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Igloo Pricing Packages: What’s Included in the Quote-Based Plan?

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What is included in the Igloo quote-based plan?
Included in the Igloo quote-based plan are all the core platform and security features, training, and support. The pricing is based on the size of the company and its set of needs. The Igloo pricing plan also offers volume discounts for companies with a large workforce and consulting services. The collaboration software can scale up with your business while organizing your operations.

“What should I really do?” is a common query by employees who are dealing with tasks that have conflicting details and instructions. One of the likely causes of this disconnect in communication is vague information in the internal process. If this happens often, take it as a sign that your intranet solution is problematic or the lack of it robs your team of an important “efficiency” platform. The lack of organizational functions could also be an issue.  Thankfully, you can address such a problem.

Among the core features of collaboration software like Igloo is its organized and accessible digital workspaces. From there, you can access centralized information on your brand, customers, and operations along with outputs from your team.  Each base of knowledge is easy to navigate and update. It’s also simple to course instructions to the right people with the platform’s breezy interface. All told, optimal use of the software ensures that your team is aligned at all times.

In this guide, we will tackle the inclusions in Igloo’s software pricing plan, the platform’s core features, and the people who will benefit from those features. In addition, we will shed light on the critical business issues that it solves and how the platform can apply to your business.

igloo pricing plans

Employee engagement is critical to any work setting since a motivated workforce pushes your business closer to its goals. Driven teams also bring in new ideas and fresh perspectives to the table. Unfortunately, a study by Gallup reflects that 51% of employees in the US are disengaged from their jobs. And this includes managers and supervisors.

An intranet may solve this problem with its content and knowledge management tools and its communications platform. But having one doesn’t automatically mean that your employees will be driven to perform. Research suggests that outdated or inaccurate info is among the reasons why intranets fail.

Source: Gallup

An advanced collaboration tool like Igloo streamlines the flow of information within an organization since it’s used to centralize all the needed documents in one place. You need not hop from one software to another just to find a file or output, which can be accessed on your digital workspace. Also, part of the interface simulates every employee’s favorite distraction—social media—so as to keep teams engaged. You can curate the content and ensure that everyone on your team receives the right info at the right time.

Overview of Igloo

igloo dashboard

Igloo is an intranet collaboration platform that provides an all-inclusive digital workspace that affords you access to a centralized knowledge base and a range of communication tools.  You can import your entire workflow onto the workspace and manage your team’s tasks. The software’s broad functionalities make it ideal for content managers, IT professionals, project managers, and HR managers, among others.

Igloo’s thorough approach to content management is of note as it allows teams to publish a wide range of content spread across various channels. Ideation can be performed through the forums while internal and external documents can be produced through the blog and wiki sections. You can also broadcast important company-wide announcements through the platform.

Detailed Igloo Software Review

Another remarkable feature is the pre-built workspaces, which cater to your business’ various needs. You will find ones that address organizational concerns like collaboration, communication, and knowledge management. There are also department-based solutions for IT and HR. The platform even has special workspaces for industries like retail, tech, finance, and healthcare.

Navigating the set of Igloo features is easy thanks to its intuitive interface. Non-techy users can drag and drop info onto the tables in no time. Likewise, they can quickly locate any document given the workspace’s simple layout.

Data security is a common concern with platforms that carry so much data, and Igloo has got you covered in this regard with its government-grade security. Igloo runs its networks on Microsoft Azure and provides data encryption as well as disaster recovery plans.

To boost its functionality, Igloo integrates with a series of popular apps like Office 365, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Dropbox. It also has a native app for iOS and Android.

Key Features of Igloo

  • Digital workspaces
  • Content Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Task Management
  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • Broadcasts
  • User Permissions
  • Polls
  • Multimedia
  • Government-grade Security
  • Site Manager
  • Content Scheduling

Igloo Plan and Pricing Packages

Igloo software pricing comes in a quote-based plan that is flexible, relative to your business size. The company provides a 30-minute demo that covers the platform’s key features and how they work. They also offer expert advice on how the software would suit your company’s needs. If your business has a lot of employees, you can avail of Igloo’s volume discount.

1. Core Platform

Igloo’s feature-packed core platform streamlines your office’s flow and quality of info through its content management functions. Finding the right content type to produce or digest is as easy as rummaging through the displayed menus on the digital workspace.  The information is also classified in an orderly manner and in real-time. This limits the chance of your team accessing outdated files and documents.

Igloo magnifies the reach of the intranet network as it extends its capabilities to remote offices with its Team Room function. There, your team can discuss project details and the best practices to complete tasks. Documents and updates can be freely shared regardless of one’s location. You can also use it to monitor your team’s task progress as well as schedule meetings on the calendar.

Versatile solutions

One of Igloo’s main competencies is its pre-built workspaces linked to the centralized knowledge base. These templates account for various company departments, industry requirements, and the different stages of operations. Easy to configure, the workspaces can also be tweaked to suit functions that are outside of its suggested solutions. Think of them as the virtual equivalent of a physical office along with the rooms and departments.

