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Best 20 Apparel Management Software Solutions for 2020

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Manual processes are not sufficient for the volume and variety of apparel products, orders, sales and overall operations. In the apparel industry, an apparel management software solution is essential to streamline and operate your most complex and taxing processes. Fortunately, the technological advancements today paved the way for the emergence of numerous robust solutions in this specific niche.

Apparel Management Software

The apparel industry is a large one, especially with the dawn of online sales channels. It was projected that the total value of the U.S. apparel market will reach over $100 billion in 2018. This isn’t surprising as apparel takes a 43% share of what Americans are buying from marketplaces according to a survey conducted by BigCommerce. With this comes a heightened competition in the industry which opens up more complexities and challenges for apparel and garment businesses.

On top of that, the array of consumer demands, industry standards and government regulations faced by manufacturers are exacting. In fact, a single apparel alone comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors. According to consumer demand, one product should be available in sizes from extra small (2%), small (22%), medium (27%), large (29%), extra large (15%), and extra, extra large (4%).

The percentage of customer demands for apparel sizes.

While XS and XXL are not the most popular sizes, stocking up for them is still crucial. Extra small, for instance, is a money maker as people pay more, an average of $25.4 more compared to other sizes, to be exact, for this size according to a survey by Upstream Commerce. This emphasizes the huge impact of inventory in the apparel industry.

Inventory costs take up 45% to 90% of all business expenses. Why? A poorly-managed inventory leads to a loss of sales and excess in supplies which increases costs and minimizes revenue. Furthermore, it can drive customers away and impact customer loyalty if your stocks are not properly and timely replenished.

Since inventory management is one of the most important aspects of managing an apparel business, you may be interested to also explore the top 15 inventory management software solutions here.

That said, apparel management software systems are valuable for business in the fashion and apparel category for a specialized solution. As an industry-specific solution, it does more than inventory management. It can help you manage each aspect of your operations, from core accounting to size and color matrix and pattern management of each clothing piece.

Without further ado, let’s proceed with the best apparel management software tools you should check out.

20 Best Apparel Management Software

1. Openbravo Commerce Suite

Openbravo Commerce Suite offers a collection of modules streamlining the retail and POS management processes of your apparel business. This cloud and mobile-enabled technology can help you keep a real-time and accurate inventory across your whole supply chain, utilize omnichannel solutions for ecommerce, optimize customer service and simplify multiple brick-and-mortar store locations in a single platform.

It has an industry-specific solution, particularly in fashion and apparel, which offers various core apparel management features such as inventory management, catalog management, order management, purchasing, invoicing and billing, warehouse management, supply chain management, returns management, shipping management, and supplier management, among others. Among its top offerings is its omnichannel strategy that prioritizes customer service with a full-featured mobile POS solution.

Why choose Openbravo Commerce Suite?

  1. Inventory and stock management. It uses an advanced algorithm to automatically transfer orders and distribute goods. It also helps with optimizing staff and generating sales forecast.
  2. Streamline assortment. Manage the assortment of products into unlimited product categories in a hierarchical mode.
  3. Fashion retailing differentiation. The high-performance architecture lets you embrace innovation as the platform is built on a fully open source stack.

2. ApparelMagic

ApparelMagic is an inventory and apparel management software specifically built for this niche. It’s an integrated solution that helps you manage styles, sales, customers, accounting, inventory, and purchases. It uses advanced technology—cloud architecture, open API, and a scalable SQL database—to welcome innovation and future-proof your workflows. With the cloud technology, installation of the software is not required.

Redundant tasks are eliminated to help you maximize your workflow through the system’s open API. Some of its key features include sales management, inventory management, integrated accounting, and CRM. Additionally, its robust style management enables you to keep a detailed library of your products’ colors and sizes with precise tracking of costs of your bill of materials. It will then send catalogs with high-quality images to your customers to streamline the sales process.

Why choose ApparelMagic?

  1. Cloud technology. Installation isn’t required, the system is accessible anywhere, and it is compatible with any device including smartphones as it’s browser-based.
  2. Complete visibility. A summary of sales, profits, commissions, and expenses is generated from the module-based system.
  3. Free technical support. Support is provided in addition to a knowledge base and training lessons.

