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20 Best Identity Management Software in 2019

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Identity theft is undeniably a major concern to any individual at this day and age when technological innovations continue to make strides. Such crime has resulted not only in financial loss but in the unauthorized use of personal information as well, which could prove devastating to anyone.

Identity Management Software

If identity theft poses such threats to people, how much more to organizations? It is in this light that businesses have to be vigilant against such illegal activities as they stand to lose more from identity theft than the ordinary individual.

There are a number of reasons why organizations should deploy an identity management software. Although a challenging undertaking, giving users secure access through these tools results in time and cost savings and better security. It is for this reason that the importance of identity management software continues to hug the limelight. Principally, identity management software have four main functions–pure identity, user access, service and multimedia capabilities.

Top Frauds of Identify Theft

These tools are tasked with controlling user information in computer systems, data which may include those that help authenticate user identity and those that describe actions and information that can be accessed or performed. These software also manage users’ descriptive data and how they can be accessed. IM software core features can come in the form of single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and access management, or as a directory for identity and profile data storage. These tools and IT security software are distant cousins, sharing common features at times. Currently the technology has been undergoing remarkable changes with identity management software trends focusing on ease of deployment, integration and compliance.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the 20 best identity management software currently available in the market. Their features, functionalities and pricing will be discussed in detail. But make no mistake, the rankings do not necessarily denote that one identity management system is better than the other.

What To Look For In An Identity Management Software

Identity management software can now be bought from numerous vendors unlike in the early days when companies had to develop their own systems. In purchasing such a solution, there are a number of things that one should consider before committing to one. This include business requirements, a platform’s completeness and user concerns. Aside from these, potential integration with existing systems should also be taken into account. However, the basic functionalities of such a solution must be present for it to be the ideal tool. Here are some of them:

1. Identity/Authentication

Prospects should determine if a product supports numerous directory types like LDAP, UNIX/Linux and Microsoft Active Directory. Capability to support existing applications, servers and databases should also be present, along with methods for authentications such as SecureID, X 509 certificates and biometrics.

2. Administration

Users must be able to update their own profile data after being logging into the system. They should likewise be able to reset their individual passwords with minimal intervention from administrators. Integration of existing users list should also be present, with administrators being able to manage the system from anywhere using a web interface.

3. Availability/Scalability

As with other software solutions, identity management software should be highly-scalable, able to cater to large volumes of users while retaining performance. The volume of system users can increase from activities such as mergers and acquisitions. Multiple servers should be supported, along with load balancing and clustering in case of failovers. Such an identity management system must never be without a database where audit, reporting logs and flat files can be securely stored. Mirroring capability is also a useful feature to protect user information.

4. Access Management

The integration of a system’s access component must be one with its identity component, allowing for the automatic updating of access policies in case of any change in user identity. It should be able to create multi-step access policies in the absence of coding. Role conflicts must also be detected with disallowing privileges for such easily done.

5. Provisioning

The ideal identity management solution should be able to add, modify or delete users from a single dashboard. It must also have the capability to, based on policies and roles, write to multiple user identity stores. Aside from these, such a software should support federal identity standards like Liberty Alliance, WS-Federation and SAML 1.1. and  create integrated workflows for manual approvals.

20 Best Identity Management Software

In this day and age of high technology identity management has become a primary focus among organizations, using only top-of-the-line tools to protect user identity from breaches. However, the same goes for those who engage in illegal activities such as hacking and identity theft. This is why software developers have been improving their game, coming up with more robust systems to better protect businesses. The following is a list of our 20 best identity management software. Here are our picks:

1. Forefront Identity Manager

Forefront Identity Manager is an identity management solution from Microsoft known for its easy integration with SharePoint. This integration allows system administrators to efficiently manage user IDs and come up with ID workflows from a single interface. It likewise helps users in security management and distributing group profiles. The platform has a number of self-service tasks, that include password and profile management, All process management activities are carried out from its easy-to-use web-based interface, which anyone with experience with Microsoft tools can use.

