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List of Top 30 EMR Software Companies for Electronic Medical Records

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As a healthcare practitioner, you were trained to heal the sick and improve quality of life; not worry about whether or not the medical records were compromised. Unfortunately, primary care physicians are spending up to 20 hours every week on manual paperwork and administrative duties according to the Medscape Physician Compensation Report of 2018. Not only does this hinder you from doing your job to the best of your ability, but it also deprives patients of the compassionate healthcare they deserve.

This is precisely why EMR software programs were created. These tools not only alleviate you of time-consuming back-office responsibilities, but also let you revamp your entire clinical operations. It has been proven to improve patient-physician communication, reduce administrative staff duties by up to 3.8 hours per week per physician, and increase efficiency in clinical operations. In addition, a survey conducted by Health Services Research revealed that 8 in 10 physicians who use these systems saw that EMRs enhanced overall patient care.

Physicians are spending up to 20 hours on manual administrative work. (Source:

No doubt, the growing usage of these solutions changed the landscape of the healthcare industry. Way back in 2012, 28% of hospitals scanned all patient records, while the remaining 72% resorted to hiring full-time employees for this task. By the end of 2018, over 95 % of hospitals and roughly 90% of office-based physicians started using an EHR system for their operations as per the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society.

Are you hoping to become one of the many practitioners using EMR systems, but don’t know where to start? To help you find a good electronic medical record system for your practice, we have thoroughly selected some of the best EMR application vendors in the industry for you. If you’re confused why many of the solutions here are for EHR, too, the bottom line is, EHR is the umbrella healthcare tech category that includes EMR functions. While you’re at it, do read our primer on the difference between EHR and EMR applications for a detailed explanation.

1. TherapyNotes

TherapyNotes is a company founded by Dr. Debra Pliner, a clinical psychologist, and Brad Pliner, a web technologies expert. Since they launched their platform in November 2010, they have since become a leading software provider for behavioral health practice management. Serving more than 30,000 behavioral health professionals, they provide a HIPAA-certified EMR software that streamlines the workflow of its users. It streamlines the workflow of its users through its robust EMR and powerful scheduling tools. If you want to try the features at no cost you can easily do so when you sign up for a TherapyNotes free trial here.

Why Choose TherapyNotes?

  1. Strong IT and Health Background. The TherapyNotes software was created by people who have experience in the health and IT industry. With this background, they were able to anticipate the needs of medical practitioners, know the demands of running a clinic, as well as address the day-to-day issues that most medical staff want to simplify. They leverage these factors and their knowledge of technology to create one of the most optimized EMR applications on the market.
  2. Highly Rated Company. Numerous clinicians trust TherapyNotes for providing high-quality EMR solutions, and it shows in the reviews that they receive. The company has been lauded for their stellar customer support and user-friendly software over the years. With these said, you can be confident that investing in TherapyNotes is not going to be a waste of money.
  3. Offers Great Career Growth Opportunities. TherapyNotes encourages continuous learning within their team, so that employees may grow professionally. This allows the company to foster a positive office culture that is productive, passionate, collaborative, and committed to excellence.

2. Care360

Quest Diagnostics is the world’s leading provider of diagnostic testing, information, and services. They strive to empower people to improve health outcomes, and they have been recognized by numerous organizations such as Forbes and Newsweek for their efforts. Their EHR software called Care360 is a fully mobile platform with scheduling and billing modules. Designed for ambulatory services, it is also engineered to handle multi-specialty facilities and large medical institutions.

Why Choose Quest Diagnostics?

  1. Passionate About Innovation. The people behind Quest Diagnostics continually conduct groundbreaking tests and experiments. This initiative to learn more about different aspects of the industry helps them gather information that they can transform into actionable insights. As a result, they are able to create innovative products that stand out.
  2. Trusted by Numerous Physicians. As mentioned previously, Quest Diagnostics has been awarded by respectable organizations. On top of that, over 200,000 physicians rely on Quest Diagnostics’ suite of technology and analytics programs. This is proof that their software solutions can satisfy the needs of practitioners during operations.
  3. Highly Trained Staff Members. Quest Diagnostics has a team of medical and scientific experts with more than 650 M.D.s and Ph.D.s. Their collective experience and insight about the industry are what sets this company apart. This is what allows them to create quality software as well as provide effective solutions to specific industry problems.

3. Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is a company founded in 2005 dedicated to improving the healthcare industry through technology. They are known for having the largest cloud-based e-health platform in the United States, supporting over 30,000 medical practices nationwide. PracticeFusion’s free medical practice software is a web-based platform designed to centralize all health records such as charts, schedules, medical histories, and the like. It is also equipped with task management and custom reporting tools.

