10 Most Expensive Toys and Games: From Classic Rocking Horse to Next Gen Video Game

Toys are important in one’s childhood. Despite the association of unnecessary or excess spending with toys, it cannot be denied that they help in children’s cognitive, mental and physical development. All this while accomplishing its basic function of helping children experience a happy childhood, regardless of a toy’s price. As such, there will always be new batches of kids who are going to be taught how to ride a bike, assemble their puzzle sets, move ahead on their board games or have fun with friends and family with video games.

The US Toy industry remains a strong contributor to the economy, with national sales accounting for a huge $20 billion from the $84 billion global sales for US toys in 2012. This shows the brisk purchase pickup for toys after the economic slump where most families resorted to classic games and old toys and games they already have. By 2010, spending was back on track, with an average of $284 spent for each child for toys. Sales traditionally perk up in the spring and summer as the warm weather and vacation days drive up demand.

No longer do toys for the big boys like cars and motorbikes hold the record for the most expensive “playthings,” real toys for children also vie for the priciest stuff. And with the rate technology is developing, simply embedding diamond studs to children’s toys have become outdated. Hi-tech have also invaded the trifles of rich babes in toyland.

All toys and games whatever their price may be give the same kind of happiness and pleasure to a child. But there are toys which are cuts above the rest because of their costs. What are the most expensive toys these days? We’ve included an interesting mix of retail lines that can be bought as well as coveted collectibles. Here’s our list.

10. Mint Condition First Design NBA Elite 11

Price: $2,250 (and soaring)

By Electronic Arts

elite11Expensive things are not only carefully planned and made, some were born from moments of creative or intellectual challenges, where the few imperfect prototypes turn out to be such a mess they become rare and exclusive  collectibles. This is the case for the video pack NBA Elite 11 intended for PlayStation 3.

After gruelling deadlines set by Electronic Arts for its October 2010 launch, human brains proved no match for corporate cruelty and as such, the final product turned to be tension and glitch-ridden reflective of the tortured game developer’s predicament. It was eventually scrapped and the version was rebooted, but a few copies were mistakenly sold along with other NBA game variants. The unwitting buyers didn’t know then they just got ahold of what would become the hottest finds among current generation video game collectibles.

9. Grid 2: Mono Edition with Toy Car

Price: $18,592

By Codemasters

9 Grid 2 Mono

The video game industry remains a goldmine for games developers, what with legions of loyal followers for popular and cult titles, ready buyers for upgrades and new versions, and the fact that demand are driven by both young and young-at-heart.

The most expensive video game proves just how lucrative it can get. The Grid 2: Mono Edition is considered the most expensive video game, available on pre-order basis. The pricey pack comes with a shiny 170mph BAC Mono supercar made of carbon fiber and a PlayStation 3 console. (Meanwhile, the standard version of the game retails from $53 to $32.)

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8. Hot Wheels Rear Loader Beach Bomb 1969

Price: $100,000

By Mattel


The Hot Wheels Rear Loader Beach Bomb 1969 is dubbed the Holy Grail of all Hot Wheels collections in the world, originally up for $150,000 on Toy Peddler online, but was reportedly sold to an avid Hot Wheels collector between $70,000 to $100,000. It was among the test pieces (originally given to employees by Mattel) painted hot pink (one of only two).

This precious piece originally came out too thin to go with other Mattel accessories and was reworked. This one very exclusive piece has the paperwork certifications from Mattel. In 2002, The Hot Wheels Collectors Club released limited edition versions of this “bomb.”

7. Original G.I. Joe 12″

Price: $200,000

By Hasbro and Don Levine

gijoeG.I. Joe remains the most popular of all military-themed action figures. The most expensive action figure is the original prototype G.I. Joe toy made in 1963 by Don Levine who was working for Hasbro’s toy design concepts. It was sold in an auction to Americana collector Stephen Geppi in 2003 for $200,000.  It is now in Geppi Museum in Maryland.

The figure stands at 11.5 inches and has 21 movable parts showing G.I. Joe in full handsewn sergeant uniform. From originals like this stemmed the later G.I. Joe action figure versions we can now buy, with smaller 5 3/4″ frames and more modern poses like the kung fu grip.

