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Tipalti Competitors: Comparison With, Avidxchange, and PayPal

Tipalti is one of the leading accounting and payment management applications on the market. In our current Tipalti review their service received a high score which makes one of the best solutions in its category. Our review team was really impressed by the app, but it is definitely not the only […]

10 Best Marketing Software Systems

Marketing software is used by the marketing departments of companies to market actively on various web channels including email, websites, social networks, etc., and to automate daily tasks. The main benefit here is this type of software allows you to personalize diverse marketing campaigns.

10 Best HR Software Systems

HR management software helps to streamline human resources activities from screening and hiring to performance assessment. These tools help HR managers to locate, retain, and promote the right candidates. Typically, HR applications offer modules such as performance record, benefits management, time and attendance, and payroll. Some tools can be a part […]

Tipalti: Pros & Cons of Award-Winning Accounting Software

Our review team decided to take a closer look at one more popular accounting and payment management system, acknowledged by many for a set of unique, reliable features and an impeccable accuracy. The system is called Tipalti, and it is quite possible an accounting & finance delight that many of you may have failed […]

An Expert’s Guide To Help Desk Software

A Help Desk Software is basically designed to carry out any particular customer service management, as a means of enhancing customer satisfaction and customer retention. A help desk software is a highly customer responsive business solution that can help your business attain better growth and subsequently better financial standards on […]

Best Document Management Software: Comparison of eFileCabinet, DocuWare, DocStar and M-Files

eFileCabinet is the one of the leaders of our Document Management software category with a high experts’ score. Numbers, however, say little to interested buyers and it’s always best to compare at least several options first, which is why we decided to take a deeper look, and compare the tool […]

eFileCabinet: Pros & Cons Of A Top Document Management Service

More than anything else, developers of eFileCabinet designed it to be a comprehensive document management asset which will substitute the variety of apps used to store, share, or edit files. From a regular employee’s perspective, eFileCabinet is that long awaited blessing in disguise which will let get rid of stress and overtimes. In […]

Cloud Accounting Success Tips For Small Businesses

Gone are the days when you could have been content with simply having a company website and minimal social media presence. In today’s always online world, it is very crucial to integrate the ‘Internet’ with your current business operations so that it allows you, as a business owner to have […]

How Budgeting Software Can Be Useful To Organizations

For organizations, running operations requires owners and stakeholders to review finances. A lot of businesses use manual accounting tools to measure, identify, analyze and report financial data. These tools might include everything from financial statements, budgeting, forecasts and other tools. However, since manual accounting usually eats up a lot of […]

8 Vital Tools For Remote Employee Management

If you or any of your employees work from home or at remote work sites outside of your central office, monitoring their time and activities can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are many efficient tools that can help you to keep track of your staff without adding to your workload. […]

Best User Engagement Platforms: Comparison of Toonimo, Whatfix and Hawk Search

Is your user engagement solution good enough? More importantly, do you have a user engagement system in place? Without it, the already difficult process of transforming your organization into a customer centric one will become even more complicated. The challenge here is determining whether users like your services so far, and how […]

Top 3 Business Process Management Software: Comparison of bpm’online studio, Wrike and Zoho One

What is the best business process management software? The best business process management software is bpm’online studio for its comprehensive functionalities and intuitive interface. Equipped with tools for lead management, opportunity management, quote management, and invoice management, this solution also offers collaboration features to help you and your team work […]

How To Magnify Learning From Each Customer Experience?

The business world is seeing drastic changes owing to the challenges thrown by the technology-driven demands of the customers. B2C (business to consumer) industry has already started running in the direction of customer experience (CX); B2B (business to business) is taking baby steps to move forward. There are wide differences […]

Top 3 Business Intelligence Software: Comparison of Sisense, Looker and Qualtrics

What is the best business intelligence software? The best business intelligence software is Sisense because of its robust BI features that ensure flexibility, scalability, and security. It simplifies data collection, data cleaning and data analysis and makes insights instantly available to users even those with little technical experience. Likewise, it […]

How Much Does LiveAgent Cost? Get a Free Trial

LiveAgent is a leading helpdesk solution that offers a range of features to help companies provide reliable customer support. In this article, we look at the LiveAgent pricing and free trial details to give you a good idea of the actual costs of its paid packages. We also compare LiveAgent […]

