9 DIY Gifts for the Frugal Friend

Are you short on money this year but still looking to get your friends and family great holiday gifts? Do it yourself (DIY) gifts are the best ideas if you’re on a short budget, and Pinterest is the best place to look for fun and creative ideas. I had never been on Pinterest before, but I took to the website and did some exploring to compile a list of the best DIY ideas for all of your family and friends. Some of these gifts are more complicated than others and require some artistic skill, most of them are pretty simple, and all of them are cheap!

Recipe Book

Looking for a gift for a friend who likes to cook? This DIY recipe book is a great idea for anyone who keeps recipes on file, and it is also simple yet adorable. All it requires is a notebook, some ribbon, paint, paper, and a wooden spoon for an appropriate touch. This project allows for some creative interpretation in terms of colors and style, making it a great gift for all of your friends!

Cross-stiched iPhone case

Wondering what to get the quirky teenager in your life? This idea for cross-stiched iPhone cases is unique and perfect for young users of technology. This project involves a bit more creativity and cross-stiching skills, but if you’re up for it it’s a great idea for personalizing iPhones. The website tutorial also offers links to patterns to make the sewing process easier.

Cork Crafts

Wine bottle corks are some of the most versatile products to use for crafts. I could not choose just one cork craft (though I was leaning toward a birdhouse) so I decided to link an entire page on Pinterest dedicated to crafts made of corks! Corkboards, cork decorations, cork ornaments, cork picture frames—you name it, it can probably be made out of cork. If you’re not a wine drinker yourself, many restaurants will give away their used corks for free if you ask.

Cardboard Box Ideas

You know how when you were a kid you could make a cardboard box into anything? Well now you can, and as a very cheap holiday gift for kids. This page has a ton of different ideas for things that you can make out of just a simple cardboard box—from boats, to guitars, to puppet stages, to mailboxes. Let your kids’ imagination run wild with one of these creative box gifts!

Pencil Vase

Looking for something to get for your child’s teacher that’s not the same old package of soaps from Bed Bath and Beyond? This pencil vase is adorable and a great desk decoration to brighten up a classroom. All it requires is a package of pencils, some glue, a ribbon, and bright flowers.

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Doll Suitcase

Looking for a gift for a little girl who is always on the go? This project is definitely for those gifted when it comes to sewing, but if you’re up for the challenge it’s a great gift! The inside of a thrift-store suitcase has been turned into a room complete with adorable decorations for the doll and her owner to play. My favorite part of the gift is that you can sew little interchangeable outfits for the doll to wear on different occasions, and everything can be kept in the suitcase and packed up after playtime is over.

Magnetic Mousetrap Clips

I think that this project is a great idea for grandparents, parents, or anyone with a lot of holiday cards and kid’s projects to keep on the refrigerator. They’re simple but creative and great if you need to make a mass number of presents to give out to all of your family and friends.

Can of Dates

Need a fun but cheap gift for a girlfriend or boyfriend? This Can of Dates is the gift that keeps on giving all year round! Just write a list of fun dates onto scraps of paper and put them into a decorative container. Then, throughout the entire year when you’re looking to have a night out with your partner you can choose randomly from the can for ideas. This way you’re never stuck doing the same old monotonous thing every weekend.

Donation Gift Ideas

Many people donate to children and families in need during the holiday season. If you’re looking for a way to give gifts to people in your community here is a list of ideas. Many schools, hospitals, churches, and temples look for donations every year—especially donations of kids toys and warm clothing. Or, if you’re looking to do a cash donation to an organization of your choice, the holidays are a great time to get involved!

Do you have any personal favorite DIY holiday gift ideas to add to the list?


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