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20 Best IT Security Software Solutions of 2020

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With information technology reaching unprecedented heights, so do the security requirements of computers and networks, which have become increasingly prone to external threats. Such threats include not only malware such as viruses and spyware, hackers can also threaten systems but in a more serious manner. The good news is that software vendors have developed products to counter such threats. These tools, which are called IT security software, can detect and neutralize harmful threats in your system.

IT security software may come in the form of spyware detection, encryption or firewall tools. These solutions have become a fundamental part of computer systems that popular operating systems now sport their own security platforms. In addition, the need for IT security has grown in significance that vendors have been constantly producing more innovative IT security solutions. The relevance of cyber security can never be stressed enough. It can impact any individual or organization in different ways, which is why security requirements vary across businesses and people. For example users who engage in activities requiring high level of security such as online banking, shopping or financial investment are advised to routinely update their IT security software to their latest versions.

This is undeniably the reason why IT security tools have grown in popularity through the years. Proof of this is that IT security software spending around the world is forecast to expand by a CAGR of 8.7% through the year 2020, reaching a whopping $105 billion. Industrial investment on IT security as a measure against threats is seen to drive this growth, with the banking and manufacturing sectors, along with government are seen to be the leading investors in such products. Meanwhile, the United States will still be the strongest market for IT security solutions, which can gain as much as $36.9 billion in cyber security-related investments.

Top IT Security Software Solutions

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the 20 best IT security software currently available in the market. The list does not necessarily reflect rankings and should not be construed as such. Product features, benefits and pricing will be discussed to give you a better idea as to how these tools can benefit your organization. Here are our picks:

20 Best IT Security Software

1.  ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus

A totally secure web-hosted end-user password reset management platform, ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus helps users implement self service password resets and self-service account unlocks. It can also self update personal information such as phone numbers, emails, addresses, among others, directly into Microsoft Windows Active Directory.

Using the software is a breeze, requiring no IT expertise on the part of users. These functionalities effectively help do away with help desk calls and costs associated with them. With ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus, you can improve staff productivity, allowing staff to make better use of their skills on more important tasks. Security is assured as the solution stores all corporate information in a secure database, away from prying eyes.

The product has all the features that one could ever look for in a password reset management tool. These include self-service password reset, password/account expiry notification and account unlock management. However, what’s best about this solution is that it comes for free for teams of up to 50 users. A free trial is also available, after which you can extend your license to avail of more of its functionalities. You can sign up for ADSelfService Plus free trial here.

2. EventLog Analyzer

A platform that essentially stores log data from networks, devices and applications in a single location, EventLog Analyzer uses the latest encryption technology to secure data for use in forensic analysis or compliance audits. To ensure the authenticity of log data, the system sees to it that they are hashed and time-stamped to show that they have not been tampered with.

The software is likewise capable of monitoring file integrity, analyzing log data, tracking privileged users and examining data logs. It instantly generates reports on user activity, historical trends and other pertinent information. With EventLog Analyzer, users can be sure that their data are protected at all times.

As for pricing, you can contact the vendor directly to get a price quote, to make sure that you get a plan tailored to your budget and IT security needs. You can sign up for EventLog Analyzer free trial here.

3. QuickLaunch

QuickLaunch is a single sign-on service that does not require users to re-enter data in signing in to devices and launching a number of web apps. Using the software, you do not need to create and memorize multiple usernames and passwords. With this robust solution, you likewise need not worry about your accounts and devices succumbing to breaches.

The service is very useful in improving both productivity and efficiency. is deployed via cloud or on-premise and is popular among businesses, academics and governments. The product’s Password Manager makes password recovery a breeze, with expired passwords retrieved with the use of multi-factor authentication such as specific security questions.

The solution allows you to enter a set of credentials, by which to access all your apps with but a single click. This one-click access can enhance productivity and efficiency. Using the product, you can update passwords and set notifications by yourself. Permissions, user restriction and access can be set from a single dashboard, providing you with total control over the process.

QuickLaunch can be purchased in a variety of flexible pricing models. A Single Sign-On package costs $1.2/user/year, Password Manager is available for $0.6/user/year, Multi-Factor Authentication comes at $0.8/user/year and Identity Provider for $0.6/user/year. You can sign up for QuickLaunch free trial here.

4. NordVPN

A powerful VPN software, NordVPN is ideal for use by both individuals and organizations of any type and size. When you use the solution, you are sure that all your online activities are protected as it uses military-grade encryption and implements a strict no-logging policy. You are also assured that your Internet usage and behavior are not tracked or monitored.

