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Top Features of Easy Project Management Software

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What are the top features of
The top features of are: monitoring, managing and tracking of workloads. It allows for easy communication, collaboration, and data visualization. It does all of these by keeping features that are people-centric by design.

Great project management tools not only automate routines and processes but they also help manage new unfamiliar projects. They allow you to meet unfamiliar activities and projects that may just pop up. These projects may range from planning an R&R to building a new office, to facilitating mergers & acquisitions. Thus, you need to choose the most robust and flexible yet easy project management software to use.  The top features of may be just that for you.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top features of and the benefits users get from them. The discussion will include some use cases for some features of this easy project management software.

monday top features

If you are in the market for a project management platform, you really have to be careful and diligent with your choice. There are consequences to adopting new software. Some are good. Others, not so much. In a study by PMI, they found that 75% of high-performing PMOs had to redesign their processes to keep up with technological trends. So, you can expect changes to yours when you finally do. Additionally, you cannot really rule out a total overhaul.

Also, 50% of PMOs reported that they started to require new measures of risk, progress, and success because of technological adoption. Furthermore, 48% reported that project management tools have modified the scope and methodologies of traditional management.  Some 14% of them even reported that project management engagement and morale decreased.

Of course, there are also advantages when adoption goes right. Some 35% of PMOs, for example, found that their relationships with strategy management or similar offices have strengthened.

Disruptive Technologies Affecting Project Management Offices


Cloud Solutions




Artificial Intelligence


Internet of Things (IoT)


Building information model

Source: PMI

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Technology adoption can take a long time depending on the learning curve and the company culture. People’s attitudes play a big role too. It doesn’t matter whether you get one of the top three project management solutions if you don’t get to use them effectively.

When choosing the best platform, keep in mind that not only should the features of the platform fit your needs but also the company culture. Some organizations don’t value having project managers, for example. So expect some pushback at the beginning.

Many project managers have found to be a good fit for them. If you want to investigate the features closely you can easily do so when you sign up for free trial here

Top Features of

It Prioritizes People Management

Many project management solutions out there don’t let you manage people per se. Primarily, they focus only on projects themselves. They offer a pure top-down view of the tasks, subtasks, and interdependencies. People are regarded as just resources that need to keep up with the projects. They are not visible and reachable. Furthermore, traditional tools even require you to manage the project management platform itself by updating tasks, subtasks, and interdependencies. As a result, traditional project management tools are going out of favor.

This is not just for managers but also for their teams. This approach is so detached from actually leading people to complete projects with quality.  Tasks, completion dates, billable hours, updates, and others are the only things you face regularly. You don’t get to guide and lead your team to achieve organizational goals. For team members, they just have no way to collaborate.

From the start, was designed to bypass this traditional approach. As a result, is designed to be people first. It is a tool that works well. One that users could love to use.

Firstly, users love its simple and customizable interface. Furthermore, there are many different templates to choose from when creating their first boards.

Secondly, people can let each other know what they are working on and where they are on a project.

Thirdly, its communication, collaboration, and analytics features allow users to be on top of their projects.

All of these things increase the feeling of ownership. Thus, it helps everyone to be more efficient. Let’s break down the top features that put people first.

It Comes with Intuitive User Interface is visual and easy to customize dashboard is highly visual and highly customizable

So, what’s the use of a tool when people don’t really like using it? In able for someone to use a tool proficiently and regularly, one must like to use it. That is on top of the fact that the tool should really help that person achieve objectives. This is the primary metric.

However, likability and ease-of-use come as a close second. The user interface of’s is by far one of the best-looking ones among project management platforms. Plus, it also houses a very comprehensive set of helpful features of a top app.

The best thing about’s dashboard is that it is customizable. People have their own preferences when it comes to visualization. Some like Gantt charts or timeline-based tracking boards. Others prefer different types of charts. In’s main screen, you can choose to view every project board you create using different visual tools. You can choose from  Kanban-style views to maps.