3. YuniquePLM

YuniquePLM is a solution built for apparel and retail businesses which specializes as a product lifecycle management tool. It is built to help businesses in collaborating their creative teams with their supply chains in order to deliver the products on time and at the right costs. It is used by companies in apparel, retail, packaging, furniture, aerospace, technical textiles, and transportation interiors industries.

It helps you prepare data-driven decisions even during the pre-positioning phase where designers are still planning patterns and colors for the product. This allows vendors and sourcing teams to conduct an accurate preliminary costing. Its other main features include a design suite, product development, sourcing, tracking, and reports.

Why choose YuniquePLM?

  1. Cloud-hosted platform. A convenient solution for designers to automate fabric specifications repeatedly in another system at a later time.
  2. Integrated solution. It has fully integrated design tools that enhance collaboration and communication during the product’s entire lifecycle.
  3. Sourcing module. Users get full visibility over the supply chain in a central location.

4. FastReact

FastReact is a software solution built for fashion supply chains in retailing, manufacturing, and sourcing companies. It offers industry-specific solutions for apparel, textile, and footwear to improve coordination, clarify priorities, and enhance visibility. The product aims to reduce costs and operational efficiency. It is also fast and quick to install which expedites the delivery of results.

The suite of applications offers three different solutions. The first one is called Vision which is an extended PLM solution. The next is Evolve which is a tool for a visual capacity planning and management. And lastly, Align is built as a modeling software solution to improve inventory levels and the order confirmation process.

Why choose FastReact?

  1. Various solutions. It has three applications for a complete solution meant for the needs of the fashion industry.
  2. Multi-level planning. Short-term scheduling and long-range capacity management are supported.
  3. Modular system. The structure comes in modules offering features for new product development, budgeting, forecasting, cash commitment reporting, and user-defined reporting, among others.

5. Powersoft365 ModaPro

Powersoft365 ModaPro is a custom edition of the Powersoft POS/Stock Control business software application built to simplify the hectic and complex clothing and footwear trading processes. The easy-to-setup solution provides you with a quick and easy access to your trading activity’s operational data. It also minimizes the load of admin work and helps you reach more customers.

One of its most useful features is its intelligent reporting. This lets you extract data insights to monitor, benchmark, and make data-driven conclusions regarding your business development in real time. ModaPro is used by fashion franchises, fashion chain stores, boutiques, department stores and clothing stores.

Why choose Powersoft365 ModaPro?

  1. Single/Multi-Location. The solution is ideal for operating on either single- or multi-location stores.
  2. Scalable plans. It offers plans that are scalable as your business grows.
  3. Cross-sector features. The tools are usable for all while enabling specific requirements for cross-sectoral needs and niche markets.


If you’re up to a PLM solution built for business operating in apparel, fashion, accessories, footwear, and consumer goods, WFX PLM is a good product to consider. It offers a centralized location for connecting all product information and its whole lifecycle process on a single platform. It covers all bases—from sourcing and product development to production and approvals—to ensure an efficient management of your apparel-related tasks.

As a unified solution, departments assigned for sourcing, planning, production, merchandising and design are connected with international business hubs. It maintains an effective communication and collaboration of everyone, especially vendors and internal teams, in the company.

Why choose WFX PLM?

  1. Holistic view. A platform built for fashion, garment and clothing industries to manage product conceptualization and development.
  2. Real-time sharing. The integrated solution offers real-time sharing and collaboration with internal teams, vendors, and international partners.
  3. Collection planning. It simplifies the planning of collections as per division, brand, and product category to determine cost targets and quantities, among others.

7. Elastic Suite

Elastic Suite is a B2B digital solution for manufacturers which is mostly used in the apparel, accessory, footwear, and fashion industries. The tool is online, browser-based. If you require offline capabilities for your workflow, it may also be installed locally. The solution is utilized by a large spectrum of internal merchandising teams, accounts, and sales reps for small, at-once reorders and large, per-season orders.

You can create a branded portal for customers to register an account. It also has a custom catalog builder with easy-to-use drag-and-drop features, custom design layout, catalog-specific closeout and in-season books, and brand and lifestyle images. It also has an on-demand print for an accurate digital workbook that reduces production time with a compelling marketing material.

