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Top 10 Alternatives to FlexiServer: Analysis of Leading Employee Monitoring Software Solutions

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Employee monitoring software can be used by companies to keep track of their workers’ activities such as internet browsing, software usage, and more. Take a look at these stats on staff monitoring: A survey by the American Management Association shows that 78% of companies monitor their employees’ use of phone, internet, and email. 63% track internet usage, 47% review emails. In fact, 27% of businesses sacked employees for misusing office internet or email, and 65% warned workers.

Let’s continue with the employee monitoring stats: Random web surfing for non-work related reasons causes a 40% productivity loss every year at American companies. 58% of industrial espionage is done by former or current employees. 64% of employees revealed they use internet for personal work during office hours. 90% of respondents (mainly government agencies and large corporations) experienced computer security breaches in the previous 12 months. Finally, 90% of employees admitted internet use is addictive.

The above stats indicate how important it is for businesses to utilize a quality employee monitoring software solution to ensure good productivity levels and prevent misuse of internet, email, and other facilities. You can select a suitable platform for your needs by continuing to read this article which provides you details on the essential features of FlexiServer and the top 10 alternatives to FlexiServer.

What is FlexiServer?

FlexiServer is a productivity and attendance software tool that tracks employee computer usage and work hours. This platform works in two ways: First, it automatically logs employee work hours after installation on a computer. This attendance tool also enables the HR unit to track sick leaves and vacation. Second, it provides tools to track computer activities. This feature shows the programs used by employees and the websites they visit. Business heads can use this tool to ensure legal compliance, security, and quality control.

Managers can access all the data stored in FlexiServer to generate reports. They log into the app, use the intuitive control panel, and select the info they need to generate insightful productivity and attendance reports.

Benefits of FlexiServer

  1. FlexiServer’s automatic employee time logging helps HR personnel to save effort and time spent on payroll and attendance procedures.
  2. It helps to promote a flexible yet efficient work environment.
  3. It can track the attendance of work-from-home, field, and office-based staff members.
  4. The above function helps to generate accurate attendance reports.
  5. Authorized personnel can view attendance data from remote locations anytime by accessing the app’s online portal.
  6. This means HR personnel can perform payroll and attendance tasks even from the field.

FlexiServer is a great employee monitoring tool but if you wish to look for a wider range of choices, don’t go away. We also provide you the main features and tools offered by the top 10 alternatives to FlexiServer. You get 3 valid reasons to buy the alternative platform instead of FlexiServer and vice versa.

Top 10 Alternatives to FlexiServer

1. Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is a story-based project management tool that enables software developers to collaborate and create real-time platforms based on received feedback. It is designed based on proven agile techniques that have been created from the experience gained from numerous commercial software development projects. Pivotal Tracker provides all team members real-time updates on their project to help them plan their tasks. They can easily access and share all project details and info, enabling developers to focus on their tasks instead of spending time preparing reports about their work. For more good choices, here are Pivotal Tracker alternatives.

Why use Pivotal Tracker instead of FlexiServer?

  1. It helps companies develop software faster by streamlining the collaboration process and helping teams to identify priorities.
  2. It gives software developers full control over their projects through absolute visibility.
  3. It provides one view that can be shared by everybody from CEO to developer.

Why use FlexiServer instead of Pivotal Tracker?

  1. It provides tools to record employees’ computer activities.
  2. Tracking features can be drilled down to time spent on each document, application, or specific project.
  3. With this data, business heads can identify the tasks that consume most of their employees’ time and plan methods to improve their efficiency.

2. RescueTime

We have included RescueTime in this list of top 10 alternatives to RescueTime because it is a popular time management solution that tracks employee computer use to enable businesses to measure productivity. It can track programs uses, websites visited, active windows, and computer activities to help users analyze how they spent their work time. The premium package offers advanced tools such as measuring meetings, phone calls, and breaks. You can view the extracted info in detail or get a summarized overview. In addition, RescueTime can graph daily monitoring data to help you analyze and report individual and team productivity. The platform offers a website blocking tool and on-screen reminders to help you focus on the tasks at hand. It also provides options to quit or pause monitoring. If you wish to look at other solutions, peruse these viable RescueTime alternatives here.

