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Freshdesk is a successful helpdesk and ticketing product because they listen to their customers. The company has been around for more than seven years and they continue to find lessons in the way their customers interact with their product. In this article, we reveal how you can use Freshdesk to make smart data-driven decisions.

Case Study

Let’s consider the case of Quality Computer Services, a Freshdesk user based in Texas. They manage the IT systems of small businesses and help them use technology more productively. This company utilizes Freshdesk’s reporting tools to analyze client contracts and learn which ones need to be renegotiated, adjusted, or dropped.

Quality Computer Services is a managed service provider (MSP) that used to charge by the user, computer, or service. But they found this business model was not feasible as customers began to use them like an unlimited service. So they adopted a conventional retainer model – customers now need to pay a fixed monthly amount and get an hourly rate for a contract period of minimum 12 months. This system works well for them as they can keep track of their billable hours to get paid. This is where Freshdesk helps them.

Time-Tracking Feature

Freshdesk’s time-tracking tool is intuitive and you can easily get the hang of it in no time. Quality Computer Services were initially tracking hours in Word documents but soon found this was unproductive. With Freshdesk, they are more organized and effective because they can run reports instantly using its timekeeping options.

The company primarily uses the reports to track their commitments and customer demands. They share monthly timesheet reports with their customers to let them know how much time they have utilized and use the Freshbooks integrations to invoice them for it. One of the findings they realized was they were charging just $15/hour for a couple of customers which is much lower than their normal rate. They utilized this wake-up call to stop doing business with these customers. Thus, in the case of Quality Computer Services, Freshdesk helped them to determine which contracts to maintain and which ones to end. This data-driven decision ensures they stay efficient and profitable. For more details on modern features offered by Freshdesk check out our other article.

Use Freshdesk’s Reporting Features for Intelligent Decision-Making

Data and data reporting are critical both for multinational corporations as well as small businesses that are looking to scale to the next level. Let’s now look at how Freshdesk’s reporting features can help you to optimize your operations by using data to drive big business decisions.

Learn the Answers to All Your Important Questions

How is my helpdesk faring?

Managers of support teams need to identify issues in their helpdesk and resolve them quickly. You can identify problems by keeping tracking of crucial metrics every day.

Freshdesk’s in-depth reports give you an overview of all key metrics. They also show you the breakdown of each metric based on various ticket properties such as source, type, priority, and the number of agent and customer responses. You can view how many tickets your agents solved today, if the new SLA policy has led to a rise in FCR%, why your resolution time has dropped recently and more.

Are my customers happy?

You can measure customer happiness more effectively by measuring what makes them unhappy. If a customer has a lot of issues with your product, they will be unhappy. Plus, if their tickets are resolved late, they are bound to get frustrated.

The top customer analysis report shows you metrics that make them irate. These include SLAs violated and the number of tickets created. You can research these problem tickets to understand whether the issue is because of the customer, product, or agent, and then make educated decisions.

Which tickets are causing the problems?

After you have seen the numbers and identify the issues affecting your helpdesk, what should you do next? Two things: Find a long-term solution to ensure the issue doesn’t happen again, and also act on those problems immediately. Freshdesk helps you here as in every report you can get details down to the ticket level. Thus, you can view all the tickets that are contributing to the issue, and start working to resolve the concerns immediately.

Who are my best agents?

You can view how well your agents are performing based on a number of metrics such as tickets resolved, tickets re-assigned, tickets responded to within SLA and more. You can sort your agents based on each of these metrics and spot their strengths and weaknesses. You can also filter your agents based on different ticket properties. For instance, you can view which of your agents handles most of your high priority tickets. This way, you can identify your best agents and also ensure no agent is overloaded with difficult tickets.

What are my best groups?

You can also measure how well your groups are performing and rank them in terms of different metrics such as average resolution time and private notes added. Apart from the performance, you can find out if the way you have split groups and set up their workflows is working. For instance, if you see that the night shift agent group is bogged down by the tickets re-assigned to them from the morning group, you can extend the resolution SLA by a few more hours to stop the reassigns.

Helpdesk Insights with Dashboards

You can monitor your helpdesk, and manage and control everything from your personalized Dashboard. With Snapshots, you can view data that is relevant and useful to you, giving you immediate actionable insights. You can learn which group has the most pending requests, what channels are drawing the most traffic, which customers are likely to be dissatisfied, all at a single glance. You can also track team activity and keep tabs on individual agent performance from here.

If you wish to bring your team in on the action, you can enable your agents to get their own view into the helpdesk where they can find details about what is on their schedule for the day including ticket backlog, and also track customer sentiment.


As this article shows, Freshdesk’s time-tracking and reporting and analytics features can help a great deal with your decision-making. Utilize these efficient and effective tools to make intelligent data-driven decisions to boost your business.

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