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Top 10 Alternatives to Templafy: Popular Document Creation Software Solutions

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What is the top alternative to Templafy?

The top alternative to Templafy is PDFelement. It offers an easy-to-use editing system where you can create files from scratch and organize them in a secure database. Furthermore, it is equipped with collaboration features to make revising documents more streamlined.

Since its inception, Templafy has helped businesses optimize the management of their files from drafting to storage. This earned it a reputation for being one of the leading document creation software solutions. However, Templafy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. So, there might be a chance that while you’re interested in what it has to offer, it simply cannot fulfill the needs of your operations.

To help you resolve your problem, we have compiled a list of alternatives to Templafy based on their usability, set of functionalities, and value for money. As a bonus, we also discussed some of the factors that will help you determine whether or not Templafy is the right platform for you.

What benefits can you expect by investing in document creation software solutions? First, you can utilize the tool as a central repository where you can store all your important files and documents. This enables you to go paperless and enhance efficiency and productivity. It also offers features for workflow automation, document indexing, customization, and other task-specific document creation tools that make it easy to draft, revise, and archive important company data. These systems are also secure so you don’t need to worry about content security. Cloud-based document creation solutions offer anywhere, anytime access and you can easily integrate them with the other business software platforms you use.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, according to a study by IDC, document management platforms show a return on investment of 404% for the first five years of implementation. This is why it comes as no surprise that it has become one of the must-have tools for modern businesses.

Source: Accounting Today

If you don’t already have a document creation software at your disposal, a good one to consider is Templafy. This industry-leading solution offers a plethora of solutions for businesses both big and small. From providing you with an easy-to-navigate document builder to equipping you with document compliance functionalities, this platform has everything you need to handle company files.

However, if for any reason, you believe that Templafy isn’t for you, we have analyzed the key features and benefits of the top 10 alternatives to Templafy in this article. We also didn’t shy away from giving you suggestions as to why you should consider the alternative platform instead of Templafy and vice versa. This way, you’ll have all the information you need to select the best-fitting document creation platform for your needs.

What is Templafy?

templafy dashboard example

Templafy enables you to manage, update, and share brand assets and business document templates in your company from anywhere, and on any device. Compliance, communications, and IT teams can trust and use this system freely.

You can effortlessly create documents and presentations with Templafy and use the task panel to access approved content. In addition, the software uses your organization’s document templates to promote your corporate look across communication materials such as contracts, presentations, emails, and letters. This app is ideal for businesses with multiple brands, languages, and branches. It is used by leading global brands such as Capgemini, SDC, and Maersk.

Benefits of Templafy

  1. It scales easily to the requirements of companies of all sizes.
  2. It solves the challenges faced by different business units in handling documents.
  3. Departments can ensure all documents are created in a consistent format with up-to-date company content.
  4. Marketing managers can keep the company on-brand internally.
  5. It streamlines document creation processes utilizing best practice content.
  6. It makes it easy for your content assets to comply with your organization’s legal and brand guidelines.

templafy alternatives

1. PDFelement

pdfelement dashboard example

PDFelement is a robust yet easy-to-use PDF editing solution that you can use to create, secure, and organize your files. It offers impeccable performance, full-featured modules, and flexible pricing, and is therefore used by many Fortune 500 behemoths. The product has been designed for usability and gives you complete control over your PDF content. Customization is a major strong point as you can easily do modifications without impacting the style or formatting of your documents. The interface is simple and fully-optimized UX designs make navigation effortless. Moreover, PDFelement offers new features such as enhanced data extraction and a multi-tiled screen display for easier checking of multiple documents at once. You can test out the features yourself if you sign up for a PDFelement free trial here. For more good options, you can browse these PDFelement alternatives here.

Why use PDFelement instead of Templafy?

  1. You can easily create and combine PDF files.
  2. You can extract and convert PDF documents.
  3. It offers Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and robust editing tools.

Why use Templafy instead of PDFelement?

