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Pros & Cons of ActiveTrail: Analysis of a Leading Marketing Automation Software

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What are the pros and cons of ActiveTrail?
The pros and cons of ActiveTrail revolve around its features and capabilities to streamline marketing activities, from planning and creating to deploying campaigns on various channels. It offers a variety of tools to automate email marketing, create landing pages, connect an online store to drive traffic, and get real-time customer feedback through online surveys. However, ActiveTrail could do well to improve the loading time of its site. Overall, the software is affordable, customizable, and scalable to any marketing requirement of whatever size and complexity.

The key to effectively connecting with and nurturing the best leads is to deliver the right content to the right prospect at the right time on whatever channel they are. But what if your leads are scattered all over the place, on social media, live chats, forums, mailing lists, web forms, etc.? Getting one of the more robust marketing automation solutions should do the trick.

In this article, we’ll examine the pros and cons of ActiveTrail to see if it’s the right software for your marketing automation requirements. It promises to help you run campaigns that are highly personalized and targeted and able to penetrate multiple channels. We’ll take a look at how effective it is in streamlining campaign processes, automating lead scoring and qualification and analyzing post-campaign metrics. With this ActiveTrail pros and cons guide, you’ll get to explore the many features and capabilities of the software and find out it fits your business needs.

activetrail pros and cons

Did you know that four out of five users increased their leads through marketing automation software? What is more astounding is that nearly 77% of software users actually experienced an increase in conversions. Studies and statistics have shown the many benefits of marketing automation software when it comes to improving lead generation and nurturing as well as conversion. With its core function and proven performance, marketing automation software is utilized by marketers to address the top two challenges that they face, as shown in the visual below.

Source: Hubspot

With many businesses realizing the value of this type of solution, it is no wonder that analysts see the marketing automation software industry growing robustly, predicted at a CAGR of 13.6% from 2019 to 2024 and reaching a market size of $32.6 billion. Among the growth drivers of marketing automation software include the increasing usage of digital marketing tools, the wide availability of cloud-based solutions, the growing use of social media, and increasing demand for mobile and scalable platforms. Not counting the fact that marketing automation often overlaps with other marketing tools such as email marketing solutions and CRM software.

ActiveTrail is one of the highly-rated and top 10 products in our marketing automation software category. It is used by both SMBs and large enterprises including well-known brands such as Sears, Visa, and Hilton Hotels. Unlike an email marketing software, you’ll find that marketing automation solution gives you so much more features and capabilities designed to drive precise campaigns and nurture leads. Let’s get an in-depth look at the ActiveTrail pros and cons.

What is ActiveTrail?

ActiveTrail is an all-in-one online marketing automation platform equipped with all the essential tools you need to plan, create, measure, and deploy campaigns from whatever channel. It is easy to use, highly customizable, and fully scalable. It comes with automation features to simplify marketing workflows and has an integrated A/B testing to optimize email marketing. It is able to gather visitor data and analyze their behavior as well as track website subscribers in order for you to build automated and personalized campaigns.

Sign up for ActiveTrail free trial here to see for yourself how the software works.

ActiveTrail ensures that your emails, promotions, offers, SMS and marketing content are properly sent and distributed to targeted recipients. With the software, you can easily create professional-looking marketing emails and landing pages from dozens of pre-built templates, drive traffic to your online store by connecting it with ActiveTrail, send SMS to your prospects directly from your computer, and get reliable feedback from visitors and customers. It also gives you tools to analyze whether your campaigns need improving or achieving the desired ROI.


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The software can be configured to your workflows and scaled to your requirements. Aside from English, it provides language support to four other international languages as well as multi-channel support to customers and users.

Below are the core features of ActiveTrail:

  1. Marketing automation
  2. Email marketing
  3. SMS marketing
  4. Landing page creator & templates
  5. Email & newsletter templates
  6. Sign-up & lead forms builder
  7. Contact management
  8. A/B testing
  9. Visual automation
  10. Active & on-site behavioral triggers
  11. List segmentation
  12. Automated & custom site, email, or SMS surveys
  13. Net promoter score
  14. Sender ID configuration
  15. Reporting & real-time analytics

ActiveTrail Pros & Cons

Powerful automation engine

ActiveTrail offers a powerful marketing automation system to streamline daily marketing activities and maximize campaign results. You can use a visual automation builder that visualizes the logic behind any email sequence or SMS marketing event. It is an easy to use drag-and-drop tool for building blocks onto your workflow canvas.