For businesses, the platform can be used to implement anonymous market research and globally test products. Market insights can also be gleaned as they are given access to online data from all over the web. The solution supports all kinds of devices, providing protection to more users. With NordVPN, businesses can keep confidential customer and business information safe. This greatly reduces risks even when their staff use public Wi-Fi as it ensures protection from hackers.

NordVPN is being offered in four flexible pricing models. The Simple package is available at $11.95/month, the Best Offer package comes at $3.29/month (2 years) and the Standard plan can be purchased for $5.75/month (1 year). If you need more functionalities, you can avail of the NordVPN for Business package, but you will need to contact the vendor for a price quote. You can sign up for NordVPN free trial here.

5. Mailbox Exchange Recovery

Leading B2B solution Mailbox Exchange Recovery is capable of restoring corrupt Exchange Server Database files and recovering inaccessible mailboxes. The software can restore emails, attachments, calendars and contacts, among many others. It is packed with so much features and functionalities that can aid users in their email recovery problems.

The app is easy to use and offers two distinct types of scan options. A quick scan functionality works fast, ideal for those need quick resolution of their problems with email. For those who want more thorough results, the platform’s extensive scan can recover email from severely corrupt files.

With Mailbox Exchange Recovery, you can even search corrupt mailboxes based on criteria like recipients, subjects and others. If you want more streamlined output, you can use other filters such as “any criteria,” and “exact match.” The software provides a preview of recoverable items, helping users choose emails that they want restored.

The product is available in a variety of pricing models. A Mailbox Exchange Technician plan costs $399 while a Mailbox Exchange Platinum comes for $599. If you want more functionalities a lifetime license is also available. For those who want to try the solution first, a save-disabled free version is available. You can sign up for Mailbox Exchange free trial here.

6. Keeper

Keeper is an IT security tool that gives users password management capabilities and a robust digital vault. The solution is designed to help both individuals and organizations keep sensitive information safe. It has a password manager that is capable of generating very strong passwords and enables managers to implement password policies. The tool can likewise check if personnel are complying with such policies.

Keeper makes use of 256-bit AES encryption and PBKDF2, which are known to stop data theft or any security breach in their tracks. Employee permission can also be managed using the solution, effectively restricting access to sensitive information. With the solution, you can schedule password regimes. The tool can be accessed anytime, anywhere as it can be run on desktops, laptops, smartphones and just about any browser.

Using the platform, you can delegate administration and user provisioning, enabling you to improve efficiency and productivity. You can also prevent possible data loss as the software is cloud-based, which also allows file sharing. In purchasing the solution, you can choose from three pricing models. An individual package costs $29.99/year, a Family package comes for $59.99/year and a Business package is available for $30/year. A free trial of the software is also available if you want to test it first.

7. AirWatch

AirWatch is sixth on our top 20 IT security software list. This highly-scalable solution is designed for enterprise mobility. With its consumer-centric tools, staff can use mobile devices while being assured of system and data security. It allows employees to separately manage data and personal applications from a single device. The product is accessible anytime, anywhere and is capable of synchronizing all operations.

Capable of automating any business process, the platform aligns such with policy engines, minimizing problems that come from human errors. It also allows you to use email applications on mobile devices. What’s even better is that Airwatch can integrate with existing systems, while keeping them secure using high-end procedures.
The solution is available in four competitive pricing models. A trial version is available for those who want to evaluate the software first.

8. Centrify

An IT security services provider, Centrify helps protect businesses against data breaches that may threaten cloud, on premise and mobile apps. This is done by securing internal, external and privileged users. The platform boasts a customer base of 5000 organizations. It has a wide array of features, all of which can remarkably improve your business’ IT security.

A key feature of the product is its Identity Service, which can manage and protect both internal and external users’ identities. End-user productivity is improved using the system, with access to cloud, mobile and on-premise solutions secured by way of single sign-on, user provisioning and multi-factor authentication. Security management can be implemented even through the use of mobile devices and Mac machines. The tool’s Enterprise Password Management feature can manage and audit infrastructure access.

The vendor does not publicly disclose its pricing plans. You may contact the company and ask for a price quote.

9. OneLogin

OneLogin is among the most popular Identity and Access Management software today. It is designed to simplify business logins while boosting system efficiency and security. Deployment is quick and easy, with the solution able to streamline workflows and processes. It can likewise integrate solutions, users and devices using a single interface. Identity policies can be implemented by making identity and access management fast and easy.

With OneLogin, you can rest assured that all network devices are protected with security policy enforced across users, applications and devices. Employee access is limited to policy compliant applications and auditors can draft reports with ease, detailing application that have been accessed. You also get to slash your identity management expenses as the platform is cloud-based, eliminating costs associated with infrastructure and operations.