  1. You can streamline document creation for improved productivity.
  2. Enhance productivity by setting automated processes to create daily documents such as memos, contracts, and quotes.
  3. It integrates easily with digital asset management software to bring all your approved digital assets into your office systems.

2. Zoho Show

zoho show dashboard example

Zoho Show is a document creation tool created specifically to simplify how teams make and publish presentations. It is equipped with contextual UI, a library of animations and transitions, as well as smart templates to help you come up with engaging slides in a matter of clicks. With this, all you have to do is select a theme to customize, add your content, insert the additional files you want such as images and voice-overs, and publish the presentation. It even offers broadcasting options so you can deliver presentations to remote audiences with ease. What’s more is that because Zoho Show is completely browser-based, you can access it via computers, laptops, and mobile devices. Should you think that this platform is not for you, you can always take a look at these Zoho Show alternatives.

Why use Zoho Show instead of Templafy?

  1. Zoho Show offers a free plan for teams with up to 25 users as well as affordably priced plans, making it ideal for businesses with limited financial resources.
  2. The platform supports presentation creation and publishing.
  3. This software solution is completely mobile-ready.

Why use Templafy instead of Zoho Show?

  1. Templafy is a no-fuss document management platform which is ideal for professionals who simply want a software that can help them create and store files.
  2. The vendor offers a more hands-on customer support via email, phone call, live chat, training, as well as tickets.
  3. The platform can support more file formats.

3. Zoho Docs

zoho docs dashboard example

Next on our list of top 10 alternatives to Templafy is Zoho Docs, an all-in-one, mobile-ready file management system and document repository. While it does not have the capability to let you create files from scratch, this app offers a slew of features for file versioning, online collaboration, as well as file synchronization. Using this, you can make sure that all of your documents are updated and consistent across devices. It even has functionalities that can tackle task management, data encryption, and file backup, making it one of the most comprehensive options on this list. Besides documents, this app can also be used to manage presentations and spreadsheets in one place. If you’d like to see what other options are out there on the market, you might want to check out these Zoho Docs alternatives.

Why use Zoho Docs instead of Templafy?

  1. You can share files without fretting about security.
  2. Collaborate and accelerate workflows.
  3. Use a multi-level folder structuring to organize your files effectively.

Why use Templafy instead of Zoho Docs?

  1. You can personalize the system for each individual user.
  2. Create documents with up-to-date personal and professional info already included in the document.
  3. You will always use the latest version of best practice documents.

4. Foxit PhantomPDF

foxit dashboard example

Foxit PhantomPDF is a full-featured PDF solution designed for the needs of individual users as well as businesses. It provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface, and a range of advanced PDF security and editing tools. The app has a familiar interface which makes implementation and adoption seamless and quick. With Foxit PhantomPDF, you can create, comment, edit, share and collaborate, organize, secure, scan, export, and sign PDF forms and files. In addition, you can convert a range of file formats to PDF and vice versa. The app can convert PDF files to Excel, Word and other leading document formats. Finally, the vendor offers multi-language support which makes it an ideal tool for users in other nations. For more good choices, peruse these Foxit PhantomPDF alternatives here.

Why use Foxit PhantomPDF instead of Templafy?

  1. It offers advanced text editing and object editing tools.
  2. It offers support for 41 languages.
  3. It includes OCR technology that enables you to work on and edit scanned documents.

Why use Templafy instead of Foxit PhantomPDF?

  1. Its brand checker tool notifies you if any document aspects are off brand and provides tips to correct this.
  2. It offers an email signature solution and a helpful library of email templates within Outlook.
  3. Centralized location and remote compatibility means all files get updated in real time.

5. Quip

quip dashboard example

Quip is a simple application that can be used by teams to create living documents. It integrates spreadsheets, task lists, docs, and chat in a single compact system. This enables team members to collaborate easily and effectively. Quip offers the features required to create and edit lists, spreadsheets, and documents in the cloud, and it also provides an integrated instant messaging tool. With this platform, you and your team members don’t need to deal with an unending trail of document versions, chats, meetings, and emails. You can easily collaborate and communicate with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. If you wish to scout for other solutions, peruse these viable Quip alternatives here.

