List of Top LMS Software Companies of 2019

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What is the top LMS software company of 2019?
The top LMS software company of 2019 is SAP Litmos. It’s an easy-to-use solution that is quick to set up and does not require prior technical skills to utilize. It also provides high-level insights that help evaluate the performance of the learners in order to adjust things accordingly. Also since it’s SCORM certified, all data are kept safe and secured.

You have many options when it comes to a learning management system (LMS). There are many companies that offer this type of software. You’ll be surprised to learn that the number of LMS vendors exceeds 1,000 as of the last count, all offering different tools and features. The choices can be staggering if you’re searching for your first LMS software. We’re here to help with this list of top 20 LMS software companies of 2019. And for further reading, you can head over to our analysis of learning management systems to get the latest on this type of software.

In this guide, we’ll go over the leading companies and vendors that offer LMS solutions. Based on our research and reviews, the vendors we’ve narrowed down and included here share common grounds – they are some of the most reputable and established LMS companies and their products are among the most widely-used and feature-filled. In addition, they offer a variety of flexible pricing plans to fit every budget. A number of them even have free LMS software as part of their offerings. You’ll get to know these companies and their product’s highlights (including unique capabilities) as you go through each of them.

The usefulness of LMS coupled with the availability of low-cost plans like those offered by the top 20 LMS software companies of 2019 makes it one of the fastest growing software categories. In fact, the global LMS market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.6% from $9.2 billion in 2018 to $22.4 billion by 2023. If adoption rates continue, the leading industries and sectors that use LMS will still likely be government, education, technology, and manufacturing.


One thing to note is that LMS is continuously being developed to keep pace with the innovations and needs of the times. The visual above gives you a timeline of how corporate training has evolved and how LMS keeps in step. Vendors are making sure their LMS solutions are adaptive to specific environments and shifting sands in the education and training field as well as incorporating the latest technologies.

For example, there has been an increasing trend to include collaboration tools and communication features in LMS software to facilitate real-time content sharing, virtual classrooms and discussions, and course delivery. Likewise, LMS solutions are now being offered with expanded functionalities like content monetization and e-commerce tools, support for multimedia and interactive video, mobile apps for on-the-go learning, and professional certifications.

The aforementioned are some important factors to consider when you browse through our list of top 20 LMS software companies and their products. Almost always, LMS is specific to a scenario: distance education, corporate training, employee on-boarding, course selling, etc. Which one fits you? Let our vendor and product descriptions below get you up to speed.

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Top 20 LMS Software Companies in 2019

1. SAP Litmos

SAP of Walldorf, Germany, is a multinational corporation known for its enterprise software solutions that manage business operations and customer relations. Founded in 1972 by former IBM AI engineers, SAP would become one of the most influential movers of the software industry, acquiring a number of other companies along the way. Among those acquisitions is the popular SAP Litmos.

SAP markets SAP Litmos as an eLearning platform for employee training, customer training, channel training and compliance training. SAP Litmos counts 4 million users worldwide, ranging from education, retail, healthcare, to public sector and non-profit companies.

Take a hands-on test and tour of the software. Simply sign up for SAP Litmos free trial here.

SAP Litmos

This award is given to the best product in our LMS Software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.

SAP Litmos won our Best LMS Software Award Q2 2018

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Why choose SAP Litmos

  1. SAP is a proven name in the industry. As the third largest software and programming company, SAP offers proven technology comfortably handled by superbly capable professionals. That long-staying power ensures you are using a software backed by a company that grows with you providing continuous updates and customer support.
  2. SAP is everywhere. Literally. With operations in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, North America and South America, SAP representatives, consultants or trainers are always in hand to respond to any customer query or deliver products and services as you request them.
  3. VIP Treatment: SAP PartnerEdge. SAP’s PartnerEdge programme provides business enablement resources to help partners such as value-added resellers (VARs) and independent software vendors (ISVs) be profitable and successful in implementing, selling, marketing, developing and delivering SAP products to a broad range of customers.

2. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a flexible and scalable cloud-based LMS solution targeted at businesses and corporations for their training programs. The system is relied upon by both SMBs and large global brands such as LG, Merck, and Infosys for their employees’ continuing training and education. The system offers powerful features to level up your e-learning program including course creation and delivery, conferencing, and gamification. It is entirely web-based, is highly customizable, has easy to use tools and a simple interface.