Why Choose Practice Fusion?

  1. Experienced Multi-Specialty Team. One of the reasons why Practice Fusion made it to our list of top 30 EMR software companies for electronic medical records is because they are comprised of employees who have extensive experience in their respective specializations. This means they are knowledgeable about the needs of different practices.
  2. Best-in-Class Satisfaction Rate. The best way to gauge the quality of a program is by listening to what users have to say about it. In the case of Practice Fusion, they have one of the highest physician satisfaction rates in the industry. 
  3. Coordinates With Practitioners. Practice Fusion closely works with clinical labs, pharmacies, imaging centers, health systems, and other healthcare practitioners. By collaborating with their target market, they are able to create comprehensive software solutions.

4. Cerner

Cerner is a multi-awarded software provider headquartered in North Kansas City. They take pride in designing leading-edge health information technology solutions for healthcare organizations of every size. One of their most popular offerings is Cerner EMR which is a customizable software application that offers dynamic documentation, quick-select charting, and detailed scheduling tools.

Why Choose Cerner?

  1. Serves Thousands of Providers. Cerner aims to create a future where healthcare practitioners have more time to focus on their practice. To achieve this, they have continuously expanded their reach to bring their software solutions closer to their target market. Over the years, they managed to connect practitioners at more than 27,000 provider facilities worldwide.
  2. Strategic Supplier Relationships. Cerner collaborates with some of the most reputable technology, service, and medical device suppliers around the globe. This way, they can create better software solutions for their clients.
  3. Community Development Initiatives. As part of their corporate social responsibility, Cerner enhances communities through health and wellness initiatives and educational programs. They also built the First Hand Foundation whose aim is to provide funding for children to receive care and conduct free wellness screenings.

5. Optum Physician

Optum is a software company known for providing a wide range of healthcare technologies. They deliver best-in-class solutions that modernize the way clinics, hospitals, and independent practitioners work. Among the products they offer is Optum Physician EMR, a HIPPA-compliant and CCHIT-certified program providing health analytics, claims management, medical record documentation, and more.

Why Choose Optum?

  1. Solid Company Values. The people behind Optum not only works to create new technologies; they are working to augment modern healthcare for both patients and practitioners. They operate with integrity, compassion, relationships, innovation, and performance in mind, so you can rest assured that they only produce high-quality output for their clients.
  2. Data-Backed Healthcare Innovations. They have more than 26,000 data and analytics experts focusing exclusively on healthcare. This way, they can yield accurate insights that reflect the best practices in the industry.
  3. Inspires Innovation. Optum aims to spark collaboration and inspire innovation in the industry. This is why they created an Experience Center in their Eden Prairie, MN headquarters. Through this facility, they provide industry leaders, clients, and partners resources on the evolving healthcare landscape.

6. EpicCare

EpicCare is an employee-owned, developer-led company established in 1979. Since they started creating e-health technologies, it has transformed itself from a startup run from a basement to a global company storing millions of electronic patient records. EpicCare’s software is a health recording solution built for large hospitals. Mainly an EMR application, it also has tools for decision support, billing and invoicing, telemedicine, and patient engagement.

Why Choose EpicCare?

  1. Invests in Research and Development. EpicCare is dedicated to creating innovative products that actually work. This is why 50% of EpicCare’s operating expenses are invested in research and development of new healthcare technologies. The information they gather from these studies is what they use to modify and upgrade their software.
  2. Creates Software for Various Health Institutions. Whether you are running a community hospital, an academic medical center, a retail clinic, a rehab center, or a hospice, EpicCare’s software can adapt seamlessly to your needs. They offer a flexible software that can be modified using modules dedicated to specific practices.
  3. Software Built In-House. EpicCare believes in cultivating their own software solutions rather than acquiring technology from other developers to succeed in the industry. With this said, you can rest assured that they know all the inner workings of all the products you purchase from them.

7. Office Ally EHR 24/7

Office Ally is a software provider founded in California in 2000. Starting out as a basic medical claims clearinghouse, they now offer advanced practice management systems and patient portals. They also have a top-of-the-line electronic health records solution named Office Ally EHR 24/7. This program is built to streamline workflow, automate documentation, simplify scheduling, and enable e-prescribing for practitioners.

Why Choose Office Ally?

