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15 Best CRM Software for Enterprises: Analysis of Leading Systems

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What is the best CRM software for enterprises?

The best CRM software for enterprises is HubSpot CRM, which is equipped with detailed customer databases, integrations with various communication channels, and robust task management tools. This popular and highly scalable customer relationship platform can help you streamline the customer journey and foster stronger relationships with your clients.

It’s a known fact that 68% of clients leave a business due to perceived indifference. This is why CRM solutions are very handy for many enterprises, helping them keep track of all existing clients as well as centralize communication channels so that no customer falls through the cracks. So, if you are shopping for a top-notch solution, you have come to the right place.

In our guide, we will be discussing the 15 best CRM software for enterprises, giving special attention to their key features, business-specific functionalities, ease-of-use, as well as scalability. You’ll also learn which solutions provide the best, not just CRM features, but the architecture that’s natively built into other key business systems like marketing, service, and business intelligence, a key consideration if you’re a large enterprise.

crm software for enterprises

Successful salespeople are well aware of the importance of proper timing when it comes to customer engagement. They build sales processes that drive growth, including scheduling activities faster, managing customers, and following up on deals at every stage of the customer journey, so that they don’t miss out on any sales opportunity. However, it can be quite complicated to monitor the movements of all your clientele.

While current CRM software is still far away from adopting a genuinely personalized approach to customer management, it would be fair to at least describe these systems as the tools that let you be ‘everywhere’ at ‘any time.’ They attract and manage valuable prospects, gather and analyze their data to help you develop better lead nurturing techniques, and make the results of such efforts visible through the prism of your sales operations. According to Rebecca Wettemann, vice president of Nucleus Research, CRMs combine several vital social capabilities in relatively affordable packages, and that places them among your most necessary customer acquisition and retention assets:

Technologies That Support Customer Retention

Top 5 Most Wanted Assets

Source: Nucleus Research

A Nucleus Research report revealed an increase in CRM spending plans as more companies realize its high return. Furthermore, it shows the growth of cloud deployments in the CRM industry because of its scalability and flexibility in driving ROI.

With thousands of different customers to manage, enterprises should prepare to invest a serious amount of money in their CRM systems. Fortunately, there are several CRM pricing schemes offered by vendors. But enterprises must make sure to pick the right package with the right features if they are to obtain optimal results.

To shorten the process and help you narrow the list of CRM software for enterprises down to the few best-of-breed systems, we’ve listed 2020 top performers in this category, paying particular attention to their functionalities, scalability, and ease of use.

1. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM dashboard

In our HubSpot CRM overview, this piece of software is one of the most powerful enterprise CRM solutions you can invest in. After all, combining inbound marketing with your CRM process ensures your customer base is healthy and growing. For this overarching infrastructure that aligns both sales and marketing, HubSpot is our best choice for enterprise CRM and the number one software in our CRM category.

The CRM-focused infrastructure utilizes the CRM module with HubSpot Sales and Marketing apps. What you get is a suite of enterprise-grade tools such as omnichannel marketing, predictive lead scoring, marketing automation, advanced reporting like contacts and revenue reporting, a full suite of integrations, and event-based segmentation.

HubSpot CRM

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

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This, on top of HubSpot’s thought leadership in inbound marketing, allows you to have a CRM stack with wide-reaching visibility on customer activities, associated records, standardized, and measurable sales pipeline, and one where lead velocity is constantly monitored and qualified for sales. No wonder HubSpot remains as one of the top 3 CRM software around.

The platform is also available for free, so you can start building your technology stack without any cost when you sign up for the free HubSpot CRM.

What is unique about HubSpot CRM?

  1. Sales and marketing are aligned. The HubSpot stack disciplines your sales and marketing to consolidate their efforts and data in one location. This gives your organization a solid campaign-to-lead-to-conversion process, streamlines costs, and lends efficiency to your revenue-making departments.
  2. Inbound-driven CRM. The stack helps you build a solid inbound strategy that feeds your sales pipeline and ensures more sales qualified leads come out of your marketing efforts. The HubSpot stack combines inbound tools like landing pages, lead scoring, marketing automation, and social media monitoring, along with CRM features like sales pipeline, smart contact management, and deal tracker.
  3. Behavior-driven communications. You can set up email triggers and other messages based on the lead’s history of interactions with you across channels, including mobile and social media. The most relevant leads are automatically qualified and sent to sales.
  4. Highly engaged communication with prospects. Hubspot enables your sales to personalize communication even with a massive volume of leads. By combining tools like email sequences, email tracking, inbox profiles, and prospects records, sales can see the context of the prospects’ needs, issues, purchase history, and other relevant data, and use such information to come up with a more engaging message.
  5. Flexible to scale. The HubSpot stack consists of three main modules: CRM, Sales, and Marketing. Each module can be used separately or combined altogether. The sales team doesn’t have to wait for marketing to leverage the CRM and Sales modules and vice-versa.