Despite being having one of the most robust project management systems, its design remains clean and intuitive that there is really not much training needed to get used to it. It is an easy project management software to fall in love with. Many users share their insights and boards with each other to help each other with productivity. Others show off how well they use the tool.

Happy users include teams from Discover Channel, lonely planet, and the City of Waterford. The list of happy users spans from consultants to academic researchers. Professionals working from finance to video production use it to track their workflows.

Whatever industry you are in, your team or even your organization can profit from’s very flexible dashboard and boards. Thanks to its highly customizable deployment, you can truly make it your own.

What’s more, you can customize a board and save a certain “view” for each individual member.

It Lets You Easily Manage Workloads uses maps to help assign tasks has a map view to help you mark relevant locations easily

On, you can arrange tasks in groups. Then you can assign each task to a person in your team or you can assign a whole team for a task (or a pulse). The coolest thing about these groups and tasks (or pulses) is that you can add extra columns.

You start off by having items on a horizontal bar. Then you can add relevant columns. There are many column types in’s column center. Some are just as simple as checkboxes or a hyperlink.

Others are quite unique such as maps, progress tracking, timeline+status, and even a phone among many. This “phone” column allows you call your contacts directly from! How cool is that?

Individual Workloads

On, you can assign a person to an item by firstly adding a people column. The people column allows you to assign a team member for a specific task. When you click on it, you will see your team members’ names on a drop-down and you can choose who to assign for a task item. Also, you can type the team member’s name in the quick search function of the column’s drop-down.

If you want to track what each member is doing to help the group, you just add a timeline column to see who is working on what and for how long. It is a visual breakdown of your team’s workload by time. Also, the time tracking column allows you to track the time spent on each item, group, and board.

There is also a split view where you can see the timeline and the group tasks together. Also, for every task item or pulse, you can write an update, notes, files, and even conduct a Q&A. You can engage and manage a specific team member for each of their tasks. As you can notice, the core philosophy of shines in this feature. You manage the person and not the project.

Team Workloads

The team column allows you to assign a whole team into a task. If you are running a multinational operation, there is a country column to keep tabs of where your teams are located all over the world. There is also a map column to help you and your members visualize locations.

If you run multiple boards with the same members, you can arrange your workloads and communication by using tags. Tags categorize items across boards that belong in the same thread. This could be a “#productname” to keep track of every task about a certain product across divisions.

Of course, just like individual workloads, you can track the progress of each team task through the progress tracking column. There are also what calls “Deadline Combos” to track progress like “Date + Status” and  “Timeline + Status”. Managing the workloads of your teams will now be easier with these visual tools.

There are also columns that allow team members to vote and rate things visually. You can do this in the case of choosing logos or even letting your team vote for the venue of your next family day.

Furthermore, you can customize automation like as complex as changing a task dependency whenever a status change, or as simple as notifying a team member when a task status reaches something. These are easily arranged in a card-like fashion which is very easy to understand and use.

It Makes Collaboration Efficient

task and timeline view in allows for easier collaboration’s task and timeline view

As mentioned, team members can update and comment on each task item. They can even run a Q&A that records the train of knowledge being created for each item. These features help increase the communication between each team member or team.

The file-sharing feature and hyperlinks can be used by multiple users to view and edit important files. However,’s communication and collaboration do not stop with these. There are other features that make working with others using easy and enjoyable.

Two of these features are the phone and email columns. You can add phone numbers of your team members or clients and you can call them directly from Once you click on them the default apps on your computer will make the call or lets you start writing an email.

Integrations & Automations

Of course, in and of itself is limited in some ways. The most obvious thing is that it does not have a word processing system, an eCommerce system, and a host of other apps. You can’t really collaborate with other meaningful operations within it. However, makes up for these by seamlessly integrated with other apps. helps automate workflows efficiently’s comprehensive set of automation features

If you run an eCommerce site and manage your team via, you can set automations and notifications about your eCommerce system. For example, you get a new order in Shopify. You can set to notify you when a new order is being created.

