How Smart Businesses Will Manage Documents by End of 2016

Smart businesses follow trends. They do whatever is necessary to stay current and relevant because they know that’s what their clients want. One such trend, more like a revolution, taking businesses by storm is the move towards paperless document management. How? Through cloud based storage.  This movement allows businesses to maximize their earning potential by reducing their spending on HR systems. Proponents for the move have presented the idea as nothing but beneficial, but that’s because it is smart.


The move is happening and fast, showing no signs of slowing soon. Many tech specialists estimate a number of Fortune 1000 organizations and companies are poised to explore the cloud and its benefits soon. This means moving document based operations such as HR and payroll to cloud.

Document Management Software allows you to access, edit, manage, and store your documents from the convenience of a web browser. This means combining scanning, storage and organizational tools into one streamlined operation system intended to renovate your office into a paperless work environment. This move increases employee productivity, improves workflow, and increases document security.

Cloud-based Technology software combines all the device, application, and data management capabilities of the on-premises software with the flexibility, ease of management at lower cost of ownership. The software can be quickly positioned and simply incorporated with the current business solutions. It provides flexibility, based on the requirement organizations can easily customize the solution.

But why? Why leave behind the streams and stacks of office files and documents? Why abandon the faithful paper trail? The answer is simple, paperless software offers convenience, saves money, and incurs minimal hardware expenses.

Companies everywhere are snubbing away from on-site HR solutions creating opportunities for cloud based payroll and HR systems. This system is less hassle and businesses using SaaS HR software finance less on support. According to a HR software buyer’s report from 2015 as much as 32% of companies use dedicated HR software.

The best part about the shift towards paperless software is its accessibility to businesses at all levels. The cloud is not limited to large companies but smaller organizations and start-ups have access to budget-friendly cloud technology. This can eventually level the playing field.

Still not convinced? Here are a few other reasons SaaS HR software is the next big thing in paperless office software and document management software. Your business should enter the race and don’t get left behind.

One Hub for Human Resource Data

This is one of the foremost reasons for the worldwide approval of cloud based SaaS software solutions because it offers a single and integrated data hub. All your essential HR data is accessible with just a few clicks. Also, retrieving important HR and payroll data is no longer an overwhelming task. You can streamline all the data while eliminating duplicate entries.

Convenient Updates

Cloud based SaaS HR software protects HR managers from the frustrating cycle of upgrading the systems every year. Purchasing the cloud based software means you get rid that process permanently.  

Saves Money and Time

These are the big ones. Just envision the heaps of spreadsheets, tracking documents, and employee attendance sheets disappearing. That’s what SaaS based HR software solutions have to offer. They simplify the entire process by improving the efficiency and productivity of your document management. You save time not inputting and documenting attendance and employee records but rather gathering everything on the cloud.  

SaaS based HR solutions come have affordable subscription and offer unrivaled scalability. You don’t have to invest in expensive hardware or other installations. Also, you won’t need hire additional employees as the vendors are responsible for installation, maintenance, updates, and even support. The advantages are undeniable.

Wireless Self-service

Empowering employees to manage predictable but crucial operational tasks help business improve productivity by reducing administrative time. Self-service functionality lets your personnel to manage basic features of mobile device management. Overall it simplifies IT management by providing employees the tools for registration, compliance checking, remediation, and other asset management and troubleshooting capabilities.

Having a SaaS cloud HR software can obviate the problems caused when using a legacy or conventional HR tool. Furthermore, SaaS solutions are held on high-tech and secured cloud platforms, so data security is no issue. Many companies fear being hacked, and although a possibility, it’s extremely rare because software providers understand the importance of securing your companies good name.

Other reasons for making the moving includes reduced compliance issues, holistic view of HR data, simple to use interface, and overall improved business solution.  

Now that you know why SaaS HR software is quickly becoming a major gamer changer for businesses everywhere no matter size, consideration for a move to a paperless office software solution make sense, right? Like any major purchase or life change, it’s advisable to shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Furthermore, not all document management software service providers are the same. Depending on the size of your company, your storage needs, and your overall operation choosing the right one can make or break your experience.

Before you contact multiple vendors do some research and decide what your business needs. When you speak to someone from the perspective company ask for demos and the benefits their software offers your business. Express any security concerns and details about customer support, and so on. Find a company offers a free trial of the service, that way you can get a feel for what to expect. For example, offers a 7 day free trial that allows you access to all the tools you might need. They promise paperless office software that helps you take control of your devices and documents. Using resources like a trial can help you test what’s needed before making the investment.

Most importantly find a vendor that you can trust and depend on to take care of your business. Don’t allow them sell you products your business does not need. You want to work with a company that will foster your growth and development. Furthermore, you want to implement solutions that will increase productivity and revenue. If your employees are happy then they will hard. But if they are concerned with management and issues in the workplace they cannot focus on performing well. So introducing such technology can increase the morale among your employees.

How Does Your Business Pay for Document Management Software

Depending on the program you choose, you either pay to own the software outright, or self-hosting, or you make monthly payments for a subscription, or a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. There are some significant differences between these models that you should consider before choosing a product.

Most of the best document management software packages are obtainable for purchase. This is the typical software sales model. Your business would install the software on office computers from a CD or from a downloadable installation file. Because you own the software outright, you have are free to use repeatedly. Like most smart technology you will get simple software updates periodically. However, major software upgrade are usually made available for purchase.  Most offer unlimited support and team training for a limited time after purchase.

With a subscription model, buyers normally do not install software on office computers. The software instead is hosted and maintained on a secure internet server that accessed from a web browser. Software upgrades are updated automatically from the server. Unlike the self-hosted model, you must have access to a working internet connection to access and use this type of software. Customer support and training services are generally as long as have a subscription. Access to the software and support services finishes when you terminate your subscription.

Prices vary based vastly among the two models. A subscription model package cost range from approximately $10 per month to $50 per month. On-site installation software packages cost anywhere from $30 to nearly $800. There are some places that offer both a subscription version and as an outright purchase.


Business competition is at its highest in 2016 because the internet is an equalizer. Every day people can find unlimited success because of the access to by the world-wide-web. Millions of people log on every day looking to find solutions to their problems. Solutions your business can answer. However, you are among several hundred other businesses offering the same service. In 2016 it is imperative that businesses make wise decisions, that’s the only way they will survive. Finding affordable and trendy system solutions allows companies to stay current and marketable. Making the switch to paperless document management is just one of the ways increase your company’s relevance and shift the focus to finding better marketing strategies.

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