Detailed HubSpot CRM Review

2. Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM dashboard

Salesforce CRM benefits are aplenty. It offers a complete customer relationship management solution and then some. Thanks to its comprehensive features, it currently holds the largest share in this market. Many experts believe that this is due to the balance between simplicity and powerful functions, and customers’ acquaintance with the experienced company that has no issues standing up to the competition.

Being a great CRM software for enterprises, Salesforce CRM intends to close every CRM gap and boost productivity using refined retention strategies, offering a variety of systems to choose from. With this platform, you get access to a wide range of functionalities, ranging from opportunity management to lead routing, making it easier for you to streamline your process and monitor your progress.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM

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Over 100,000 large, medium, and small businesses have entrusted their customer relations to Salesforce as a top provider, primarily due to the reasonable pricing. Salesforce products are also impeccably integrated and come with one of the friendliest and easiest-to-manage interfaces you’ve ever used.

We recommend you to use the trial to check the software’s features firsthand to determine if it suits your business needs.

What is unique about Salesforce CRM?

  1. Proven capacity to boost your success. Salesforce is currently one of the world’s leading CRM systems, and for a good reason. It provides you with a full view of every customer, and always looks for competitive information you can use to manage a lead accordingly. In this way, the system helps you set accurate and metric-based goals and work step-by-step on their accomplishment.
  2. Real-time business process management. Salesforce CRM’s Visual Workflow makes it possible for you to drag-and-drop business processes, including deals, discounts, and expenses. You can also share and sync files and track changes in real-time for faster and more productive communication between you and your team.
  3. Systematic lead-to-conversion approach. Salesforce CRM does a great job of tracking clicks and bringing more leads towards your campaigns, but its most important benefit is guiding leads to conversion. Combining lead management, campaign automation, and pipeline management features, Salesforce CRM helps you close more deals in a shorter period of time.
  4. Analytics. Salesforce CRM also offers reports and dashboards to collect and accumulate data for detailed reporting and analysis. You can also set up a territorial model to balance assignments between your reps.
  5. Modular architecture. Salesforce CRM offers flexible plans that are bundled, depending on what kinds of features you need. Moreover, the platform comes with open API capabilities, making it easier for you to configure the system based on the changing needs of your enterprise.

Detailed Salesforce CRM Review

3. Freshsales

Freshsales dashboard

In our Freshsales overview, you’ll find that this platform is yet another full-fledged CRM system that has increasingly captured the attention of industry professionals. Known for its AI-based lead scoring, activity capture functionalities, and built-in communication options, this platform equips businesses with everything they need to identify hot leads, engage them, and manage the overall sales pipeline more efficiently. No wonder over 10,000 customers use this application to power their CRM efforts.

Other than leveraging artificial intelligence for CRM, Freshsales also prides itself on providing intelligent workflows and robust territory management. These allow users to automate repetitive tasks and eliminate friction within sales teams. This CRM platform also comes with a comprehensive dashboard that compiles reports on your revenue, closed deals, lost deals, sales activities, and customer trends for complete transparency over your entire operations.

With this at your disposal, it is easier not only to streamline your current operations but also find ways to improve it in the future.



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What is unique about Freshsales?