Why choose Elastic Suite?

  1. Whiteboarding. A robust whiteboard that can be converted into an actual order through segmented sales strategies and merchandised program assortments.
  2. Catalog replacement. Create custom catalogs with an account-specific and relevant product and content on a digital flipbook.
  3. Seamless integration. Unified data representation for B2B and B2C services to provide an efficient client implementation process.

8. AIMS360 Fashion ERP

AIMS360 Fashion ERP, as the name suggests, is a technology built to cater to the latest trends and processes in the fashion industry. To support the complex ecosystem of the fashion industry that’s always moving and evolving, it gives you a tool that’s flexible while enabling you to maintain control over your entire business with complete visibility and access.

The centralized solution lets you manage your business on a single platform and gives you access to all of the information you need in real time. It ensures you won’t lose track of inventory and eliminate chargebacks. The fully-integrated, cloud-based solution is built for fashion manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and importers to streamline their order and production processing system.

If you think an ERP is better suited to what you need, here’s the top 20 ERP software tools if you want to expand your options.

Why choose AIMS360 Fashion ERP?

  1. Complete inventory solution. Maintain control over inventory levels including future arrivals, customer’s unique sizes, and quantity requirements.
  2. Style management. All information including sizes, colors, and images are organized. It also has style matrix and style and labor costing.
  3. Production. Production tracking, production management, and domestic production capability are streamlined.

9. OnSite Apparel

ShopWorks OnSite is a business management software specifically designed for companies that provide screen printing, embroidery, decorated apparel, and promotional products. It is equipped with features to run your business from end to end. This includes sales and marketing, order processing, purchasing and inventory, production management, shipping and management, finance and accounting.

Meanwhile, its array of industry-specific features consists of size matrix, design and artwork management, price calculators, vendor pricing, production scheduling and tracking, and integration with other industry solutions. It is one of the products by the vendor Shopworx that offer business solutions for different types of companies.

Why choose OnSite?

  1. Size matrix. Enter different sizes for a single item and define your own matrix.
  2. Production process management. Manage designs, arts, ink and thread colors, thumbnail images and screen details, among others.
  3. Automated calculation. Vendor pricing no longer entered manually and the pricing calculator uses standard pricing models based on, among others, quantity, stitch count, and the number of ink colors.

10. Accellar

Accellar is an apparel manufacturing technology solution. The smart technology is built for apparel manufacturers and exporters who are looking for a short timescale for implementation. Its core processes include supply chain, merchandising, manufacturing, inventory, and cost accounting. It eliminates manual processes in generating reports and empowering employees on their workflows. By minimizing record redundancy, it only requires you only perform a one-time entry of information that’s linked to all modules to deliver accurate data in a timely manner.

Built through the years, Accellar is continuously improved and updated by apparel industry specialists according to real-world high volume apparel production and export requirements. It is one of many solutions by Fortude that is built to deliver customer success.

Why choose Accellar?

  1. Increased speed-to-market. It integrates with buyer/supplier EDIs, track cycle times, and enhance core processes.
  2. 360-degree visibility. By staying on top of wastage, controls, and key decision points, you can minimize margin erosion and improve profitability.
  3. Customer satisfaction priority. Ensure accurate and timely data by tracking and automating follow-ups.

11. Zedonk Software

Zedonk is an online business software solution for the fashion industry for users who are looking for an intuitive yet affordable tool. The workflow in the fashion industry is complex, hence, zedonk finds solutions to simplify them. For instance, it streamlines the management of your order book, provides crucial information for planning quantities, and spotting mistakes faster than spreadsheets. Some of its features include production, product stock inventory, purchase orders, and customer, supplier and manufacturer management.

As a cloud-based solution, information is accessible anytime and anywhere. It also gives you technical support and back-up to guide you through any issues. By expediting admin tasks and reducing errors, it provides a tailored solution for small and medium-sized businesses to handle their sales and production operations efficiently in the garment industry.

Why choose zedonk?

  1. Apparel-ready solution. Identify the styles, colors, and suppliers that are doing well. It also offers solutions for distribution and picking-and-packing operations.
  2. SMB-friendly. A solution ideal for the size and workflows of SMBs.
  3. Organized system. It keeps your production, orders, and invoicing organized.

