5 Cheapest CRM Options That Deliver Premium Business Performance

HubSpot: No. 1 CRM Solution


For many business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers, the idea of managing customer relations can be a herculean task right from the get go. It is one thing to market your business and sell whatever service or product you offer. Getting involved with customers, gathering their details, and understanding their spending behaviors  are a whole new ball game. This is where CRMs (customer relationship management software) comes into play.

When maximized to its full potential, a CRM software can be a very powerful business tool. It provides you with a hub where you can store all your customers’ information as well as insights and reports that will help you understand your clients better. CRMs also feature communication capabilities that allow users to get in touch with their customers via multiple channels, ranging from emails, social media, phone, and even the traditional snail mail.

Many of the expensive CRM options carry premium features that takes customer relationship management to a higher level. With that being said, some of the cost effective (read: cheap) alternatives do pack an adequate punch in delivering basic CRM services.

On that note, here are the 5 cheapest CRM software solutions that do not play cheap when it comes to doing business.

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1. HubSpot CRM

Why is HubSpot CRM top of the pops in this list of 5 cheapest CRM platforms? To start, the solution is completely free and you can easily integrate it with your existing business apps and systems as needed. If you’d like to try out the software on your own you can easily get HubSpot CRM for free here.

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HubSpot CRM won our Best CRM Software Award for 2018

A key benefit of HubSpot CRM is you can connect it to all the channels you use for your sales process including phone calls, social media profiles, email service providers, websites, and more. As a result, you can get more work done with less effort. In addition, the app tracks and organizes all aspects of your sales pipeline and empowers you to develop it properly. You can also glean meaningful data insights that can save time for your agents as they don’t need to do any research.

After installation, HubSpot CRM runs quietly in the background and you can trigger it whenever needed. There is a long list of integrations including with leading platforms such as Dropbox, Snapengage, Google Chrome, Base CRM, Gravity Forms, Bigcommerce, SugarCRM, Pipedrive CRM, and more. The best part is HubSpot CRM is flexible enough to blend in smoothly with your existing processes and you don’t have to tweak them to suit the application.

HubSpot CRM offers an intuitive interface that is easy to master. Plus, it offers robust data enrichment tools that you can use to quickly and easily import leads from your emails. Finally, the product makes your customer relationship management more efficient by enabling you to rapidly utilize the leads backlog.

2. Base CRM


Base CRM offers users with an intelligent CRM solution that will help them implement better customer management practices and bolster revenues with their robust set of sales tools. Listed among Base CRM’s highlighted features is its capability to list all customer contact information into one single place. The system also enables users to link individual and business contacts, granting users a very unified contact management experience.

In terms of sales and productivity, Base CRM comes with sales tracking, sales forecasting, and goals / quota setting capabilities. The tool also include reporting and analytics, providing users with reliable data and insights that they can use to map out their future projects, determine their goals, and improve customer relations to mention a few.

For those on a budget, Base CRM has a starter package that include basic CRM features including unlimited leads and contacts, 2GB storage, premium and email integrations, geolocation, and call recording. The Starter package is priced at $25 per month per user with a limit of 5 users.

3. Highrise


What makes Highrise a popular choice among CRM software users? For many experts and CRM clients, Highrise presents four things that many consider as essential: simplicity, accessibility, extensibility, and price. Highrise carries all the basic features that you would normally require from a CRM platform and does not provide you with stuff that you will never need.

Developed primarily for small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and freelancers, Highrise helps users organize up to 30,000 conversations, manage customer information,  follow business deals and proposals, and import data from vCards, Microsoft Outlook, ACT!, and Basecamp accounts. On top of that, Highrise also has  more than 100 feature add-ons.

As far as price goes, the cheapest plan is the Highrise Basic package. Ideal for groups of up to 6 users, the Highrise Basic bundle is pegged at $24 per month and comes with 5GB of storage, 5000 contacts, and 10 deals.

4. Nimble


Simple and intuitive, Nimble scores highly among the low-priced CRM platforms with its extensive set of highly useful functionalities that allow you to take full control of all your customer relationship processes. Manage customer information effectively, organize transactions, monitor history, and track progress are just some of the things Nimble lets you do.

Nimble’s most outstanding feature is the contact record, where all client information are shown in rich detail. Aside from importing customer data from known channels and social networking sites like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Google+, email, phone, etc, Nimble also intelligently gather customer insights and then present them to you via reports. What you then get is actionable information that can easily boost your sales and improve your business performance.

And the price? All that and more for just $15 a month.

5. OnePage CRM

OnePage CRM

Developed primarily for small businesses, OnePage CRM features a powerful yet uncluttered dashboard that shows you everything you need to know. From contacts, progress overviews, and summaries, OnePage CRM does away with useless charts and forms.  The platform also offers sales-oriented features that when combined with CRM functionalities, makes OnePage CRM a very powerful sales marketing system.

Nimble offers a $15 per month package, ideal for a 1 user setup. This priced plan comes with unlimited contacts and deals, 16GB storage, Mailchimp integration, and basically everything else.

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  • Gabe says:

    I like the Pipeliner for its visual approach. It’s pretty easy to get started with pictures than reading through text-heavy instructions (yeah, call me dumb but I have more important things to do like, um, run the business?). I can also link to LinkedIn and MS Outlook, which lets me leverage my contacts in different locations. Also, get a dedicated support when you get this app; they’re a wonderful lot who’ll help beginners to get up to speed.

  • kathysiemens says:

    I’ve only used Highrise and SalesForce and I bet Highrise is much cheaper. It’s pretty simple–no complicated functions–I just need to make sure all events are attached to each contacts so I get updated easily. The ability to bcc emails to a dropbox and add the email to a contact suits me well. I can also organize tasks in different ways, date, time, day, week, etc.) so it’s very flexible. If you have simple CRM needs to date, bet on Highrise.

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