Microsoft’s Forefront Identity Manager is sold on a per-user basis. You can visit the vendor’s official website and ask for pricing information.

2. Microsoft Azure Active Directory

At the top spot of our top 20 identity management software list is Microsoft Azure Active Directory is a robust identity management platform that boasts integrations with both Active Directory and Office 365. It is currently viewed as the best multi-factor authentication tool in terms of cost-efficacy. What’s good about the system is that it offers users valuable insights through its advanced reporting capabilities, allowing them to further improve their identity management processes, a feature that most software in the category lack. It also sports advanced tools that allow users to manage user identities and in identifying the Software-as-a-Service applications that organizations use.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory’s pricing plans are not available on the vendor’s site. You must visit the official website and ask for a price quote.

3. Oracle Identity Management

Oracle Identity Management is an identity management tool that is capable of assigning permission and roles when activating/deactivating user accounts within organizations. Access is automated and customized for individual teams. The system essentially allows employees to manage the whole access process, resulting in faster approvals. Methods by which users login to systems are likewise managed by the tool  along with the lifecycle of users, resources and their corresponding responsibilities. Oracle Identity Management is easy to use, allowing even novices to learn to navigate the system quickly. It can seamlessly integrate with other Oracle products while enjoying full support.

Oracle Identity Management’s pricing plans are not publicly disclosed. You have to visit its official website and ask for a price quote.

4. Okta Identity Management

A popular identity management tool, Okta Identity Management is known for its ease-of-use and excellent support. The software is capable of automatically remembering passwords so that users do not have to type them every time they login. It can also automatically log users into different sites, all that is needed is to store individual credentials once. The system supports single-click passwords syncing while native plugins are available for additional features. Its easy to use interface is simple to set up, not requiring too much technical knowledge on the part of users. The software likewise seamlessly integrates with existing business systems.

Okta Identity Management is available in a variety of pricing plans starting at $2/user per month.

5. Zoho Vault

A powerful identity management solution, Zoho Vault offers businesses a vast suite of password management functionalities such as collaboration and easy-to-use user management. With the solution, users can store, manage and share passwords easily from virtually anywhere. Support for multiple vaults known as chambers is also present with specific team members, given permission to access certain the same. It can segregate business-related accounts from users’ personal information while administrators can provide members with access to company accounts. Users can set their own password protocols that require to be changed every month, allowing for additional security.

Zoho Vault can be purchased in different pricing models starting at $0.9/user per month. For small businesses, a forever free plan is also available.

6. OneLogin

A leading identity management platform, OneLogin makes simple business logins as it boosts the security and efficiency of business systems. It is trusted by thousands of individual and corporate users and ranks among our top 20 IT security software list. Easy to setup and implement, the solution streamlines workflows and processes, improving productivity and security. OneLogin unifies all users, apps and devices with its cloud-based integrated system. It accelerates identity and access management, accurately implementing organizations’ identity policies and reducing IT workloads in the process.

OneLogin is available in different pricing models starting at $2/user per month. For those who want only the basic features, a free version is also available.

7. LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn Pro is an identity management software that sports a lot more features than the usual password and user management tool. It offers functionalities such as full remote access to personal computers from any browser, a Click2Share tool and a file transfer interface, along with the ability to print documents from remote machines. Users can provide colleagues with access to any file in their host systems simply by selecting the files and sending anyone an access link through email.

LogMeIn comes in a variety of pricing models starting at $349.99 per year.

8. Auth0

Identity management platform Auth0 is a cloud-based system that takes care of businesses’ user and identity management processes. It is capable of managing tasks such as registration, login and password resetting, to name a few. The vendor takes security seriously, employing only state-of-the-artsecurity technology so that all user information and passwords are safely stored. Setup is quite easy and use even easier, with the system enabling  users to sign in using Facebook and Github, among many other platforms. A sleek dashboard allows users to view recent logins, new signups and total user counts. It likewise allows client setups, webhooks, logging and user inspections.