  1. Certified and Accredited Company. Office Ally is certified and accredited by numerous organizations in the industry. From HIPAA and EHNAC to CAQH CORE® and MHCC, they made sure that their software is built according to standards and regulations.
  2. Reliable Customer Support. Office Ally understands that it can be difficult to implement new software solutions no matter how tech-savvy you may be. This is why they offer regular webinars and customer trainings to help you navigate their products easier.
  3. Reputable Partners. To provide you with the best possible healthcare applications, Office Ally has teamed up with a number of industry leaders. They forged strong relationships with AxiaMed, Aptus Health, Updox, and other reputable companies to ensure quality products and services.

8. InteGreat EHR

McKesson is an industry leader in pharmaceutical and medical-surgical distribution in the United States and in Canada. Having played an important role in the healthcare landscape for over 180 years, they have also become a provider of business and clinical software solutions. Among the programs they offer are InteGreat EHR, a web-based program with tools for patient record documentation, e-prescribing, clinical workflows, and more.

Why Choose McKesson?

  1. Caters to Different Aspects of Healthcare. McKesson provides software solutions for different aspects of the healthcare industry. Whether you deal with the pharmaceutical, medical-surgical, specialty health, or pharmacy technology practice, they have comprehensive programs up their sleeve for you.
  2. Rich Company History. McKesson is one of the pioneers in the United States’ healthcare industry. Built by John McKesson and Charles Olcott in 1833, this company started out as a therapeutic drug and chemical wholesaler. As the healthcare landscape changed, their company evolved as well. Now, they are using their years of experience to create effective e-health solutions.
  3. Good Corporate Citizenship Initiatives. McKesson has formed a number of corporate citizenship initiatives throughout its existence in the industry. Among the issues they focus on the most are promoting better health, environmental sustainability, and opioid abuse. They also encourage employees to volunteer in their philanthropy program.

9. Kareo Clinical

Kareo was established in 2004 by Dan Rodriguez to improve the way medical practitioners work. Serving 40,000 providers all over the United States, they are known for creating customized software solutions for medical companies of different sizes. One of the platforms they offer is Kareo Clinical, an EHR keeper designed to manage incoming and outgoing patients. It simplifies note-taking, facilitates paperless operations, and accelerates workflows through its customizable and comprehensive design.

Why Choose Kareo?

  1. Healthy Office Culture. Collaboration, passion, and integrity are what makes Kareo’s operations tick. To do this, they foster a positive office culture that lets employees take risks, adapt to change, and solve problems with ingenuity.
  2. Backed by Reputable Investors. Industry leaders believe in Kareo’s efforts to improve modern healthcare and they are confident in the quality of their products. This is why it comes as no surprise that Kareo has received funding from multiple investors over the years. Some of their partners are Golub Capital, Montreux, and Greenspring Associates.
  3. Multi-Awarded Medical Software Company. Apart from getting support from reputable investors, Kareo’s credibility is also solidified by the awards they have been given. Among those who awarded them are Forbes, Orange County Business Journal, Red Herring, Medical Economics, and Deloitte.

10. TouchWorks EHR

Allscripts is an organization dedicated to enabling smarter care in the healthcare industry. Offering the only vendor-agnostic patient engagement platform on the market, they provide programs that can be used across the healthcare spectrum. Be it for clinical, financial, or operational needs, Allscripts has options. One of their software solutions is TouchWorks EHR, a cloud-based record system with dynamic APIs and powerful features for task management, data inputting, and e-prescribing.

Why Choose Allscripts?

  1. Pioneer in Open Health Platforms. Developed in 2007, the Allscripts software is the original open, connected healthcare platform. It was one of the best solutions of its time, and as the healthcare industry changed, the company updated their programs accordingly. The same approach was given to their other platforms, so you can expect no less than best-in-class features when you purchase their products.
  2. Large Team of Devoted Professionals. Allscripts is comprised of over 7000 industry professionals who are devoted to building best-in-class healthcare IT architecture. They research and innovate so you can meet the operational and regulatory demands of your business.
  3. Connects Healthcare Communities. Even though you have your own medical practice, at the end of the day, all clinics and hospitals share the same goal: to provide quality healthcare. This is why Allscripts aims to build open, connected healthcare communities. They do this by opening up their network to help you engage with the broader healthcare community.

11. CampDoc

CampDoc is a company dedicated to helping camp doctors, nurses, and directors in the United States and Canada. Affiliated with the American Camp Association, the Christian Camp and Conference Association, and other institutions, they offer a web-based health record system created specifically for health care providers in summer camps. It aims to ensure the health and safety of all campers enrolled in the facility through accurate record keeping.

Why Choose CampDoc?