OneLogin can be purchased in four pricing plans. A Free version, a Starter plan, which costs $2/user/month, an Enterprise model for $4/user/month and an Unlimited plan for $8/user/month.

10. Dashlane

Dashlane is a password management tool that helps users organize passwords while securing them from a central repository. Once stored, these passwords may be accessed with ease from any location at any given time. It can automatically save passwords, eliminating the need for users to retype their passwords the next time they log in.

With Dashlane, you are sure that your passwords are safe as it makes use of AES-256 encryption. What makes it even better is that the vendor even made sure that their own personnel cannot access user’s encrypted data. Proof of this exceptional security capability is that systems running the solution were not affected by the recent Heartbleed security hack.

Aside from security, Dashlane can also automate workflows and processes as it automatically enters passwords upon user login. This can be used in complicated password fields such as those in bank accounts. You can likewise easily change passwords using the solution’s one-click password change feature. It synchronizes passwords across devices, therefore, remembering your password at all times.

You can purchase Dashlane on a per user/license basis beginning at $2/user/month. Also available are an Enterprise licensing and Custom Enterprise pricing plans.

11. ManageEngine Key Manager Plus

A web-based key management solution, ManageEngine Key Manager Plus allows users to consolidate, control, manage, monitor and audit Secure Shell (SSH) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates’ life cycle. It treats users with total visibility into SSH and SSL environments as it grants total control over keys, which prevent breaches and ensures compliance with relevant policies.

Using the platform, organizations can locate SSH systems in their networks, consolidate and store them in a single location. Users are also able to generate new key pairs, which can be deployed on target systems. All users’ activities can be audited and monitored, with reports generated with ease.

The solution manages and monitors just about every SSH and SSL processes, enabling administrators to gather all keys in use, deny access privileges and impose periodic rotation. These processes take great time and effort, making these automation capabilities of great value to businesses.

ManageEngine Key Manager Plus is sold on a quote-based system. For those of you who want to give the product a try, a free trial is available upon request.

12. CA Technologies Secure

A robust IT security solution, CA Technologies Secure is designed to keep your organization safe from unauthorized access and data breaches. It is a total security management suite that is very useful in tasks such as identity management, privileged access management, payment security, single sign on and account discovery, and many more. These handy functionalities ensure your business of device security so that you get to focus on your core business.

CA Technologies’ identity management feature lets you easily access data and do self-service. It can likewise instantly approve or certify user access within the module. In addition, it sports revenue boosting tools, which also prevent fraud, giving your clients richer online shopping experiences.

The platform’s CA Threat Analytics for Privileged Access Manager feature enables users to analyze and identify malicious activities. This functionality evaluates factors related to a user and comes up with a risk score that can be used to improve its security control. As for customer support, the software offers an excellent one, which includes email, phone support, live support, ticketing and training.

13. SolarWinds RMM

A remote monitoring and management platform, SolarWinds RMM is designed for IT professionals and managed services providers. The solution has a plethora of tools that help users maintain, protect and boost IT operations. It is capable of remotely implementing security and performance. Platforms such as Windows, OS X, Linux and mobile platforms are supported. The product is deployed via cloud or on-site.

MSP’s can create excellent customer relationships using the software as it is able to detect security issues across client networks. It has a malware protection feature that secures businesses against external threats. A regularly updated antivirus, on the other hand, can quickly troubleshoot issues, resulting in improved productivity and efficiency.

A feature for patch management allows you to assure customers of a protected business environment. This is highly applicable to organizations with multiple workstations and servers. You can install security patches without using third-party software. In case service is required, technicians can be automatically deployed using the solution’s mobile apps and devices’ GPS.

You can purchase the app by requesting the vendor for a price quote.

14. Avast

Avast is one of the most used antivirus software in the world, offering users free and premium packages. This robust platform protects systems, servers and devices from external threats using high-grade protection. Supporting machines running on Windows and Mac, it sports a browser-based console that gives users complete control over the system.

As Avast is a cloud-based solution, there is no need to invest in additional hardware, thereby, reducing costs. It is both light and easy to use, very important attributes for such a system. However, this does not mean that security is sacrificed. Easy to set up and much easier to use, the solution can be run by just about anyone. It can be accessed from multiple devices as it centralizes access to all desktops and workstations.

Through the same console, users can easily view network and device status. Automatic alerts are generated whenever the system detects changes or updates. Product support is excellent as it can be accessed through a built-in chat feature, basically customer service at your fingertips.