TalentLMS provides the following eLearning capabilities: create online or instructor-led course content, assess learning performances, generate reports, repurpose and share courses according to the specific needs of different user groups, as well as buy or sell courses. Aside from its comprehensive and intuitive features, TalentLMS is also known for its gamification approach to eLearning.

If you want to try the features at no cost you can easily do so when you sign up for TalentLMS free trial here.

Why choose TalentLMS?

  1. Respected in the industry. TalentLMS is backed up by its solid reputation. It boasts of over 5,000 customers with more than 1 million learners utilizing over 100,000 learning portals.
  2. Crossover scalability. While TalentLMS was designed with small to business owners in mind, the software is still versatile enough to scale up to the needs of enterprise-level clients, ensuring that existing customers need not spend more to upgrade their existing implementation of the software.
  3. Constantly on the frontline of industry trends. Epignosis executives and its around 50-strong employees are always seeking ways to integrate new applications into its core products, while constantly updating their mobile platform versions.

3.  Docebo

Docebo is a multi-awarded, ISO-certified and SOC2 Type 1-audited SaaS company behind the well-regarded Docebo LMS. It was founded in 2005 by Claudio Erba who remains as the company’s CEO.

Docebo markets its LMS solution to more than 80 countries in 35 languages. Designed to improve learning engagement and performance, Docebo LMS is known for its ease of use and allowing customers to combine coaching with social and formal learning, the 70/20/10 model that has been validated through extensive research. It manages, delivers and tracks web-based training, instructor-led training, and blended learning activities.

The best way to evaluate the features is for you to try them. You can easily sign up for Docebo free trial here.

Why choose Docebo?

  1. Commitment to product technology. With roots in the academia, Docebo continues a sound approach to developing its core technologies by committing to continued research to ensure Docebo LMS is grounded on what works for its customers.
  2. Solid support. With offices in North America, Asia, and Europe, Docebo is never far away when its customers need it. The presence of these offices has also allowed Docebo to become one of the fastest growing learning technology provider in the market.
  3. High regards for trust. To ensure customers will have the least concern about their money and private data, Docebo has submitted itself to the most stringent screening, certification, and auditing procedures, resulting in ISO 9001 and 27001 certification, as well as being fully SOC2 Type 1 audited.

4. LearnUpon

LearnUpon was established in 2012 by a group of industry professionals from Dublin, Ireland. The product is a powerful online LMS built to help organizations streamline online learning and deliver a complete e-learning solution for employees, partners, and customers. As such, it is easy to use, can be set up quickly, comes with a robust set of features, and is scalable to as many learners.

Among its numerous tools and capabilities are course creation, administrator controls, learning paths, multi-tenant portal, support for multimedia content, branding, assessment and surveys, course monetization, multi-language support, third-party apps and social integration, reporting, gamification, and mobile support.

Simply sign up for LearnUpon free trial if you want to take the software for a spin.

Why choose LearnUpon?

  1. Tons of features. LearnUpon is your one-stop solution for your organization’s learning needs. It has all the tools and features you need to manage and author content, build and deliver courses, analyze and report of student progress, comply with regulations and course standards, and more.
  2. Easy to set up. The LMS solution gets rid of complex deployment and set up. Being a cloud-based platform, you don’t need to invest in expensive hardware and you can access the software from whatever connected device.
  3. Multi-function system. Aside from course creation and a host of other capabilities, LearnUpon offers tools to let you conduct online surveys, quizzes, and exams. For colleges and universities that provide certificate programs, you can design your own certificates from pre-built templates which you can customize to reflect your brand or institution.

5. iSpring Learn LMS

iSpring Learn LMS is a cloud-hosted LMS built by iSpring Solutions, Inc. which been developing high-quality e-learning products since 2001.  The LMS lets you create, access, and deliver training materials from any device. It’s optimized for mobile, allowing you to use the system from your smartphone and tablet, take your materials with you wherever you go. The flexible out-of-the-box LMS solution is suitable for any type of organization whether startups or established companies. It serves the learning/training requirements of fortune 500 companies like Unilever and Johnson & Johnson.

iSpring Learn LMS brings with it powerful tools for developing e-learning courses, creating specific learning paths, conducting simultaneous webinars, managing online workshops and training from a single screen, adding game elements to training, performing online assessment, and generating advanced reports. You can test the features for yourself.

You can sign up for iSpring Learn free trial here to learn more about the software.

Why choose iSpring Learn LMS?