  1. Better lead management. It comes with robust contact management that gives a 360-degree view of customer details, such as contact information and previous interactions. This makes it easier to understand how to better interact with them and make each transaction more efficient.
  2. Streamlined sales management. This CRM platform not only gives you full visibility over your customer relationships; it also lets you manage the sales pipeline from within the system. This makes for a more streamlined process and a more organized database.
  3. In-depth insights. Freshsales comes with a modern analytic suite with default reports for pipeline, territory, and email reports so that you can get the data you need to run your CRM operations. In case you are looking for more specific data, you can even build custom reports on every contact, deal, or opportunity.
  4. Multi-channel support. It eliminates the need to jump from platform to platform to talk to your clients with its multi-channel functionality. With this, you can track your emails and accommodate direct calls without having to leave the system.
  5. Powerful integration support. Freshsales can play well with other business systems, both native and third-party. Meaning, it can seamlessly integrate with your existing tools or new applications that can extend its functionality

Detailed Freshsales Review

4. NetSuite CRM

NetSuite CRM Dashboard

NetSuite CRM features allow you to have a 360-degree view of your customers in real-time. Enterprises use this to have a continuous stream of information from all touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle. Moreover, NetSuite CRM allows them to interact and engage customers from different channels using a single tool.

Furthermore, the platform is not just a CRM. It also packs other CRM support tools that turn it into a complete business solution. These include modules for marketing automation, customer service management, and sales force automation, among other advanced functions. Additionally, it comes with features for time tracking, customer touchpoints, email marketing, and case management.

Customers not only love NetSuite CRM’s easy-to-use reporting and analytics tools. They also greatly enjoy how it allows them to customize Android and iPhone applications for their particular uses.

NetSuite CRM

NetSuite CRM

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What is unique about NetSuite CRM?

  1. Sales forecasting. This feature allows enterprises to predict sales with real-time data and forecasts. Also, forecasts are presented using intuitive and highly-visual graphics.
  2. Partner relationship management. This feature enables users to work seamlessly with partner companies for joint marketing campaigns and lead management, among others.
  3. Marketing Automation. NetSuite CRM also includes native marketing automation functionalities. This provides users with marketing support features for CRM. Or, equivalently, it provides them a CRM framework for their marketing processes.
  4. Employee productivity tracking. The platform also lets users manage and track employee workflow. It also comes with a group calendar that allows your team to be on the same page all the time.
  5. Customizable apps. NetSuite CRM includes a module that enables users to customize useful iPhone and Android applications within the system. With this, you can create applications tailor-made to your needs.

Detailed NetSuite CRM Review

5. Pipedrive

Pipedrive dashboard

Our next tool is a light-touch sales platform created for small enterprises. Pipedrive features focus on direct sales; it streamlines CRM activities across different platforms and centralizes all of your data in one convenient hub. This way, you can zero-in on crucial leads and close deals faster with minimal effort. It even comes with a user-friendly UI and a quick setup process so that you can roll out your CRM efforts within a few hours of implementation.

Aside from its intuitive system and fully integrated interface, Pipedrive sets itself apart from the competition using its unique visual sales pipeline. This feature is what provides users with complete visibility over their operations. It pinpoints the actions you need to do to secure more deals and even alerts you when to re-engage clients so that no lead falls through the cracks. Pipedrive also can integrate with hundreds of popular applications like G Suite, MailChimp, and Zapier to give you a more personalized user experience.



Try out Pipedrive with their free trial

What is unique about Pipedrive?

  1. Better sales management. Get a 360-degree view of your deals and sales methodology using Pipedrive’s visual pipeline management functionality. This lets you check the status of all your tasks in real-time and the progress of your campaigns to optimize operations. It even has a solid hosting infrastructure to make sure that you are fully operational at all times.
  2. Easier lead management. Pipedrive allows you to collect contact information using custom web forms and gives you the ability to group your leads according to whatever criteria you prefer. This is great for building targeted campaigns and creating more personalized emails.
  3. Highly customizable features. This CRM platform is built for flexibility. It lets you modify your pipeline stages depending on your needs, making it easier to edit filters, personalize messages, share files that might be relevant to colleagues, and more.
  4. Mobile-ready interface. Want to keep track of your CRM activities whenever, wherever? Pipedrive has a fully-optimized interface that lets you access the application via any mobile device. The data is backed up in real-time to ensure seamless synchronization.
  5. Detailed reporting. Pipedrive offers a top-notch statistics tool. It provides the status of losses, wins, conversions, and customer activities and compiles them in one dashboard for easier monitoring. You may even export the data to other systems for your convenience.

Detailed Pipedrive Review

6. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM dashboard

This is the flagship customer management solution of the popular software producer and a tool that is best known for its adaptability. What developers had in mind with Zoho CRM features was to create a system that meets the needs of small and large enterprises, and the result of their work is this unified customer hub that completes even the most specific operations in the order you prefer. But customization is not all there is to Zoho CRM–you will appreciate its lead, contact, and sales pipeline management capabilities combined in a single unit, and use it to automate several daily operations and data collection tasks.

