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Comparison of Wrike, Asana & Trello: Top 3 Project Management Solutions

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asanawriketrelloIs there such a thing as a perfect project management solution? Imagine you could find a B2B service that would allow your employees not only to easily and efficiently cooperate on projects, but a service that would also provide flexibilty of integration with your current business workflow and industry.

Our B2B experts decided to check which project management solution will be the closest one to ideal. We thoroughly analyzed and tested more than 150 different solutions and put them through a demanding set of typical problem scenarios to see which ones will perform best. Resulting from our research is a list of top 3 project management solutions that offer the best possible quality to companies of all sizes and industries:

  2. Asana
  3. Trello

In this article we’ll discuss the pros and cons of all three top project management solutions and we’ll try to answer the question which one will work best for your company.

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Top 3 project management solutions – quick overview 

1. Wrike


This award is given to the best product in our project management software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.

Wrike won our Best Project Management Software Award 2018

Our score
User satisfaction

Our top selection for the best project management software is Wrike. Based on extensive features and a pricing plan that impress both customers and our team of B2B experts, we believe Wrike to be the most effective solution you can get for your company. If you’d like to test how Wrike can improve the efficiency of you project management you can easily do that by getting Wrike free trial. You can read Wrike detailed review and get a free trial here.

2. Asana

Asana hold a top place in our project management software category. If you’d like to read more about this application and its features you can check out our detailed review of Asana. This task and project management solution can help you to achieve more efficient team collaboration and communication. Asana can be used to easily create projects and tasks, add employees to tasks and projects, share projects, or include employees in your task comments to make sure everyone is on the same page. You can also look at our Wrike vs Asana comparison.

3. Trello

Trello is a unique project management tool that will allow you to sort your projects into boards. It has reached at least five million users worldwide as of last year. In September 2011, Wired magazine called the tool one of “the 7 coolest startups you haven’t heard of yet” and since then Trello’s marketing position has grown significantly. You can read a detailed review of Trello here if you want more information about this app.

Detailed review of Wrike, Asana and Trello

Since no two project management solutions are alike it is a good idea to compare Wrike with the other two top-performing solutions (Trello and Asana) to give you a wider scope of what services and features are offered by each vendor and which one will work best with your company.

Customer types

All three solutions can match the project management needs of any kind of business. Thus, whether you own a small business or are the CEO of a Fortune 500 firm, you will find that Wrike, Asana and Trello can all adequately suit your business requirements. They can help your company with managing tasks in both big and small projects, resulting in a better, more streamlined organization of your work.

Features of Wrike


Unlike Trello and Asana, Wrike offers businesses a more robust project management tool that can effectively help users with all their project management needs and make sure every task or project is successful. Team members who have access to information can be kept up-to-date on a regular basis and be informed about work deadlines. This will allow them to finish tasks faster by prioritizing work assignments, getting and receiving timely feedback, and tracking work updates in real-time. Wrike’s objective is to streamline work into a graph and let employees collaborate on and discuss shared data.

In addition, Wrike’s dedicated management features have an advantage over Trello and Asana. It has useful tools designed specifically for management purposes. Various features including the time-tracker can be very useful to monitor how your company resources are being used. You can likewise use interactive Gantt charts to help you track the progress of all your projects and tasks.

As far as ease of use is concerned, Wrike’s use of “@” to keep things together, Activity Stream, and a three-pane view give your business great visibility vertically and horizontally across tasks and projects.

When it comes to team sharing, Wrike also has a clear advantage over Asana and Trello. Wrike has created an efficient communication platform together with solid e-mail integration. The effective use of the @ symbol allows team members to give comments in a specific discussion thread. Thus, inboxes in Wrike do not overflow and are limited only to purely relevant conversations.

Wrike’s other features include creating tasks and projects from emails, filing projects or subprojects in a flexible hierarchy, file sharing, editing work schedules using Gantt charts, task version control, RSS & iCal feeds, activity stream, Microsoft Excel import and export, API, Google Apps integration, Microsoft Project import, permalinks, a central dashboard, and tagging. Wrike also has basic CRM functionality and provides customized fields and workflows. The tool also allows managers to decentralize updating and monitoring of plans.