  1. Robust authoring tools. The software delivers a powerful solution for developing engaging and interactive learning materials through the use of PowerPoint. It gives you one-click uploading of courses directly into the system which supports Flash/HTML5, SCORM materials, audio/video, and more.
  2. Rich reporting. iSpring Learn LMS extensive reporting options so you can track individual or group progress, determine the effectiveness of your e-learning programs, and have effective control over your training.
  3. Fully customizable. You get several ways to customize your learning portal and your training materials to carry your brand. You can even integrate the platform to an online payment service if you are selling your e-learning courses.

6. eFront

eFront gives you an adaptable and scalable LMS solution with complete control over your training materials, modules, and other relevant documents. It can be configured to fit your company learning requirements whether for your employees, your customers, or your partners. It offers enterprise-level features and customizations, allowing you to integrate training into your corporate environment and personalize your learning portal to reflect your brand. Regardless if you deploy the LMS system online or on-premise, your training data will always be safe through an array of security filters and administrative controls. The software offers a wealth of features for you to manage your courses, learners, integrations, learning delivery, compliance, communication, reporting, payments and monetization, rewards and gamification, and system compatibility.

Want to see the software in action? Simply sign up for eFront free trial here.

Why choose eFront?

  1. Content interoperability. eFront carries the latest standards for content interoperability, meaning you can reuse and rehash any your content and courses as you deem fit for any type of learner whether basic, medium or advanced.
  2. Flexibility. The system provides a lot of learning and training options and customizations. You can conduct courses in a blended environment (online or offline), for specific skills or industry, through any convenient delivery method for you and your learner, or go through one-on-one or group sessions.
  3. Gamified LMS. eFront offers gamification through leaderboards, badges, and points, to promote healthy competition, bring out the full potential of learners, and recognize deserving individuals.

7. SkyPrep

SkyPrep Inc. is a Canadian company that has been in the business of providing top-class e-learning tools for almost a decade. It’s a GPDR-compliant company that provides a level of security that adheres to FDA 21 CFR Part 11requisites. The company currently offers two products: SkyPrep LMS and BoostHQ.

Its frontline product is SkyPrep, a simple, intuitive, and advanced LMS tool that streamlines training and onboarding. The robust set of tools and features that SkyPrep offers makes the company a solid contender when it comes to top LMS software companies.

SkyPrep is a popular online training software for it offers various learning solutions. It has tools for compliance training, employee training, and course building. Users can upload and utilize almost any kind of files for teaching — MS Office files, PDFs, videos, and SCORM materials. In training, users can utilize assessment tools that allow for tests, quizzes, and surveys. Monetization of content is also supported.

SkyPrep integrates with third-party software like OKTA, PayPal, BambooHR, ClickMeeting, and Lynda. Service packages are bundled depending on the number of active users. It’s available in the market for as low as $349/month.

See what the software can do for your learning program. Just sign up for SkyPrep free trial here.

Why choose SkyPrep?

  1. Push Notifications. SkyPrep has a comprehensive scheduler that automatically emails all participants when it comes to webinars, due dates, and evaluation periods.
  2. Real-time reports. Instructors have access to students’ progress reports. SkyPrep has advanced data analytics that evaluates each participants’ strong points, weak points, and overall performance.
  3. Branding. SkyPrep has expanded customization tools for brand-specific users. It also offers a custom domain to its users.
  4. Monetization. Users can opt to sell their content with easy payment options via third-party integrations.
  5. Automation. SkyPrep has auto-grade features that do all the time-consuming checking and recording duties for instructors. Results of quizzes can be accessed instantly.

8. eCoach

eCoach is an online LMS and authoring platform that comes with an intuitive and uncluttered interface. You can structure it to match your corporate set up such as separating your organization’s departments into different branded LMS campuses. This allows large global organizations to sort campuses by business units or geographical locations and set permission levels to administrators and trainers to keep training sessions organized. eCoach can be transformed into a comprehensive content library with unlimited storage and equipped with filters and search tools. It is cloud-hosted and mobile optimized for easy access and use on any mobile device. Any changes you make on your training modules and materials will be updated in real-time.

You can try out the features for yourself. Simply sign up for eCoach free trial here.

Why choose eCoach?

