Top 15 EHR Systems for 2019

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What is the top EHR system?
The top EHR software for medical practices is TherapyNotes. It is an EHR system specifically designed for mental health professionals and their patients. The Client Portal feature allows patients to set, cancel, or reschedule appointments as needed; it also will enable professionals to approve requests and add notes about their patients for easier monitoring and treatment procedures.

Did you know that 59 percent of primary care physicians are unsatisfied with their EHR? They stated that they spend more time trying to navigate their software rather than treating their patients. Tech, in general, should make life easier for the user. The problem arises when expectations and features don’t match.

This is why it is crucial to find the right EHR software for your practice. One that will help streamline your day to day process. Doing so can help you address these issues and allow your practice to cater to patient concerns faster.

In this article, you’ll come across the top 15 EHR systems in the market. Each product offers unique features like patient portals, electronic billing, and direct messaging with doctors. All of which promise convenience for both professionals and patients alike.

best ehr solutions

With the help of Electronic Health Records (EHR), organizing your practice’s day to day activities will be more attainable. You can easily pull patient records, create new ones, and even view your appointment list for the day. It lets you stay organized with just a few clicks.

86% of office-based physicians adopted EHR in 2017, with 80% using certified EHR. Such development proves that more medical professionals see the convenience that the program offers. 

The EHR market is expected to achieve a 5.5% CAGR growth from now until 2025. During this time, you can expect more facilities to adopt the system. 

EHR adoption has more than doubled since 2008 (source:

An excellent example of growth is with mental health institutions. One in five adults in the United States has a mental health condition. That’s about 40 million people needing treatment. As the demand for mental health care increases, doctors are keeping up with patient records that continue to pile up.

The problem is the reason why facilities are looking to integrate EHR into their system. That way, patient records can be organized and easily shared with the doctor and patient as needed.

But before you decide on which EHR systems, you should first learn everything, there is about medical technology. For instance, learning the difference between EMR and EHR will allow you to decide better which system is better suited for you.

On that note, let’s check these top 15 EHR systems.

1. TherapyNotes

TherapyNotes dashboard example

Number one on the list is TherapyNotes. TherapyNotes is the world’s leading behavioral health practice management software designed specifically with the mental health professional in mind. It allows doctors to schedule their day, create notes for patients, and even arrange billing arrangements for easy access to patients. 

Among TherapyNotes pros, it is comprehensive and offers a variety of features useful to professionals and patients alike. One of these features is the client portal. 

Through the client portal, patients can schedule, cancel, or reschedule appointments. Clinicians can review these requests and approve or deny them with a single click. An email is automatically sent to your patient with your answer. 

For practices looking to go paperless, TherapyNotes allows you to send out everything electronically, eliminating the need for paperwork. 


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The best part is that practitioners can customize what features to get for their portal to fit their needs. That way, they can be sure to provide the best care for their patients. 

TherapyNotes supports machines and devices running on Windows, Android, Mac/iOS, and Windows Mobile. The solution can integrate with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, iCal, and Flamory.

You can use all the features for free for a while to see if the software matches your needs. Sign up for TherapyNotes free trial here.


Prices start at $49/mo for Solo users. The Groups and Enterprise package both start at $59/mo for the first clinician, an additional $30/mo for additional clinicians, and $20/mo for interns. The Enterprise package is suitable for clinics and accommodates 30+ users. It can also have a designated account manager.

Key features

  • The Client portal makes it easier for patients and doctors to get in touch with each other about billing and scheduling appointments for the week.
  • All data and records uploaded to the system are protected with encrypted online access, automatic backup, and disaster recovery. Everything is safe with TherapyNote’s security features.
  • Doctors can easily manage their appointments and sync it with their other devices to ensure that they don’t miss a scheduled meeting with a patient. 
  • The app keeps all their records on the Notes feature to keep track of patient progress. Here, you can organize charts, along with their intake requirements, insurance cards, and homework.
  • Charge clients easily through TherapyNote’s secure payments feature. Store credit card information on the system and charge it for future transactions quickly. 