Wrike makes it easy to integrate its platform into top existing products, featuring Android and iPhone apps, along with compatibility with Google Drive, Apple Mail, Dropbox, and other popular systems. It also offers a great free trial that will let you test the app for yourself before you decide to trust Wrike with your business. You can read Wrike detailed review and get a free trial here.

Features of Asana

An overview of Asana interface

An overview of Asana interface

Asana is not as fun as Trello or as comprehensive as Wrike, but it does eliminate the need for email to exchange information about your projects and tasks. Asana allows you to share notes and upload attachments, or follow and search public tasks. You can combine related tasks with a single click, establish your workflow, organize tasks based on priority, get completion and notification updates, add employees as task followers, set due dates, or even add hearts to tasks to show gratitude.

Asana’s system rejects the very concept of e-mail. Relying on the notion that e-mail holds back productivity, the tool’s users are delegated to specific projects without the need to collaborate via e-mail. In a way, this makes Asana and Trello similar in a sense that both tools want you and your employees to rely less on email for sharing and collaboration. But this may be a good or bad idea for your company, especially if you are a company that still heavily uses email to communicate and discuss matters with external parties. This makes Wrike a far better choice than the two: Wrike can expand your communication reach because it integrates your email into the system.

Notes, comments, and tags, are some of Asana’s cool features that you can use in any project, allowing managers to provide feedback and guidance with ease. What’s more, your Asana inbox will provide you with notifications on the tasks and projects including: a task’s deadline, when employees have been assigned to a task, progress or completion date, added comments or if there are new task attachments.

Features of Trello

Overview of Trello interface

Overview of Trello interface

Trello’s dashboard allows users to get a great overview of the tasks and their completion status. Your managers can monitor employees and see all project updates. For this reason, Trello can be a good collaboration tool for any business that has tasks or projects that need to be managed properly. Employees are also connected across a variety of devices, which lets them work better as a team.

Trello gives you the chance to drop the never-ending email threads, outdated spreadsheets, clunky tools, and no-longer-so-sticky notes to manage your projects. Trello allows businesses to see everything about their projects and tasks at a single glance. Think of the tool as your virtual “idea board.” You can have many project boards depending on your needs. Project boards can be used to collaborate on ideas, you can share them with other team members or manipulate them to give everyone a visual sense of the business workflow.

Trello also offers a wide range of work and personal uses, including school bulletin boards, real estate management, law office case management, lesson planning, and software project management. Like Asana and Wrike, it offers an email-in capability and rich API that allows for integration with top cloud-based services and many enterprise systems.

To be fair, Trello’s advantage with the two other solutions may lie in its creativity. Businesses do not have to use Trello in one specific way. Your creativity and imagination will guide the manner of how you use it. Unlike Asana and Wrike, Trello offers a more enjoyable and fun visual way of making sure the work is done as you collaborate on and manipulate boards exactly the same way you’d use a real bulletin board.

Like Asana and Wrike, Trello supports iPad, Windows 8, iPhone, and Android mobile platforms. Its website has likewise been designed to be accessible from a wide number of mobile web browsers.

Pricing comparison

Wrike offers three great pricing packages that suit the various needs and specifications of organizations, businesses, and professionals. You can try out the tool’s amazing features with the Wrike free trial as well. Wrike’s Professional Package ($10/month for 5, 10 or 15 users) is designed for teams that are in need of more intensive project planning and collaboration. The Enterprise Package’s cost is provided on a per-quote basis and this package can be a good idea well teams that are interested in customization, reporting, and advanced security features.

Similarly to Wrike, Trello also offers a free plan for its basic service. Trello Gold, which is great for freelancers or small businesses, costs $5 per month or $45 per year. Trello Business Class is a right plan for larger enterprises with a cost of $3.75 per user a month (paid annually).

Asana offers a free package for a team of up to 15 users. It provides premium plans that begin from $21 per month for teams that have up to five members to $750 per month for teams of up to 100 members.


Pound for pound, Wrike is the best of the three top project management solutions. It is more powerful than Trello and Asana. Wrike’s built-in Gantt charts make it a very effective project management solution for businesses. The tool is also flexible and can be quickly customized based on your individual needs. Because of Wrike’s impressive features, no wonder its clients include some of the biggest business heavyweights: Google, HTC, PayPal, Adobe, and Electronic Arts. If you need a wide range of features and you have a budget for a powerful and efficient project management solution, try out Wrike free trial. You can read Wrike detailed review and get a free trial here.

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