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Top 10 Alternatives to TalentLMS: Leading Learning Management Systems

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TalentLMS is a smart cloud LMS you can use to train your students, employees, customers, or partners. In this article, we provide a brief review of its main features and benefits and discuss 10 good alternatives that you can consider. We will analyze their main features and compare their pricing and integration aspects to help you make an more informed purchase decision.

What is TalentLMS?

talentlms dashboard example

TalentLMS is fully customizable for your needs and you can use its simple yet effective analytics to gain insights about your e-learning environment. Important features include extensible user profiles, gamification, video conferencing, course selling, notifications, and support for SCORM & TinCan (xAPI). Plus, the app has a responsive design and works smoothly on Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.


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With TalentLMS, you can use your time effectively and maximize your training output. It is easy to understand and learn the system and you can create a full course in less than 60 minutes. If you want to try out the software first there’s a great fee trial plan offered by the vendor. You can easily sign up for TalentLMS free trial here.

What benefits does TalentLMS bring to the table?

  • You can use old videos and presentations to create a course or employ a range of online materials utilizing social integrations.
  • The app can be configured to fit your business needs. You can add custom themes and logos and map an external domain to personalize the solution.
  • It is a cloud-based LMS which means you don’t need to install, backup, or upgrade anything.
  • The app’s design is functional and there are no fancy and unnecessary features.
  • The interface is minimalistic and lets you focus on the content instead of bothering about gimmicky features.
  • Finally, you can use training metrics to learn about the performance of your students.

TalentLMS may be a quality software, but it’s not the best in the business. There are other more flexible and robust solutions that give you a wider choice in this category. Here, we have selected 10 viable TalentLMS alternatives and highlighted their main benefits.

10 Alternatives to TalentLMS

1. Litmos LMS

litmos dashboard example

Litmos LMS is designed to help educators and trainers create high-quality online courses, modules, and training programs. You can build a constructive relationship with your learners by utilizing accurate feedback and real-time reporting, and you get automated alerts when a student reaches an objective or completes a course.

You can test the software yourself at no cost. Simply sign up for Litmos LMS free trial here.

SAP Litmos

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Try out SAP Litmos with their free trial

One of the many advantages of this LMS is that it can be used as a platform for task assignment. Plus, Litmos LMS integrates easily with leading business systems including Ping, OneLogin, Centrify, Okta, Shopify and others. Top features include an intuitive user interface, SCORM & TIN CAN certified, eCommerce shopping cart, ability to sell online courses, and assessment/quiz. If you want more choices, here are some good Litmos LMS alternatives.

Why use Litmos LMS instead of TalentLMS?

  • You can deploy the system easily and get it up and running in minutes.
  • It is loaded with sophisticated features that improve the quality of training and information retention by your learners.
  • This LMS offers valuable insights that help educators understand users and evaluate their performance.
  • Users will find it easy to schedule, hold, and track live training sessions (LTS).

Why use TalentLMS instead of Litmos LMS?

  • The app offers custom branding tools to help you promote your company.
  • You can use the Web conference tool for group meetings on the internet.
  • Plus, you can get detailed reports on course attendance and completion status.
  • The vendor offers support via email and tickets and provides training to new users.

2. Docebo

docebo dashboard example

Docebo is a top-rated SaaS e-learning solution and a great app for training management. The notable aspect is the system is that it can be used in more than 30 languages by global customers. Plus, it is fully integrated and easily scalable to meet demand. For these reasons, many top brands use Docebo to maintain their operational productivity. The app is easy to use and you can utilize the one-page Web app to manage and supervise e-learning curricula. More than 300,000 users utilize this LMS to participate in distance learning programs. If you want more choices, here are some good Docebo alternatives.

Why use Docebo instead of TalentLMS?

  • It offers a modern and neat user experience.
  • The app offers a straightforward way to integrate with enterprise solutions (such as a CRM).
  • It is designed for extensibility as there is a continuous flow of new features that can be used any time as needs arise.

