. You also gather information on the health of your email list and engagement trends. It is also important to know how your email campaigns are performing through open rates, click rates, and unsubscribe rates. This gives you an indication of which opportunities need improvement and how well the campaigns are performing.

7. Monitor email campaigns

Problem: Not keeping track of email campaigns and overseeing mistakes

Solution: Prevent this scenario by creating an email checklist to avoid forgetting any detail or by having an approval process. Overlooking a tiny mistake creates a domino effect on the bigger picture of your email campaigns. It may be as simple as a typo error or lacking social buttons after hitting the send button. This can impact all the effort put into creating the campaign.

Furthermore, an email marketing software’s smart and static lists help you keep track of all your campaigns even when you are doing simultaneous ones. This ensures you don’t send your lead or subscriber the same piece of content multiple times which may result to your recipients unsubscribing from your newsletters.

Check out our list of available email marketing software demo for opportunities to see these solutions in action for free.

Exponea shows a comprehensive view of your marketing campaign’s performance on the dashboard.

Examples of Email Marketing Software

Plenty of email marketing software solutions are available today. While they offer unique features and specialties, they can all help you in streamlining and automating your email campaigns. Here are some examples of the leading solutions:

1. HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing is a popular solution and an advanced system that brings your marketing efforts together. The compact platform is equipped with a rich set of features to streamline your marketing campaigns. Beyond its easy-to-use and intuitive interface is a solution that helps you optimize your contact forms and perform A/B testing to determine which subject lines, content, and call-to-action get the most clicks and

As a leader in inbound marketing, you can create, personalize, and optimize your email marketing campaigns with ease on your own. Even without your IT specialist or designer’s help, you can create on-brand emails with its drag-and-drop capability and templates. Personalization of emails is streamlined with an email subscriber’s lifecycle stage, list membership, and other information shown in their records. You can schedule when you’ll send them—in what time in consideration with the receiver’s time zone.

HubSpot Marketing lets you use its platform to test out its features for free. This can help you decide if it matches your email marketing requirements and determine which features you need in a plan. You can sign up for HubSpot Marketing free trial here.

HubSpot Marketing

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Try out HubSpot Marketing with their free trial

2. Wix ShoutOut

Wix is known as a popular website builder. To support growing your online presence and improving your marketing campaigns, it offers Wix ShoutOut as an intuitive email marketing and newsletter builder solution. It is also available on mobile devices—Android and iOS—to let you create, send, and share emails even when on the go.

Emails and newsletters are customizable according to your company branding. All emails sent from Wix ShoutOut also include a sign-up form to build your subscriber list. Its contact management system provides a simple solution for importing data and email addresses into the app. The emails are responsive to any device it’s viewed from. Additionally, it shows you email statistics to optimize the performance and efficacy of your future campaigns.

If you are interested to know the platform’s features and try them, you can sign up for Wix ShoutOut free trial here.

3. Exponea

Exponea is a cloud-hosted marketing platform that combines analytics and engagement automation. Its main features include CRM, custom funnels, automated sales funnel operations, web layers and revenue analyses, among others. It uses artificial intelligence to harness and maximize the capacity of your marketing initiatives.

Exponea lets you create email campaigns using the available email templates on the platform. Once you select a template, you can make adjustments to fit its design with the campaign’s specific purpose using the tools in the email template creator. Sending conditions and audience are available for selection. You can also perform summary—the last check you can do before sending the email and send a test email.

Checking out the app’s functionality beforehand is recommended. You can sign up for Exponea free trial here to learn more about its offerings.

4. dotmailer

dotmailer is an email marketing automation tool for marketing professionals. While it suits the needs of experienced marketers, the interface is easy to use. You can easily create an email campaign, automate the marketing process and then test the email before finally sending it to your recipients.

The system is simple to look at and navigate in. Templates are customizable with a drag-and-drop mechanism so you can build a dynamic email campaign within minutes. Since it specializes in email marketing automation, you can ensure to maximize the tools to fit your campaigns well even as your needs become more complex and demanding.

You can check out the application to decide if it fits your email marketing requirements. Sign up for dotmailer free trial here to start immediately.

5. Marketo

Marketo is a solution built for digital marketing automation. It simplifies various marketing-related tasks while improving revenue and efficiency for your business. Personalization of the system is available in real time to suit your branding. Furthermore, it automates customer engagement and marketing automation for a streamlined, effective approach.

Marketo’s email marketing solution is packed with features. You can personalize newsletter to improve engagement with your customer. Aside from marketing, you can expand your email campaign’s effectiveness by including lead nurturing. Scheduled emails and triggered emails are also available. If you want to improve data-driven decisions (such as knowing if the subject line, “from” address, day and time of the week sent is effective), A/B testing is available to understand your email performance.

Honorable Mention: DeBounce

While not an email marketing solution per se, DeBounce is highly useful for measuring email marketing success. This email validation software scans one’s entire email contact lists and removes all spams, duplicate email addresses, and inactive contacts, ensuring that your mailing list is pristine at all times. Not a single email contact will receive an unsolicited email during the validation process. With only operational email addresses in your contact list, you can attain optimal email deliverability.

DeBounce offers a fuss-free volume-based pricing plan, with all functionalities available regardless of how many email addresses you want to validate. Its pricing scheme is significantly cheaper than the competition and only requires you to pay for what you need.

Final Words

Why is email marketing software useful? The challenges that come from email marketing are often interrelated, hence, they become more complex to solve. For example, poor visibility of your email performance leads to undefined goals which lead you to create ineffective campaigns.

However, email marketing solutions are available to streamline the process. When you choose the right solution that meets your requirements, you can easily maximize its features to help you leverage your email marketing. Marketers can achieve more than just sending emails through the software’s services and tools. If you are looking for more products to choose from, you may take a look at this top 20 email marketing software solutions.

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