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AVOXI Genius Pricing Packages: How Much Do the Plans Cost?

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If the price is a major factor for you in deciding which call center software to get, AVOXI Genius won’t disappoint. However, this is not to say that you should get the software just because you can afford it.

What you’ll probably appreciate is that it is easy to customize its plan around your needs. There is a package for you, whether you plan to build a contact center from the ground up or simply want to get a set of international phone numbers or add business SMS services to your existing setup. Or, you can bundle all features to come up with a fully-featured contact center solution. 

In this article, we’ve broken down the AVOXI Genius pricing packages into their basic parts to help you customize your own. In this way, you can present to your superiors and colleagues a plan based on value, not cost.

avoxi genius pricing packages

Putting up a contact center is like starting a business all over again. You’ll be faced with unique issues, workflows, and dynamics different from your core business. In short, you’ll be running a call center, something that, perhaps, you have no idea about.

Do you know the biggest challenges of running a contact center? Based on one study, budget and IT issues top the list. No surprise there. Other major issues include “need new technology,” conflicting business priorities, and broken processes. Except perhaps for the last item–which is your internal workflow –the rest are problems that can easily be addressed by getting a contact center software vendor.

Source: Call Centre Helper, 2018

With cloud technology driving the global contact center software market to hit US$48 million by 2026, it means you have plenty of choices. True enough, cloud vendors like AVOXI Genius provides pricing plans that can scale from small business to enterprise. That means you can kiss goodbye the top issues like budget and IT requirements since the vendor takes care of the infrastructure. Plus, you are assured of keeping up with future call center statistics. You just subscribe to a plan that matches your budget.

Overview of AVOXI Genius

Avoxi Genius dashboard

AVOXI Genius is an intuitive and affordable web-based call center software. It is easy to set up and provides you with enterprise tools, such as live calling monitoring, ACD, customizable call queuing, and advanced IVR. It suits startups and growing businesses, as well as large companies with sophisticated contact center system requirements. 

What are its core features? It helps you to route calls to the right agents via automated call distribution. You can also customize greetings and IVR branches based on your call volume. Other standard contact center features include voicemail transcriptions, custom caller ID, and WebRTC phone.

AVOXI Genius

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Meanwhile, live call monitoring tools include call whisper and call barge and a call disposition feature to track customer engagement. Admin tasks like adding new users, creating call queues, and updating routing rules are likewise streamlined. You also get analytics for live reporting, IVR reporting, and historical reporting.

Furthermore, businesses with global operations will find the app’s virtual numbers in over 160 countries a major come-on. AVOXI Genius also comes with a global VoIP ecosystem to ensure call quality across its local and international numbers.

Detailed AVOXI Genius Review

Likewise, the platform integrates with existing cloud call center systems and business phone services. This is a big plus for companies that want to expand their limited infrastructure without having to replace their previous investments.

A cost-effective option, AVOXI Genius, requires no setup fees or lock-in contracts.

AVOXI Genius Pricing Plans

You can view AVOXI Genius pricing from two perspectives. Either you’re getting a contact center software package or a set of toll-free international numbers. Here’s the deal; both plans feature each other. So it’s a question of perspective whether you need to build or rebuild a contact center from scratch or you’re thinking of hooking to international numbers. The vendor will help you customize a plan.

Wherever you’re coming from, AVOXI Genius features the main platform, which is the cloud contact center. While they come with out-of-the-box tools, they can be added on with business texting services, sold separately.

Cloud Contact Center Software

The main AVOXI Genius product, the cloud contact center software, acts as the base platform. It can be set up as an inbound call center, customer service platform, a help desk, or a remote call center. Although they all sound similar, the different setups will influence pricing as the key features vary. 

For instance, if you’re using AVOXI Genius as a customer service portal, you’ll probably want a  built-in CRM feature –an enterprise feature –to personalize your calls. On the other hand, a generic inbound call center, one that simply accepts FAQs, can operate with the basic plan.

Pricing will also be influenced by factors such as domestic/international requirements, call volume, number of agents, advanced features for agent productivity, and analytics, and key integrations.

The call center package is pretty straightforward: basic and enterprise. 

avoxi genius call groups

You can organize call groups with AVOXI Genius.

Contact Center Basic Plan – $25 per user

All plans are inclusive of the features below, which is to say, you’ll get them if you go for the basic package:

  • Inbound & outbound calling
  • Automatic call distributor
  • Interactive voice response
  • Call controls
  • Superior call quality
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Unlimited concurrent calls
  • Quality management
  • Advanced reporting
  • Customized reporting

Quality management features include call recording, call monitoring, call barge, call whisper, call scoring, call disposition, and PCI-compliant call recording controls. 

What are you not getting from the basic plan? 

Tools for agent productivity, integration features, APIs and SDKs, and more advanced reporting and analytics.