  1. Pre-built training modules. eCoach offers dozens of free training modules that you can edit and customize to reflect your training program and brand. You can choose from several modules on corporate training, education, and general interest.
  2. Automation and integrations. You can automate connections and integration between eCoach and other online services and platforms like Salesforce, Shopify, Gmail, and more. The system can create automated actions based on parameters you set.
  3. Full SCORM/LTI compliance. eCoach fully complies with SCORM/LTI which lets you bring in existing e-learning materials or export your created content to third-party solutions. In addition, you can embed training on your website or share them through public or private URL links.

9. Moodle

Founded in 1999, Moodle HQ is an internet-based Australian company providing learning technology solutions through its open source platform, Moodle LMS. Moodle HQ currently has around 500 employees and its operation is financially supported by 80 Moodle Partner service companies all over the world. The name Moodle is an acronym for “modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment” which combines different e-learning approaches such as distance learning, blended learning, and flipped classroom. It is ideal for the learning requirements of schools and colleges as well as for the training needs of corporations and businesses.

Moodle LMS provides learners, educators and administrators with a robust, secure and integrated system to create customized learning environments. With the system, you can create your own online portal or website with courses for trainers and educators to help them in their learning goals. It offers several standard features and innovative tools and can be configured through plug-ins which extends its core functions to serve your specific learning requirements. It is also interoperable, which means it can run on any kind of platform, computer, and operating system.

Why choose Moodle?

  1. Stable company, constantly upgraded software. Moodle HQ has been around helping steer Moodle LMS become one of the leading LMS solutions in the world. The software is constantly upgraded according to the latest emerging trends in the learning industry.
  2. Great support from company and community. Moodle HQ has robust customer support, but more importantly customers will find numerous internet forums with experts willing to share their knowledge with anybody from anywhere in the world.
  3. Moodle HQ is financially backed by 80 partners. The number of partners reflects the level of acceptance that Moodle LMS enjoys, and decades of dedication in the field ensure customers that Moodle HQ mean serious business and collaboration from the very start.

10.  Schoology

Founded in 2009 with headquarters in New York, New York, Schoology is a privately-held company synonymous with its product, Schoology LMS, which provides eLearning modules for K-12 schools, higher educational institutions, and business enterprises.  The LMS lets you easily manage, share, and create training and educational content and resources online. Schoology counts more than 9.5 million users from around 100,000 schools and companies in 200 countries all over the world.

Schoology carries a familiar social media interface, much like Facebook, to engage both instructors and students. It helps facilitate collaboration especially for groups and large classes and can be integrated with existing school information systems. It is equipped with tools and features such as online gradebook, homework dropboxes, text message notifications, tests and quizzes, shared resources library, data integration, mobile support, and more.

Why choose Schoology?

  1. Strong focus on LMS development. With virtually no other product portfolio to mind about, Schoology stands by and is able to focus on the philosophy of its founders formed at the time they were students themselves, able to glean deeper into what must go with a productive solution that truly aligns with the needs of its customers.
  2. Stable company. Schoology has been in the business of providing comprehensive learning management software for almost a decade now, which means customers can be confident that their investment will not vanish down the road of failing business models as others had.
  3. Solid customer support. Schoology is well represented by professional representatives, trainers, and consultants who are experts in what they do and able to attend to the needs of clients in real time.

11. ProProfs LMS

An international company that is popular in the e-learning space, offers a number of comprehensive business applications dedicated to online training. It is patronized by many prominent companies, organizations, and learning institutions such as Sony, Adobe, Yale, and Mitsubishi Motors, among others. The company’s dedicated learning management system, ProProfs LMS, serves as a testament to their expertise in helping companies train and educate learners. This integrated system arms you with all essential tools for assessing learner knowledge through tests, quizzes, surveys, polls, and other tools. Other notable features on offer include a knowledge base, customizable branding, details reports and analytics, access control options, e-learning content authoring, and more.

Why choose ProProfs LMS?

  1. Established reputation in the e-learning space. A number of companies and learning institutions trust ProProfs for their online training procedures.
  2. All-in-one LMS. The company offers a host of business applications devoted to e-learning. ProProfs has tools for creating and deploying quizzes, knowledge bases, surveys, and more.
  3. Ease of use and configurability. The company has designed its e-learning and authoring tools with ease of use in mind. You can also configure the system to automate time-consuming tasks, such as checking quizzes and grading courses. Furthermore, you can incorporate your company’s branding elements on your courses as well as on your website.