Why use TalentLMS instead of Docebo?

  • It offers a more extensive feature set.
  • TalentLMS provides more affordable pricing packages.
  • It is a great app for employee orientation.
  • TalentLMS can incorporate your existing materials in multiple formats (webpages, corporate videos, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, etc.) to enable you to create courses from scratch.

3. Schoology

schoology dashboard example

Schoology is a popular LMS and social networking application. You can use it to quickly and easily create and share academic content. The app makes conventional LMS more effective by offering a collaborative learning experience. Plus, its versatile training platform organizes content management. Instructors can share training content and best practices on a global and local scale. You can also use it to improve content development and management, attendance, and grade recording. Top features include the ability to create custom apps, collaboration-based interface, and advanced analytics. If you want more choices, here are some good Schoology alternatives.

Why use Schoology instead of TalentLMS?

  • It provides instructors dynamic course creation and management tools.
  • The app’s flexible, connected interface facilitates curriculum management.
  • The Global Learning Community provides access to personal experiences, professional development, best practices, and resources from local as well as international instructors.
  • The LMS offers an automatically updating online grading system and performance-based analytics that instructors can utilize to get relevant data to customize lessons for more effective tutoring.

Why use TalentLMS instead of Schoology?

  • You can use course authoring tools to create courses quickly and easily.
  • The app offers custom branding tools to enable you to promote your company.
  • You can use mobile access to use the system on the go.
  • Finally, you can use the registration management functionality to enroll students easily.

4. Canvas LMS

canvas dashboard example

Canvas LMS is a popular online LMS. The best part is its architecture and design are customizable to help users educate or learn in the manner they wish. Plus, instructors and learners can communicate easily and work together for improved learning.  Students can interact with the learning materials, submit paperwork, and get notifications. Plus, they can merge their Canvas LMS account with their social media accounts. Instructors can track their students’ progress and offer feedback easily. Main features include customizable user profiles, Web-standard browser, integrated learning outcomes, and collaborative workspaces. If you want more choices, here are some good Canvas LMS alternatives.

Why use Canvas LMS instead of TalentLMS?

  • It is an open source software that offers feature discussions, security audits, and APIs.
  • You can use the solution’s extensive, open API to integrate third-party systems for data import and export.
  • The vendor provides an app center that instructors can explore to add new technologies to their courses.
  • Finally, Canvas’ in-house experts offer prompt and reliable support to ensure fast and frictionless interactions.

Why use TalentLMS instead of Canvas LMS?

  • You can use the certification management functionality to grant certificates to students on successful course completion.
  • Plus, you can utilize the Web conference tool for group meetings on the internet.
  • The app offers eCommerce tools to help instructors sell their courses.
  • Educators can use tests and auto-grading to gauge learners’ training progress.

5. Edmodo

edmodo dashboard example

Edmodo is a social learning system for schools, districts, teachers, and students. It is a leading K-12 social learning network that links learners with instructors and experts. With Edmodo, educators can offer a familiar learning setup to students. They can conduct virtual classroom discussions, use polls to measure student learning, and give out badges to performing learners.  Key features include ability to build a network of communities, activation of free admin account, and accelerated learning goals. If you want more choices, here are some good Edmodo alternatives.

Why use Edmodo instead of TalentLMS?

  • You can build your collaborative network of educators and learners.
  • Connect all administrators, students, parents, and teachers in your school or district through a secure Edmodo web address.
  • Support collaboration in schools and classrooms to improve professional learning networks, supported by a global community of educators.
  • Edmodo offers easy-to-use apps that personalize learning for students.

Why use TalentLMS instead of Edmodo?

  • It offers a more extensive feature set.
  • You get detailed reports on course attendance and completion status.
  • Plus, you can build your own e-learning portal to sell courses.
  • Finally, you can use customizable discount coupons to market your e-learning portal and attract students.