  1. Serves Diverse Clientele. While CampDoc focuses mainly on serving summer camps, the company also partners with a diverse clientele. From special needs camps to after-school program centers, they understand the different needs of your business.
  2. Continually Refines Their Technology. CampDoc continually tries to refine and expand their products. This allows them to ensure that they are giving their customers the best camp health record systems available on the market. They also conduct systematic investigations and studies of camp health and safety to retain their competitive edge.
  3. Designed by Camp Doctors for Camp Doctors. The founders of CampDoc understand the difficulties of managing camp clinics, so they know exactly what you need to resolve these problems. With that said, you can ensure you are getting all the tools you need for camp healthcare when you invest in their product.

12. Centricity EMR

GE Healthcare is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Chicago, IL. Established in 1994, they provide a wide variety of medical imaging solutions to practitioners worldwide. They offer a slew of products such as applied intelligence, EP recording, diagnostic ECG, and more. They also have an EMR application called Centricity EMR. It is a scalable solution that boosts clinic or hospital operations through fast patient information processing, comprehensive workflow automation, e-prescribing, and collaboration tools.

Why Choose GE Healthcare?

  1. More than 100 Years of Experience. GE Healthcare has over 100 years of industry experience. Their track record in harnessing data across hardware, software, and biotech has allowed them to provide some of the most trusted medical imaging equipment and healthcare software globally.
  2. Dedicated to Improving Healthcare. GE Healthcare has become one of the leading innovators in medical imaging, diagnostics, patient monitoring, drug discovery, and other healthcare technologies. They are dedicated to finding new ways to upgrade the way practitioners diagnose, inform, and treat disease to ensure the well-being of millions of patients worldwide.
  3. Impressive Areas of Specialization. GE Healthcare is comprised of individuals who specialize in a wide variety of medical fields. Be it cardiology, electrophysiology, ambulatory surgery, neurology, or orthopedics, you can count on their experts to help in developing the tools you need for your practice.

13. NextGen Healthcare

NextGen Healthcare is a healthcare solutions provider offering technologies for ambulatory and specialty practices. Focused on value-based care, they create comprehensive, integrated platforms to improve the way practitioners work. Offering a wide variety of programs, NextGen Healthcare is known for their EHR system that is designed to ease the burden of administrative tasks. It is a suite of software solutions that help users improve clinic operations, increase patient engagement, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Why Choose NextGen Healthcare?

  1. Committed to Customer Satisfaction. NextGen Healthcare believes that happy physicians are the secret to healthy patients. They are committed to innovating new solutions to satisfy the needs of physicians, so they have more time to worry less about back-office duties and give more attention to their patients.
  2. Promotes Collaborative Healthcare. The road to recovery and better health is not a one-way street. To improve the state of the healthcare industry, they strive to inspire collaborative clinical operations and boost patient engagement. They do this by designing solutions with patient-physician interaction in mind.
  3. Large Workforce Dedicated to Excellence. NextGen Healthcare has more than 3500 employees around the globe. Having diverse experiences in healthcare, their staff members bring to the table varying ideas that make developing e-health software much more efficient.

14. PointClickCare

PointClickCare is a healthcare technology developer with a mission to enrich the lives of seniors. Serving more than 15,000 senior care providers, the company creates future-proof software solutions, so your EHR investment can evolve with you. The crowning glory of this company is their robust practice suite that enables practitioners to build their business without having to compromise the quality of care they provide. The platform has modules on various aspects of healthcare operations ranging from care delivery management to marketing.

Why Choose PointClickCare?

  1. High Customer Retention Rate. Senior care providers have a lot of faith in the products that PointClickCare offers, and it shows in their retention rate. Over the years, the company has maintained a 98% customer retention rate, even though they are implementing a monthly subscription business model.
  2. Unparalleled Technical Support. From on-boarding to implementation, the staff at PointClickCare will provide you with the assistance you require to get the most out of their product. They provide 24/7 customer support and provide access to resources such as webinars and forums to make your software usage run smoothly.
  3. Affiliated With Top Associations. Ensuring quality can be difficult, so PointClickCare works hand in hand with reputable associations within the LTPAC industry. They are affiliated with agencies like the American Health Care Association, the BC Care Providers, the Lincoln Health Care Group, and others.

15. Amazing Charts

Established in 2001 by a practicing family physician, Amazing Charts is a company offering affordable and straightforward electronic medical systems. While it was acquired by the Harris Healthcare group in 2017, their company values and the quality of their products remained the same. One of which is their web-based application featuring pre-built templates, an easy drag-and-drop functionality, and intuitive interface. It is designed to help practitioners with scheduling, reporting, charting, as well as e-prescribing.