2. QuestQuanum

Quanum dashboard example

QuestQuanum, formerly 360Care, is a web-based EHR designed with ambulatory services in mind. It is recommended for enterprises of all sizes.  

The application is ideal for smaller enterprises, as QuestQuanum is scalable. This allows practices to upgrade their system at the same pace as their business.

Additionally, QuestQuanum allows professionals to quickly access patient information anytime, anywhere, thanks to its cloud-based platform.

Professionals can also prescribe medication to their patients via the ePrescribing feature. Here, you can handle everything related to your patient’s prescription medication.

Developed by Quest Diagnostic, the application makes it easier for health professionals to easily send patient information from one location to another without compromising security. 


QuestQuanum is being marketed on a price quote basis. Get in touch with the vendor to know more. 

Key features

  1. QuestQuanum focuses on making comprehensive reports about patient care to ensure that each one gets the best course of treatment
  2. The application is best for smaller practices trying EHR software for the first time as it offers an easy to understand user interface.
  3. It is fully scalable, so your application’s features can grow as your business grows. 
  4. Because QuestQuanum emphasizes patient record keeping, everything is secure, and only authorized personnel can gain access to relevant patient data. 
  5. ePrescribing makes it easier to make adjustments to patient prescriptions and approve refilling of prescriptions without patients needing to visit the clinic. 

3. Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion dashboard example

Practice Fusion is a web-based EHR system designed with independent practices in mind. The app’s primary goal is to streamline the workflow so that doctors can focus on their patients without worrying about the paper flow or other administrative tasks.

One of its more prominent features is its intuitive charts. With smart charting, you can customize chart templates to fit your practice, so new patient intake is a lot faster. The automatic favorites list also reduces the time it takes for doctors to find frequently viewed charts.

Prescribing medication to your patients can now be done online! Through this e-pharmacy feature, the doctor can prescribe patient medication, refill requests, and make overall pharmacy communication more efficient than before. 

Lastly, through Practice Fusion, doctors can identify gaps in patient care and put upfront so they can receive the immediate attention needed. 

For those already using NueMD in their facility, Practice Fusion integrates with this software to make your work more streamlined than ever. 


Practice Fusion offers its services on a quote basis. Get in touch with the team for pricing details. 

Key features

  1. To help new users adopt the software and use it effectively, Practice Fusion offers a free live training session.
  2. The E-pharmacy feature makes it easier for doctors and patients to prescribe and get the medication needed for their treatment.
  3. Doctors can get in touch with labs faster through the Practice Fusion app. Get X-ray and other lab results more quickly with complete findings. 
  4. Because the EHR is cloud-based, users can access the information on the program from anywhere there is a stable internet connection.
  5. Practice Fusion’s medical billing feature guarantees a more streamlined and accurate approach to billing patients. 

4. Cerner EMR

Cerner dashboard example

Cerner EMR is part of a unified electronic health record system and clinical solution that streamlines the workflow for medical practitioners. It is ideal for medical enterprises of any size. 

When practitioners choose to use Cerner EMR, they can streamline patient to doctor communication as well as make it easier for patients to request medication refills and prescriptions. 

Through the comprehensive patient portal, patients can send messages to their physicians if they have questions or want to set an appointment with their doctor in the coming days. 

Cerner users can expect the application to keep changing over time, depending on the needs of the medical field. That’s because they have a dedicated team that gathers information across all their users to find out how they can make their application more useful for everyday use. 

What’s more, their predictable IT spend gives your organization a good idea of what to expect in terms of costs in the next few years. That way, you can anticipate the cost of upgrading and better prepare yourself for the future. 

Lastly, to make workflow faster, Cerner EHR integrates with several other applications. These include integrations with EBSCO Nursing Resources, CHADIS, Welch Allyn Plus Technologies Enterprise Software, Vocera Wireless Communication System, CHRON Health Telemedicine, DAIC, FormFast, and Mortara Instrument. 


Get a quote for your organization by getting in touch with the Cerner EMR team.