Who is the AVOXI Basic Plan for? 

The basic plan suits startups and growing businesses when you’re still dealing with a sizeable customer base. That means it’s likely you won’t need agent productivity features yet with a small team to handle. CRM integration may not be necessary, too, at this stage, as well as deep customization via API. The out-of-the-box package is designed for small business needs.

The great thing about the AVOXI Genius pricing model is that you can simply add more users as needed, so your cost is managed within your expected ROI.

avoxi genius virtual attendant

A virtual attendant helps you manage a large call volume with efficiency.

Contact Center Enterprise Plan – $50 per user

Aside from the basic plan features, the Enterprise Plan has added voice and intelligent routing features, such as:

  • CRM data dips
  • Salesforce integration
  • Bring-your-own carrier

Likewise, AVOXI Genius is planning to roll out the following features for the enterprise package:

  • Customized daily reporting
  • Click-to-call 
  • Customized agent dashboard
  • Two-Way data synchronization
  • Reporting API
  • Customized SLA reporting
  • Integrations API

To find the latest on AVOXI Genius features, you can check our detailed AVOXI Genius review or the vendor’s website.

The Difference with the Basic Plan

The AVOXI Genius Enterprise Plan has features for agent productivity and integration and APIs and SDKs, which the basic plan lacks. These advanced features are intended to help you manage large teams and customize the system around more complex workflows unique to large companies. The enterprise plan also hosts a few more advanced tools for voice features, and reporting & analytics compared to the basic plan.

Who is the AVOXI Genius Enterprise Plan for?

The AVOXI Genius enterprise plan is clearly for large companies or, to be precise, those with large customer service teams. These include companies hosting their own support infrastructure and business process outsourcing companies.

avoxi genius activity dashboard

Call activities are easily traced for greater transparency in the organization.

International Virtual Phone Numbers

If you’re specific to providing customers with business numbers, it’s better to look at AVOXI Genius pricing from its virtual phone number plans. You can avail yourself of international numbers from more than 160 countries. Likewise, AVOXI Genius offers local business numbers, toll-free numbers, UIFN numbers, and vanity 800 numbers. 

All business phone plans include standard features, such as call recording, call queues, call transfer, outbound calling, and VoIP softphone. Furthermore, the plans include features from the cloud contact center platform, including:

  • IVR system
  • Call analytics
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Live call monitoring
  • Call whisper
  • Call barge

Pricing is based on a fixed monthly call-minute volume. Excess minutes will be charged separately. Here are the plans:

Classic – $7.99 per month

  • No inclusive minutes
  • $0.184 per minute

Basic – $12.40 per month

  • 82 minutes 
  • $0.180 per extra minute

Connect – $16.99 per month

  • 183 minutes 
  • $0.174 per extra minute

Standard – $25.99 per month

  • 291 minutes 
  • $0.169 per extra minute

Advanced – $43.99 per month

  • 412 minutes 
  • $0.160 per extra minute

Premium – $70.99 per month

  • 670 minutes
  • $0.157 per extra minute 

Add-On: Business Texting Services

AVOXI Genius business texting allows you to forward SMS messages to your email. You can receive texts from anywhere via email. Conversely, you can send texts through your email, in which the system automatically converts to SMS format. As with virtual numbers, the AVOXI Genius business texting services include features from the cloud contact center platform, such as call recording, IVR system, automatic call distribution, and voicemail transcription.
This product is an add-on to both the cloud contact center platform and virtual phone numbers. It consists of virtual SMS numbers and toll-free texting.
Pricing for business texting services are as follows:

Classic – $1.99 per month

  • No inclusive SMS
  • $0.065 per SMS

 Basic – $5.99 per month

  • 100 SMS
  • $0.060 per extra SMS

Connect – $10.99 per month

  • 200 SMS
  • $0.055 per extra SMS

Standard – $24.99 per month

  • 500 SMS
  • $0.050 per extra SMS

Advanced – $48.99 per month

  • 1,500 SMS
  • $0.040 per extra SMS

 Premium – $128.99 per month

  • 5,000 SMS
  • $0.030 per extra SMS

Customize Your Pricing Plan, Go for the Complete Stack

Keep in mind that the pricing plans above are just ballpark figures. You will have to contact the vendor for a customized package based on a variety of factors like combination of features, the number of users, call and text volume, and possibly even a special arrangement for unique situations. What is clear, though, is you’ll need to combine the cloud contact call center software with virtual business phone numbers and business texting services for optimal customer service.
One more, if budget permits, a small business should put in place a complete infrastructure at once, notwithstanding its customer base size. Because at the end of it, customers will not judge you on how many customers you have, but on how you’re able to service them efficiently.

Meanwhile, if you want to refresh your research on this software category, you can read the basics of call center software.

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