12. Canvas LMS

Canvas LMS was developed by Instructure, Inc. in 2008, and was created by graduate students of Brigham Young University in Utah. It has since grown to become one of the largest, school-focused cloud LMS providers currently used by more than 3,000 school districts, universities, and educational institutions around the world. It is designed to enable students, teachers and employees to develop, deliver and manage face-to-face or online learning experiences to achieve academic and corporate learning objectives.

The system is fast and responsive as it is hosted on Amazon web servers and is completely customizable, allowing you to configure it to your educational requirements and teaching approach. A cornerstone of the LMS is its communication and collaboration capabilities for both teacher and learner with tools for web conferencing, integration with social media sites, sharing of multimedia files, audio and video messages, and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. For students, Canvas LMS helps them to obtain notifications, submit paperwork, and interact with the learning materials given to them on the gadgets they use.

Why choose Canvas LMS?

  1. Designed for educational institutions. With Canvas LMS built particularly for the educational sector, customers know would not be getting unnecessary features and would only be having the essential tools and features they need. Canvas LMS itself even branched out to address the needs of related sectors such as Canvass K-12, Canvas Network for the massive open online course MOOC market, Canvas Parent to keep parents updated of student activities and performance.
  2. Innovative developers with a deep understanding of the industry. Canvas LMS has seen rapid adoption by its customers, which means more of their features are actually put to good use by users rather than sitting idly within the systems. In short, you are getting the full value of your purchase from the get-go.
  3. Strong customer support. The vendor’s support personnel are well regarded for their expertise in the company’s offerings, which means quicker response rate and faster resolution of any issue that might arise.

13.  Edmodo

Founded in 1999 in Fuzhou, China, NetDragon Websoft is a publicly-held Chinese company that presently aims to get seriously involved in education, especially through cloud-based online collaborative social learning platforms. Previously it is a company known mostly for developing and operating massively multiplayer online games. It recently acquired Edmodo, after similarly acquiring another education platform, Promethean World, in 2015, boosting its push in the direction of the education industry.

Established in 2008, Edmodo the company provides a suite of educational technologies that feature communication, collaboration, and coaching to K-12 schools and teachers. It is behind the similarly-named Edmodo, a social learning network that lets teachers share content, distribute assignments and conduct communication with students, parents, and colleagues. It also created Snapshot, a set of assessment tools to measure student progress, and Ask Mo, an educational video search engine to be used in the context of video materials shared by teachers.

Edmodo has over 78 million users worldwide half of them in the USA, the rest from 180 other countries across the world.

Why choose Edmodo?

  1. Ride the tide with an old experienced hand. While admittedly many would perhaps be apprehensive where NetDragon Websoft will steer Edmodo in the short and long term, Edmodo’s reputation itself should calm nerves that a respected company would manage just fine riding the tide under the new arrangements. This will be more evident if the core personnel of Edmodo remains intact while lending their expertise to succeeding developments.
  2. Promise of richer feature sets. In Promethean World, NetDragon Websoft has a chance to combine a range of presentation technologies with the social learning collaborative power of Edmodo, further advancing the capabilities that previous users of both solutions can now employ. New users will be delighted to have both from the get-go.
  3. Better customer support. What has been a highly regarded customer support can only get better with the injection of more financial prowess and expansion to areas previously not actively covered by Edmodo alone.

14.  Blackboard

Founded in January 1997, Blackboard Inc. is an award-winning educational company headquartered in Washington DC. The company is best known for Blackboard Learn, a full-featured learning management system. The software combines platforms called Learn, Transact, Engage, Connect, Mobile, Collaborate and Analytics. Blackboard also sells other products for K-12, higher education, business, and government institutions. Teachers and educators will find products specifically tailored to the needs of their jobs, as will students and other education facilitators.

Blackboard Learn puts emphasis on communication and content. As such, it offers tools to enhance interaction and connection between instructors and learners such as built-in chat function, online discussions and announcements, and individual as well as mass mailing. On the content side, there are tools for course creation and delivery, online learning modules, calendar function for posting assignments and due dates, posting of assessments and gradebooks, and easily accessible media library.

Why choose Blackboard Learn?

  1. Great product line. Blackboard Learn LMS is a great product, but customers with more specific training and personnel development needs will find Blackboard has them covered in many areas.
  2. Great business or academic institution partner. Blackboard Inc. has a deep pool of professionals—trainers, product representatives, consultants—who are always available on hand to assist their customers implement and get the most of their Blackboard investment.
  3. Great customer support. With physical offices virtually all over the world, Blackboard makes it easy for customers to reach out to them either through numerous customer support lines or online help.

