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Email and the modern helpdesk system have always had a close relationship. Agents used to stay on top of customer issues by receiving email notifications. However, while helpdesks have improved over the years notifications haven’t kept up.

Let’s take a look at what a top notch helpdesk can do. Agents can provide customer support on the go using mobile apps, they can compete with each other using gamification, and they can get early insight into a customer’s mood before they initiate contact – yet they still have to access their inboxes to view notifications, which is ridiculous. The need of the hour therefore is for a better replacement. Here are a few reasons why:

If your inbox is empty, then it becomes easy to deal with incoming notifications. However, it is a difficult task to keep your inbox clear. Because of this, the odd email notification can easily slip through the cracks or you might miss an important update on a ticket as your inbox cannot assign priorities. So, you need to manually find out what your important tasks are.

Plus, you can easily get sidetracked while going through your inbox. You might be searching for updates on tickets and end up going through loads of irrelevant emails, while pending tickets pile up.

In addition, if you need to constantly switch between tabs to learn what you should be working on, your efficiency is impacted. This is because you can get affected by multiple types of interruptions that can take up your precious time. This can prove expensive – according to a study, regaining your initial momentum after an interruption can take more than 20 minutes on average. This means you have to work longer and be less productive at the same time. ‘Less productive’ can have a big impact and end up costing your company thousands of dollars per employee each year. There are also some great collaboration features offered by Freshdesk that can give your team a huge boost.

Smart Notifications

Till now, Freshdesk was also using the same workflow. But they have made up for this by launching Smart Notifications to bring notifications back to the helpdesk. This feature gives you a single place within your helpdesk where you can view all important alerts and updates. Now, you don’t need to worry about inbox clutter as well as switching back and forth between various tabs and applications that used to take up so much time.

With Smart Notifications, you can access tickets via the notifications with a single click. Customize your notification preferences and select exactly which notifications you wish to receive. Enable desktop notifications to stay up to date, even when you’re working in another tab.

Many of Freshdesk’s customers are benefiting by using Smart Notifications. In a survey, 79% of them stated they were able to save a lot of using this feature and that they don’t have to worry about missing critical updates. They find this feature invaluable because they can tell at a glance whether a notification needs immediate attention or can wait for later handling. So, it’s time to end your unproductive relationship with your email inbox and check out the benefits of Smart Notifications.

Freshdesk for iPad

In the days of yore, helpdesks were hard to use without proper training. On top of that, you could work on them only during shift hours. Therefore, support reps were tied to their desks round the clock because of their job. Today, you can take the helpdesk wherever you go, and access and use it on your mobile device. You can stay updated on your tickets and even take a support call from anywhere, anytime.

However, the problem with mobile devices is they are too small for office tasks. The screen and keyboard are tiny and you need to struggle to type and send anything. The Freshdesk iPad app solves this issue.

You can use the app to improve your efficiency and provide top notch support from wherever you are. Shift from one conversation to another with a simple flick and add notes with a tap of your thumb. Customer happiness is just a swipe away.

Benefits of the iPad App

Social support on the move: Social support is now easy with the iPad app as you can reply to tweets, convert them to tickets, drift through streams, track keywords and more.

Take calls from anywhere, anytime, with any device: Simply integrate your phone channel into your helpdesk, and you can make and answer calls on the go from within the iPad app.

Reply templates and canned responses: When you’re supporting on the go, you need every bit of help. The app offers this as you can attach files to your canned responses and easily slide them into your replies. The app also inserts the contents of your reply template into your reply as you tap the “Reply” button.

Makeover for Android

Android users need not feel they have been left out of the party. Freshdesk has released an update to its Android app and the new features include a fresh clean interface for reading and managing tickets. The best part is the new UI conforms to all Material Design guidelines.

Features of the Android Update

Another new element is the floating action button that does lots of different things based on what screen you are on currently. If you’re looking at a ticket, you can utilize the ‘plus’ button to select between replying, forwarding, and adding notes. And, if you are you on the phone tab, you can utilize the action button any time to call your customers. On the social tab, you can use the button to post a fresh tweet from any of the accounts linked to your help desk. This update is available only for devices running an Android version higher than ICS (4.0). So, make sure you upgrade your device if needed to fully utilize and benefit from the new features.

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