Its productivity can be expanded easily, as it integrates seamlessly with other Zoho products, and many third-party systems and service providers (MailChimp, QuickBooks, CloudWork, Google Apps, ConstantContact, and many more).

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

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What is unique about Zoho CRM?

  1. Easy identification and targeting of inactive leads. Zoho CRM lets you identify and target inactive leads with historical data to realign your customer messaging. The Business Card View, for instance, allows you to quickly access all pertinent customer information in one window without the need to scroll or search. At the same time, the Notes Section lists down past conversations to make communication with clients more contextual.
  2. End-to-end lead and contact management. Zoho CRM gives you full control of your sales pipeline with a variety of lead and contact management features and lets you conduct sales operations on a highly configurable interface. Once imported into the system, leads are matched with the appropriate sales agents and converted into buyers sooner than you could ever imagine.
  3. Opportunity tracking. Zoho CRM is best known for offering a powerful Opportunity Tracking tool that allows you to see where your customer is in the sales cycle, which is the deal’s size, contact history, and competitor profile to help you craft more fitting messages.
  4. Integration with other Zoho products. Zoho fans and users will be pleased to know that they can use their CRM tool in synergy with all popular Zoho Suite products. At the same time, the system’s flexible architecture will let them connect it with third-party service providers.
  5. Maximizes the potential of social media presence. Zoho CRM captures leads on social networks and follows their behavior to help you connect with them in a personalized way. You can use it in synergy with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Detailed Zoho CRM Review

7. CRM Creatio

creatio crm dashboard

In our CRM Creatio overview, you’ll find a more detailed review of this productivity kit that combines sales, service, and marketing modules. But, in a nutshell, what users appreciate the most about it is its process-driven technology because it lets users work under their own rules, and continually tests, modifies and improves their business processes.

It was designed to help you manage your customers’ journey end-to-end and brings together the best marketing and sales practices that attract customers to your side. If coming from an enterprise where consistency dictates the professional appearance and quality of service, CRM Creatio will undoubtedly be a reasonable choice.

Also, like many good software providers, they offer prospects a chance to try the product. In this way, you can know for sure if this is the right tool for you.

CRM Creatio

CRM Creatio

Try out CRM Creatio with their free trial

What is unique about CRM Creatio?

  1. Customizable BPM. Creatio is unique in many aspects, but what our experts believe to be a distinct advantage is the combination of BPM, sales, marketing, and service features in a single package. The system allows you to modify and improve your business processes while observing customers’ behavior and forecasting sales plans.
  2. Agile development experience. Creatio is also well known for agile development, as you need no coding skills or technical experience to install or maintain it. The user chooses whether he/she wants to use it on-demand or in the cloud.
  3. Hands-on customer success management. Creatio’s devoted and knowledgeable team will support your CRM efforts and help you improve your strategies at no additional cost. With their support, you can learn how to make the most of this system.
  4. Open configuration. The business logic and latest web technologies CRM Creatio relies upon make it possible to connect it to a variety of third-party systems and make it work in synergy with your current software ecosystem.
  5. Easy customization. Creatio gives you the full freedom to modify and adjust business processes and provides you with a set of tools that can make these happen (wizard to add objects, fields, and links; an integrated component library to customize without coding; and processes to change business logic). The UI design process is very practical, thanks to the tool’s AJAX and Silverlight technology.

Detailed CRM Creatio Review

8. Lucrativ

Lucrativ Dashboard

Lucrativ is a hybrid sales and CRM solution that helps enterprises automate key business workflows such as customer engagement and lead management. Advanced Lucrativ features include Local Presence, Live Call Monitoring, Mass Texting, Prospect Management, Gamification, and a Power Dialer. It also has a mobile CRM embedded.

These tools work together, providing users with the chance to connect with their target audiences seamlessly across all channels. Also, it even has a feature for creating custom modules so you can tailor-fit it to your particular needs. Users also enjoy the platform’s highly-detailed reports generating function. It is easy to use and easy to generate insights from.

With Lucrativ, you can support all your business activities and take your CRM to another level. What’s more, you can easily test the software out without commitment.