Why use Quip instead of Templafy?

  1. You can embed full-featured spreadsheets that come with support for more than 400 functions.
  2. Use customizable mobile keyboards to edit your documents from any device.
  3. You can easily import your documents from a range of sources including Google Docs, Box, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, and others.

Why use Templafy instead of Quip?

  1. It integrates smoothly with Sharepoint, Google Docs, MS Office and other leading document apps.
  2. You can locally install add-ons in PowerPoint, Excel, and Word to accelerate document creation.
  3. You can access approved and professional-looking template designs when creating your work.

6. Conga Composer

conga composer dashboard example

Conga Composer is a Salesforce app that you can utilize to create presentations, documents, contracts, reports, policy documents, and more. All these documents can be personalized for particular audiences using popular formats such as PDF, Excel, HTML, PowerPoint, and others. This unique combination of document creation tools and formats makes Conga Composer an effective solution that helps to automate processes and workflows. Plus, its user-friendly interface helps you save time while navigating. This application is widely used as a CRM document manager by numerous financial companies, but the platform is versatile enough for effective application in other industries and sectors. You can also consider these viable Conga Composer alternatives here.

Why use Conga Composer instead of Templafy?

  1. You can easily merge data from multiple documents.
  2. It integrates smoothly with third-party e-signature solutions like DocuSign.
  3. It also offers Adobe and Google Drive integration.

Why use Templafy instead of Conga Composer?

  1. You can dress up its UI with your corporate look.
  2. It offers document compliance management feature.
  3. It provides a digital asset management (DAM) tool.

7. Adobe Acrobat

adobe acrobat dashboard example

Adobe Acrobat DC (Document Cloud) is a full-featured PDF platform that offers a wide range of capabilities. You can use it to create manage, convert, sign, and send PDF documents on any device. The Standard version is compatible with Windows desktops and devices and the Pro edition works on both Mac and Windows devices. With Adobe Acrobat DC, you can convert any paper document into a PDF file and edit it easily on any device depending on the edition you have subscribed to. Plus, you can easily convert PDFs to MS office formats like PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. Finally, you can post feedback and comments via a touch-friendly interface, compare files side by side, edit information in scanned paper printouts, and do more. If you are not satisfied with the features, here are excellent Adobe Acrobat alternatives.

Why use Adobe Acrobat instead of Templafy?

  1. You can create smart PDF files that you can search, protect, sign, share, and edit.
  2. Adobe Acrobat PDFs are designed to suit any type of display or screen.
  3. It makes document storing and sharing secure and simple with its MS OneDrive and Nox integrations.

Why use Templafy instead of Adobe Acrobat?

  1. You can future-proof your document templates.
  2. It’s in tune with Google Drive and Office 365 to provide you with the latest version.
  3. It can be easily adapted to your legal, location, language, and design needs.

8. FormSwift

formswift dashboard example

FormSwift is a full-fledged document creation software much like our leading solution Templafy. You can use this platform to easily create, sign, edit, and collaborate on forms and documents. The vendor offers a vast library of over 500 document forms and templates. Or, you can upload your own files and use the app’s tools to edit them. There are three main functions: First, create a document by choosing an appropriate template, then fill out a questionnaire, finally, export the completed file in PDF or Word format. You can utilize the built-in PDF editor to upload and edit PDFs. Insert check marks, images, and text, and save and update the PDF anytime. Finally, you can easily affix electronic signatures on documents quickly and easily. For more good choices, here are FormSwift alternatives.

Why use FormSwift instead of Templafy?

  1. It is a simple and affordable e-signature service.
  2. You can easily create and sign documents.
  3. It offers templates for a range of small business legal forms like loan agreements, service contracts, bill of sales, and confidentiality agreements.

Why use Templafy instead of FormSwift?

  1. You can upload templates to Templafy and integrate them with your digital asset management solution.
  2. It presents on-brand and up-to-date contracts, emails, presentations, letters, and more from within office applications.
  3. Implement a consistent look in all your corporate documents across business units.