Avast comes in three premium pricing models. Pro Antivirus is sold at $39.99/year, Internet Security at $49.99 and the Premiere package for $69.99/year.

15. Sift Science

Sift Science is a powerful fraud detection and prevention software designed to let businesses provide clients with secure and enjoyable online shopping. A cloud-based learning platform powers the system, using over 16,000 regularly updated fraud signals. The solution has a wide array of features such as device ID fingerprinting and IP address and social data analysis.

The product is very useful in protecting against payment fraud and increasing sales, which can be considered as its core advantages. Its regularly updated fraud signals database can stop emerging fraud tactics before they could do your organization any harm as the system automatically blocks them. It can likewise be configured to protect against spammers and scammers who want to post in your website, ensuring that only authentic conversations are received.

These functionalities can greatly benefit your company’s reputation. You can also be assured that your promotions are not abused as the system automatically determines users who commit such fraudulent acts. For honest users, you can hand out codes and coupons as a way of rewarding them. Sift Science can be purchased in four pricing models–a Small plan for $500/month, a Medium package costs $2,500/month, a Large plan for $5,000/month and an X-Large package comes for $10,000/month.

16. BitRaser for File

A data deletion solution, BitRaser is designed to erase information and its traces to the point that none can be recovered. It utilizes robust international algorithms such as DOD-3 Pass, NIST and 7Pass, among others. This is to ensure complete erasure of files, documents, applications and all traces.

The software is ideal for use by individuals who require total deletion of computer and network data, which includes personnel who are returning laptops to their companies and users who want to sell their personal computers. It is capable of deleting confidential data like bank accounts, contracts, and credit card details, which can be recovered even if the hard drive is formatted. The software ensures that none of these data and all their tracers cannot be salvaged by any known recovery software to date.

The solution is easy to use, all you have to do is select the files you need to delete from your system. It supports popular Windows platforms such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista. BitRaser for File’s pricing depends on the number hard drive counters like 50, 100, 250, 500 & 1000.

17. MalwareBytes Endpoint

A combination of two products in one, MalwareBytes Endpoint is composed of MalwareBytes Anti-Malware for Business and Anti-Exploit for Business, making the software a total IT security solution. It provides organizations with protection against external threats. The product scans and deletes malware and is able to block malicious sites.

The solution can provide protection against zero-hour threats, which may not be detected by conventional antiviruses and are known to exploit your system’s vulnerabilities. It is also capable of securing your system against attacks on your browsers and apps. The system is light and can be run in conjunction with existing anti-malware and antivirus applications.

The platform supports even older versions of Windows such as XP and enables users to manage security from a single console. It is highly scalable and is suitable for use by small and midsize businesses and enterprises. MalwareBytes EndPoint is available in two pricing models. Malwarebytes Premium is priced at $59.99/year while MalwareBytes For Teams comes at $124.99/year. For those who want to try the solution first, a free version is also available.

18. Compact Identity

Compact Identity by ILANTUS safeguards a company’s access systems and confidential data by automating an employee’s identity and access management lifecycle. Basically, the platform enables employees to quickly gain access of all systems and relevant data during their tenure while ensuring security of all records once they leave the company. Identity management controls can also be assigned to various business units and divisions.

With the platform’s intuitively designed interface, users can access all intended applications and SSO shortcuts with relative ease. Remarkably, its smartphone-like interface runs consistent across all devices, which leads to a great user experience overall.  Additionally, its rich feature-set makes it possible for companies to manage an employee’s entire access lifecycle without any complexities.

19. Dhound

Dhound is primarily designed to keep your business information safe and secure from malicious threats. This intrusion detection software keeps a watchful eye on all events that occur on your servers and applications and provides you with a clear view on all individuals that are accessing your system. If an unauthorized user accesses your data, you can immediately halt outgoing traffic to quickly prevent data leakage. Whitelisting is also available to avoid being mistakenly alerted by false tags.

Easy to install and configure, Dhound can be quickly implemented by any IT personnel without the assistance of a specialist. Users are also given comprehensive IP address information to ensure server security.

20. Defencebyte Computer Optimizer

A PC optimization solution, Defencebyte Computer Optimizer is designed to ensure that your computer is running quickly and efficiently at all times. It is trusted by small and medium-sized businesses for preventing the accumulation of broken files and drivers and improving the overall speed and performance of your operating system. Compatible with all Windows systems, it leverages robust features for startup management, browser settings management, and disk space recovery. It also comes with tools for performing system crash fixes and technical error fixes.

Essentially, the platform makes it easier for users to keep their computers from lagging and putting a damper on productivity. Moreover, it also allows IT teams to quickly pinpoint and fix any performance issues.

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