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32 Student Stress Statistics in 2020: Bullying, Mental Health & Gun Violence

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With a finite number of hours per day and an endless array of to-dos, young people continue to get exposed to school stress levels that are almost comparable to adult stress. As you will see in this article, student stress statistics in 2020 will show that things haven’t changed much for the better: they are very much experiencing stress, and maybe more than ever.

Below are 32 student stress stats in 2020 that will help inform you of what high school and college students are going through in pursuit of higher education, such as college admission, batteries of exams, extra-curricular activities, and on-the-job training. This article aims to provide insights in the hope of generating solutions in the future.

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High School Student Stress Statistics

High school represents the transition between the carefree, easygoing life of children and the responsibility-laden world of adults. In the movies, high school life gets characterized as laid back, and consists of the “best times of your life.” However, especially among American schoolchildren, high school life has slowly developed into a pressure-filled, anxiety-laden environment.

From academic, peer, and social pressure, to getting admitted to the college of your choice, to exposure to bullying and violence, high school life is becoming more and more stressful for many students. To illustrate, here are some high school student stress statistics in 2020:

Source: 2018 Survey on US Teens, PEW Research Center

High School Student Bullying Statistics

Bullying is an age-old problem not just for high school but for school kids in general. Sadly, bullying did not stop in the hallways, but rather crossed over to the social media area and spawned cyberbullying. To give you an idea, below are high school stress statistics featuring bullying:

bullying statistics

College Student Stress Statistics

These statistics reveal that the pursuit of higher education is not without its perils. College offers the additional (and often simultaneous) challenges of coping with schoolwork, learning to live independently, managing the school supply budget, and assuming added responsibility by getting a job/extra credits. At the same time, the transition from adolescence to adulthood slowly takes shape, and with this comes growing pains. In fact, college drug abuse statistics are also telling of  how college students today get exposed to a wider range of substances.

External factors such as relationships, student loans, and in some extremes, perceived threats of violence or school shootings may rattle even more nerves. To give you some insights on how pressure-filled student life can be, refer to the stress in college students statistics in 2020 below:

Source: The National College Health Assessment (Spring 2018)

College Mental Health Support Statistics

Being far away from home, expensive tuition costs and a brutal course schedule can often overwhelm the average college student. Fortunately, there are ways to cope with this unwelcome stress. You can get support from your new friends and peers, involve yourself in cause-oriented groups, or avail of services provided by the school’s mental health services department. However, having available facilities does not automatically mean students are actively getting help. Refer to the college statistics focused on school mental health services for eye-opening insights:

college mental health statistics

Gun Violence and School Shooting Stress Statistics

Historically, the US remains a hotbed for gun-related violence, even in schools. As a result, the increasing reports of mass shootings have stressed students across the country. The threat of a school shooting or more violence can push students to consider not attending classes, or packing up and going home. To illustrate this point, below are student stress statistics related to gun violence and school shootings:

  • Between 2013 to 2019, there were 549 incidents of gunfire on school grounds. Of the total, 63% occurred on the grounds of an elementary, middle, or high school. (
  • Every year, 3 million schoolchildren get exposed to gun violence. (Every Town for Gun Safety report 2020)
  • Compared to white students, black high school students in the US are two times more likely to miss school due to safety issues. (American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2018)
  • The US reported a total of 45 school shootings in 46 weeks in 2019. As a result, this number produced an average of almost one school shooting per school week. (CNN)
  • 57.6% of the shootings occurred after a school sporting event. Specifically, basketball or football were the games in these events. (ABC News)


Stress Management is Key

School prepares adolescents for the real world. However, the pressures of competitiveness and expectations of higher education have inadvertently burdened school youths. Also, the exposure to daily threats of violence and bullying can add to even more student stress.

Not all stress is bad. Sometimes, stress can be the ultimate key to survival as it harnesses your well-being and keeps you excited about life. Consequently, avoiding excessive stress may hold the key to an improved outlook in life, physically and mentally. More importantly, identifying and managing the causes of stress remains as the first crucial step toward awareness.

For parents and school administrators, support, and availability of services to help students cope with school remain a powerful tool to help them adjust. In addition, a supportive non-school environment is still the best option to decompress from the demands of school. Combining these may help students manage expectations better and help ease their pressure for their lives ahead.

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