9. UltraEdit

ultraedit dashboard example

UltraEdit is a document creation system designed to cater to the needs of professionals such as researchers, medical practitioners, publishers, editors, technical writers, system administrators, database managers, and web developers. It is chiefly a disk-based text editor that supports Windows, Linux, and OS X. In addition, the platform offers robust web development features for programmers. This text and code editor supports all leading programming languages and can easily manage large files bigger than 4GB in size. It functions as web design software and hex editor because of its coherent internal organization, intuitive layout, and customization options. You can also peruse these viable UltraEdit alternatives here.

Why use UltraEdit instead of Templafy?

  1. It offers web development and programming functionality.
  2. Its text editing tool supports multi-selection and multi-caret editing.
  3. It provides a custom environment layout.

Why use Templafy instead of UltraEdit

  1. You can streamline document creation for enhanced productivity.
  2. You can easily customize the platform for each individual user.
  3. It integrates seamlessly with Google Docs, Sharepoint, MS Office and other popular document applications.

48hourslogo dashboard example

Capping off our list is 48hourslogo. While not built for document creation or file management, this logo design platform is great for small businesses and freelancers looking to conceptualize their company branding. It allows you to work with designers to get logos, theme concepts, business card designs, letterhead templates, and even social media covers quickly and consolidate them in one convenient interface. Should you think that this platform is not the right fit for your operations, take a look at these great 48hourslogo alternatives.

Why use 48hourslogo instead of Templafy?

  1. 48hourslogo is created specifically for small businesses.
  2. This is ideal for those looking to conceptualize their branding and consolidate all the logos and materials related to their branding.
  3. The vendor offers quote-based plans to ensure that you are only paying for the features you will actually use.

Why use Templafy instead of 48hourslogo?

  1. Templafy offers more features geared towards document management.
  2. This tool has a user-friendly interface that gives you total control of your documents.
  3. The platform supports a wide range of integrations.

Is Templafy the Right Document Creation Software for You?

Before you select a platform from the Templafy alternatives we have listed down, why not give Templafy a second look? After all, it is one of the best document creation software solutions available on the market. In order to help you determine whether Templafy will be a good fit for your operations, we have detailed some of the situations that this software solution would be perfect for.

  1. You want easy access to all of your files and have no problems with storing your data on the cloud. If you’re always on the go, it can be a hassle to have to go back and forth from your office just to pick up the documents you need. This is why Templafy offers a completely cloud-hosted interface, allowing it to be accessible using any device as long as it’s connected to the internet. This means you can pull your files or edit them on the spot using your desktop, laptop, or mobile devices with ease. The only problem you might encounter here is if you are hesitant about storing your data on the cloud. In that case, perhaps, you should opt for a platform that can be deployed on-premise.
  2. You want your documents to be consistent across devices even as other team members are editing the files. The outdated files and document inconsistencies can pose costly risks to your company. If you want to make sure that the files you are pulling are the correct ones, Templafy has the solutions for you. It comes with a dynamic template management and content access system that helps you create a more organized way of preparing files. Moreover, it offers file versioning options that let you keep track of which documents are the most updated. Now, if you are a freelancer and don’t have to worry about multiple people making changes to your existing documents simultaneously, then you can opt for a platform with more basic document creation tools to save a buck.
  3. You have existing business systems and want to integrate them with your new document management software to streamline your operations. If you only need a standalone document creation tool, choosing one for your company can be quite simple. However, if you have existing platforms that you want to hook it up to, then Templafy might be a better option for you. This solution can integrate seamlessly with a wide range of third-party document creation tools, digital asset management systems, or CRM platforms.

There you have it, our list of top alternatives to Templafy. We highly recommend PDFelement if you are looking for a document creation tool that can easily match up to Templafy in terms of functionalities. You can sign up for a PDFelement free trial here to test whether this program is suitable for your operations. Of course, you should still check out the other products on this list to be sure that you are choosing the right platform for your company.

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