You can even set your dashboard to notify you whenever stocks on Shopify drops below some number. All sorts of integrations and automations can be done with communication apps like Gmail, Outlook, and Slack. More integrations are also coming to such as Salesforce, Harvest, and SurveyMonkey. is working on more integrations has a full suite of integrations with other popular applications. Also, more integrations are coming soon like with Salesforce.

Moreover, you can all do this at the comfort of either your browser, application, or even phone. It has its native apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It doesn’t matter what device you, your team members, or your clients use. You can all work together as one with as the glue.

It Comes with Reporting & Analytics

As you may know, is not a fan of traditional project management. It takes what the creators find to be the best features from traditional systems and put their spin on it. This is apparent in the timeline feature that tracks people instead of tasks like that of the Gantt chart. There is also a Gantt view if you want to keep it traditional.

But as you know from this article, columns are the stars on Some of them help you track progress in real-time and can render data in many different views. But for reporting, it is the filters that make generating visually-stimulating and easily-understandable reports a breeze. lets you spice up reports with various options has many different views such as various charts that you can use to filter and highlight data for analysis

For instance, you can filter for the deal size and commissions of your sales teams. For this, you need to use a combination of features like the formula column and your choice of view. Then, you filter for the data you want to include on your report and easily gives you a visual report of what you need.

Furthermore, when you choose a view like a pie chart, Gantt, or timeline among others, it doesn’t just give you a good visualization. You can also export them into an excel file should you need a formal written report for safekeeping or for presentation. Get to be your excel wiz!

You can do this for a team, a person, multiple projects, or an overview of your organization. Of course, it takes a little while to be at an advanced level with these features and the good people at know this. That is why a good knowledge base for support is available that includes tutorials. When you log on, you will be able to view tutorials on how to make reports such as user engagement and storage capacity.

With these features, you can use raw data and process it to help you generate actionable insights with relative ease.

It Provides Excellent Support

The top features for monitoring, collaboration, reporting, people management, tracking, and others discussed earlier are rounded out by undeniably stellar support features. Again, the platform is first and foremost people-centric. It was designed to be an effective and flexible tool that one loves to use.

One big factor for this is accessibility. This is not in terms of the user interface or being ergonomic. But this is about the pricing and other support features. With these, becomes an undeniable top-tier product that’s becoming a go-to platform for many teams across different industries.

The pricing scheme makes it easy for teams to use for their projects. The basic plan starts off at only $39 USD/month for five users. This is very accessible, especially for a top app. This basic plan already includes unlimited viewers and unlimited boards.

Among other top-three platforms in this category, this may be the best value you can get. Plus, you also get a self-serve knowledge base and get 24/7 email & phone support whole year-round. Your account also gets a 2-factor authentication security system to keep all of your projects and information secured. This helps you minimize your SaaS security risks.

More advanced plans include additional features and capabilities. They include a full suite of integrations and automations.

With these supporting features, is not just easy to use and comprehensive. It is also accessible to many kinds of teams of different sizes.

Is Project Management Software for You?

The features of including its pricing and customer support have been designed to be people-centric. It keeps everything simple especially the technical aspects of the program. Furthermore, it renders complex information into highly-visual versions of them.

This really allows you to concentrate on managing people and not the project management platform itself. Everything is built around cohesion. Thus, we get to have collaboration & communication tools on the platform. Of course, this will only work when you effective communication strategies for online collaboration.

Furthermore, collaboration is further enhanced by being interfacing seamlessly with other oft-used applications. It really can be the catalyst that makes every project, task, and person in an organization work well together. Also, it is very enjoyable to use.

What’s really surprising about it is that it is so flexible that you can sometimes replace other management software out there with This is especially so when you run a small team. With the right skills and customer service-savvy, you can even use it as a replacement for a CRM.

Essentially, you are free to create your own management software with

Our experts rank this app to be in the top three of all project management tools. Some of them rank it as second or third but they are far and few between. Most of our experts rank as the top cat. It is likely to stay there for a while especially with the new integrations and automations in the pipeline. An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for free trial here

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