Why Choose Amazing Charts?

  1. Integrated Solutions for Independent Physicians. Amazing Charts is not only known for creating electronic health record platforms. They also provide practice management options, medical billing solutions, population health systems, and other technologies. This way, you won’t have to purchase other EHR systems to back your operations up.
  2. Long-Term Technology Protection. Modern healthcare constantly evolves. To help you keep up with its pace, they design their software solutions with the future industry changes in mind.
  3. Continuous Software Support. Whether you are having difficulties implementing their software or are simply looking to get more from their technology, Amazing Charts will give you the resources you need. They conduct webinars and live events to help you maximize your EHR investment.

16. Praxis

Founded over 25 years ago, Praxis is a healthcare technology developer focusing mainly on artificial intelligence solutions. The company is comprised of some of the best physicians, developers, trainers, and technicians in the business. With a mission to make medical practice faster, they offer different types of platform including Praxis EMR. This program is a flexible medical records solution that allows practitioners to generate, customize, and share their documents how they want and when they want.

Why Choose Praxis?

  1. Values the Art of Medicine. Praxis EMR believes that practitioners should be free from the restrictions of template-based applications. They veer away from creating cookie cutter EHR systems that compromise the quality of your practice. Instead, they developed an artificial intelligence called concept processing that can learn from you and adjust according to your needs.
  2. Top-Rated EHR Provider. Praxis has been rated #1 in terms of user satisfaction by multiple institutions and numerous independent medical professionals. Some of the organizations that recognized them are the American Academy of Family Physicians, AmericanEHR Partners, and HIMSS.
  3. Powerful Products. The products of Praxis has industry-leading features that template-based systems do not have.With its powerful AI, integrated portals, document management tool, and reporting solutions, you can optimize the way you work without spending too much time learning the platform.

17. InSync EMR

InSync Healthcare Solutions is a provider of MU-2 certified integrated EMR and practice management platforms based in Tampa, FL. Among their software solutions is InSync EMR, a versatile tool for solo practitioners and healthcare facilities. Compliant with HL7 and HIPAA standards, this platform provides a customizable interface equipped with scheduling, reporting, charting, and e-prescribing capabilities.

Why Choose InSync Healthcare Solutions?

  1. Creates Specialized Software. No two medical practices are alike. This is why InSync Healthcare Solutions offers specialized software solutions. Whether you are handling behavioral health, substance abuse, pediatrics, internal medicine, or physical therapy, they have options for you.
  2. Leverages Multiple Factors for Your Efficiency. The people at InSync Healthcare Solutions leverage various factors to help your business operations become more efficient. They utilize advanced technology, forge solid partnerships, and study proven business processes to create some of the best software solutions in the industry.
  3. Provides Buyer’s Guides. InSync Healthcare Solutions want you to get the most value for your money. They won’t let you blindly purchase a software that might not address the issues you need to resolve. To help you in the selection process, they offer buyer’s guides that include some tips and tricks for choosing a software for your business.

18. MDVision PM EMR

An award-winning IT services and software development company, MDVision promotes digital transformation for healthcare practitioners. They create cutting-edge technology designed to meet your various operational goals seamlessly. One of the products they offer is MDVision PM EMR, a cloud-based software solution designed to manage outpatient healthcare operations. It combines the robust capabilities of practice management systems and electronic medical record programs in one convenient interface.

Why Choose MDVision?

  1. Complete Suite of Advanced Technology. MDVision provides IT infrastructure management, software development, and healthcare technology solutions. With their expertise, they are able to create a complete suite of advanced technology for your overall business operations.
  2. Trusted Technology Partners. While MDVision is staffed with highly trained engineers, they don’t shy away from seeking help from other industry leaders. With partners like Atlassian, Cisco, Citrix, Dell, Dymo, HIMSS, Microsoft, and Quest Diagnostics, they are able to create products that offer more benefits for the healthcare community.
  3. Aligns Technology With Best Practices. MDVision understands the importance of traditional healthcare operations. This is why they do their best to align state-of-the-art technology with the industry’s best practices to ensure a scalable infrastructure.

19. Nextech EMR

Nextech is a software provider passionate about creating intelligent, intuitive, and integrated solutions for different types of specializations. Established in 1997, they aim to help physicians optimize accuracy and increase overall practice profitability through quality EHR programs. An example of this is Nextech EMR, an end-to-end application designed for specialized medical practices. Offering patient flow management, outpatient handling, lab order processing, e-prescribing, and device integration, it also has a shared clinical knowledge library.

Why Choose Nextech EMR?

