Top 10 Alternatives to PeopleAdmin: Analysis of Popular Talent Management Software Solutions

Zoho Recruit No. 1 Alternative


Talent management software can be utilized by businesses to create educational courses to enhance the skills of their employees. Why is talent management important in the corporate world? Because companies need to fully maximize the potential of their paid employees by providing them the necessary training on key skills. Conversely, losing a talent is costly, averaging about 2x their annual salary when replacing one. Thus, it pays to attract the right talent in the first place.

Talent management involves a host of elements such as:

  • Recruitment planning
  • Job description development
  • On-the-job training
  • Goal setting
  • Feedback systems such as performance appraisal
  • Career planning
  • Promotions and rewards

It is therefore essential for companies to implement talent management best practices to improve their efficiency and competitiveness. These best practices include getting support from the management for talent development, standardizing feedback processes, creating an organizational culture to support talent management, maintaining consistency in talent management procedures, and finally, making  talent management activities popular among employees. Talent management also ensures that you meet the top factors that employees value at work.

Now you know how important effective talent management is for business success. But how do you select a quality talent management software solution from the heaps of products out there? You can do that by reading this article which provides the lowdown on the tools offered by PeopleAdmin as well as the top 10 alternatives to PeopleAdmin.

What is PeopleAdmin?

PeopleAdmin is an ideal software suite for the needs of universities and colleges. It used by government and higher education institutions to manage the entire employee lifecycle including recruiting, onboarding, managing, and retaining. Higher education providers can utilize this platform to hire the best administrators, staff, and instructors for their different departments. This enables them to provide high-quality service and education, and attract more students. In addition, the tool provides deep insights that can be used to make complex decisions.

Benefits of PeopleAdmin

  1. It helps to make the recruitment process more efficient.
  2. It provides strategic analytics tools.
  3. It streamlines onboarding and management.
  4. It helps you to conduct effective performance appraisals.
  5. It provides a branded job board.
  6. It facilitates social media and job boards integration.

If you think this application is not suitable for your needs, don’t go away. Stay on to read more of this article as we also detail the key features of the top 10 alternatives to PeopleAdmin. We give 3 good reasons why you should use the alternative app instead of PeopleAdmin and vice versa.

Top 10 Alternatives to PeopleAdmin

1. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based recruitment solution that offers customizable features to enable businesses to quickly find the right candidates. It offers automated recruitment tools for the needs of staffing agencies, HR units, and small and medium-sized businesses. You can use the platform to publish job openings, manage resumes, and communicate effortlessly with applicants. Top features include: posting to job boards, website integration, territory management, automated workflow processes, social media utilization, document collaboration, and security administration. The best part is Zoho Recruit can meet your transparency needs and also save time. It provides a 360-degree view of your candidates, contacts, and clients. You can sign up for Zoho Recruit free trial here or compare it with Zoho Recruit alternatives to see how its excellent features stand out.

Why use Zoho Recruit instead of PeopleAdmin?

  1. It automates all business-specific recruitment processes.
  2. It is customizable to meet all your organizational needs.
  3. It offers LinkedIn integration.

Why use PeopleAdmin instead of Zoho Recruit?

  1. It can modernize the recruiting processes of universities and colleges.
  2. They can personalize the job site to offer a consistent user experience.
  3. It integrates with popular online job boards and social media sites to help you widen the search for the best talents.

2. iCIMS Talent Acquisition

iCIMS Talent Acquisition is a robust application that helps HR professionals reach and interview qualified applicants. Key features include: job board posting, career site SEO, and social media distribution. You can use the Social Distribution feature to extend your reach to more than 300 leading social media outlets including specialty and niche sites. iCIMS also offers a branded career portal where candidates can find suitable career opportunities. This platform can be used by businesses to simplify and accelerate the hiring process without compromising on the quality of the candidates. It enables organizations to improve their recruitment process, engage the best candidates, make quality hires, and track key metrics using a single robust system. If you are still not impressed, peruse these excellent iCIMS Talent Acquisition alternatives here.

Why use iCIMS Talent Acquisition instead of PeopleAdmin?

  1. It provides top rate talent acquisition and management solutions.
  2. You can tailor your career portals with your own branding elements to match your corporate websites.
  3. It offers interview management and candidate management tools.

Why use PeopleAdmin instead of iCIMS Talent Acquisition?

  1. Its analytics module helps recruiters to make informed decisions for effective talent management.
  2. Its diversity dashboard shows the progress of the institution on diversity initiatives.
  3. It automates the creation of reports.

