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46 Reddit Statistics You Must Read: 2019 & 2020 Data Analysis & Market Share

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At first glance, Reddit may seem to be the most disjointed website you’ve ever seen. Its jumbled collection of content that is strewn with comments and upvotes creates an unattractive platform, one that’s far from ideal. However, as Reddit statistics show, beneath this facade is a fascinating hub of diverse information, endless conversations, and millions of active users that create a highly-engaged community.

Reddit has the potential to help you drive traffic, test new products, reach your target audience’s interests, and expand marketing exponentially. For these reasons, you’d want to get into the nitty-gritty of this peculiar social platform to explore how it can help you grow your business.

In this article, we’ve compiled all the mind-blowing Reddit statistics you should know. Having these statistics at your fingertips will empower you to understand the social news community. Moreover, it should allow you to see this network’s role in your campaigns, and how you can improve them using content marketing software.

key reddit statistics

1. General Reddit Statistics

Reddit is a distinct online social planet that predictably deviates from the norms of traditional social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The platform has evolved into a peerless mix of trending news and forum website that adds a dash of the social networking ethos to yield organic growth even among the hard-to-reach audience.

Operating in a peculiar world where controversial content is a harsh reality is not an easy feat, but somehow Reddit has developed the knack to shun negativity and the missteps that blemish reputation and jeopardize marketing growth. Consequently, Reddit has gained the confidence of digital advertisers, and its popularity is on an upward trajectory.

  • Reddit is projected to register a 55% growth in 2019 to reach $119 million in ad revenue. More importantly, the website is expected to maintain steady growth and more than double its ad revenue to $261.7 million by 2021. (eMarketer).
  • According to the latest ranking from Alexa, Reddit is the 5th most popular websites in the US, ranking behind Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon. (
  • Reddit user base stats have grown from 250 million in 2017 to 330+ million active users in 2019. To put this in perspective, Reddit is currently third in terms of userbase, ranking behind only Facebook (2.13 billion users) and Instagram (800 million). In fact, in terms of active users, the platform is toe to toe with Twitter (330 million), which is quite commendable bearing in mind how Reddit operates. More interestingly, Reddit has approximately 150K active communities. (Reddit)
  • Also, 26.6 million internet users in the US use Reddit at least once every month. (CNET)
  • In 2018 alone, Reddit recorded a 22% year-over-year growth in engagement and 30% year-over-year growth in page views. (Reddit)

What do these statistics mean?

There is no denying Reddit has been a treacherous proposition for digital marketers and advertisers over the years. However, looking at these broad numbers, one trend is conspicuous: the tide is changing, and Reddit is undoubtedly on the rise. As it stands, the platform is on par with Twitter and is giving other top social networks like Facebook and Instagram a run for their money.

Reddit has put its best foot forward, and while it still doesn’t get as much appreciation as other social networks, its advances and effort in ads prospects point to a burgeoning influence. If you haven’t weighed Reddit before as a marketing channel for your brand, it may be reasonable to take your time to understand how the website works and gain some insights into subreddits that are relevant to your business.

Reddit, third most popular social site

2. Reddit User Statistics

The discussion-based nature of Reddit makes it uniquely different from other social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram. And not just its structure, Reddit has one of the most engaged and active communities of all social networks. Apparently, Reddit users are more interested in learning and usually engage in in-depth conversations on self-selected topics within numerous communities or subreddits. Here are some intriguing Reddit users statistics:

Reddit Users by Age and Gender

  • Approximately 42% of all internet users in the US aged between 18 and 24 years use Reddit. (Statista)
  • Additionally, 32% of adult Reddit users in the US are male, whereas 8% are female. (Statista)
  • Better still, Weareflint intimates that 32% of adult Reddit users in the US are male, whereas 17% are female. Of the total US Reddit users 24% are between 18-24 years, 25-34 (45%), 35-44 (32%), 45-54(19%), 55-64 (11%), 65-75 (6%), and 75+ (4%).  (Weareflint)
  • More stats show that of all online UK adults users, 21% are male whereas 15% are female. In addition, 41% of Reddit users In the UK are aged between 25 and 34 years, 18-24 (34%), 35-44 (25%), 45-54 (12%), 55-64 (6%), 65-75 (2%), and 75+ (1%). (Weareflint)
  • Additionally, about 71% of Reddit news users are male, and only 29% are women. (Pew Research)

Reddit User by Country and Frequency of Use

  • 21% of Reddit users in the US are in urban areas, whereas 17% are in rural settings. (Weareflint)
  • 53% of Reddit visitors are from the United States, 7.4% from the United Kingdom and 5.8% are from Canada. (Alexa)
  • In terms of frequency of use, 4% of US Reddit users use it several times a day, once a day (3%), once every few days (5%), once a week (3%), once every few weeks (3%), less than every few weeks (6%), never (74%). (Weareflint)
  • In the UK, the trend is the same with 3% of Internet users using Reddit several times a day, once a day (2%), once every few days (3%), once a week (2%), once every few weeks (3%), less than every few weeks (5%), never (81%). (Weareflint)
  • On the other hand, 20% of Reddit users in the UK are in urban areas, and only 12% of users are in rural areas. (Weareflint)
  • A total of 78% of Reddit users in the US use the website for news. Overall, only 2% of the total US adults use Reddit for news. (Pew Research)

Distribution of Reddit Users By Age in The US In 2018

Credit: WearFlint

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Does the user statistics make sense to you?