Why use RescueTime instead of FlexiServer?

  1. Its activity-tracking features provide an accurate view of how a person or team works every day.
  2. It monitors the exact amount of time spent on a website, application, or specific document.
  3. Groups can use the app to measure each team member’s activities.

Why use FlexiServer instead of RescueTime?

  1. Its website monitoring tools can prevent employees from downloading non-work apps and accessing illegal web pages.
  2. Managers can supervise operations without needing to micro-manage or be invasive.
  3. Employees can get privacy by opting to use the private mode.

3. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a time tracking solution that helps businesses manage the productivity and workflows of their remote teams. It offers a range of useful features including tracking mouse/keyboard activity and proof of work by taking screenshots. In addition, you can set your budget and time restrictions on working hours. The app also offers location monitoring and GPS tools. It is currently used by over 8,000 remote teams. You can put multiple projects and teams in a single account or organize them depending on projects. Plus, you can set permissions and settings for individual users and teams. Main features include: hourly employee tracking, advanced reporting, automatic payroll, and activity levels. You can also consider these Hubstaff alternatives here.

Why use Hubstaff instead of FlexiServer?

  1. It helps businesses to send accurate invoices to get paid the right amount for the work delivered.
  2. It provides in-depth reporting that offer actionable insights for smart decision making.
  3. It is compatible with a wide range of popular project management apps.

Why use FlexiServer instead of Hubstaff?

  1. It provides automatic attendance logs with computer usage as primary basis.
  2. It tracks time spent on specific documents and applications.
  3. It detects breaks and idle time, and takes automatic screenshots at regular intervals.

4. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is an accurate time tracking tool that offers detailed analytics of where employees spend their work time every day. You can view the websites and applications visited by your employees and screenshots of the computer while they work. The app accurately tracks employee working time and break time. It helps your team members to boost productivity and minimize wasted time. The time tracking info is accurate to the second and you can utilize this data to bill customers and to pay your staff. In addition, companies can manage remote workers efficiently and empower them to maintain high levels of productivity. For more good options, browse these Time Doctor alternatives here.

Why use Time Doctor instead of FlexiServer?

  1. Its accurate time tracking tools enable your employees to work efficiently.
  2. It helps you stay focused by reminding you when you get distracted from work.
  3. You can use the screenshot monitoring and recording tools to monitor remote employees.

Why use FlexiServer instead of Time Doctor?

  1. It provides an option for private mode.
  2. It operates behind routers and firewalls.
  3. It stores all emails sent by staff members.

5. Active Collab

Active Collab is a robust yet easy-to-use project management and collaboration application. It combines time tracking, billing, and task management into well-designed platform. You can store all your data in a single location where your team members can communicate, get updates, and see their next tasks. The solution helps them to discuss topics, brainstorm, share files, and more. You can include your clients and get full protection for your confidential data. The platform is cloud based which means you don’t have to worry about administration, hosting, and maintenance. If you need unlimited team members, custom URL, and full control over your data, you can opt for the self-hosted version. If you wish to scout for other solutions, peruse these Active Collab alternatives here.

Why use Active Collab instead of FlexiServer?

  1. You can keep your team on the same page using this application.
  2. Control permissions to determine what each user can view and access.
  3. It offers file management and email integration tools.

Why use FlexiServer instead of Active Collab?

  1. It offers an option for real-time screen monitoring for quality assurance.
  2. It displays the online status of team members.
  3. It integrates monitored data with payroll software.

6. ActivTrak

ActivTrak is an employee behavior analytics solution. It helps employers to track what their staff are doing and the time they spend on their tasks. ActivTrak is a stealthy monitoring tool that does not show up on monitored computers or in the task manager. It ensures employees use company’s IT resources honestly. Plus, the product gives businesses an accurate picture of how their employees spend their work time. It offers configurable settings that help you define how the app should function and you can opt to stop monitoring of one or more computers as per your needs. In short, it is a powerful monitoring tool that provides vigorous features. If you think this app is too basic for your needs, browse these excellent ActivTrak alternatives here.

Why use ActivTrak instead of FlexiServer?