3. PeopleSoft

We have included PeopleSoft in this list of top 10 alternatives to PeopleAdmin as it helps you to collect useful HR data and improve your business procedures. You can use its HR functions to streamline business performance, enhance productivity, and reduce the cost of ownership. PeopleSoft HCM empowers you to easily recruit and manage talent, accurately forecast workforce requirements, proactively handle your HR operations, and focus on improving your business strategies and initiatives. Use the platform’s global core HCM system to manage HR globally while complying with local regulations. Utilize the workforce management module to forecast, deploy, manage, and monitor your employees. Key features include: optimized workforce scheduling, global payroll architecture, automated leave planning, centralized storage of employee data, and integrated solution for succession planning. For more good options, peruse these PeopleSoft alternatives here.

Why use PeopleSoft instead of PeopleAdmin?

  1. You can streamline time manager tasks to approve time and resolve exceptions.
  2. Make smarter decisions with real-time analysis of enterprise labor data.
  3. Use the workforce service delivery module to minimize costs and boost productivity.

Why use PeopleAdmin instead of PeopleSoft?

  1. It keeps hiring managers and administrators updated on the latest trends of their recruiting procedures.
  2. This enables them to make modifications as required.
  3. It helps the recruiting team to organize job orders and position descriptions.

4. Recruitee

Recruitee assists you to streamline your hiring activities and efficiently manage your staff members. This solution is utilized by more than 600 businesses including top brands such as Evbox, Red Bull, and Vodafone. It provides a drag-and-drop interface that is fully customizable and brandable. You can use it to create custom pages for each opening. Another advantage is you don’t need to create job descriptions from scratch as you get a selection of more than 200 job description templates for different positions. Candidates can apply online by filling the application form and uploading their resumes. Or, they can simply link their LinkedIn or Indeed profile. Website visitors can share open jobs on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. If you think it is too basic for your requirements, take a look at these excellent Recruitee alternatives here.

Why use Recruitee instead of PeopleAdmin?

  1. It is a collaborative hiring solution.
  2. It offers 4 useful modules: applicant tracking, talent sourcing, job promoting, and employer branding.
  3. You can utilize its easy-to-use employer branding editor to create attractive career sites.

Why use PeopleAdmin instead of Recruitee?

  1. It is equipped with electronic forms and can accept electronic signatures.
  2. It offers an automatic workflow that helps new employees to complete all essential documentation.
  3. It ensures quitting employees follow designated rules and regulations.

5. Training JumpStart

Training JumpStart is a full-featured e-learning management solution designed for commercial purposes. It offers the tools a business needs to run a thriving e-learning enterprise. With Training JumpStart, you can create courses, tests, and certification exams as well as a branded extension of your company website. Plus, you can use web-based channels to promote, market, and sell your training courses. For these reasons, this product is used by to brands such as Think! Inc., Catalyst, and iJet University. It is sure to help your company reach its business targets. The platform’s portal customization feature enables entrepreneurs and administrators to fully brand their training courses and materials. For more good options, browse these Training JumpStart alternatives here.

Why use Training JumpStart instead of PeopleAdmin?

  1. You can modify your e-learning portal to replicate the look and feel of your business website.
  2. The vendor offers professional help to enable you to easily set up the learning system and manage it efficiently.
  3. It offers globalized features such as calculations with foreign currencies, wide vocabularies, and multiple languages.

Why use PeopleAdmin instead of Training JumpStart?

  1. Universities and college can tailor its configurable Performance module for their evaluation needs and standards.
  2. It offers customizable evaluation criteria.
  3. It provides a screening questions library.

6. Oracle Taleo Business Edition

Oracle Taleo Business Edition is a cloud-hosted platform that can be used by small and medium-sized businesses to hire the best candidates. They can also create a motivating work environment that inspires high productivity and performance. With this solution, companies can easily access essential employee data and also streamline their operations and processes. The application offers useful modules for recruitment, learning, development, and performance management. You can combine your recruitment initiatives with popular social networks and job boards to attract top talent. Plus, you can standardize and automate your hiring operations and also seamlessly comply with regulations and requirements. If you wish to scout for other solutions, browse these viable Oracle Taleo Business Edition alternatives here.

Why use Oracle Taleo Business Edition instead of PeopleAdmin?

  1. It enables you to position goals to learning content and business strategy to improve productivity.
  2. You can automate and integrate learning, compensation, and performance management systems to develop your employees.
  3. Create career and succession plans to retain top employees and keep important positions filled.

Why use PeopleAdmin instead of Oracle Taleo Business Edition?

  1. It assists to make the recruitment process more efficient.
  2. It streamlines and simplifies employee onboarding and management.
  3. It offers a branded job board.