You also get autoresponders to make email campaigns more effective. It lets you configure your SMS and emails to react based on your users’ triggers and behavior. These triggers are set in your automation flow allowing, for example, for users to receive specific messages according to their on-site behavior.

Triggers are smart codes you embed on your landing pages or website to track visitor activity. When activated, they will automatically deliver in real-time pre-programmed emails to site visitors, matching the actions they’ve taken when they visited your page. You’ll be able to leverage real-time behavior data and deliver individualized journey and experiences across your marketing channels.

In addition, the marketing automation feature lets you do dynamic segmentation to boost email efficiency. It partitions your recipient lists into pre-set groups and clusters that update automatically. All these automation tools ensure that you reach the right people at the right time in order to improve conversion rates, solidify customer relationships with your customers, and boost your company’s bottom line.

Visual automation guides you in setting rules and responses that automatically trigger based on the action of the email recipient.

Email marketing

The software is equipped with tools for precise and targeted campaigns to help you reach and engage the right audience. There are dozens of professionally made templates that you can easily edit to come up with your own branded newsletter and landing page. There are also ready-to-use lead and signup forms that you can customize with pop-ups and animations. No need to hire designers as you can do all these yourself in no time with intuitive and easy-to-use tools.

A “Just in Time” feature leverages the software’s big data capabilities that help predict the optimal time for sending emails to your recipients. This ability of the system is enabled via a single click, ensuring that emails are sent at the right time to increase the open rates of your emails.

An A/B testing module optimizes through a thorough analysis of different parameters the performance of your email campaign. By sending out a limited number of emails to selected recipients, the software is able to examine responses and automatically send more effective email versions to all your other recipients.

Landing page creator

Creating a landing page with ActiveTrail requires just three simple steps – choose a template from a collection of over 100 templates, design your page with a user-friendly editor, then click to publish. You can put your landing page in the marketing channels you use such as your website, Facebook or Google ads.

With landing pages, you can gather emails from prospects, drive traffic to your website, market your company’s services and products, and enable more visitor engagements. While there are enough templates in the collection, more variety of templates both for landing pages and newsletters can give users wider choices for their multifarious marketing requirements.

Landing pages created with ActiveTrail are mobile responsive and viewable on devices and screens of whatever size. It will help you facilitate collecting leads regardless if your prospect landed on your page using a smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, you can use your own domains with your landing pages without worrying about hosting them on your servers.

The software’s integration with PayPal means that prospects and customers can easily make quick payments directly from your landing page or email campaign (with embedded “Buy Now” buttons) without having to go through your online store. Meanwhile, integration with Facebook Lead Ads lets you email new subscribers that have registered through the signup form on Facebook. Lead Ads collects registrant information and automatically sends it straight to your ActiveTrail account.

Create your own branded landing pages from ready-made templates.

SMS campaigns

With a one-click command, ActiveTrail’s SMS tool lets you send SMS campaigns straight from your computer. This feature offers many options – you can send messages that include your company and phone number; you can save contact information if you want to use it again; said information can be synced with your mailing list, and email and SMS campaigns can be combined to create personalized messages.

With speedy contact search and editing functions, you can quickly add new contacts to your mailing lists, add a number to your contact info, synchronize between different mailing lists, and send your SMS directly to mobile phones of customers. Studies have shown that over 90% of messages sent via SMS are read in less than three minutes by recipients. Hence, this feature gives you not only convenience but also the assurance of high open rates.

Real-time analytics

Advanced analytics is one of the cornerstones of ActiveTrail. Sending emails is just one part of your campaign. You still need to track, monitor, and analyze the reaction and behavior of your subscriber and understand the results of the campaign over time. By doing these, you’ll be able to address gaps in your campaign and make improvements and optimization either to your processes or marketing content.

ActiveTrail gives you complete, real-time data through accurate tracking of each email campaign you deploy online. The system can dig deep into campaign performance and furnish you reports on various aspects including click and CTO rates, open rates, percent of sending errors, campaign section that got the most clicks, and many others. The analytics engine and reporting work automatically each time you click the send button. It will keep a record of a subscriber’s behavioral results which you can review simply by typing in the email address of the subscriber.