Marketers have been told to shun using Reddit for their marketing strategies. However, contrary to its anti-marketing reputation, Reddit statistics show that the platform should be getting more significant attention from marketers than it currently is.

Numbers don’t lie and, from the stats above, it’s easy to see that many Reddit users belong to a highly engaged and tech-savvy cohort (Millennials and Generation Z), hence, very attractive to marketers. As a result, all you need is to be more calculated and careful with how you utilize this social platform to reap optimal benefits.

One thing you’ll like about Reddit is that many of its users are individuals who don’t use other social media channels. This means using Reddit can open infinite opportunities and help you win new audiences in a remarkably targeted way. Even better, unlike other social media channels, any visitor, regardless of whether they have a Reddit account or not, can easily watch videos, read the news, discover subreddits, and see ads. The advertising niche has experienced a significant shift, and brands have to rely on paid social media advertising to reach a significant audience. However, that is not the case with Reddit: with a well-orchestrated strategy, you can easily reach a huge audience without spending a penny.

3. Reddit Traffic Statistics

As mentioned earlier, Reddit is a popular website with over 330M+ visitors every month. Its wide selections of over 150K subreddits that cover virtually any topic conceivable provide rooms for businesses to engage in conversations and explore interests of target audiences around topics that are relevant to their niche. With 168 billion+ yearly views, every marketer should endeavor to leverage this far-reaching social platform to drive traffic to their sites and build brand recognition. Other Reddit traffic statistics include:

Reddit Visitors by Subreddits

  • The visitors on Health and Fitness communities spend 15 times more time on the subreddits. (Reddit)
  • Besides, Reddit has approximately 14 million visitors and 10 million subscribers to its health and fitness subreddits. (Reddit)
  • Also, Reddit has over 27 million monthly visitors, 284M+ monthly views, and 23M+ subscribers to its technology subreddits. (Reddit)
  • 47% of Reddit visitors have bought consumer electronics, 98% of which are highly likely to be high spenders on tech. (Reddit)
  • Besides, of all technology enthusiasts online, 40% are active on Reddit, whereas 38% of all Redditors are passionate about technology. (Comscore)
  • On average, a Reddit visitor spends 16 minutes per session on the website. To put this in perspective, a Facebook visitor spends approximately 11 minutes per session, whereas internet users visiting Twitter spend 6 minutes on this social site. (Reddit)
  • 67% of Reddit visitors view websites in the photos category, whereas 53% visit websites in the Advice category. (Alexa)
  • Between February 2018 and March 2019, approximately 1.6 billion internet users visited Reddit on either desktop or mobile devices. (Statista)

Reddit Traffic Sources

  • Reddit traffic by countries puts the United State (38.58%) at the top spot, UK comes second at 7.17%, followed by Canada (5.71%), Germany (3.23%), and Australia (3.07%), in that order. (SimilarWeb June 2019 overview)
  • Ranking desktop traffic by sources for June 2019 reveals the following: direct (53.69%), search (41.92%), social (2.66%), referrals (1.17), and mail (0.52%). In addition, 0.03% of Reddit traffic is from display ads. (SimilarWeb June 2019 overview)
  • Of the traffic from social channels, 53.23% is from YouTube, 21.55% is from Facebook, and Twitter (17.32%). (SimilarWeb June 2019 overview)
  • SearchWeb also intimates that 41% of Reddit traffic is from search, which dwarfs Facebook’s at 11%. (SimilarWeb June 2019 overview)

These staggering numbers provide enough evidence that Reddit is one of the richest sources of authentic traffic. It’s true Reddit doesn’t have the capabilities of search marketing software, but it can be a wealthy source of keywords that generate targeted traffic.

Do not sit on the sidelines again, poke around several subreddits and you’ll certainly marvel at the massive possibilities to drive targeted traffic to your website. The sheer significance of the traffic opportunities on the table, backed by intriguing demographics, makes Reddit the place to go for every marketer.

However, you must do everything cautiously because Reddit has a well-documented reputation for crushing self-serving marketers, and this why many people think it’s terrible for traffic. To get quantifiable traffic from Reddit, you must first become an active user who offers real value to the relevant subreddits or communities before you start promoting your brand. Unfortunately, there is no other way around this since Reddit provides no room to casual users or joyriders.

number of internet users who visited reddit

4. Reddit Content Marketing Statistics

At its core, Reddit is a diverse and expansive social media platform that promotes content via upvotes and downvotes. On the one hand, the channel is simple in the way it enables users to submit posts to a community or subreddit as they wish. On the other hand, Reddit has a unique structure and stringent content posting rules which make it different from other social networks.