7. Crelate Talent

Crelate Talent is an applicant tracking and talent management application that helps recruiters to easily communicate with candidates and evaluate their resumes. It has been designed for legal hiring firms, network builders, corporate recruiters, and recruiting agencies. The platform offer interactive tools to help recruiters track applicants all through the hiring phase. Recruiters can use it to develop high-quality networks with skilled individuals and hire top candidates. They can post open jobs on scores of free job portals. In addition, they can track their interactions. Finally, the product helps to create smart and detailed candidate submissions for hiring agencies. Main features include: data storage, mobile client, analytics and reports, job portal syndication, and email integration. If you think it is too basic, browse these excellent Crelate Talent alternatives here.

Why use Crelate Talent instead of PeopleAdmin?

  1. It enables recruiters to track candidates through a simple process.
  2. The software makes it simple to track conversations and keep in contact with influential and talented people.
  3. It provides robust analytics to help you easily understand vital metrics.

Why use PeopleAdmin instead of Crelate Talent?

  1. It enables you to conduct effective performance appraisals.
  2. It helps with social media and job boards integration.
  3. It provides standard reports and custom reports.

8. ScholarLMS

ScholarLMS is cloud-based solution that enables corporations and institutions to easily achieve their educational and training goals. The platform has a Moodle-Open-Cart BigBlueButton, which means you can not only create courses but also use a range of e-commerce functions to sell them and make money. Even novices can get started with ScholarLMS quickly and use the platform effectively. The vendor offers sys-admin training to users and you also get a range of business-grade functions. This application stands out because it is reliable, flexible, updated, and secure. Other strong points are flexible pricing packages and top notch technical support. Top features include: external content support, SCORM compliance, TinCan compliance, data backup, and SSL security. For a wider choice, you can consider these ScholarLMS alternatives here.

Why use ScholarLMS instead of PeopleAdmin?

  1. It is easily scalable and can adapt to the addition of more number of learners.
  2. It simplifies the enrollment process for both you and your clients.
  3. It is a single system that empowers you to effortlessly manage your courses and also offers reliable customer service and unlimited hosting.

Why use PeopleAdmin instead of ScholarLMS?

  1. It helps to modernize the hiring processes of colleges and universities.
  2. Its analytics module assists recruiters to make smart decisions for effective talent management.
  3. It keeps administrators and hiring managers informed about the latest trends of their recruiting processes.

9. EmpXtrack

EmpXtrack is a top software platform that businesses can utilize to motivate and inspire their staff members. It helps managers to build and lead teams effectively, and make objective business decisions. The solution provides the appropriate technology to help organizations achieve this. EmpXtrack is an integrated cloud-hosted solution you can use to effectively perform your HR tasks. Key features include: applicant tracking, benefits, goal setting and appraisals, paid time off, learning management suites to control expenses and travel, HRIS, recruitment, and performance management. With this top rate application you can train your employees to enable them to succeed, and also conduct effective and smooth performance appraisals. For more good options, browse these EmpXtrack alternatives here.

Why use EmpXtrack instead of PeopleAdmin?

  1. It enables you to plan how to build your team and budget.
  2. You can use it to manage the entire employee lifecycle.
  3. Allow your employees to manage their own records.

Why use PeopleAdmin instead of EmpXtrack?

  1. You can personalize your job site to offer a consistent user experience.
  2. Its diversity dashboard displays the progress of your institution on diversity actions.
  3. It assists recruiters to organize job orders and position descriptions.

10. Together Mentorship Software

Together Mentorship Software helps companies and organizations promote best mentorship program practices without straining your HR department with more workload. To ensure mentorship success, the software helps users capture all essential information from mentors and mentees and pair them based on your custom set matching parameters. This means you can automatically assign the best pairings. It also features tools that can help you ensure that mentors effectively execute their mentorship programs, such as mentee development tools, mentee/mentorship productivity monitoring, progress reports, and more. Take a look at our Together Mentorship Software alternatives to find other great talent management solutions.

Why use Together Mentorship Software instead of PeopleAdmin?

  1. It automatically pairs mentors and mentees based on your custom pairing requirements.
  2. It helps you design mentorship program schedules that take into account the availability of both parties.
  3. Conduct mentorship programs that are tailored to the unique personal and career development needs of each individual.

Why use PeopleAdmin instead of Together Mentorship Software?

  1. It integrates with popular social media networks and online job boards to help you reach more candidates.
  2. It automates the creation of reports.
  3. It comes with electronic forms and can accept electronic signatures.
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