6. Gundam Fix Platinum Toy Robot

Price: $250,000

By Bandai


Japanese toy maker Bandai sought the design skills of designer Ginza Tanaka (the one who also made the most expensive rocking chair) to come up with the most expensive toy robot in the world.

Made in 2007, the Gundam Fix Platinum toy robot stands only 12.5 centimeters but weighs 1.4 kilograms due to its 89 parts made from 1,400 grams pure platinum. The robot’s eyes was made of 0.15 carat diamond. But just like mint boxed toys, the most expensive toy robot is ironically not meant to be played with as it is not for sale, but only to promote its commercially available versions.

5. Nintendo Wii Supreme

Price: Around $485,000

By Goldstriker International


Nintendo’s Wii’s video game consoles have a love-hate relationship with gamers. One either spends a lifetime with it or melt it in the microwave. Despite this, Wii emerges as the leading game console since 2009, trailing Microsoft’s Xbox  and Sony’s PlayStation behind.

Not surprisingly, the most expensive video game console would also come from the Nintendo Wii line, the luxury Wii Supreme valued in the range of $485,000. The body is a gold-coated mass (22-karat gold weighing 2.5 kilograms) and the front buttons are adorned with 78 quarter-cut diamonds. It reportedly took half a year to create this by Stuart Hughes, the same guy who created the most expensive iPhone. Those who are having second thoughts ordering this can settle for the regular Nintendo Wii consoles which retail for about $150 (without game bundles and accessories).

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4. Cubism Style Barbie

Price: $ 551,000

By Mattel and Stefano Canturi


Barbie dolls have been inflicted by controversies by adults, but in the eyes of a little girl, a Barbie is one of the most beloved toys of childhood, and it remains just that. The most expensive Barbie doll was made by Cubism jewelry designer Stefano Canturi  for the 2010 launch of Barbie Basics in Australia. The doll wears a neckpiece of 3.00 carats white diamond around a 1.00 carat square cut pink diamond from the Australian Argyle Mine, a rare collector’s item. The look is capped off with a diamond cubism ring on Barbie’s right hand.

Today, Barbie dolls retail anywhere from $20 to hundreds of dollars. Like other toys, Barbie dolls are also prized collections and come in mint, limited edition, celebrity edition and other special lines (like the Modern Barbie, referring to all units made after 1972).

3. Gold Rocking Horse

Price: $1.28 million

By Ginza Tanaka Designs


Toy rocking horses have an appeal that never goes out of style. It is also among the most common legacy toys in a family, handed down from fathers to kids and their kids’ kids. The most expensive rocking horse to date is the solid gold handmade rocking horse weighing 80 lbs. made by Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka.

The design of this golden toy horse was a tribute to the birth of Japan’s Prince Hisahito in 2006. Among its privileged owner is rap princess Blue Ivy Knowles Carter, whose parents Beyoncé and Jay Z paid $600,000 for a version of this chic rocker.

2. The Masterpiece Cube Rubik’s Cube

Price: $1.5 million

By Diamond Cutters


Rubik’s cube remains the best-selling puzzle game in the world today, with 350 million units of toy cubes sold worldwide as of 2009. The most expensive Rubik’s Cube is actually a fully functioning bejewelled toy, only too precious to handle.

Each sides are adorned with 185 carats of precious gems that include amethysts, emeralds and rubies.  The toy was commissioned for the 15th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube in 1995 and was made by diamond master cutter Fred Cueller.  Today, standard Rubik game cubes can be bought for about $15.

1. Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear

Price: $2.1 million

By Steiff Stuffed Toy Company


Teddy bears are a staple of childhood and the friendship and love even extend up to a lifetime as shown by Mr. Bean and Teddy.  The most expensive teddy bear is the Louis Vuitton bear made by German toy manufacturer Steiff.  It was sold at an auction for $2.1 million in 2000 and was won by Korean Jessie Kim.

The bear was fully outfitted in Louis Vuitton travel gear complete with the pricey LV travel luggage.  It is now in the Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju, South Korea.  Meanwhile, Steiff stuffed toys still remain as source for the most expensive teddy bears and stuffed toys for its trademark handcrafted designs.

Are you willing to splurge on toys and games for your kids?
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