Auth0 can be purchased in a variety of pricing schemes starting at $13/user per month. For enterprise users, you must contact the vendor directly for a price quote. A free version, which has all the tool’s basic features is also available.

9. ExcelID

Photo ID card printing solution ExcelID is designed for businesses that are faced with complex database live linking, card printing and encoding procedures. It can manage the printing of cards that include membership and ID cards by employing 2D barcodes and smart card encoding processes. The platform allows businesses to print employee, visitor, events and card photo IDs quickly. These can be applied to identifications such as voters and national IDs and drivers licences. The software supports all machines running on Windows, making it compatible with almost any organization.

ExcelID’s pricing plans are not available on the vendor’s website. Visit the official site to ask for pricing information.

10. ADManager Plus

ADManager Plus is known for its ease-of-use. It makes simple the active directory management tasks that administrators and help desk technicians face everyday. The software is easily implemented on machines running on Windows and suits businesses of varying types and sizes. Other functionalities include organization of professional and personal contacts, employee activity and productivity monitoring and management of large volumes of user accounts. It also provides users with absolute control over workflows and operations.

AdManager Plus is available on a price-quote basis. Contact the vendor for pricing information.

11. Centrify Identity Service

Identity management solution Centrify Identity Service is a popular tool that sports a host of features such as custom reporting, scripts and workflow provisioning. It supports multi-factor authentication even at entry level pricing. Setup is easy, all that is required is to create and account and link it to a corporate email. It can connect with other providers such as Microsoft Azure AD and Okta, among others, which is very useful for businesses who need need to authenticate contract staff and partners. The software’s Cloud Connector offers synchronization capability anytime, anywhere. The system generates default domains automatically while letting users add their own domains for authentication. It also automatically provisions users, which can be extended to roles within third-party apps.

Centrify Identity Service can be purchased starting at $4/user per month. Add-ons are available for those who want to enjoy more features.

12. Intermedia AppID Enterprise

Identity management solution Intermedia AppID Enterprise is a tool known for easy deployment and use. It is designed to integrate easily with businesses’ Intermedia identity infrastructure so all that admins need to do is enable AppID for any user. Integration with existing active directory servers is also possible with the system, requiring minimal training. Its intuitive interface allows users to immediately use the app after deployment without having to complete steep learning curves. The solution also enables users to extend two-factor authentication, along with one-time passcode, push notification and phone calls or text messages, resulting in the protection of critical applications for all staff. Single sign-on is also supported, through which users can access different apps, including business tools, social media and cloud-based collaboration platforms.

Intermedia AppID Enterprise’s pricing details are not publicly disclosed. You have to directly contact the vendor for a price quote.

13. RSA SecurID

RSA SecurID is a two-factor authentication identity management platform popular for its support of different operating systems. As the solution can integrate with any LDAP server like Active Directory, all admins have to do is add existing users to the system. It has numerous hardware and software tokens for platforms such as Java phones and Pocket PC. These tokens automatically generate a single-use code every 60 seconds, ensuring security. It  leverages push notification, OTPs and biometrics to further enhance network, analytics and user information security. With the product, users can be easily managed, choosing a policy for each user is all it takes. This policy basically defines which authentication types must be provided for users to access resources in a network.

RSA SecurID is available in different pricing schemes starting at $1 to $3/user per month. For those who want to take the app for a spin first, a free trial is also available.

14. WSO2 Identity Server

WSO2 Identity Server is an identity management tool that is capable of saving numerous identities in business systems. It is designed for use by businesses of different types and sizes. It has a variety of tools that cover APIs, enterprise web apps and services. The solution can be deployed on-premise or via cloud, supporting both Windows and Mac platforms. It is known for its ease-of-use as it comes with a simple dashboard where every feature can be accessed, this apart from the fact that the vendor provides training to novice users. With the software, users do not need to memorize different passwords for different logins owing to its single sign-on feature. The vendor offers robust support that is available 24/7.

WSO2 Identity Server is available in a variety of pricing plans starting at $2/user per month. For those who want to explore the software’s features first, a free trial is also available.