For instance, a firm is welcoming a new batch of trainees. You can tweak the workspace according to your onboarding process and arrange training documents on the knowledge base. There will be confusion along the way, thus, you can post FAQs and facilitate discussions on the forums. To boost your operational efficiency further, you can use Igloo’s task management tools, which lets you be on top of their work.

Furthermore, Igloo comes with a 10 TB storage and a handful of worthwhile integrations. It also has a mobile app that you can download for free. Based on the core platform alone, the features that go with the Igloo pricing scheme make the software worth it.

What’s included in the Core Platform?

  • All software features
  • Integrations with third-party tools
  • All workspace templates
  • Native app for iOS and Android
  • Igloo Analytics
  • Page builder
  • 10 TB storage
igloo pre-built digital workspaces

Igloo features pre-built digital workspaces.

2.  Security and Authentication

Threats on privacy are aplenty and Igloo is well-prepared for them given the software’s tight security measures. The platform and networks regularly undergo vulnerability scans and security audits. On top of that, Igloo beefs up its defense with its firewall and antivirus programs.

As for hosting, the software is run on a private Microsoft Azure network, which has passed several auditing standards.  In the event of a disaster, Igloo provides data backups and has a disaster recovery plan in place. The platform also features SSO verification. Moreover, business owners can restrict access to sensitive files by provisioning only a select set of users.

What’s Included in Security and Authentication?

  • Microsoft Azure Hosting (US and Canada Residents)
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Igloo LDAP Sync Tool
  • HIPAA Security Package
  • EU GDR Compliant
igloo discussion UI

Organize your discussions in Igloo with smart filters.

3. Training

Every software has a learning curve to it. In Igloo’s case, that curve is more of a low slope, with the platform’s user-friendly interface and the training program it grants users. Igloo sees to it that the migration process is smooth by offering five slots for semi-private training and webinars. It also supplies managers with a comprehensive guide that tackles the core features, best practices, and expert tips.

The Igloo playbook has six stages, breaking down each key process that you’ll encounter in using the software, from the preparatory phase to evolution. Running your team through training shouldn’t be too tedious since the playbook is highly detailed and clearly defines each software function.

What’s included in Training?

  • Five Semi-private Training Slots
  • Five Training Webinar Slots
  • Igloo Playbook
  • Self-Serve Portal
igloo task management

Assign tasks to team members.

4. Support

No matter how effective the training is, there will always be room for questions and clarifications, especially for companies with a lot of employees. This is where Igloo’s support features come in. Like its software, the company maintains an expansive knowledge base in its support center. You can also contact its support team if you’re having trouble with any of the functions or if you have questions about Igloo software pricing.

What’s Included in Support?

  • Support Knowledge Base
  • Dedicated North American Support
  • Igloo API Key
  • Bronze Level Support
  • Access to Igloo Customer Care Community
igloo asset library

Store company files in one area

5. Optional Add-ons

Igloo’s offerings aren’t limited to startups and small businesses. In fact, it carries an enterprise package that features enhanced versions of security, support, and analytics. Conglomerates get to enjoy Igloo’s 24/7 dedicated support while immersive operations are able to leverage more specialized data with the insights program.

Moreover, you can connect to your global workforce and network of stakeholders through the expansive Networked Enterprise Solution. Rather than building a simple intranet network, Igloo establishes a corporate hub that links to various remote offices. With this, info is seamlessly shared between the main branch and its satellite offices or affiliates.

Scales up with Your Business

Igloo’s enterprise package goes in line with companies that are about to scale up their operation. The enterprise admin function allows you to easily provision new offices, manage site data, and oversee work across multiple locations. Moreover, you can fashion the network and the workspaces according to your enterprise’s business model and workflow.

For instance, managers of multinational companies can broadcast policies to their satellite offices in Asia and Europe through the platform. They can also grant the branch managers full access to the main office’s knowledge base, from which the latter can cascade info down to the concerned departments. Distance will not be much of a factor in regard to the flow of information. This makes Igloo not just a platform for centralized knowledge, but also a viable remote workforce management tool.

What’s Included in Optional Add-ons?

  • Networked Enterprise Bundle
  • Enhanced Support Packages
  • Igloo Insights Program
  • Implementation Packages
  • Premium Disaster Recovery
  • Single-tenant Infrastructure
  • Igloo Consulting Services
  • Technical Account Manager

Will the Igloo Quote-based Plan Work for You?

The Igloo software pricing plan presents value across the board since it affords you a hub for knowledge, task management, content management, and project management. In addition, its pre-built workspaces can slot in a wide variety of operations and business models. Whether you’re running an HR firm, a digital publication, or an IT company, Igloo helps you custom-fit solutions for your business. Likewise, the platform streamlines your office’s information cycle and enhances the knowledge distribution within the network and beyond your main office.

Notably, the Igloo pricing plan provides an even better deal for enterprises and companies with a large workforce. They offer volume discounts based on the number of employees. To ensure that the solutions they provide are ideal, they also factor in your business’ special needs prior to purchase.

With a quote-based plan, you’re sure to get an Igloo price point that fits your budget and needs.

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