Owing to its user-generated content, Reddit can be a gold mine for boosting brand authority, referring traffic to your site, and reaching previously underserved audiences in your niche. Its content marketing capabilities are limitless, while its human-based moderation is, by far, the most potent aspect you’ll find in any social media channel. What is fascinating is that the platform is more focused on the content rather than the contributor. Ostensively, Reddit doesn’t take spammers lightly and any marketer trying to fool the system is instantly flagged and ostracized.

Reddit Posts Statistics

  • Reddit posts titles with less than 120 characters get the most upvotes. (
  • Posts with questions get the most comments, whereas posts without questions get the most upvotes. (
  • 11 million Reddit posts are submitted every month. (DigitalTrends)

Reddit Video Statistics

  • Approximately 5 million videos are consumed on Reddit each day, whereas Reddit videos get an average of 1 billion views every month. (Reddit) (CNET)
  • An average of 400K hours of video are served daily and 13 million hours of video monthly on Reddit, which is a 38% growth since the start of 2018. (Reddit)
  • According to Reddit market research data, 70% of Reddit videos are viewed on mobile. (Reddit)
  • Since launching the native video hosting service and the redesign of Reddit, there has been a 50% increase in video posts over the traditional Reddit. (Reddit)
  • Videos are the most popular and upvoted external links. (
  • Besides, since the native video service was launched, there has been 44.3% native iOS video consumers, 23.7% desktop video consumers, 22.3% Native Android video consumers, and 9.7% mobile web video consumers. (Reddit)
  • According to Reddit, video advertisers have seen 2.3 times improvement in conversion over non-video ads. (Reddit)

Reddit Communities

  • The top Reddit television community records 24 million page views every month. (Reddit)
  • The top Reddit beauty community has 2.7 million active users and registers 33 million page views per month. (Reddit)

Reddit Views, Links, and Comments

  • Since 2016, when the Reddit App was launched, 40% of Reddit content views are primarily driven by mobile. (Reddit)
  • Additionally, over 50% of the content in the top subreddits are video links. (
  • Reddit generates an average of 14 billion screen views per month. (Reddit)
  • On a daily basis, Reddit supports 40 million searches and sees 5 million comments. (TechCrunch)
  • As of November 2018, Reddit had registered over 1.2 billion comments and 27 billion votes that year. (Reddit)
  • Besides, according to, there has been 6.7 daily pageviews per visitor and 42.2% bounce rate in the last three months. (Alexa)

Native Reddit Video Consumers By Platform In 2018

Credit: Reddit

How to use the numbers to your advantage

These numbers are mesmerizing and, from the looks of it, Reddit is an exciting social platform for marketers. It’s one of the untapped resources around that harbors an outsized content marketing and promotional potential for any brand. While Reddit content marketing is not one of the trends shaping the marketing landscape, it’s secretly pulling strings behind the scenes, and its influence should not be ignored. However, the platform remains a double-edged sword, and it takes time and effort to unearth the limitless marketing opportunities and generate the desired results.

Don’t be swayed by the fantastic content marketing statistics to dive into Reddit communities with a narrow focus on solely using the platform for marketing. You’ll be cut off from the course, and your endeavor will be a complete waste of time. To succeed in Reddit content marketing, understand the etiquette of the relevant community. Then, aim to become a legitimate member of the subreddits that matter most to your brand.

What do These Reddit Statistics Mean for Your Marketing Strategy?

The data we’ve culled can only mean one thing. Reddit is a highly effective marketing channel that is more often than not underutilized.

As we discussed earlier, at first sight, Reddit may resemble the most obsolete platform for marketers. Also, while it’s one of the most popular social platforms, it is one of the toughest nuts to crack when it comes to content and social media marketing. Even worse, its antimarketing reputation has marketers either scratching their heads or shaking in their boots at the thought of using it. But given its strict posting rules and structure, we don’t blame marketers for overlooking Reddit.

However, as statistics have shown, the tide is changing, and fast. Reddit is rapidly transforming into a powerful channel for increasing engagement and distributing content. With an increasing user base, native video service, and an easy-to-use mobile app, Reddit is now becoming the social media channel many hoped it should be. With the help of the best content marketing platforms, Reddit can boost brand reputation and drive tremendous results.

It’s true, Reddit is different from other social media platforms. However, its infinite capabilities are turning heads in the content marketing arena. Today, all you need is a thorough understanding of how Reddit works. And if you have the confidence to engage Redditors with authentic content, then, Reddit will surely power your digital marketing strategy. Above all, you need to stay abreast of the best practices that you can implement to get the most out of Reddit.

The Ball is in Your Court

We hope our Reddit statistics compilation has given you an in-depth look into Reddit’s capabilities. By now, you should have an idea of how the platform can aid your marketing efforts. Hopefully, these statistics have shed light on Reddit’s capability as a marketing channel. You should endeavor to include Reddit into your arsenal of digital marketing tools. Besides,  you need to learn how to create an organized workflow to improve your content marketing.

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