Freshsales: Pros & Cons Of The Leading CRM Software Solution

Freshales: Leading CRM App


fspcFreshsales is a relatively new product from the Freshdesk app stable. It is a high quality CRM that can help your team keep track of contacts and solve their queries. Being a single contact management hub with a simple and easy to use interface it is a reliable tool that you can use to manage even thousands of leads. In this article, we look in detail at the major Freshsales pros and cons to give you a good idea about the advantages and drawbacks of the system to help you decide if it is a good fit for your company.

Our review team thoroughly analyzed the key features offered by Freshsales and we found out that despite it’s young age this app is definitely one of the best CRM solutions currently available on the market. There is actually a very good free trial plan available for the app that lets you try out Freshsales for 30 days and the app is totally free for up to 10 users. You can easily sign up for Freshsales free trial here.

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies
Freshsales won our Expert's Choice Award for 2017

Freshsales is designed to help sales professionals manage multiple elements of the sales process. With it you don’t have to subscribe to multiple apps to do your work and Freshsales offers the best features of legacy CRM solutions as well as a few unique features of its own to prioritize pipeline opportunities and boost sales. The app is designed as a dynamic analytics contributor that offers deep sales insights and helps you to use them for the benefit of your company. It offers all the vital sales performance features which is why it is quickly becoming a preferred CRM for many companies.

Why should you choose a pioneer CRM like Freshsales seeing that there are many other CRM choicesout there? First of all, because of Freshdesk’s high reputation and great design that was also replicated in the powerful features of Freshsales. What is more, the setup procedure is really simple, and you can benefit from multiple integrations with other business apps. Following the current standards all the operations are executed and stored in the cloud which makes this solution very accessible. The system can effectively help you identify where your leads are coming from making it a big advantage for sales teams.

Let’s take a deeper look at Freshsales pros and cons. The app enables lead capture and can nurture, distribute, and verify leads using multiple channels of communication. It offers a wide range of useful features including affiliate management, call routing, call recording, and auto-dialers to name a few. The system also gives you outstanding reporting capabilities and it collates all pertinent source and rep metrics into attractive and accurate reports. Aditionally, it lets you apply a range of filters to summarize your data and enables you to organize results in the way you like. Plus, you can create tables and charts, make summaries, and use matrix reporting quickly and easily.

The pricing packages are affordable and quite flexible. The great thing is that small teams of up to 10 users can actually use the free package, while medium-sized businesses can choose from the Blossom plan ($12/month), Garden plan ($25/month), and Estate package ($49/month) which are all reasonably priced. You also don’t have to worry about recurring costs and you need to pay only for what you use.


Key Advantages of Freshsales

What are the features and benefits that have gained Freshsales such a good reputation and prominent place in the CRM market? We have listed them for you below, but you may also want to check out our analysis of Freshsales features in the detailed review of the app.

Email Tracking

Sales professionals need to know who opens their emails and who ignores them. This helps them learn who is interested in their product so that they can nurture these prospects. One of the key features of Freshsales are enabling your sales reps to send bulk emails drafted on personalized templates, scheduling and syncing them with their calendars, and linking them automatically with their contact records to export relevant information. The solution is selective in depicting metrics and it identifies the relevant details in an email without the need for you to trigger any actions.

Direct Calls

Freshsales is one of the few platforms that allow calls to be transferred to it directly and you don’t need any hardware or software installations for the task. You won’t have to waste time migrating your data to this solution to track the history of your conversations, and you can easily assign notes or numbers to your contacts, or call them automatically from within the app. Plus, you can use an auto-dialer, route calls, use personalized welcoming messages, ID callers, and monitor the performance of the agents who attend to those calls.

Event Tracking

An important feature of a CRM application is the ability to track previous conversations and to use them to plan future communication. Freshsales enables you to look into a contact’s history while you are talking with him, find out what interests them, and how they interact with your solution. This will help you to close deals with hot prospects and leads more efficiently. The app also provides you with a tidy timeline in which contacts are grouped based on their behavior and listed with engagement information and emails to let you score them easily.

Lead Management

A quality CRM should help users to manage and nurture leads properly so that they become loyal customers. Freshsales enables effective contact management by offering an all-round view on all relevant details and conversations, and helps you differentiate between pending, won, and lost deals. Plus, the platform provides timely notifications to ensure you do not forget appointments and tasks.

Sales Management

Freshsales is an outstanding sales CRM and it offers complete visibility into all stages of the sales process. It helps users to easily sort and filter close dates, identify bestsellers, and make required changes to actions. You can use the solution’s simple drag-and-drop navigation to quickly customize follow up, identify trends, evaluate wins and losses, and spot obstacles that affect your performance.

Reporting and Analytics

The best part of Freshsales is it not only receives information but also enables users to manage this data easily after it is available. It offers a suite of default reports that include email reports, territory, pipeline and more. Plus, you can create custom reports for all contacts, deals, and opportunities. You can also generate reports at any point in time and summarize info when you need to make changes to your campaigns.

Reliable Customer Support

The vendor offers the full support of a knowledgeable and experienced technical team to resolve all your issues. Support is offered for all packages. Users can also make use of the detailed knowledge base to learn how the software works, get tips on lead management, deals, appointments, tasks, technical admin settings and more. They can even read expert articles on reporting and learn how to execute matrix analytics as well import/export data from the solution. If the information you need is not in the knowledge base, you can contact the support at any time using phone, email, or live chat.

Smooth Integrations

Freshsales supports your Freshdesk tickets by displaying relevant rep conversations and other details on comprehensive lists. This integration can help you learn what customers think about your product, and make predictions about renewals and purchases. Plus, you can use the same solution to resolve your CRM tickets as you can update all field properties and keep your team members updated. Freshsales also smoothly integrates with Google Calendar and Segment which helps you manage your events and ensures you don’t miss any meeting or appointment. Plus, you can sync all scheduled demos and events, and track them using your mobile device.

More Advantages of Freshsales

  • The app is clean, simple, and easy to use, yet offers robust features
  • It is well-designed and provides tools to track how customers engage with your brand
  • You can track user engagement with websites
  • The system offers great flexibility with the sales process
  • The development team is responsive to user requests and updates the app regularly
  • For more details on Freshsales pricing check out detailed analysis of the software

Disadvantages of Freshsales

Like any other software, Freshsales has a few areas that could be improved. Although we are very satisfied with our experience with the app we found that there is no dashboard that gives you an overview of sales and leads. You can see leads only when you log in. There could also be more integrations with other business systems available to further expand the effectiveness of the application. Hopefully, these points will be addressed in the future version by the vendor.

Bottom line

Our own experience with Freshsales turned out to be very positive and we were really impressed by the suite of features offered by this solution. We are confident that this is a strong candidate to become your preferred CRM. The value for money you will get is also very favorable, especially for small teams which can use the software for free for up to 10 users. We highly recommend that you check out their 30-day free trial which should give you a good overview of all key features and help you decide if this is really the CRM you need. You can easily sign up for Freshsales free trial here.

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  • Christopher Binns says:

    Great article! I manage a tutoring company and i’ve too many excel files, and notes of paper to manage the daily tasks. I get overwhelmed quickly! I need something that can help me consolidate all my many duties so I can run my company efficiently. You’ve given me a lot to scrutinize over.

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