What is unique about Lucrativ?

  1. Customizable workflows. Lucrativ allows you to create workflows and modules customized to your very needs. In this way, you’d have a tailor-made program and not just a one-size-fits-all solution.
  2. Agile platform. One of Lucrativ’s strengths is that its mobile apps are very user-friendly. They also give you similar powerful functions from the full-fledged platform.
  3. Email marketing. It includes an email marketing module important to CRM today. This is especially helpful for managing loyalty programs, newsletter subscriptions, and B2B clients.
  4. Pipeline management. This is not just a tool for customer retention; it also does customer acquisition and lead management. This is thanks to its intuitive yet comprehensive pipeline features.
  5. Click-to-call. This comes with a click-t0-call functionality where users can just click a button on a customer profile and contact them easily. No more going through a different app or pulling up your personal phone.

9. Avochato

avochato dashboard

This platform is a mobile-based CRM software. Core Avochato features include text broadcasts, personalization, localized phone number, textable landlines, and team management functionality. These are rounded out by other features like scheduled texts, status tracking, caller ID, analytics, and Google Adwords click-to-message. These allow you better and seamless communication across channels. However, as you may have noticed, this is a bit mobile- or text-heavy.

Thus, this is the perfect tool for enterprises that have audiences that prefer text messages over other channels. Also, this is very helpful for many B2B companies out there. This is because B2B customers don’t usually go for other channels like social media or webchat. This is especially the case for customers who have long close relationships with a firm.

Additionally, it has intuitive iPhone and Android applications as well. This makes it easier for users to keep track and stay on top of their CRM processes even when they are away from their office desks.



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What is unique about Avochato?

  1. Unique and localized mobile numbers. Customers are more likely to respond to local business numbers. Thus, enterprises love how Avochato localizes their numbers to get more responses.
  2. Assignable conversations. Issues can be easily transferred or reassigned to a member with the required expertise. Also, members with the said expertise get notified whenever issues that they can best solve come up.
  3. Customizable office hours. This allows your team to limit the times they can receive calls or texts on work or personal phones only during office hours.
  4. Broadcasts. This feature allows you to broadcast a text campaign that is personalized using your customers’ names.
  5. Automated surveys. Avochato can send surveys automatically. This provides you with a chance to get honest customer feedback about your services or your support team.

Detailed Avochato Review

10. Zengine by WizeHive

Zengine by Wizehive dashboard

Zengine by WizeHive features primarily focus on education- and mission-based enterprises. It helps them streamline grants, scholarships, applications, and CRM processes. All of these are rolled into one customizable application that you can tailor to your needs. Users particularly enjoy its institution-specific rollouts that are very rare among the many CRM and other business solutions. It is perfect for educational institutions or non-government organizations.

Core features include automated emails, bulk emails, automated workflows, integrated CRM, and reporting dashboards. These are rounded out with modules such as fellowship management, grants management, awards management, internship management, and customer management, among many others.

Zengine has a completely web-based deployment. Thus, it allows for collaboration across different geographies. This is perfect for mission-based organizations and institutions with a global scope. Unfortunately, it has neither a native Android nor an iPhone app.

Zengine by WizeHive

Zengine by WizeHive

Try out Zengine by WizeHive with their free trial

What makes Zengine by WizeHive unique?

  1. Education-based and mission-based. This CRM application targets a unique market, and it uniquely caters to them with market-specific features such as grant management and scholarship management.
  2. Customization. Users can customize dashboards, reports, and forms to meet their particular institutional needs. Thus, you can create workflows that work for you.
  3. Integrations. The solution integrates seamlessly with 1000+ systems. This is thanks to its open API.
  4. User portals. Zengine allows you to create user portals for your fellows, scholars, researchers, teachers, and students. In this way, they can check for specific news and statuses.
  5. Project management. This module allows you to manage your team and projects right inside the system. This includes tasks and many more.

Detailed Zengine by WizeHive Review

11. CRM dashboard

There are many benefits. This is because of the comprehensive features that come with this total business solution software. What’s great about this platform is that it can be customized to your particular needs. It is both scalable and highly intuitive to use. This is why many enterprises nowadays are using for their CRM and other business processes. 

This software service has a very distinct advantage over other brands. It has an easily understandable and highly visual interface. Also, it is packed with many integrations that you can use to customize automation. These custom automations range from instant notifications to automatic actions after triggers. 

