Russian Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014: 10 Amazing Facts About The Most Expensive Games Ever

thumbnail-3The Winter Olympic Games set to unfold in the Russian beach resort town of Sochi in 2014 were plagued by controversy right from the start.

When organizers struck down a request by NGO Pride House to set up shop in Sochi, Russia’s policies on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights came under close scrutiny. Then there are widespread allegations over corruption in the provisions of services and facilities. Critics accused Russian president Vladimir Putin of cronyism in awarding contracts and mismanagement of funds that affects all business sizes and vendors interested in making money on the event.

The facilities needed for games, from venues to cargo terminals, were heavily criticized for environmental and geological hazards they might pose. The skewing of real estate prices in and around the venue was also put in question. Meanwhile, political activists have not made it easier for the organizers to market the games. Though organizers could learn how to make better management decisions they certainly give a lot of attention given to safety and security which are very real concerns in an area that has traditionally been a hotbed of political dissent and conflict.

Despite all these, and the fact these are the most expensive games ever sports enthusiasts around the world remain steadfast in their faith. However, seeing how much most expensive rings can cost maybe the price of a solid winter competition isn’t that high? Some people are willing to spend a fortune on eating, just look at the prices of the most expensive food in the world. The Olympic spirit represents all that is true, good, and beautiful in the human spirit and when the history of the Sochi games are remembered, the controversies will be documented, the interesting facts archived, but amazing tales such as these will be be remembered and talked about for a long time.

The infographic features a selection of amazing facts, and many tales of triumph, tragedy, pride and glory in the history of the Winter Olympics. There will always be enduring achievements that will be forever remembered, such as Bjorn Daehlie’s 12 Olympic medals, or the Eddie Eagan and his singular achievement of being the only athlete to win gold at both the Summer and Winter games. And there’s the fact that Russia, famous for its cold and cruel winters, chose to host the Winter Olympics in the subtropical resort town of Sochi, where palm trees sway amidst the new venues constructed at the beachfront Olympic park.

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  • Avatar waynebreaker says:

    …and they call it a gold medal when it’s mostly made of silver. Silver medalists, rejoice! at least you have a pure precious material to bring home. Unless they mixed it with some, you know, bronze.

  • Avatar vanred says:

    Cool runnings! Many don’t know that there’s a Jamaican bobsled again at Sochi. Though last I heard they need some 80 grand to compete. The movie was inspired by a true event when Jamaica competed in 2002 bobsled.

  • Avatar Mark says:

    There’s no way the Shaun White is the richest Winter Olympian. First of all, the data you reference is from 2010. Secondly, Jaromir Jagr (Czech hockey) has career earnings in the NHL (not counting years he played in Europe or endorsements) of almost $118M.

    • Avatar CJ says:

      I can think of another – Vanessa Vanakorn (Vanessa-Mae) is worth around $50 million.

  • Avatar CJ says:

    Shawn White isn’t the richest in Sochi – Vanessa-Mae is. She’s worth around $50 million.

  • Avatar Anas Shad says:

    If Sochi is such a warm city for the Winter Olympics, then why are they holding it there. There is tons of snow in Russia and chose a warm city for a cold event. Genius!!!

    • Avatar Leonid Semikin says:

      Sochi was chosen because before the Olympics there was not much there. By hosting the Olympics in sochi they would accomplish two tasks. Hosting the games and building a new city.

  • Avatar ZenosArrow says:

    hooray team USA! Just earn the golds and prize monies and pay the taxes. We should all be settled down right and easy, the libertads will be glad to have the country’s coffers supplemented soon enough for social welfare.

  • Avatar lhaybernstein says:

    Shaun’s not the richest definitely. You missed out the NHL players. But it’s not really the money that counts if I were an Olympian. It’s the pride to represent USA, to showcase our strength, our capacity to dream big, act on it, achieve the impossible, conquer the competition in the face of great odds. Of course it doesn’t hurt if I get paid 5 million here and another 5 there for endorsements. Hey, it’s America.

  • Avatar Cadizgibbs says:

    Oh,the horrors. Sochi is right at the crosshairs of destabilizing plans. The mayor has made sure security is tight and no breach is possible. In true Putin fashion the mayor assured us there are no gay people in his city.

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