12. AMOR

AMOR Enterprise is built to catch up with the agile and dynamic characteristics of the garment and apparel retail industry. As the solution is built by a practitioner with experience in the field over the years, it is an ideal for compliance with government rules and department store regulations in Indonesia. With that, it serves various businesses across cities in Indonesia in the apparel retail industry.

Since it is specifically designed to meet industry needs, it eliminates the effort and complexity in customizing the system according to your needs. This solution provides features from raw materials, production, and sales and distribution to point of sale, payroll and general ledger. It also includes services such as requirement study, consulting, training, implementation, system design, maintenance, and support.

Why choose AMOR?

  1. Global inventory visibility. Gain visibility and control over raw materials as you purchase, store, and move them around the world.
  2. Integrated data management. Data from all functional areas and departments are centralized to allow a simultaneous scheduling, manufacturing, and reporting.
  3. Mobile report. It enables mobility of data for stock and store performance.

13. Indigo8

Indigo8 is a fashion software developed for fast-growing brands. It automates the daily operations of modern brands in a single solution for the management of products, sales, inventory, manufacturing, websites, and retail stores. The cloud-based solution enables you to handle your entire operation using the system. In addition to its inventory capabilities, it also has an omnichannel solution for pushing products and synchronizing inventory levels across various platforms.

The solution aims to help fashion labels grow. It empowers product development in a scalable platform. It also enhances indent or stock orders, samples, costing, and invoicing. Furthermore, it enables collaboration, connection (of suppliers, agents, and the web), and business growth.

Why choose Indigo8?

  1. Built-in integrations. It integrates with products such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Magento, among others.
  2. Scalable solutions. Regardless of your current business size, it has a plan and package catered to your needs and enables your growth.
  3. Flexible platform. It is built for wholesalers, agents, e-boutiques, and brick-and-mortar stores.

14. i.LEVEL

i.Level is an integrated retail system built for clothing and fashion management. It offers a wide range of solutions for the industry—stock control, wholesale, concession software, custom integrations, EPOS system, B2B wholesale web store, retail webstore, mobile, and barcode scanning. By covering wholesale and retail solutions, you can ensure an end-to-end system to cover your most crucial processes.

Even if you have multiple sales channels, you can easily manage them in a unified stock control management tool. Instant reporting and automated system provide value to modern fashion businesses through an accurate and efficient operation. As a modular system, you can guarantee it as a solution that fits your current needs while supporting growth along the way.

Why choose i.Level?

  1. Flexible tools. It provides solutions for both wholesale and retail businesses.
  2. i.Level mobile. A mobile clothing system for order taking on a mobile phone and laptop which is uploaded directly to the central server using Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Sage integration. In addition to its custom integrations, you get a seamless connection with one of the leading accounts software in the UK.

15. ChainReaction

Chainreaction is a cloud-based suite of applications for clothing, footwear, jewelry and soft furnishing companies. For instance, its ChainReaction PLM+ solution is designed to speed up product development while enhancing quality and varieties. It enables companies to spend more time in designing fast-selling products instead of spending more time in managing people and processes.

One of its most unique solutions is its automated model photography. This tool converts your mannequin images into multiple model images to cut costs and save time. You can modify the background, change models, and mix and match accessories and garments with various model poses without actually doing photography. It also has an omnichannel solution, mock shop, and cloud studio.

Why choose ChainReaction?

  1. Mockshop. It is a virtual 3D shop modeling tool for creating floor layout plans specifically in the fashion industry.
  2. Customer-centric solution. It has a specific solution for businesses that want to prioritize providing a quality customer service.
  3. Automated model photography. Utilize technology for producing images of models using your garments and accessories by automating the photography session.

16. BlueKaktus

BlueKaktus is a platform that focuses on digitizing operations in the fashion supply chain. It has products created to cater to the needs of manufacturers, sourcing companies, and brands. Its main offerings include inventory management, quality enhancement, lead time compression, and downtime reduction. This tool is useful for businesses to make sure they have the right amount of stock in their inventory. It even optimizes the process by using an accurate Postpone Strategy to improve decision making.