  1. Goes Beyond Providing Software. The staff at Nextech does not stop helping you after you have installed their product. They offer hands-on training, provide insightful advice, and facilitate avenues to help you fine-tune your EMR experience further.
  2. Products That Evolve With You. As your company grows, its needs change.This is why Nextech continually finds ways to make their products evolve with you. By doing so, you are assured of future-proof products that optimize your operations.
  3. Serves Thousands of Practitioners. Other than offering quality programs, Nextech also has a flexible, hands-on approach to customer service that their clients swear by. In fact, the company is trusted by over 7,000 physicians and 50,000 clinic staff members.

20. AthenaHealth

AthenaHealth is an American company offering point-of-care applications and software solutions that drive clinical and financial results. Since its inception in 1997, the company has since provided help to more than 100,000 providers and millions of patients nationwide. Their EHR system has modules for EMR, practice management, communications, information sharing, data analytics, and operations management.

Why Choose AthenaHealth?

  1. Offers Practice Vitals. Monitoring progress is important in any business. With AthenaHealth, you not only get insight on how your operations are doing; you may also explore performance averages of the organizations within your network.
  2. Enriches Communities Nationwide. AthenaHealth has a corporate responsibility program designed to bring quality healthcare closer to underserved, uninsured, and at-risk populations nationwide.Through this initiative, they support local nonprofits and encourage volunteerism across communities.
  3. Focuses on Connections. AthenaHealth puts a great emphasis on how the connection within your business can motivate positive change in your patients’ behavior. So, they design products often have advanced communication features that allow users to collaborate. This way, you can sync your operations better.

21. AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD is a healthcare technology company supporting independent physicians using a full suite of software solutions. Providing PM, telemedicine, patient relationship management, and physician performance benchmarking solutions, this company is also known for their billing services and EMR options. One of their most popular e-health platforms is the AdvancedEHR, an electronic medical record program that assists in electronic faxing, clinical charting, immunization reporting, and document exchange.

Why Choose AdvancedMD?

  1. Fully Compliant Software Solutions. As a professional, you work according to industry regulations, so you deserve to have a software that does the same. This is why AdvancedMD offers an EHR system compliant with the standards and regulations of MACRA, MIPS, HIPAA, and ONC-ATCB for your peace of mind.
  2. Expansive Customer Database. AdvancedMD is trusted by more than 22,500 practitioners across 8000 practices and 600 medical billing companies. With this said, you can be confident that they have the experience to help you with your EMR/EHR needs.
  3. Great User Community. AdvancedMD encourages interaction among their clients. This way, users can collaborate with other physicians, learn new product features based on the experience of fellow users, and innovate together.

22. Clinicient INSIGHT

Clinicient is a software development company founded by a therapist, a biomedical engineer, and a number of technology veterans. They strive to help practitioners foster great patient-doctor relationships using efficient clinical tools that enhance their practice. One of which is Clinicient INSIGHT, a unified cloud-hosted EMR system built for rehabilitation therapy facilities. It offers comprehensive features to help practitioners synchronize clinical and financial data without fuss. The platform streamlines back-office processes, so you can devote more time to your patients.

Why Choose Clinicient?

  1. Defined Core Values. Clinicient prides itself on their positive company culture. They operate with a clear-cut vision of putting the people first through trust, innovation, excellence, and teamwork.
  2. Experienced Team of Specialists. Clinicient’s success team is comprised of world-class clinical and practice management specialists. Their collective experience in the industry is what helped them create top-of-the-line software solutions that continuously improve the lives of practitioners.
  3. Dedicated to Simplifying Healthcare. Clinicient purposely created their software solution to be the one true single system for therapy EMR. The platform brings all the billing and EMR tools you need in one place, so you won’t have to go through the trouble of finding auxiliary programs to support your operations.

23. PrognoCIS

Bizmatics, Inc. is a privately owned company serving the EMR and EHR markets for more than 15 years. Operating from Silicon Valley, they have several hundred employees creating different kinds of cloud-based and on-premise systems to meet the needs of the healthcare industry. A great example of their products is PrognoCIS, a specialty-specific EMR solution and practice management application. Offering basic EMR tools, eprescriptions, medication management, and revenue cycle management, the system can also confirm insurance benefit eligibility with ease.

Why Choose Bizmatics, Inc.?

