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The report and trend analysis below was prepared by Sebastian Lambert, CEO of FinancesOnline and our company’s guru on SaaS growth hacking and lead generation strategies. All trends are based …

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4 Ways To Increase B2B Lead Generation With Verified Quality Seal

User trust is a make-or-break issue for B2B buyers. A DemandGen report showed that B2B buyers are doing more and more research about products before making a buying decision and “many buyers say they are overwhelmed by the amount of content available to them; they are more concerned about finding trustworthy […]

How To Increase Online Sales: Using Trust Seals In Shopping Cart Software Marketing

If you’re an online shopping cart software vendor, there’s a goldmine right under your house. One way you can increase online sales is to decrease shopping cart abandonment rate. According to PayPal 88% of visitors abandoned their shopping cart last year. Each of these carts was worth $109, or in […]

Comparison Of iPhone 6 Innovative Features: Which Apple Smartphone Model Had The Most Improvements?

In the summer of 2007, Mike Lazardis, co-founder of BlackBerry, got an iPhone to check what’s inside. He pried it open and was shocked on what he saw: BlackBerry wasn’t competing with a phone, he thought, it was competing against a Mac. Lazardis was recalling that moment in an interview […]

Best CRM Software

Last March, Bloomberg reported the number of jobs reached a record pre-recession peak at 116.1 million, even surpassing the U.S.Labor Department’s projections. The economy seemed to be picking up however gradually. Around the same time, a tiny blip in the economic radar escaped the attention of much of the big […]

10 World’s Most Expensive Cars Owned By Celebrities: Bugatti & Maybach’s Luxurious Alternatives To Ordinary Rides

Does having the most expensive car matter to a celebrity? Apparently not to David Beckham. Nor does he care that his Rollys-Royce Phantom Drophead is the slowest in top speed and acceleration rate among the top 10 most expensive celebrity cars featured in the latest infographic. Perhaps for this Englishman, it’s […]

Comparison of 10 Best-selling Products

What have condoms got to do with Coke? Melinda Gates made a case in a September 2010 TED Talk that humanitarian agencies could use the Coca-Cola global logistics model as well as marketing and sales capabilities to distribute medicines and sanitation (condoms included) to remote areas that need health care access. […]

The Most Expensive Food In The World: 10 Lavish Alternatives To Your Everyday Dishes

It’s just another Paris Hilton Instagram post showing the room service meal she ordered during her Shanghai sojourn last November. “I love Chinese food,” she commented. But there’s one problem, except for the fried rice, the dishes were hardly Chinese: panini, creamy soup, spaghetti, and some other general meals. I […]

Beer Prices Around The World Compared: The Cheapest, Most Expensive And Most Popular Beer Brands

I drink beer to supplement my bones with vitamin D and prevent bone degeneration. Saying that makes me feel I’m making a healthy lifestyle choice every time I pop a bottle. I could be, at least according to the International Journal of Endocrinology that had published a study on the health […]

The Art of Deceptive Advertising: Quick Review of False & Misleading Tricks Used In Ads

If you drool over that gleaming pure honey flowing over steamy mashed potato you’ve seen on TV, hold your horses. You’re likely salivating over motor oil and freshly microwaved wet tampon placed behind the potato. These are some of the common techniques used by ad people to make products more […]

Comparison of the Most Valuable Brands of 2014: How Google Overtook Apple at the No. 1 Spot

Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell once described Steve Jobs’ perfectionism not as an inventor but a tweaker. “His gift lay in taking what was in front of him—the tablet with stylus—and ruthlessly refining it and comparing it against the best.” Jobs would be infamous for perfecting his iPhones and iPads […]

Top Grocery Brands Comparison: Disturbing Truth About How Big Food Companies Exploit Your Shopping Habits

Standing in the supermarket’s food section aisle you’re confronted with hundreds of different products compounded by the happy proliferation of subcategories. You have a wide choice of grocery items at your fingertips. Or have you? A 2013 study by the U.S. consumer rights group, Food and Water Watch, made a […]

Comparison of the Top Tech Company Acquisitions: Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple and Other Business Giants

In 2005, Rupert Murdoch, a veteran business giant with a solid reputation in creating empires out of companies was so sure of social media’s future that he bought MySpace for a whopping $580 million.  He couldn’t be any more right… and wrong. Social media was (and is) the future, but the future […]

Comparison of Americans’ Weird Habits: Smartphones Are More Important Than Sex And Waffles Measure Storm Severity

America is facing its biggest threat to its existence. Not terrorism or the threat of weapons of mass destruction, but from mobile phones. A survey published by Statista last February revealed that in comparison to other nationalities more Americans would rather live without sex than without their phone. It’s one of […]

Best Help Desk Software

Social media and mobile use give us a treasure hoard of insights about our general habits as a community. So it’s only inevitable that we find numerous surveys and reviews about the two platforms based on one of the most popular categories: gender difference. These converging platforms are considered to be […]

Review of Famous Company Logos: How The Big Business Uses The Emotional Power of Logos

