5 Reasons Why You Should Use VPN for Mobile Browser Security

The internet has become essential to our everyday life. For most of us there doesn’t go a day by without using it at least once, whether it be for work, entertainment, education or any other reason.  Nowadays the device most used for browsing the internet are Mobile Phones. As great as mobile browsing is, it does have its issues, such as privacy and security related ones.

One great way to avoid these issues and to enhance our browsing experience is to start using a virtual private network (VPN) solution. A VPN is a method that makes it possible for users to access a public network but with an added layer of security, making it like a private secure network. Originally this method was used by businesses but lately it has become more popular individuals as well, that is no surprise as there are numerous reasons why we should a VPN in our everyday mobile internet surfing. Here are five (5) of those reasons.

  1. To access blocked content. Many countries, like China, block certain websites. You will not be able to access those websites with your local IP. If you use a Hong Kong VPN , this will not be a problem. A VPN gives you the option to choose an IP address from another country, this way you fool the website into thinking that you are from a country where the website is not blocked. Most VPN services will offer you more than just one IP address to choose from.
  2. Use public Wi-Fi without being afraid. Often we find ourselves without internet data, sometimes the only solution is to connect to a public Wi-Fi. The problem with this is that those connections are not secure. If you use a VPN you can still connect to a public Wi-Fi without the consequences.
  3. Anonymous research. If you wish to research certain topics, which might be labelled as sensitive it best to use a VPN, so you can avoid government targeting. For example if you wish to do research on terrorism, but you are afraid the government might track you for suspicious behaviour, and as a result you might end up in trouble. This is especially helpful in the case of repressive governments.
  4. Peer2Peer. In most countries download and uploading content through P2P is illegal, mainly due to IP rights and company profit. The issue with this is that P2P is not only used for illegal purposes, a lot of software uses P2P legitimately, such as some online games. So whether you will use it for legal or illegal purposes, when using P2P technology it is best to also use a VPN.
  5. Privacy. Finally but most importantly. A VPN is used to protect your privacy in general. So you can browse the web anonymously without the fear of being under surveillance, whether it is by the government or private companies trying to sell you their services.  You can visit for more information about VPNs.

As this article shows, using a VPN solution is highly beneficial for both individual users and businesses. Read our detailed reviews of top VPN services to select a suitable tool for your browsing needs.

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