15.  Brightspace

Established in 1999, D2L, also referred to as Desire2Learn, is a global cloud company that focuses on learning technology. It is the company behind the development of Brightspace learning management system which its founder, John Baker, sees as a platform to transform educational methodologies in schools, higher education, and businesses through blended and online classroom learning.

D2L’s products and services are currently used by more than 1,100 clients and 15 million learners spread over Canada, the USA, Europe, Australia, Brazil and Singapore. Notable among these products are Brightspace LMS, Engagement Plus, Performance Plus and Open Courses, a massive open online courses (MOOC) platform where it has shown to be bucking industry trends with 70% of users going on to finish their courses.

Why choose Brightspace?

  1. Vision, Passion-Driven. Choosing D2L is being part of the realization of a vision: Jim Baker started the company as a student who saw in the then-emerging technologies immense potential to change the educational paradigm as it existed then, seeing the day when learning tools and resources are made available to anybody instantaneously from any time and anywhere in the world.
  2. Comprehensive, Powerful Products and Services. Aside from its Brightspace, D2L is also well recognized for other products that address many of the current and emerging requirements of the learning industry.
  3. Impressive Customer Support. D2L professionals in its support department share the same enthusiasm and energy of their founder, and it shows in the way they embrace their roles providing help 24/7 or resolve issues or just reply to queries from prospects and customers alike.

16. Bridge LMS

Bridge LMS is relatively new, launched only in 2015. Its the sibling of the more famous and established Canvas LMS but is geared towards corporate employee training particularly for industry-specific skills. The cloud-based software provides a centralized online location for all your training materials, records and information which you can easily access through your mobile device. It comes with a feedback mechanism for employees to air their needs and suggestions, and a reporting tool that can evaluate employee learning performance. It also has gamification features to motivate and recognize active employees who contribute positively to your company’s objectives.

The software is fully SCORM compliant, meaning it adheres to industry standards for sharing and creating content. It has an intuitive content editor for adding and importing textual content, deploying courseware, and embedding graphics and images and graphics for more engaging training. it also comes with reporting tools, employee surveys and feedback mechanism, and third-party information sharing and collaboration.

Why choose Bride LMS?

  1. Import and organize contacts. Alongside its course creation feature, Bridge LMS makes it easy to enroll learners directly from your HR information system contact lists. It can then categorize employee-learners according to skills, department, hire date, experience or other parameters you set.
  2. Integrate with existing CRM and SRP systems. Bridge LMS can integrate with your existing CRM or ERP systems, giving you extended functionality and a more powerful learning platform.
  3. Communicate and share files easily. Employees can communicate and share files and information even when they are in the field since the LMS stores all course materials in a secure, and centralized online database that can be accessed on any connected device.

17. Udemy

Established in 2010, Udemy Inc. provides web-based learning platform, offering free or paid courses that personal or corporate customers can subscribe to. A strong supporter of massive open online course (MOOC), Udemy lists more than 20 million students subscribed to 65,000 courses provided by expert instructors in over 50 languages. Udemy for business offers subscription access to a collection of specific business courses. Udemy gives us a taste of what education could be in the future, a virtual structure perhaps as Udemy approaches it, where anyone can create educational content and sell or share it through this same virtual marketplace.

Why choose Udemy?

  1. Background agnostic. You can be a PhD holder or a self-professed expert of any one skill and make money or simply share to your heart’s content through the eLearning platform that Udemy provides.
  2. Popular platform. It’s not exactly YouTube yet, but Udemy is surely gaining adopters from diverse backgrounds all over the world, providing a ready audience or customers to what you or any company has to offer.
  3. Excellent support. Udemy support allows subscribers to contact their instructors. It has a list of typical issues and quick workarounds to address them. If that is not enough, Udemy support staff will personally see through your concerns.

18. Firmwater LMS

Established in 2001, privately-held Firmwater Inc. is a software-as-a-service company that provides extensive learning management systems for professional training companies and e-Learning content developers. Firmwater LMS is a hosted solution used by more than 1,000 organizations worldwide. Regardless if you’re a startup training agency or have an established training business, the LMS platform can help you grow with its many helpful features and capabilities. You can manage all your clients with a single interface, automate your training programs, simplify content delivery, support instructor-led training, scale your audience whether big or small, and quickly update training content across your customers from one place. In other words, Firmwater LMS lets you concentrate on what you do best — being an expert in the training field and delivering top-notch training content.

