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How Much Does CoConstruct Cost? Comparison With Other Construction Management Tools

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Does your construction business need a hand to enhance productivity? Choosing solid management software is a smart way to give it a push, especially nowadays when building and remodeling markets are overwhelmed with simple and affordable software.

Construction management options vary from standardized listings to open and highly-customizable project managers, depending on the type of activities the company is looking to perform. Some focus exclusively on planning, while others tackle project execution and delivery with detailed selections and bidding control. What is common and absolutely necessary for all of them is to adhere to rules and standards in the industry, thanks to which the user will be able to avoid costly mistakes, and save compliance validation time.

Companies’ biggest challenge while choosing a reliable construction management tool is that the more advanced and powerful their system is, the more time it takes to understand how it works. Due the nature of construction operations, dedicated systems are rarely a breeze to use, but there is an exception even to this rule. For our team, that exception is CoConstruct, which has an incredibly intuitive interface and offers unlimited customization. Is it worth the price, however? In this article we’ll give you a detailed overview of the pricing and compare it to other popular solutions from the construction management category.

CoConstruct: A Popular Construction Management System

CoConstruct is a high-profile home building & remodeling system that combines technical operability with neat project management, accounting, and CRM capabilities. This all-in-one construction software is designed to help small, medium, and large construction businesses enhance productivity, and ensure full visibility into the progress of their projects, both on the contractor’s and the client’s end. CoConstruct offers one of the largest single-entry selection lists, and collates specs on a single dashboard to help you prepare beautiful proposals in a shorter amount of time. At the same time, CoConstruct meets all of your company’s accounting and bookkeeping needs, and puts in place a reliable collaboration network for agents to exchange files and opinions. If you need more information, you can always contact the vendor for a live demo which allows you to experience all key functionalities in action.

How will CoConstruct benefit your company?

What makes CoConstruct really specific compared to similar solutions is its unique design that allows for efficient management of perpetually changing concepts, instead of limiting constructors’ possibilities to defined types of activities, designs, or materials. This highly configurable construction system won’t force users to adhere to standardized projects and selections, but rather give them the possibility to customize each and every of the planned activities in line with their creative ideas. It comes with an unlimited list of selections and single-entry estimations for users to tackle each detail of your construction projects, and has all files, specs, and prices related to your projects displayed on a single dashboard. Hence, you will be able to schedule and prioritize tasks in line with your specific needs.

At the same time, CoConstruct is a customer-focused system, that intends to make progress visible for all involved parties, and to ensure unlimited access to data from all systems and devices. It injects credibility and professionalism into your operations, and works in synergy with your branding and marketing strategy by giving you a customizable app where you can use your own logo, name, and contact information.

What is even better is that CoConstruct responds to all accounting and bookkeeping requirements, as it is seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks and Xero, tracks change orders and expenses and reflects those in planned expenditures, and ensures total financial control with detailed reports. It is also an ideal administrative system that can draft accurate and comprehensive invoices, and summarize financial data for forecasting purposes.

This system is completely cloud-hosted, and thus freed from all maintenance and updating concerns. You can access it from all operating systems and devices, and connect it easily to social networks to trigger its lead capturing and management capacity.

How much does CoConstruct cost?

CoConstruct is a comprehensive suite that combines construction management, collaboration, CRM, project management, and accounting features, which is why it is often perceived as a slightly more expensive alternative compared to construction-exclusive applications. Our experts, nevertheless, consider it to be a reasonable investment that adds value to any business, because it fuses all functionality demanded by contractors to manage their business. The variety of operational modules covered by this system allows you to eliminate all need to invest in other third-part software.

The system is priced on a by quote basis, which means that the vendor tailors a special package for each client, depending on what they need or can afford (the lowest ones starting at $99 per month). All you need to do to get a personalized quote is to contact their sales support, or fill in the pricing request form available on their official website. Note that you can also submit a request for a live demo, and see how the system works before you’ve made your purchase. The company offers no free trial version of their product other than this presentation, but they have a money-return guarantee policy that will restore your investment in case you’re not satisfied with the product.

Comparison of CoConstruct Competitors

1. Procore

Procore is another popular construction management software that streamlines team collaboration, and makes project delivery more accountable. Just as CoConstruct, Procore gives users a mobile, on-the-go platform to access information and track the progress of different tasks, and integrates with all systems necessary to provide an undisturbed user experience.

Compared to CoConstruct, Procore allows for significantly less customization, and focuses instead on standard drawings management, where it reveals its true potential. Keeping drawings and plans central to the users’ projects, this system brings together all files, punch lists, and RFIs needed to streamline your bidding process, and maximize the potential of your proposals. Consequently, your company’s performance becomes more productive and time-effective.

How will Procore benefit your company?

Procore is all about drawings, which is why its interface and functions are often praised by creative teams and architects. The whole system is designed as an interactive project management portal, where drawings can be easily imported, marked up, and attached to RFIs and submittals. Once they become accessible to field-agents, all information gaps and conflicts are easily resolved. That’s why we believe that the unique thing about this system is its capacity to eliminate all boundaries between office and field teams, as it provides unlimited information access, constant tracking, and immediate updates.

