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ProntoForms: Top Forms Automation


ProntoForms is a popular mobile forms solution that streamlines field communication and documentation via web and mobile interface. It aims primarily to improve workflows between field and office. Field teams can use the software to submit forms, reports and documents or retrieve job orders, specs and records from headquarters. The files can also be enhanced with rich media, GPS, time stamp and signature.

The software is cloud-based, hence, it’s scalable, flexible and accessible to businesses of any size. However, it’s most suitable for inspections and audits, installation and maintenance and asset management.

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ProntoForms won our Expert's Choice Award for 2017

So, can ProntoForms be useful to your company? In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this solution and go over specific use cases to show you how you can benefit from implementing it.

We’re not the only ones satisfied with our experience as, according to the vendor, the software is used by over 3,500 companies including top global brands like AAA, BP, Toshiba and Unilever.

After a thorough review by our team we can sum up three main ProntoForm benefits you can expect:

  • Smoother field-office workflows
  • Better insights for improved field operation
  • Faster processes with automation and triggers

If you want to try out ProntoForm for yourself you can easily sign up for their free trial here.

The software is available in two price points, Pro and Enterprise, with features varying from basic reporting to analytic suite. Both plans allow for integration with popular and standard business and productivity apps like. Some users argue that pricing is the only drawback they find with this software, but with that level of quality it may actually be worth the price.

Now, let’s take a closer look now at the ProntoForms pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of ProntoForms

We find four functions of this software that make it very useful in field operations. One, it collects data on practically all types of mobile devices. Two, it integrates with a wide range of backend systems. Three, it efficiently analyzes real-time data. And last but not least, it can be deployed really easily. With these aspects combined, ProntoForms can deliver a lot of potential benefits to your company.

1. Clear field-to-office information flow

Manual information exchange between field and office is usually slow, cumbersome and error-prone. Printed copies can be misplaced or lost during delivery. Typos, illegible handwriting and incomplete forms add to the problem. Likewise, adding images is clunky and GPS is out of the question. You end up losing time at best and losing face to clients at worst.

That’s why we find ProntoForms almost a necessity if you want to improve how your business runs at ground level. Mobile-based communication happens in real time. You can deliver voice and file exchange right away. You can also embed the exchange with rich media, location and time stamps. The result is clear, accurate and timely communication between mobile teams and the headquarters. If you’re in the business of installation, construction, inspection and other field work, you surely already know how important clear communication is.

ProntoForms has other little things that added up together will enhance your overall business competitiveness. For instance, the autofill integrates with your contact database and saves you time to enter basic data like names, addresses and contact details. The software also has a library of templates for standard forms. Users can quickly create delivery requests, event registrations and other basic forms. However, for the less tech savvy, developing customized forms can be difficult. You’ll need some skills tweaking codes to use strings.

ProntoForms also links to your backoffice system, allowing field teams to transmit reports over cloud in real time. In reality, field and office often need to exchange the same file numerous times for compliance; hence, the real-time exchange really speeds up the whole process.

2. Crucial information is transmitted fast

Field emergencies happen in a blink of an eye and the field supervisor has to relay critical information fast to headquarters to make decisions. Safety issues, unexpected discoveries, malfunctioning equipment, these things require quick decisions and management and other stakeholders must be informed now, not later.

Sending manual copies, placing calls or sending emails is uncoordinated and can lead to missed information or judgment lapses. In instances like this, you don’t just need quick communication, but a coordinated one. Major decisions usually demand the opinion of various key players like top executives, investors and experts. This is where we appreciate the hidden benefit of ProntoForms. It’s like the accident insurance you need but hope won’t use.

The mobile form solution features automation and triggers that are valuable in emergencies. For example, a FAIL inspection outcome sends an automatic SMS or email notice to stakeholders. Once set up, the software can also trigger job orders to relevant field technicians to remedy the issue at once.

3. Fast tracking of audits and compliance processes

This benefit is related to emergencies, albeit the scenario is less urgent. Still, audits and compliance have to be resolved quickly the better you can get back to business.

We all can relate to sorting through files and bugging different departments to find documents being asked by an auditor. Our search can lead us to the stockroom or rows of filing cabinets; meanwhile, we can’t focus on working.

Storing important documents in a centralized cloud base makes it easy to retrieve them. You can store files in various formats, such as, PDF, DOC, TXT or HTML. Updates are also synced immediately, so your documents are always up-to-date.

Likewise, the solution has intuitive search; locating files is much like Googling for today’s weather. We like it that you can also use different filename formats, including date, time, location and name. This is a simple but quick way to index your files for quick retrieval.

4. Analytics give you operational insights

ProntoForms analytics can surface problematic patterns, correlations between disparate events; and bottlenecks.

Even if you employ standard operating procedures, you can still improve the process. All you need is insight consolidated from ground data. We find ProntoForms useful beyond connecting devices and systems–you can use it to improve workflows.

It helps you to collect real-time field data, some of which may hide clues for improvement. For example, analytics can plot which specific operational step triggers the most red flags. You can focus your energy on improving this step and create the biggest positive impact at once.

5. Dispatch fast and monitor field operations

The software helps any business with on-location operations dispatch field jobs with more accurate information. ProntoForms integrates with the mobile device’s GPS to locate specific addresses and best routes. Companies with strict field service delivery period can stick to their schedule better and fulfill their SLAs.

Furthermore, headquarters can easily monitor field operations. GPS, time stamps, and signatures are useful to track what’s going on in the field at the moment. Meanwhile, dashboards and reports consolidate these “moments” to measure field job performance using accurate metrics like time, compliance and customer satisfaction.

6. Manage assets better

ProntoForms’ real-time routing, preset forms with rich data and dashboards can also be used to manage remote assets. For instance, specs, photos, inspection reports and relevant asset data can be dispatched right away to field technicians, who, in turn, can make the right decisions on location.

Conversely, field technicians can fill up form templates and attach rich data like photos and sketches to generate accurate field reports. The field reports can be enhanced with GPS, signatures and time stamps.

Meantime, the reports can be collated by dashboards to give you the big picture on the managed asset, including its history, performance status and recommended resolutions. ProntoForms can be used to manage internal assets or as an SLA to customers’ assets.


If your business involves field operation whatever the scale is, coordination and clear communication are critical. On this note, ProntoForms may not be an option for you, but a requirement to help you stay competitive.

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