Key features

  1. Through voice recognition, doctors can input their findings into the system without typing it out, making the process faster. 
  2. Cerner uses Model Experience to help develop new ways to make day-to-day activities in the clinic or hospital more streamlined. 
  3. Black Book ranked Cerner #1 from 2016 to 2018 for Client Service and Technical Support for offering a full, four-tier technical support system for their clients.
  4. To help keep IT costs in check, Cerner’s Predictable IT Spend gives your organization a heads-up on what to expect, cost-wise, on your Cerner EHR platform within the next year.
  5. Assigning input triggers to make patient chart inputs faster. Setting trigger words can help put down information on patients more quickly, saving time in the process.

5. Optum Physician EMR

Optum Physician EMR dashboard example

Optum Physician EMR is an EHR software that is designed to help medical practitioners manage patient care. The company prides itself on its analytical prowess. 

The application puts stock on analytics and advanced clinical documentation. To make sure that their software continues to provide the best service, Optum relies on breakthroughs with artificial intelligence. Some of their discoveries include natural language processing, machine learning, and neural networks, to name a few. 

Through their research, the team can come up with customized solutions for each part of the health system. 

It features an easy-to-understand dashboard that allows the user to understand and master use in just a short amount of time. 

To effectively help patients, Optum has a variety of features on hand to do just that. One of these is the Claims Management Feature. This allows users to check claims before sending them to patients. It also prevents unbilled services and overall reworking. 

Another feature is Care Coordination for Health Plans. This feature helps bridge the gaps in patient care by offering a person-focused approach. 

That means integrating programs that allow professionals to see just what each patient needs. Through this method, each patient can get the precise care they need to continue on the road to recovery.


To get an idea of the price, you can get in touch with the Optum Physician EMR team. 

Key features

  1. Optum’s Analytics expertise is using their research breakthroughs to find better solutions for the medical world.
  2. The vendor tailor-makes solutions for enterprises, making it possible to improve data management and process. 
  3. Through Optum’s Care Coordination feature, physicians can input what each patient’s specific care needs are to ensure the fastest route to recovery. 
  4. To help avoid unbilled services and reworking bills, the solution allows physicians to go over claims more carefully before sending it to patients for billing. 
  5. Through this system, doctors can make better decisions when it comes to prescribing medication.  

6. EpicCare

EpicCare dashboard example

EpicCare is an EHR that offers services that clinics and hospitals will find useful in making sure that each patient gets the best care possible. 

One of its significant features is MyChart, the application’s patient portal. Through here, patients can do a variety of actions. Outpatients can use the portal to get in touch with their doctors about their treatment. 

It also has complete questionnaires to help assess their progress, which helps encourage patients to be more involved in their health. 

MyChart Bedside, on the other hand, allows confined patients to see who’s in their care team for secure communication and have access to personalized patient education materials for reference. 

Additionally, Epic supports mobile services. They are compatible with the iPhone and iPad. This brings the patient care closer by allowing users to access it from their mobile device. 


EpicCare offers its service through a quote basis. Get in touch with the team to learn more about their service. 

Key Features

  1. MyChart allows new patients to easily set appointments with doctors, making medical care more accessible than ever before. 
  2. MyChart Bedside offers comprehensive information for patients about their ongoing care and allows them to get in touch with their care team.
  3. When patients can’t visit the clinic, they can set up e-visits with their physicians through the MyChart portal.
  4. EpicCare offers pre-built content that is both flexible and customizable, depending on your practice’s needs so you can focus more on patient care.
  5. Mobile features make accessing necessary information and consultations a lot simpler than ever before.  

7. Office Ally EHR 24/7

Office All EHR dashboard example

Office Ally HER 24/7 is an Electronic Health Records program that reduces the time doctors spend on paperwork so that they can keep an eye on their patients. 

When you decide to employ Office Ally EHR for your business, you can use it to help your clinic meet MACRA/MIPS compliance. 

The application itself is compliant with its requirements, and adapting it, and its features can elevate your medical team’s certification. 

After purchasing the service, you can enjoy the free set up and training that comes with the product. This feature makes adaptability to the service a lot faster for you and the entire team, with fewer errors along the way. 