Top 3 File Sharing Software: Comparison of Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box

What is the best file sharing software solution on the market? The best file sharing software solution is Dropbox Business due to its capability to help streamline business operations, aside from providing a centralized location to better store, access, and share documents and other important files. It is designed to […]

How Artificial Intelligence Technologies Are Changing the Face of CRM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a science fiction concept, but a tool that could change nearly every single aspect of our lives. From the entertainment industry to technology, each step forward into a more automatized future is bringing us to the brink of near dependency on AI. It provides […]

LiveAgent: Pros and Cons of the Top Helpdesk Software

LiveAgent is a leading helpdesk support app that combines multiple channels into a single compact package. The system includes email support, live chat, and social media integration (Twitter and Facebook). It is a robust helpdesk solution that offers essential features such as file sharing, contact forms, gamification, statuses, POP3 accounts, […]

The Benefits of Time Tracking Software

All types of businesses can benefit from time tracking software, no matter how large or small a business is. These apps are well worth the money, because they can track all team activity, handle expenses, and more. Business owners who use this technology find increased productivity, which ultimately leads to […]

How Financial Services Can Use Cloud Telephony To Meet Compliance

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, trust and relationships in transactions and communications with financial services companies hit an all-time low. Financial services regulators were faced with a significant task to reinforce trust in both the integrity and security of the financial system. Among many measures, they responded […]

Enterprise Analytics: How to Implement it and Generate Real ROI

Companies have been investing in enterprise analytics applications for decades, but until recently, the companies who implemented business intelligence solutions weren’t certain they were getting the return they expected. In fact, according to the Analytics Comes of Age study of McKinsey, 50% of businesses say that analytics and Big Data […]

10 SaaS Security Risks And Concerns Every User Has

In the past couple of years, SaaS (Software as a Service) has become a staple for many businesses around the world. It presents not only a step forward for the digital age and sharing data, but also as one of the signs that companies are willing to keep up with […]

5 Uncharted LMS Trends To Take Advantage Of In 2016

Navigating elearning industry trends is akin to crossing the Atlantic Ocean without a map: You might know where you want to go, but you’re not quite sure how to get there. It’s an uncharted, uncertain, chaotic and sometimes contradicting industry that can leave your L&D with more questions than answers. […]

10 Tips For Effective Corporate Time Management

What are effective corporate time management strategies? Some effective corporate time management strategies are creating clear-cut work plans, starting your day early, mapping out your schedule, and keeping your things organized. In addition to these, it also helps if you maximize your office hours and delegate responsibilities to your employees. […]

How Much Should A Startup Invest In A CRM Solution

A business is better placed above its competitors if it can manage its customers well. From this point of view, CRM is more than a software – it is a strategy that can be a cloud storage solution for start-ups and can enable a business owner to learn about the […]

Payment Gateway Tips For Your Online Store

In the modern world less and less people have a desire to be subject to someone. Relishing a wide range of available internet technologies and smart tools, open source platforms, etc. they try to start their own online business, offering a range of products and services.

A Detailed Comparison Of Xero And QuickBooks Accounting Software

QuickBooks continues to be the pioneer in small business accounting for quite some time now. Its flagship cloud-based application – QuickBooks Online is a preferred option for the online stores. However, these days it has a serious business contender in Xero. During the last few years, Xero has managed to […]

5 Best Growth Marketing Strategies For B2B

Have you heard the term growth marketing? It’s all over the Internet lately. Marketing has always been associated with business growth. The main purpose of all strategies is to achieve growth, accelerate it, and maintain it. B2B companies have been designed to grow fast, and marketing plays an important role […]

Projectplace: Pros & Cons Of The Leading Project Management Software

Projectplace is a widely used project management and collaboration platform that is packed with efficient and useful business management tools, real time communication features, and online collaboration functions. It provides scalable and secure features for collaboration, time management, reporting, and task management. This fast and effective product is a leading […]

10 Best File Sharing Services: Which One Is The Best?

What is the best file sharing software? The best file sharing software is Dropbox. With its hard-to-beat pricing schemes, this top-notch platform lets you share or sync files seamlessly, making it the foundation of lively collaboration for maximum productivity. These compelling features are backed by one of the strongest file […]