  1. Amazing Partner Programs. Bizmatics, Inc. have partner programs that are designed to empower, distinguish, and reward their resellers and clients. With this initiative, partners can earn recurring revenue and benefit from various co-marketing opportunities.
  2. Team of Lifelong Learners. The Bizmatics, Inc. team is made up of professionals who are committed to lifelong learning. This ability to take initiative in keeping up with current technology trends and innovating to continually meet the needs of practitioners is one of the reasons why they are successful.
  3. Various Modes Technical Support. Whether you are tech-savvy or not, implementing a new system can still be challenging. This is why Bizmatics, Inc. makes it a point to provide you with multiple modes of technical support. From user guides and FAQs to tutorial videos and 24/7 phone support, they have you covered.

24. MicroMD

MicroMD is a company founded by Henry Schein. Having started as part of the pharmaceutical industry in 1932, they slowly became one of the largest providers of healthcare products and services. They offer a HIPAA-certified EMR system with practice management and billing modules. Designed to reduce paper trails and enhance customer service, this platform not only helps you manage patients more conveniently, it also eliminates the risk of human error and simplifies back-office tasks.

Why Choose MicroMD?

  1. Diverse Clientele in the Medical Community. MicroMD serves medical practitioners with different specializations. They provide products and services for dental experts, animal health professionals, and medical specialists in over 32 countries.
  2. Has Great Regard for Company History. Having been around for over eight decades, MicroMD has a lot of practical experience to pull from whenever they need to innovate. They hold fast to their historical values as they move forward to building the future of healthcare.
  3. Well-Known Strategic Partners. Two heads are always better than one when it comes to innovation. In the case of MicroMD, they work with several other strategic partners to innovate in the world of healthcare technology. Some of their notable partners are DemandForce, Alveo, Quest Diagnostics, and MedicScan.

25. AllegianceMD

AllegianceMD is a cloud software company offering user-centered healthcare technology solutions. Determined to helping you stay in control of your practice while boosting productivity, this company thoroughly understands the needs of your operations and finds ways to assist you. They offer an affordable EMR, PM, and medical building software that can perform a number of tasks so you can ensure 100% uptime of your processes. With artificial intelligence serving as the core of their platform, you can expect fast and smart features that will be able to keep up with you as you work.

Why Choose AllegianceMD?

  1. Extensive Industry Experience. AllegianceMD has been operating for over 20 years. With their extensive industry experience, they offer sophisticated technological concepts on EHR, practice management, patient engagement, and merit-based payment.
  2. One-on-One Customer Support. The staff at AllegianceMD takes customer service up a notch by providing you with one-on-one support every time you need help. Whether you need implementation assistance, software training, data migration help, or simply wish to ask a question from their experts, they will accommodate you. They have a high ratio of support personnel, so you can be sure that you won’t have to endure long wait times.
  3. Fully Integrated EHR Suites. Meaningful use certified and MACRA ready, AllegianceMD’s software is a fully integrated suite designed to help you handle different aspects of your practice. It was built by expert engineers with physician input, so you can be assured that it is both useful and usable for your operations.

26. ABELMed

ABELMed Inc. is a self-financed corporation serving physicians since 1977. A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, this company has been providing top-of-the-line healthcare tech that are easy to use and quick to implement. They offer a portable EMR and practice management software called ABELMed that can be used by medical practices of all sizes. Featuring prescription modules, patient management tools, patient kiosk integrations, and work queue options, it can also handle billing and scheduling tasks.

Why Choose ABELMed?

  1. Long-Term Track Record. In an industry as fickle as software development, it is difficult to find providers who can give up-to-the-minute solutions. Luckily, ABELMed has a long track record of developing and providing top-of-the-line software solutions.
  2. Cultivates Its Employees. ABELMed Inc. understands how important the loyalty of their employees is. This is why apart from choosing the most talented and motivated experts in the industry, they make it a point to provide them with opportunities for growth. In turn, their employees are equipped to make better outputs for you.
  3. Values Customer Input. The developers behind ABELMed Inc. values the insights of the people they cater to. So, in order to improve their software development operations, they conduct market analysis and get suggestions straight from their clients.

27. ReLi Med Solutions

ReLi Med Solutions is a healthcare software provider focusing on solutions that promote evidence-based medicine. With a mission to make charting easier and enhance the level of care for the patients of their clients, they create state-of-the-art healthcare solutions at affordable rates. Among the products they offer is a fully integrated EMR system that is client-centric and highly configurable. It even has an intuitive electronic lab interface that can handle referral tracking, ePrescriptions, immunization management, and more.

Why Choose ReLi Med Solutions?