Whether you need detailed, low-level reports on every area in your campaign or require executive summaries to get a holistic view, ActiveTrail can generate them anytime you need them.

E-commerce traffic builder

If you operate an online store on Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce or PrestaShop, ActiveTrail for e-commerce can help build and drive customer traffic back to your online business. It gives you tools and capabilities to promote your products, connect with your audience, and grow your sales. Again, ActiveTrail’s marketing automation system is at the forefront to guide your customers in their purchasing journeys.

You can create automated campaigns according to variables that you set such as greeting new store visitors or first-time buyers with a welcome or thank you email; sending targeted content such as value offers to match their needs; emailing follow-up messages to those that show interest in your products; and sending customized campaigns to customers regarding special events. Such actions will reduce abandoned carts, perk visitor interest, strengthen customer loyalty, encourage repeat purchases, and drive web traffic to your online store.

Customer feedback

ActiveTrail lets you get the pulse of your prospects, visitors, and customers with an online survey tool. You can easily create surveys with various question types and post them on your website and social media pages or send them via SMS or email. You can craft and send in-depth market surveys or opinion surveys and even Net Promoter Score questions to assess customer loyalty to your products and services.

ActiveTrail can instantly provide you with data on who opened your survey, what questions were answered, and the answer results. The insights you get can be used to improve your product or services and help you track and understand customer preferences and satisfaction.

It takes just four simple steps to create an online survey with ActiveTrail.

Key integrations

The marketing automation software offers huge integration with external apps and services. It has Restful API and webhooks to enable you to develop an inter-system connection with as many systems and apps. If you are not into that developer stuff, simply use the Zapier integration for codeless connection with virtually any third-party system or app without having to leave the ActiveTrail platform.

Convenient integration is also built-in for some of the most important systems that you will use in tandem with ActiveTrail such as Salesforce CRM, PayPal for online payment and processing, Facebook for ads, WordPress for content management, Google for analytics, and many others. As you’ve read from the earlier section, there is partnership and integration with leading e-commerce services.

Mobile campaign tracking

Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices are available, allowing you to log in to your ActiveTrail account and track your campaigns from anywhere at any time. It is most useful for accessing real-time data, overviews, and reports to give you details as well as the “big picture” on what’s happening with your campaigns. However, a common complaint from users is the slow loading time of ActiveTrail’s website which can be an issue if you need to quickly open and access your account.

With the mobile capability, you can get informed round-the-clock from your mobile device on the number of newsletters sent, open rates, the number of new subscribers, unsubscribe rates, mailing lists, current campaign status, and more. You can easily share campaign statistics and reports with your team members, get quick views of important campaign data, track trends and KPIs, and test your campaigns on popular browsers right from your mobile device. Having the right data on your mobile device enables you to make real-time, information-based decisions related to your marketing strategies and campaigns, wherever you are.


ActiveTrail offers two flexible packages that consist of different pricing plans. The Email Package is priced based on the number of contacts. There are nine plans for this starting at $7/month for up to 500 contacts. The price goes up for a bigger number of contacts until up to $194/month for 60,000 contacts. You can get a custom price for an extremely large number of contacts.

For the SMS Package, there are seven plans available starting at $41/month for 500 SMS and $1,511/month at the other end for 25,000 SMS. A quote-based plan is offered if you need larger volume SMS.

The email package comes with unlimited emails and landing pages, and both email and SMS packages offer unlimited automation, surveys, integrations, mobile apps, and advanced analytics.

Take the Software for a Spin

We’ve analyzed ActiveTrail to give you an all-around view of the software. There are a couple of ways to see how software solutions work. First, you can go for the zero-cost option. There are several free marketing automation platforms that you can try although they are quite limited in their offerings. The best way to know if the software is right for your business is to take it for a test drive. Some of the top marketing automation platforms in our database offer free trials with full features and capabilities, allowing you to evaluate the software first-hand and see if it meets your company’s requirements. Good thing you can do that with the marketing automation software we just examined in this article. Simply sign up for ActiveTrail free trial here.

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