Why choose Firmwater?

  1. Stable company, solid product. Firmwater the company and LMS are both highly regarded in the industry from the time it was founded. The developers are actively improving an already great solution to keep up with emerging trends.
  2. Highly rated customer support. Firmwater’s customer support has earned the nod of many customers, known for being responsive and expert in their own products while being available anytime and anywhere.
  3. Keeping it small and dynamic. Unlike big corporations hampered by bureaucratic-style issues, Firmwater keeps its core personnel small and nimble, to be able to respond to customers better and faster.

19. Lessonly

Established in 2012, Lessonly LLC is a software company that provides powerful training solutions for eLearning, learning automation, customer service training, employee onboarding training and sales enablement training. It lists around 1.3 million learners from more than 500 companies worldwide. The cloud-based LMS is designed to help HR personnel, sales groups, and support teams create and deliver learning materials and training resources to employees. It makes available and accessible training information on any connected device and allows sharing and collaboration with individuals and teams. You can create lessons with whatever content you need, set automated learning paths, automatically add employees to specific learning groups, and track employee and team learning progress.

Why choose Lessonly?

  1. Fast-growing company. To grow from zero to more than a million users from 500 companies is no mean feat for any company, and it points to a business that will be here a long time, providing customers confidence about the value of their investment.
  2. Powerful software, expert personnel. Powerful software can only do so much if there’s no guidance from the developer to help ease the adoption and use of its essential features. Lessonly shows this insight, constantly sending expert personnel to help clients take advantage of the software features.
  3. Outstanding customer support. Lessonly enjoys outstanding reviews from its customers about the quality of its customer support personnel, a large reason for its ongoing success in the industry.

20. Skillshare

Founded in 2010, Skillshare Inc. is a privately-held company that provides Skillshare, an online learning community of over 3 million members offering more than 20,000 classes in multiple disciplines. Students can enroll in their selected courses by paying a monthly subscription.  The main course categories include design, arts, technology, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, and creative arts. There are also several sub-topics you can choose from such as photography, advertising, publishing, music, food and drink, film and video, and more. Courses are often conducted by industry leaders and prominent persons in their field.

Why choose Skillshare?

  1. Established name in the industry. Skillshare champions its own business model to set it apart from Udemy or Lynda and has found massive support from paying members. That means it is here to stay and you can safely plan ahead to diversify your offerings or take advantage of more courses to advance your skills or just improve yourself in some areas.
  2. That $10/month unlimited subscription is just basically a steal. You can easily see the advantage if you were the subscriber, but what about if you were the provider? If you are used to long instruction hours in Udemy, for example, you can cut your courses to bite-size chunks at Skillshare and earn more in the long run.
  3. Practically endless diversity and opportunity. Three-million-strong membership that is still growing can make your head spin no matter if you are looking for course material to subscribe to or designing ones to sell.

Which LMS is right for you?

You alone can determine that. There are over a thousand LMS vendors jockeying to get your attention. Fortunately, you don’t have to pore over all of them as we’ve narrowed down the choices with the leading LMS companies and products we’ve listed here based on ease of use, features and functionalities, and other useful attributes. You can check the links of each of the products above to read the full reviews and details. And you can go for the free trials offered to test the product yourself.

Remember, there is no “one size fits all” LMS. Hence, the right LMS is one that has features and capabilities to address present and future training requirements for your organization’s employees and other targeted audiences like partners and customers. If yours is an educational institution, focus on the learning needs of your students and how your teachers can leverage the technologies and tools that LMS brings. Go over the checklist of LMS features to see if your preferred LMS has the essentials.

Continuing learning, education, and skills upgrading of your employees is paramount to drive your business forward. Your workforce is your number one asset and keeping them engaged and motivated through regular training will go a long way not only in retaining them but also in ensuring that your organization is vibrant, productive, and successful. If you’re on the hunt for a capable LMS, check out SAP Litmos, our top LMS pick.

You may sign up for SAP Litmos free trial here if you want to learn more about this platform’s features.

By Louie Andre

B2B & SaaS market analyst and senior writer for FinancesOnline. He is most interested in project management solutions, believing all businesses are a work in progress. No stranger to small business hiccups and drama, having been involved in a few internet startups. Prior to his for-profit ventures, he has had managed corporate communications for a Kansas City-based Children International unit.

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