Other important features include an exportable contact database, pipeline management tools, and team management modules. These and other features round out’s complete business solution offering. CRM CRM

Try out CRM with their free trial

What makes CRM unique?

  1. Easy Reporting & Analytics.’s analytics and reporting module are very easy to use. Also, it offers you a wide variety of visualizations. It is very intuitive for a module that packs so many features. 
  2. Pipeline Management. The platform has a very intuitive pipeline management module that allows users to manage leads and sales. 
  3. Task Management. This software has a task management module already available, which allows users to track progress and manage tasks. 
  4. Many Integrations. extends its power by integrating seamlessly with many platforms out there. This also allows users to create many types of custom automations. 
  5. Automation. The platform makes it easy for you to create if-then automations. In a sense, it allows you to create your own programs.

Detailed CRM Review

12. TeamDesk CRM

TeamDesk Dashboard

In our TeamDesk reviews, you’d learn that this comprehensive business platform is completely cloud-hosted. It allows users to use software that matches their business workflow, thanks to being fully customizable. So, users love to use this for CRM processes as they can tailor it to their needs and not adjust their workflow to match that of a software solution. 

Core TeamDesk features include views, reports, unlimited records, document management, workflow rules, and a data management and collection module. These features allow their users to gather, store, and analyze customer data to reach wise business decisions. Moreover, these customizable workflows can be used to inform you about how to engage customers on different touchpoints and journeys. 

What’s great about TeamDesk is that it has an open API so it can integrate with virtually all platforms. Also, it is relatively inexpensive. However, it is mainly a database platform that can be used for CRM. Thus, it needs to be integrated with other products to match the features of other business solutions here. 



Try out TeamDesk with their free trial

What makes TeamDesk unique?

  1. Unlimited Storage Space. Other CRM platforms charge more for unlimited online storage. TeamDesk offers unlimited storage at a very good price and a flat rate.
  2. Data management and collection. Use TeamDesk as a data collection and management tool to track and manage information about customer behavior.
  3. Customizable. You can customize TeamDesk according to your particular business needs very easily. Set up will only take hours instead of days and weeks. 
  4. Workflow Rules. Users love how TeamDesk allows them to create their workflows using a rule-based approach. In this way, they can automate routine and clerical processes. 
  5. High Availability. Many services out there have many downtimes. TeamDesk is not one of them, with a tested and proven rate of a high 99.8% availability rating.

Detailed TeamDesk Review

13. Sumac

Sumac Dashboard

If you want to bring a CRM framework to managing your NGO, Sumac features got you covered. This platform is a popular system designed for non-profit organizations. And yes, it allows users to use a CRM framework for donor management, membership management, and volunteer management, among others. 

Like CRM platforms for commercial purposes, Sumac provides its users with a centralized dashboard to keep everything in one place. These include contact information, cases, contracts, and a mail merge feature, among others. It is unique, though, as it primarily focuses on helping large non-profits optimize relationships among their stakeholders. 

Other features include a compliance management module, grant award tracking tools, built-in email marketing capabilities, and even a native payment processing module. 



Try out Sumac with their free trial

What makes Sumac unique?

  1. Specialized for NGOs. If you want to bring the CRM framework and workflows to NGO-related processes like donor and volunteer management, Sumac has you covered. 
  2. Compliance Management. With Sumac, you don’t have to worry much about complying with regulations and other standards. Sumac has a compliance management module that helps out its users in this regard.
  3. Email marketing. Unlike other tools for NGOs, Sumac’s CRM-based NGO support offering includes a built-in email marketing module.
  4.  Customizable Donation Pages. Sumac also offers audience-facing tools such as a donation page customization tool. In this way, you can easily redirect your potential donors or volunteers to a professional-looking digital touchpoint.
  5. Contract management. This module allows you to create contracts for donors and volunteers. You can even use and create templates to hasten the process. 

Detailed Sumac Review

14. Really Simple Systems CRM

Really Simple Systems CRM dashboard

If you read Really Simple Systems CRM reviews, you’d already know why many consider this as their go-to CRM platform. This is because it offers is a very comprehensive set of features that doesn’t start and end with CRM. The software provides tools for many other business processes, like marketing and sales. Thus, users don’t have to switch back and forth different software. Everything from CRM to marketing will be under one roof should you choose Really Simple Systems CRM. 