Users can also customize the application depending on their preference and specialty. That way, options and features that are most likely in line with their service are easily within reach. 

What’s more, reports from the system are guaranteed to always be up to date. So, practitioners who need to get certain pieces of information down from the cloud can rest assured that they are still getting the latest data. 

Customers using Practice Mate, another Office Ally product, can choose to integrate EHR 24/7 to take a more streamlined approach to manage their patients.


Price starts at $29.95 per month/provider

Key integrations

  1. The free setup and training feature reduces downtime and fully prepares you and your team to use the product more effectively.
  2. Using Office Ally EHR 24/7 helps your practice meet several certifications, including MACRA/MIPS compliance, as well as Meaningful Use.
  3. When users use a phrase often enough, the Automated Phrase Storage stores it to make entering information into the system faster.
  4. Customize the interface and features according to your specialty, and make preferred features more accessible. 
  5. Grabbing reports from the application is always guaranteed to be the latest version, as it automatically saves information in the cloud. 

8. CampDoc

campdoc dashboard example

CampDoc is the EHR for health care providers in summer camps. It is best used by health professionals working in camps, schools, and other childcare facilities.

One of CampDoc’s best features is its Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR). Use it to list any medication or allergies campers and staff may have. With this feature, campers taking their medication will always be notified and administered the right medication.

Next, CampDoc can help you create a list of campers with allergies and those taking medication. This is important for camp staff preparing meals. These lists are customizable so that you can make a report based on your needs.

Another feature is the attendance tracker. Using your device, tick off the names of kids who arrived on camp, are participating in activities, and more. Through this, you will be able to keep track of campers with ease.

Lastly, users are free to integrate several other applications into the system, thanks to CampDoc’s Open API feature.


CampDoc starts at $4.00/user/year

Key Features

  1. CampDoc is specially designed for camps, schools, and other childcare facilities to keep track of the kids’ medications and allergies.
  2. Allow parents to add pictures, names, and contact numbers of trusted contacts that are allowed to pick up their children for added security.
  3. eMAR feature minimizes the chance for human error by keeping track of medications, helping staff administer the right meds to the right individual.
  4. Create comprehensive reports and help staff and counselors take better care of each child.
  5. Track attendance and make check-ins and check-outs faster for each child and their families.

9. Kareo Clinical

Kareo dashboard example

Kareo Clinical has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for first time EHR users. It was designed by and for medical professionals with the main focus on ease-of-use.

To help improve clinic productivity and prevent making duplicate patient records, Kareo Clinical’s dashboard lets you know if there is already a patient in the database with the same information you are trying to enter. 

It also allows users to privately message coworkers, and even patients with ease, eliminating the need for phone calls. 

Next, its agenda overview feature allows you to check out what you need to do for the day, who’s in the office, and your completed tasks. 

Another useful feature is the integrated prescription discounts. Help patients ensure that they fill their prescriptions through discounts. Find and compare prices and give your patients the best deals possible.

Lastly, Kareo Clinical boasts an open API feature that allows it to integrate with other solutions to make processes faster and a lot easier. Integrations include third-party apps like Practice Fusion EHR, WebPT EHR, and QuickBooks.


Kareo Clinical offers two Pricing Plans: Physician Provider, which starts at $300/physician provider/month and the Non-Physician Provider that begins at $150/non-physician provider/month. To know more about their pricing plans, get in touch with their sales team.

Key Features

  1. Kare Clinical EHR is designed with ease-of-use in mind, making it more likely for more clinics to adopt the use of electronic health records for themselves. 
  2. The app maximizes productivity by making sure that both patients and staff have a clear communication hub alongside state-of-the-art record keeping. 
  3. Through the calendar feature, you and your team can easily prioritize patients who need urgent care and for any other important dates for the entire team to keep in mind.
  4. Know which patients you will see for the day so you can easily pull out their patient records. And know which staff members will be in the office for the day with the Agenda Overview feature.
  5. Integrated prescription discounts allow you to give patients the best prices when it comes to prescriptions.