15. ForgeRock Identity Platform

Information management tool ForgeRock Identity platform is popular for its ability to blend with existing business systems. It is highly-customizable, sporting modules that provide additional functionalities. Growing businesses can greatly benefit from the software as it is scalable, able to grow as a company does. This is in part due to its ability to add nodes during runtimes with minimal effects on the environment. It is likewise flexible supporting almost all authentication products and federation protocols. The vendor offers excellent support, quickly responding to those who require patches or bug fixes.

Pricing information for ForgeRock Identity Platform are not disclosed publicly. You have to contact the vendor directly and ask for a quote.

16. MiniOrange

Cloud-based identity management solution miniOrange offers businesses robust capabilities that include single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and directory integration with social login, LDAP and AD. The system is popular among trusted companies worldwide owing to the IAM services that it offers for Salesforce, Google Apps, Office 365, Amazon AWS, Dropbox and Joomla, among many others.  Other key features include access request management, password and role management, user activity monitoring and user provisioning.

MiniOrange is available in different pricing modules starting at $10 per month. For those who want to try it out first, a free trial is also available.

17. NetIQ IDM

NetIQ IDM is a powerful identity management platform that offers automation of the provisioning and de-provisioning of system users while unifying access administration, making sure that every single user gets to have a single identity. This easy-to-deploy solution enforces controls and policy, providing protection against non-compliance. It effectively puts roles, identity and access management, workflow, policies and reporting in a single product. Prominent features include account and compliance management, single sign-on, user activity monitoring and password management, among a host of others.

NetIQ IDM’s pricing information are not available on the vendor’s website. You have to visit the site and ask for a price quote.

18. SailPoint

SailPoint is a robust identity management software that offers users visibility into user activity and the risk that they entail if any, allowing administrators to quickly take the needed action. The system connects individuals, data, apps and devices, resulting in the creation of an identity-enabled organization. The platform can be deployed on-premise or via cloud. It effectively identifies analytics while keeping unstructured data safe, helping users resolve complications from identity and access management concerns. Notable features include access request and account management, multi-factor authentication, single sign-on and user activity monitoring and provisioning, among many others.

SailPoint can be purchased on a price-quote basis. You need to directly contact the vendor to request for pricing information.

19. Sticky Password

Password manager Sticky Password  is designed to manage system logins, app passwords, trusted devices and even provide biometric authentication through fingerprint. It can sync passwords between system devices by keeping a cloud copy of their encrypted data. Getting started with  the system is quite simple, all that is required is to create an account and a password and you’re ready to go. The platform is able to import passwords from supported browsers and can enter credentials for applications that require them. This feature works even for password-protected apps. Other key features include password generation/rating, online account, two-factor authentication and portable passwords.

Sticky Password is being sold on a per user license basis starting at $29.99/user per year. For those who want to test the software first, a free trial is available.

20. DigitalPersona

Last but not the least on our top 20 identity management software list, Identity management solution DigitalPersona is designed to relieve users of login problems by offering capabilities such as smarter authentication, data and app protection and multi-factor authentication. The system uses SAML, phone, tokens, PINS and biometrics to accomplish such. It is relatively easy to setup and allows users to add apps, make system changes and even expand its functionalities, all on their own. Useful features include knowledge-based authentication, mobile authentication, self-service portal and single sign-on, among many others.

DigitalPersona’s pricing details are not publicly disclosed. You have to contact the vendor directly and ask for a price quote.

So we’re just about done here. After reading our top 20 identity management software list, you should be able to shop for such a tool on your own. Keep in mind that more features does not necessarily mean better software. Consider your needs first before committing to one.

By Louie Andre

B2B & SaaS market analyst and senior writer for FinancesOnline. He is most interested in project management solutions, believing all businesses are a work in progress. No stranger to small business hiccups and drama, having been involved in a few internet startups. Prior to his for-profit ventures, he has had managed corporate communications for a Kansas City-based Children International unit.

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