  1. Offers Simple Software Options. No doubt, ReLi Med Solutions provides powerful EMR and PM products. However, they keep it flexible and simple for users, making it ideal for practitioners who are not all too familiar with using a platform.
  2. Supported by Industry Leaders. ReLi Med Solutions ensures that they provide best-in-class products by partnering with industry leaders. Each of their partner companies offers unique features that aid in boosting your user experience. Some of the firms that gave them a hand in developing their EMR systems are Lenovo, Microsoft, Quest Diagnostics, and TriZetto.
  3. Unparalleled Customer Service. If you are experiencing issues with the ReLi Med EMR system, worry not. This company offers unparalleled customer service through their professional support team. Count on them to listen attentively to all of your concerns and provide you with fast solutions each time you call them. Sometimes, they even adjust and develop features according to the requests of their clients.

28. iClinic Systems

iClinic Systems Inc. is a software vendor specializing in the design and development of eHealth solutions. Serving private clinics and hospitals alike, this company offers innovative and practical software options that reduce the burden of administrative tasks. The iClinic platform is equipped with real-time notifications, intelligent task management filters, convenient performance reviews, smart clinical reporting, and powerful scheduling tools.

Why Choose iClinic Systems Inc.?

  1. Solutions Based on Industry Standards. While iClinic Systems Inc.aims to help you optimize your workflow, they do not intend to change how your practice operates. Instead, they create software solutions based on standardized treatment guidelines, making the platform easy to implement.
  2. Designed by Specialists for Specialists. The iClinic MD modules are created by specialists for specialists. They understand the inner workings of the healthcare industry and they used that knowledge to build a tightly integrated platform that targets your needs with precision.
  3. No-Fuss eHealth Systems. iClinic Systems Inc. has a number of specialized eHealth platforms to offer. While they all cater to specific practices, they share one trait: they are all simplified for your convenience.

29. OpenEMR

OpenEMR is a company offering free and open-source e-health platforms for practitioners internationally. They developed the OpenEMR platform which is one of the most popular free EMRs garnering over 7000 downloads per month. Available for cloud-based and on-premise deployment, their program is a feature-rich solution with tools for scheduling, e-prescribing, billing, reporting, lab integration, and more.

Why Choose OpenEMR?

  1. Fully Certified Software Solution. If you are looking for a software that complies with industry standards, OpenEMR is a great choice for you. The platform is ONC Certified, Meaningful Use 2 certified, OSI certified, and HIPAA certified. The software developer also received a Bossie Award in the the Best Open Source Applications category back in 2012.
  2. Used by Reputable Organizations. OpenEMR is a popular option among many small and medium-sized companies worldwide because of its affordability. However, it is also preferred by a handful of large organizations such as IPPF, the Peace Corps, and the Siaya District Hospital for its flexibility. So, you can be sure that no matter the size of your practice, OpenEMR will come in handy.
  3. Vibrant User Community. Got questions about OpenEMR’s programs? Other than getting in touch with their tech experts, the company also lets you seek help from other users through their online community.

30. Dr. Cloud EHR

EnSoftek, Inc. is an award-winning IT solutions organization serving the healthcare industry. Established in 1998 by veteran techno-entrepreneurs, they have created and enhanced a number of programs for over 100 enterprises in the United States. They are known for creating the Dr Cloud EHR platform, an integrated care solution that can be configured according to your workflow. It offers a plethora of tools that are suitable for primary care, behavioral health, substance use, and outpatient clinics.

Why Choose EnSoftek, Inc.?

  1. Recognized by Reputable Organizations. EnSoftek, Inc. has numerous certifications on its belt, including Meaningful Use Stage 2, ONC, and InfoGard. They have also secured the authority to operate at the highest level based on various federal information assurance standards
  2. High Staff Diversity. EnSoftek, Inc. is made up of health and IT professionals from different parts of the world. Their various certifications, collective experience, and diverse perspectives allow the company to cover all bases when it comes to serving their clients.
  3. Trusted by Well-Known Organizations. EnSofttek, Inc. serves government agencies, independent organizations, and global brands in the United States. Some of their most notable clients are Nike, Dell, Phacil, the US Department of Energy, the US Food and Drug Administration, and Microsoft.


Medical school might have honed your multitasking skills, but there’s only so much you can do when you have your own clinic to run and patients to take care of. On top of that, meeting the demands of modern healthcare through traditional means is no longer feasible. So, it is important now more than ever for you to implement an EMR system for your operations. Hopefully, with our list of top 30 EMR software companies for electronic medical records optimization, you were able to narrow down your options.

Are you looking for an e-health solution that does not solely focus on EMR? Maybe you should opt for an EHR instead. Here’s our list of top EHR software vendors to start your search.

By Nestor Gilbert

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