10. TouchWorks EHR

TouchWorks dashboard example

TouchWorks EHR is one of the most flexible EHRs in the market, with its ability to integrate into several applications. It is best used by medium to large enterprises looking to streamline their processes.

Easily assign tasks, manage patient prescriptions, and get in touch with each member of your team anywhere with TouchWorks’ mobile integration, which makes working anywhere easier. 

Additionally, you can customize your workflow and make it more efficient for staff and patients through the AllScripts Developer Program. 

Standardize your care practices ad improve your clinic’s overall workflow with TouchWorks EHR to ensure that your patients get the best care possible. 

Lastly, TouchWorks EHR can be integrated with a variety of other software for your convenience. Some of these apps include Mobile Wound Care, Medlio. 


Get a price quote for your clinic when you get in touch with the TouchWorks team.

Key Features

  1. If you’re already using several other software, you can easily integrate them with TouchWorks EHR. 
  2. Mobile compatibility allows users to manage tasks right from their phones.
  3. Customize the application to fit your practice and find suitable features through the AllScripts Developer Program.
  4. Offer better patient care and communication. 
  5. It helps your practice meet quality measures and promote interoperability.

11. iSalus EHR

iSalus dashboard example

iSalus EHR is designed for use by clinics and healthcare organizations of all sizes. Some of the solutions it offers include electronic health records for patients, easy scheduling of appointments, as well as billing services. 

Aside from the regular features, it also offers other services for both patients and healthcare professionals in specific practices. These include urology and nephrology solutions and Revenue Management

UroChoice is an EHR designed explicitly for urologist. It’s currently one of the top-ranked Urology EHRs. The app quickly shows doctors all vital patient information at a glance, making processes fast and efficient. 

Lastly, you can integrate Google Maps and other practice management solutions with the system. The solution also has numerous laboratory integrations, including Accurate Diagnostic Labs, Ameritox, and Bio-Reference Clinical Laboratories, among others. 


iSalus has two packages available The Standard Package starts at $149/provider/Month while the Premium Package starts at $299/month.

Key Features

  1. The color-coded dashboard makes it easier for practices to know what clinics are missing to pass for Meaningful Use
  2. Its Urology solution, UroChoice, is an excellent way for urologists to keep track of everything specific to urology patients.
  3. The nephrology solution offers a comprehensive guide on everything a doctor and patient need to know about their condition, as well as a handy dialysis tracker.
  4. iSalus Revenue Management feature helps to eliminate errors and ensures that all your claims are clean and in order.
  5. The integrated mobile app makes it easier for everyone to access information and get in touch with particular doctors fast.

12. Ocuco

Ocuco dashboard example

Ocuco is an EHR for optometrists and their patients. Through the app, optometrist clinics can go paperless while keeping all their records in one place. It also comes with a mobile app that lets patients and doctors access information as needed.

An advantage of having Ocuco for your clinic’s chain is that you can keep track of every branch’s day to day workflow and be able to help customers as needed. 

It also comes with a handy e-commerce feature that allows patients to find and order their prescription lenses online, thus, offering convenience to those who can’t visit their optometrist in person. 

With Ocuco, you can easily measure and track trends across all the different branches of your practice, allowing you to make adjustments as needed.

Lastly, you can integrate Ocuco with a head system of your choice, such as SAP, accountancy packages, data warehouses for easier navigation and usability.


Ocuco’s pricing plans are available upon request. 

Key Features

  1. Streamlines Optometrist chain processes, and creates a database of all patients across branches
  2. E-commerce feature allows patients to order replacement lenses and updated prescriptions when they can’t visit the clinic in person. 
  3. An utterly paperless journey for the patient, from intake to getting their prescriptions. 
  4. Extensive data analysis allows stores to keep track of changes in marketing strategies as well as keep track of trends across all branches.
  5. Cross practice service lets each branch in practice to get the human resources needed to adapt to customer movements with ease. 

13. NextGen Healthcare

NextGen Healthcare dashboard example

NextGen Healthcare offers a comprehensive system for healthcare providers seeking to streamline their entire business. Their range of services covers healthcare, financial management, and population health, among others. 