  1. You can monitor their employees without them being aware of it.
  2. It provides comprehensive activity audits.
  3. It offers automatic screen captures.

Why use FlexiServer instead of ActivTrak?

  1. It counts mouse clicks and keystrokes.
  2. It takes automatic screenshots at regular intervals.
  3. It offers the option to enter work hours manually.

7. DeskTime

DeskTime is a time tracking app that works on mobile devices and desktops. It helps businesses to know what their staff members are doing on their computers to ensure they are productive. They can save financial resources and time by making sure their employees use their work hours properly to do their tasks. DeskTime offers useful tools such as offline time tracker, website tracker, and app tracker. Companies can use the all-in-one dashboard to track absences, overtimes, daily activities, and more from a single place. The platform helps enterprises to identify inefficient work habits that impact development. It does this by offering tools that aid businesses to boost employee productivity. You can also consider viable DeskTime alternatives here.

Why use DeskTime instead of FlexiServer?

  1. You can immediately set the platform to work without needing to manually enter data.
  2. It provides automatic time monitoring.
  3. Its Absence Calendar lets employees log their absences and leaves.

Why use FlexiServer instead of DeskTime?

  1. Its automatic employee time logging assists HR personnel to save time spent on payroll and attendance procedures.
  2. It can monitor the attendance of office-based, field, and work-from-home staff members.
  3. Authorized employees can view attendance info from remote locations by accessing the platform’s online portal.

8. ScreenshotMonitor

ScreenshotMonitor is a screenshot monitoring and time tracking product. It helps businesses to monitor their staff members’ time and computer activities. The solution assists companies to find methods to improve their employees’ work efficiency and productivity. With ScreenshotMonitor, enterprises can ensure their employees are working efficiently on the clock even if they are not able track them in real time. A big advantage is the app can work in offline mode and automatically updates data after internet connection is regained. Plus, company management can generate insightful reports as per their needs. These reports are customizable and businesses can state the metrics they wish to get measured. For more good choices, peruse these ScreenshotMonitor alternatives here.

Why use Screenshot Monitor instead of FlexiServer?

  1. It offers an automatic time tracking mode.
  2. It provides random screenshot tracking.
  3. It takes snapshots of staff members’ monitors that tell the management what employees are doing and which websites and applications they are visiting while in the office.

Why use FlexiServer instead of ScreenshotMonitor?

  1. It helps to promote a flexible and efficient work environment.
  2. The above feature helps to produce accurate attendance reports.
  3. HR unit employees can carry out attendance and payroll tasks even from the field.

9. Teramind

Teramind is a popular computer security and employee monitoring platform. It tracks employees’ computer activities and protects the company from data theft. Businesses can use Teramind to identify suspicious activity and security hazards, and track employee efficiency and productivity. The tool helps IT security teams to minimize security risks by providing them real-time alerts. In addition, it secures company networks by redirecting staff members to safe platforms and sites. The solution also locks out devices or users that pose a threat to company integrity. Main features include: file tracking, instant message monitoring, remote desktop control, email monitoring, and keystroke logger. If you are not satisfied, browse these Teramind alternatives here.

Why use Teramind instead of FlexiServer?

  1. It is available as an installed solution or as a cloud service.
  2. Its flexible features are user-definable.
  3. The vendor’s datacenters are PCI-compliant and vigorously protected.

Why use FlexiServer instead of Teramind?

  1. It offers tools to record staff members’ computer activities.
  2. Its website monitoring features prevent employees from visiting illegal web pages and downloading non-work apps.
  3. It provides automatic attendance logs with computer use as primary basis.

10. TMetric

TMetric is an employee time tracking software designed to help you track your employees’ working hours, breaks, attendances, and leaves, helping you ensure that you pay your employees accurately and empower them to become efficient and productive assets to your company or organization.

It enables users to not only track their employees and their working hours, but also income the streams in from projects and other revenue sources.

Aside from companies and agencies, TMetric is an ideal time tracking tool for freelancers. It provides users with versatile billable rates and transparent and detailed reporting to help you spot areas of improvement and more opportunities to optimize your processes and workflows.

By Nestor Gilbert

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