Compared to CoConstruct, Procore follows a similar collaboration approach, enabling all users to follow and take part in discussions, informing them on all changes and deadlines, and providing them unlimited access to information. This also entails the possibility for all users to keep an eye on the budget, and makes the bidding process more transparent. In fact, Procore offers a dedicated Bidding Tool for users to get the best bids from the vendors that meet their needs.

In a fashion similar to CoConstruct, Procore integrates with Sage-300 to enable project coordination and accounting, but its main advantage is open API connectivity. From a user’s perspective, this means that the system can be connected to literally any third-party app/system the company is already using. Deployment is also a critical difference between these systems, as Procore is an on-premise system you should download directly on your device.

How much does Procore cost?

Similarly to CoConstruct, Procore comes with a custom enterprise pricing scheme, and gives users the flexibility to build their own packages at an affordable price. Once again, users are invited to contact the vendor for details and quotes, or to request a free demo to explore the features in advance. A bottom price for Procore packages has not been publicly defined.

2. BuilderTREND

BuilderTREND is developed in a similar way to CoConstruct, having in mind that it combines project scheduling & management with service management, CRM, and payment processing. Both systems are hosted in the cloud, well-integrated, and fully mobile optimized to deliver unlimited access to information. What could make BuilderTREND preferable in this case is the modern and extremely easy interface, where even beginners find their way within minutes.

A critical similarity between BuilderTREND and CoConstruct, which is also a lacking element in Procore, is lead management. This system is finely equipped with lead capturing functionalities, and thus helps depict and use business opportunities. Just as CoConstruct, BuilderTREND organizes historical data in neat customer profiles, and makes it easy to prepare successful proposals, and ensure a personalized approach towards each client.

How will BuilderTREND benefit your company?

BuildeTREND simplifies bidding, and helps companies prepare accurate estimations for all of their bids and proposals. It nurtures customer relationships, in particular by giving clients the chance to track progress, and have direct insight into the changing orders and expenses of their projects. This way, the system also helps strengthen punch lists and warranties, and triggers transparent and effective budgeting with no room for simultaneous errors. Compared to other representatives on our this list, BuilderTREND also provides several unique features, including lien waivers, plan markups, direct payment processing, and surveys.

Jus as in previous cases, you get a construction management system open for collaboration, with easy internal messaging and exchange of files. In terms of integrations, BuilderTREND works with ease with systems such as QuickBooks, Xero, PayPal, SoftPlan, PlanSwift, and a variety of social network. As expected, the user gets to access data and manage operations from all types of devices.

How much does BuilderTREND cost?

BuilderTREND has a pricing scheme identical to the one of CoConstruct, with the main difference that features available in the lowest plan are listed in advance. This plan will once again cost $99, but includes only one large project. For smaller companies working with a limited number of clients, this could be a reasonable alternative, as the number of users, available storage, support, and marketing materials are still included in the price.

For other enterprise pricing options, the user should contact the vendor and share company details to get a quote. A free demo of the product is also available upon request.

3. e-Builder Enterprise

Last, but not least, we have e-Builder Enterprise, another cloud-hosted and comprehensive construction suite focused on helping builders execute projects on time. What impressed us in this system (other than its handy combination of features) is the capacity to respond to specific client needs as well as embrace and reflect challenges without causing delays and budget inconsistencies. If you’re running a creative construction business, and wish to be referred to as the ‘nothing is impossible’ constructor, this is another alternative you may consider.

How will e-Builder Enterprise benefit your company?

Why e-Builder Enterprise? Our experts put this system forward because of solid customization, that at the same time offers you undisturbed possibility to measure and manage every step of the capital project delivery process, from planning through design and procurement to construction. What makes e-Builder unique compared to other solutions is also its Critical Path Methodology (CPM) scheduling with internet-enabled collaborative capabilities to provide a program-wide scheduling and milestone-tracking system. This means that users will be able to follow project costs with seconds accuracy, and ensure better visibility into RFIs and submittals to make smarter decisions.

Another interesting advantage of this system that reminds us of Procore is tracking projects via automated version control. This way, you can view CAD and BIM files directly from your browser, and third-party systems won’t be needed at all. You will also get access to graphically rich dashboards and reports you can use to interpret your data.

What is also good to know is that e-Builder is an open API system, and it is hence connectable to all third-party systems and applications. Hosted in the cloud, the system can be used from any device and operating system, which means it suits perfectly decentralized and remote teams.

How much does e-Builder Enterprise cost?

Just as with other solutions, we are dealing with a quote-priced system where packages ought to be requested directly from the vendor. The company doesn’t mention and bottom price for startups and small businesses, but yet considers the specific needs and possibilities of each to wrap up the ideal plan. You can contact their sales team filling up a dedicated ticket or their website (or make a call), or start by requesting a free live demo to explore the features.

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