NextGen offers a partnership between their company and yours. Work closely with their technology team so you can better serve your patients as needed.

Whether your practice is small or big, NextGen offers a solution tailormade for you and your team. It makes handling patient records and billing a lot more manageable. 

Through NextGen’s streamlined workflow, reduce the stress of charting new patients and updating the chart of old ones. This is especially handy for solo-practitioners.

One way to help your practice get the best healthcare system possible for your patients, NextGen, offers integration with several technology systems, including Dell Cardiac Science and CTI, among others. 


Get in touch with the vendor to get a pricing quote.

Key Features

  1. Information passage through NextGen’s enhanced interoperability feature allows you to send information to your patients, providers, payers, and health registries.
  2. Get the right sized EHR solution for your practice as NextGen offers scalability for practices of all sizes.
  3. Quality reports allow your practice to meet regulatory requirements for your patients and other staff members.
  4. To ensure all staff members deliver the best service, NextGen offers dedicated account care, offering 24/7 training and support for anyone who needs it.
  5. Streamlined workflow allows physicians and fellow medical staff members to stay on top of their tasks by making documentation and care management more accessible.

14. Availity

availity dashboard example

Availity is a HIPAA-compliant internet-based system. It aims to automize business transactions for medical care facilities. 

It provides a solution to information exchange between parties and allows for a more streamlined data collection option. Now, front desk employees can easily and quickly take down a new patient’s information. 

Some of the features you can enjoy when using Availity include claims, physician, and outpatient and in-patient management, among others. 

Through these features, you can easily monitor patient conditions and update their charts as needed. And because the application is cloud-based, everyone in the network can easily access the system as long as there is a stable internet connection.  


To get a quote for your business, contact the Availity team. 

Key Features

  1. Prevents bottlenecks when it comes to information exchange between patients and healthcare providers.
  2. It allows for better patient financial and revenue cycle management.
  3. Streamlined patient collections allow you to gather first-time patient information quickly.
  4. Manage data more efficiently through Availity and its transparency feature that allows you to pass information from staff to technology partners as needed.
  5. Attach relevant medical attachments to patient records to keep track of the care needed for each patient. 

15. OncoEMR

Onco EMR dashboard example

OncoEMR is an EHR solution designed for oncology practices. Here, you can get essential services, including ePrescribing, practice management, and physician quality and initiative reporting, among others.

When your practice uses OncoEMR, it makes data collection and reporting a lot faster and easier, and all are under official reporting requirements.

Oncology is a practice that has been left under the radar. But through OncoEMR, it is given the attention it deserves. Because it is a software specifically designed for oncology practitioners in mind, all of its features are specifically designed to help make day to day activities smoother and faster.

OncoEMR integrates with inventory systems, laboratories, other practice management systems, as well as radio information systems. This  way, your practice gets the best service possible. 


Get in touch with the OncoEMR team to get a quote for your business.

Key Features

  1. OncoEMR has a dedicated support team that offers help for any issue so you can use the application with ease.
  2. This cloud-based solution offers secure access 24/7, allowing you to stay on top of patient needs at any time of the day. 
  3. Complete patient assistance applications help you find the right program for your patient in as fast as three minutes.
  4. If you’re transitioning to OncoEMR, you can expect seamless migration that will ensure that everything is up and running on the very first day it is used.
  5. OncoEMR serves as a customized diagnostic and treatment tool for oncology patients.

Best way to check if the software fits your practice

Did you find the EHR software that’s a fit for your practice? This top 15 EHR systems guide was hopefully useful in your search for the best product for your business. 

If you need a push in the right direction, we recommend giving our top tool, TherapyNotes, a go. It has some of the best features out of all the EHR software featured on this list. Should you want to investigate the platform firsthand, you can easily do so when you sign up for TherapyNotes free trial here

You can always try the other solutions listed here as well, even using TherapyNotes as your benchmark.  Or, if your need is specific to just managing medical records–so you need not pay for robust EHR features that you don’t need, yet–you can opt for the leading EMR software vendors. The point of this exercise is, well, so you won’t be a part of the statistics on unsatisfied EHR users.

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