Its core features include a pipeline management module, automated marketing campaign capability, case management module, and task management for managing your teams. Other important features include forecasting reports, web-to-lead forms, self-service support hub, and its integrated marketing module.

All of these are packaged in an intuitive user interface offered at a fair price with its basic CRM module for free. Also, it comes with important integrations with popular platforms, including Sage Business Cloud and Google Suite, among others. 

Really Simple Systems CRM

Really Simple Systems CRM

Try out Really Simple Systems CRM with their free trial

What makes Really Simple Systems CRM unique?

  1. Sales and Marketing Modules. It is not just a standalone CRM tool. It also includes tools that support other CRM-related processes, such as marketing and sales.
  2. Team Management. There are many tools for you to make sure that all your team members are on the same page. Modules for tasks, calendars, and events are readily available. 
  3. Automations. The system also offers automation features for your campaigns and team management. These include push notifications as well. 
  4.  Support. Really Simple Systems CRM offers really simple yet comprehensive customer support. It has a self-service hub and in-product help and tutorials. These helps new users get into their groove better. 
  5. Free CRM. It offers a free CRM software where you can add features for sales and marketing as you go along. 

Detailed Really Simple Systems CRM Review

15. Shape Legal

Shape Legal Dashboard

If you have come across Shape Legal reviews, you will find that it is a very specialized CRM product. As its name suggests, it is a unique CRM tool designed to aid businesses in both the legal and financial sectors. Target users include members of the real estate, insurance, and mortgage markets.  However, many legal and finance departments in large enterprises find it a good fit, as well. 

Shape Legal allows businesses to customize their very own CRM solution that fits their very own CRM processes. Of course, it fits operations that are legal- and finance-heavy. Moreover, it is perfect for law firms as well. It is being deployed by solo lawyers and large law firms with hundreds of employees. 

Key Shape Legal features include customizable industry workflows, lead scoring, lead distribution, sales tracking, campaign tracking, analytics, and a document management module. It also has features that are helpful for team management, like an internal chat module and time tracking features. 

Shape Legal

Shape Legal

Try out Shape Legal with their free trial

What is unique about Shape Legal?

  1. Legal and Finance CRM. This CRM platform is designed for businesses in the legal and financial sectors. Thus, it offers industry-specific features, unlike general CRM platforms.
  2. Customizable Industry Workflows. Shape Legal allows you to customize workflows for various service-based industries like consulting, transportation, construction, and many others.
  3. IP Whitelisting. You can add a layer of security by only allowing access to your Shape account via authorized IPs such as your personal work PC and your team members’.
  4. Cloud Phone Calling. The platform provides you with the ability to call your clients via the cloud. Also, it has monitoring and recording features that you can use.
  5. All-in Plan. Shape Legal has only one recurring plan with no feature limitations at $79.95. Also, you can cancel any time you don’t need it anymore.

Detailed Shape Legal Review

Which CRM tool is best for your organization?

There are many types of CRM tools for different CRM-related processes. Some, like Salesforce and Freshsales, provide modules for customer engagement across different channels. Others like Sumac are highly-specialized for various types of enterprises. So, there is no clear-cut decision on which CRM tool is best for your organization. However, if you go feature for feature and power for power, we highly recommend HubSpot CRM.

This top-of-the-line CRM platform is the go-to solution for many enterprises out there that set out to manage potentially hundreds or even thousands of customers worldwide. This is thanks to it being omnichannel-enabled. With HubSpot CRM, users can track and manage relationships with customers and other stakeholders seamlessly across channels. Also, it is easy to see this for yourself. You can try all its premium features at no cost when you the try the free version of HubSpot CRM.

Of course, many other CRM programs can fit your enterprise-wide needs. The comparison doesn’t just stop at features and benefits. It also spills over to pricing, ease-of-use, aesthetics, and many other factors that you, as a user, find important. So, to help you dig deeper, have a look at our guide to the best free CRM software solutions for 2020.

By Louie Andre

B2B & SaaS market analyst and senior writer for FinancesOnline. He is most interested in project management solutions, believing all businesses are a work in progress. No stranger to small business hiccups and drama, having been involved in a few internet startups. Prior to his for-profit ventures, he has had managed corporate communications for a Kansas City-based Children International unit.

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