The apparel management software also helps users react to the fast-changing fashion trends with lead time compressor. To improve inspection and quality checks, users can facilitate the process using their mobile phone for personnel to accurately plan, schedule, and monitor each stage of the process in real time. The software offers solutions for creating tailor-made requirements, leveraging processes with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and acquiring more customers through a digitized enterprise.

Why choose BlueKaktus?

  1. Integrations. The software integrates with tools like Navision, SAP, and Tally. This capability is essential for users who are currently or planning to use these systems for seamless connection.
  2. Cloud-based deployment. The cloud-based platform is quick and easy to deploy, flexible for different business requirements, and scalable to support your business growth.
  3. Specialized solutions. It has specific solutions for different businesses in the apparel industry: manufacturers, brands, and sourcing companies. Hence, users can ensure they can maximize the software’s features to their specific needs.

17. Impress

Impress is an apparel decorating and promotional products software solution. The system is designed to the needs of the screen printing and embroidery industries, hence, the demand can be met with efficiency. It offers ecommerce and web services, order tracking with barcode scanning, and warehouse management system.

Furthermore, it features a production and shop floor scheduling, customer web portal, and integration with third-party services. The scalable solution has a configurable base system that enables you to tailor it according to your company’s specific requirements and budget. As the company grows and its requirements changes, you can easily expand the base system with additional modules.

Why choose Impress?

  1. Embroidery design. Utilize auto-generated design numbers, associate image files with decorations, and track new concepts and artworks in the app.
  2. Production scheduling. Drag-and-drop technology makes scheduling faster and easier with synchronization of updates.
  3. Comprehensive inventory. Identify each inventory position from planning to shipping through real-time updates.

18. FastManager

FastManager is a complete business management tool specifically built for apparel decorating businesses, particularly screen printing and embroidery companies. The tool lets you create quotations, work orders, and invoices. You can also process payments, schedule production, and track order details. The modular system fits any business size and as you grow, you can add more modules along the way to fit your growing business needs. Its time-saving solutions are also helpful: you can reorder in just a few seconds through the “Duplicate” button, generate pricing modules, and convert quotations into work orders with just two clicks.

Why choose FastManager?

  1. Credit card processing. You can directly accept and process payments from credit cards on the system.
  2. QuickBooks integration. Improve the system’s capability by integrating it with QuickBooks for purchase orders, invoices and customer payments.
  3. Fast quotation. Creating professional quotations is streamlined and expedited from the app’s sales screen.

19. Vetigraph

One of the most challenging parts of fashion and apparel operations is pattern cutting. Vetigraph is an apparel solution that lets you utilize tools similar to traditional skills in an intuitive user interface. Your creativity isn’t hampered as the system lets you easily create draped effects and modify your patterns per pleat depth.

A CAD/CAM system for apparels, Vetigraph has various tools to encompass various industries when it comes to cutting soft materials such as fashion textiles, foam, leather, rubber, coated fabrics, tarpaulins, carpets, floor mats, and Kevlar, among others. This means the tool can be used for home furnishings, automotive, aeronautical, and marine in addition to apparels.

Why choose Vertigraph?

  1. Pattern cutting solution. Create new styles, digitize patterns, and accomplish on-screen pattern creation.
  2. Controls and measurements. You can copy existing grading rules, measure a pattern, and automate symmetrical grading.
  3. Streamlined grading. Grading is simplified using size charts, classic x- and y-axis grading, and angle measurements, among others.

20. T-Boss

T-Boss, wrapping up our top 20 apparel management software solutions list, is an apparel business software built for industries in embroidery, screen printing, signages and promotional products. It offers an intuitive online estimating and proposal solution for designing, providing quotes, conducting approvals and accomplishing an organized collection. It comes as a suite of applications that provides various solutions to cater your needs. For instance, it has a pricing platform for creating any types of the work order, a screen printer VPS, and a platform for simplifying and customizing product variations. You can also track inventory, purchases, workflows, and employees, among others.

Why choose T-Boss?

  1. Available modules. It has various apps to match your needs for your apparel business.
  2. Easy to use. Simplified platform for screen printing and management.
  3. Integrations. It integrates with apps such as QuickBooks, PayPal, MailChimp, and Square, among others.

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