6. Brightspace

brightspace dashboard example

Brightspace is a consolidated LMS that can be utilized by K-12 school districts, higher education centers, and corporate and government users. The vendor offers an adaptable suite of tools, support, and services to encourage active social instruction. This LMS combines education and learning resources with analytics and assessment features to create an integrated e-learning environment. Plus, it merges social tools to create a collaborative and mobile-ready experience. Brightspace integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Work. Finally, the vendor offers flexible quote-based pricing packages and your plan is specifically tailored for your needs. If you want more choices, here are some good Brightspace alternatives.

Why use Brightspace instead of TalentLMS?

  • It helps manage and follow learner development and you can track progress with the ePortfolio feature.
  • The LMS offers a robust analytics feature to help you analyze the performance of involved organizations, sectors, business units, and individuals.
  • You can use the Learning Environment feature to extract valuable information and pull out detailed reports.
  • Finally, the Degree Compass tool uses predictive modeling technology to personalize the course selection process.

Why use TalentLMS instead of Brightspace?

  • It offers strong support for Instructor-Led Training (ILT).
  • The vendor offers support via email and tickets and provides training to new users.
  • There are flexible pricing packages for the needs and budgets of both small companies as well as large enterprises.
  • The higher-priced packages support unlimited courses and unlimited registered users.

7. Bridge LMS

bridge dashboard example

Bridge LMS is a corporate LMS that is designed to help businesses improve training and enable employees to develop industry-specific skills. The system is cloud-based and easily accessible on mobile devices. The best part is you can store all data in a centralized index from where employees can track their training records on the go. Managers can use the accurate feedback provided by this app to learn about specific employees’ needs, detect opportunities and trends, and closely track their company’s progress. Finally, this LMS offers a robust reporting suite that you can use to generate and customize survey and course reports and to measure employee performance utilizing sophisticated progress indicators. If you want more choices, here are some good Bridge LMS alternatives.

Why use Bridge LMS instead of TalentLMS?

  • You can import and categorize contacts easily.
  • This LMS integrates seamlessly with CRM and ERP solutions.
  • It facilitates easy file sharing and communication.
  • Finally, Bridge LMS provides 24/7 phone and live support.

Why use TalentLMS instead of Bridge LMS?

  • The premium packages offer single sign-on support.
  • You can learn to use this LMS proficiently in minutes.
  • The vendor offers a free plan for life
  • The system is easily customizable, allowing you to customize anything to your branding needs.

8. Blackboard

blackboard dashboard example

Blackboard is a leading LMS that offers educators the capability to teach learners through a virtual environment. This cloud-hosted system provides scalable design, customizable open architecture, and a course management system. Plus, you can integrate this LMS with authentication processes and student information system. Blackboard is designed to help instructors create and deliver online courses successfully to learners with few or no face-to-face meetings. The vendor provides four specific packages for four categories: Business, Government, Higher Education, and K-12. Finally, the application integrates smoothly with leading business solutions including Sakai Collaborative and Learning Environment, Moodle LMS, Epsilen, itsLearning, BrainHoney, and Pearson LearningStudio. If you want more choices, here are some good Blackboard alternatives.

Why use Blackboard instead of TalentLMS?

  • The pricing is quote-based which means you pay only for what you need.
  • Users get streamlined access to all its features.
  • The app can be used on all types of tablets and smartphones.
  • Educators can use a variety of methods to improve learners’ engagement.

Why use TalentLMS instead of Blackboard?

  • It offers a more extensive feature set.
  • You can utilize course authoring tools to create courses easily and quickly.
  • Plus, you can utilize the certification management feature to grant certificates to students on successful course completion.
  • Finally, you can build a collaborative network of educators and learners.

9. iSpring Learn LMS

ispring learn dashboard example

iSpring Learn LMS is a user-friendly, hosted system that allows you to access your e-learning content on iPads. This enables you to learn anywhere, anytime as you can take your courses with you. Simply download the course materials to your iPad and learn when you are ready. This LMS offers educators the tools they need to create thorough and powerful e-learning courses. You can easily organize content materials using the logical and simple folder-based interface. Plus, you can improve user experience by categorizing your users into groups and set access permissions according to roles. Key features include user portal, advanced reporting, eCommerce tools, and certificates. If you want more choices, here are some good iSpring Learn alternatives.