Golden arches. Swoosh. Mouse ears. You know what they mean. Some famous company logos have so much emotional power that they don’t need to spell out their names, or that they transcend cultural borders. How can these simple, trivial little artworks inspire global familiarity with so many of them having become iconic? […]

Most Popular Social Media Sites Review: Why Women Are The Real Power Behind The Huge Success Of Pinterest and Tumblr

We had fun checking social media demographics surveys from different credible sources like reviews from Pew Research Center and Burst Media and we were able to pluck out some distinct patterns that suggest women are taking over social media and we’ve turned the data into a nice infographic. The infographic that […]

You’ll Be Shocked About This Woman’s Answer To Why She’s Happy Working For $3/Day In A Sweatshop

Your clothes were made in a sweatshop. They were made by a young woman, poorly paid, who was nonetheless excited to have the opportunity to make them. Her alternative, her life without making them; that would have been much worse. Jasmine works six days a week for $3 per day; […]

What Will Happen When Our Wages Don’t Even Cover Food? This Haunting Video Chronicles the Dying American Dream

I’ll give you the good news first: globalization and technology haven’t actually destroyed jobs in the U.S. like we thought. This is definite good news, and the fact that both have revolutionized our lives in so many great ways sounds like a fairy-tale ending. But it’s not, so here’s the […]

You Think Your Taxes Are High? This Video Will Shock You With How World Could Look Without Them

Your W2 is probably in the mail, and that can only mean one thing: taxes are due. While taxes are both a sure thing (“death and taxes”) and a painful thing (“death and taxes”), they’re also a necessary thing. How necessary? A world without taxes is a world with impoverished […]

Find Out How Big Companies Are Getting Away With Not Paying Young College Grads And What You Can Do To Help

The cost of college tuition is rising exponentially but companies are finding that the cost of hiring a college graduate is cheaper than ever—in fact, they’re not getting paid at all.

Before You Go Shopping Listen To This Harvard Professor Explaining How Money Can Buy Happiness

Curious if money truly cannot buy happiness, a well-off Harvard professor went around the world to find out. What he found hit close to home, and revealed the truth: it’s not how much money you have, but how you spend it.

Russian Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014: 10 Amazing Facts About The Most Expensive Games Ever

The infographic features a selection from the many tales of triumph, tragedy, pride and glory in the history of the Winter Olympics. There will always be enduring achievements that will be forever remembered, such as Bjorn Daehlie’s 12 Olympic medals or Eddie Eagan’s amazing achievement.

10 Awesome Space Exploration & Astronomy Discoveries of 2013

2013 was no exception when it came to discovering previously unknown information about the vast universe that we live in. Here are the top 10 most exciting things that have happened in space technologies, discoveries, and advancements this year.

Top 10 most dangerous jobs in the US: It’s not police officers & firefighters who have the most risky career path

Check out the infographic about America’s most dangerous jobs in 2012. They truly have harsh environments: falling trees, molten hot iron, high altitude, and the open sea create conditions conducive to fatal work injury.

Top Gadgets & Tech Of 2013: Best Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, App, Console, OS And More

2013 was the year when consumer technology really became part of our daily lives. Thanks to a confluence of hardware, software and infrastructure the devices we own can now help us with exercise, trips, dating, and business (with CRM software available for mobiles you can be a pro businessman all […]

Cyber Santa Claus: Amazon Drones, Supercomputers and Other Cutting-edge Technologies Santa Can Use To Deliver Your Christmas Gifts

Here’s Santa’s problem. He works all year round to make gifts for all the nice boys and girls, but he only has a very small 24-hour window to deliver all of them. Yes we all know he has major magic and can be in many places all at the same […]

‘The Hobbit’ & Secrets of Smaug the Dragon: Is Benedict Cumberbatch the Most Wicked Character in the Upcoming Film?

Come December 13 all Middle Earth is set for a fiery encounter, or at least 13 dwarves, a hobbit and a wizard are. Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug introduces us to the most impressive depiction by far of Smaug since J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit was first published […]

10 Most Expensive and Beautiful Engagement Rings: Beyonce, Surprisingly, Is Not The Celebrity At The Top

The solitaire diamond engagement ring evokes timeless elegance, but designer jewelry houses have cooked up more trends this year that elevate these rings to a new level. A combination of novel prone settings, air of sensuality, and contrasting colors, among others, set the benchmark for the most beautiful engagement rings […]

Manny Pacquiao: One of the World’s Most Famous and Richest Boxers and His Long Road To Boxing Glory

Manny Pacquiao fought Brandon Rios at the Grand Venetian in Macau on November 23. For Manny and many Filipinos, more than Pacquiao’s pride was at stake in this match. The Philippines, battered by natural disasters and corruption controversies, is desperately in need of heroes. For many years now Manny Pacquiao played […]

The Best Major League Baseball Players of 2013: Which MLB Superstars Will Race for the World Series Top Honors?

Awards are the ultimate validation of player’s sterling season and 2013 has a bumper crop of top performers poised to grab the major league baseball awards. With the postseason winding down as the two major leagues’ respective championship series hits the midway mark, we’re in the business end of things. […]