Why use iSpring Learn LMS instead of TalentLMS?

  • It gives learners quick and simple access to their courses.
  • Educators can create their own learning materials, giving them full control over the learning process.
  • iSpring authoring tools deliver a comprehensive solution for creating engaging and interactive learning materials for multiple platforms by using PowerPoint.
  • You can upload your e-courses straight to iSpring cloud LMS with a single click.

Why use TalentLMS instead of iSpring Learn LMS?

  • It is a great system for employee orientation.
  • You can use mobile access to use the solution on the go.
  • The LMS offers eCommerce tools to help instructors sell their courses.
  • You can build your own e-learning portal to sell courses.

10. Simpliv

simpliv dashboard example

Simpliv is an e-learning platform for acquiring insightful, accredited learning materials and accessing trained instructors across various industries and professions. This platform contains all courses for specific interests, not just technical ones, such as humanities, photography, and much more. Course difficulty ranges from entry-level to professional-level instructional materials for those seeking bigger career opportunities. Outside of pre-recorded learning materials, learning can be done by simply discussing and asking questions to instructors about the key topic. This paves the way for an organic form of learning, encouraging learners to further dig deeper into the subject matter. Simpliv also encourages teachers and authors to sell various types of instructional materials with a profitable percentage sharing scheme and participate on the platform by imparting their knowledge to interested individuals through live discussions. This engages teachers to actively participate on the platform for their personal advancement and create an impact in the industry. If you think the software isn’t for you, try exploring these Simpliv alternatives.

Why use Simpliv instead of TalentLMS?

  • Learn organically through live discussions.
  • Utilize a breadth of learning materials from industry recognized experts.
  • Vast collection of learning materials from technical courses to fine arts.
  • Percentage sharing scheme for educators.

Why use TalentLMS instead of Simpliv?

  • Utilize simple and comprehensive analytics to gain insights for improving and recalibrating your e-learning environment.
  • Its training metrics allows you to gauge learner performance.
  • Fully customize everything to suit your branding.
  • Easily integrate with existing training materials of any format.

Honorable mention: Training Accountability Platform

Training Accountability Platform is a feature-rich, highly robust learning portal designed to help organizations, and enterprises with the creation, implementation, and distribution of their learning materials and instructions. The software combines effectiveness and efficiency when it comes to learning, ensuring users are able to deliver their instruction and materials to their learners, who on the other hand, will be able to retain the knowledge and acquire the desired skills immediately and efficiently.

TAP aims to provide lasting behavioral and cultural change that can’t be achieved with the “Click and Test” approach modern learning management systems are based upon. With TAP, the transfer of learning is highly evident and there is learning accountability, resulting in better results for your educational investments.

Pricing Considerations

Application                         Pricing    Payment Plans
TalentLMS Pricing starts at $29/month (billed annually) and goes up to $379/month (billed annually)
  • Free plan
  • Monthly payment
  • Annual subscription
Docebo Pricing starts at $2300/year for 50 active users and goes up to $6000/year for 350 active users
  • Monthly payment
  • Annual subscription
  • Quote-based
Schoology Pricing by quote
  • One-time payment
  • Quote-based
Canvas LMS Pricing by quote
  • Quote-based
Edmodo  Free for teachers and students
  • Free
Brightspace Pricing by quote
  • Quote-based
Bridge LMS Pricing by quote
  • Quote-based
Blackboard Pricing by quote
  • Quote-based
Litmos LMS Packages start from $3/user/month and go up to $5/user/month.
  • Monthly payment
  • Quote-based
iSpring Learn LMS Pricing starts from $1270/year for 50 active users and goes up to $8270/year for 500 active users.
  • Monthly payment
  • One-time payment
  • Quote-based
Simpliv Pricing by quote
  • Free
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