List of Top LMS Software Companies of 2018

Litmos: No. 1 LMS Tool


Tremendous advances in technology, deepening internet penetration, and the relentless rise in the use of mobile devices have drastically impacted the way learning and training are delivered. Even as traditional academic institutions are hastening the upgrade of their learning approaches, private enterprises large and small are scampering to make the most of these developments. For an example of this observation, go back to how LinkedIn itself has captured to add to its appeal to connected professionals and enterprise clients.

While the global outlook on LMS software platforms remains rosy for many years across industries (see figure below), 2018 may be the year software developers in general and LMS providers in particular begin to take stock of looming regulations seeking to address perceived excesses that have gone unmitigated in the interim. Specifically, eyes will turn to Europe as its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on May 25, 2018.

Still, the global LMS market is expected to grow from US$ 5.05 billion in 2016 to US$ 18.44 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 15.52% between 2017 and 2025. If trends hold, forty-three percent of that is projected to go to the top industries that use LMS: education (21%), technology (12%), and manufacturing (9%).

In another study, the LMS Industry Report, WordPress showed that, interestingly, academic learners take up most of the volume of courses on the 1-1000 volume range, while corporate learners begin to show their numbers above it.

What do all these insights suggest? LMS is going vertical, as is SaaS in general. Vendors are making their platforms adaptive to a specific environment to mirror the shifting sands in the education and training field.

This is an important factor to consider when you browse through our  list of top 20 LMS software companies below. Almost always, a platform is specific to a scenario: distance education, corporate training, employee on-boarding, course selling, etc. Which one fits you? Let our detailed product descriptions below get you up to speed.

What are the top LMS Software companies?

  1. Litmos LMS
  2. TalentLMS and eFront
  3. Docebo
  4. WorkWize LMS
  5. Canvas LMS and Bridge LMS
  6. Schoology
  7. Edmodo
  8. Blackboard
  9. Brightspace
  10. Moodle
  11. iCIMS Talent Acquisition
  12. Firmwater
  13. iSpring Learn LMS
  14. PeopleAdmin
  15. Lessonly LMS
  16. ClearCompany
  17. Udemy
  18. Skillshare
  19. SmarterU LMS
  20. GO1

Top 20 LMS Software Companies in 2018

1.  Litmos LMS

SAP of Walldorf, Germany, is a multinational corporation known for its enterprise software solutions that manage business operations and customer relations. Founded in 1972 by former IBM AI engineers, SAP would become one of the most influential movers of the software industry, acquiring a number of other companies along the way. Among those acquisitions is the popular Litmos LMS.

If you want to try the features at no cost you can easily do so when you sign up for a Litmos LMS free trial here.

This award is given to the best product in our LMS Software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.
Litmos LMS won our Best LMS Software Award Q2 2018

SAP markets Litmos LMS as an eLearning platform for employee training, customer training, channel training and compliance training. Litmos counts 4 million users worldwide, ranging from education, retail, healthcare, to public sector and non-profit companies.

Why choose Litmos LMS?

  1. SAP is a proven name in the industry. As the third largest software and programming company, SAP offers proven technology comfortably handled by superbly capable professionals. That long-staying power ensures you are using a software backed by a company that grows with you providing continuous updates and customer support.
  2. SAP is everywhere. Literally. With operations in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, North America and South America, SAP representatives, consultants or trainers are always in hand to respond to any customer query or deliver products and services as you request them.
  3. VIP Treatment: SAP PartnerEdge. SAP’s PartnerEdge programme provides business enablement resources to help partners such as value-added resellers (VARs) and independent software vendors (ISVs) be profitable and successful in implementing, selling, marketing, developing and delivering SAP products to a broad range of customers.

2. TalentLMS and eFront

Epignosis is one of the leading software vendors specializing in eLearning solutions. Founded in 2012 by computing experts Dimitris Tsingos and Athanasios Papangelis, Epignosis is behind such products as eFront and Snappico. It is also the creator of the well-regarded TalentLMS, the main reason Epignosis heads our list of LMS software companies.

Epignosis positions TalentLMS as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) employee training solution for small to medium enterprises that stand to benefit from improved workflow and usability than from more advanced features such as those found in its sister LMS, eFront—though it allows for thousands of installations and registered users.

TalentLMS provides the following eLearning capabilities: create online or instructor-led course content, assess learning performances, generate reports, repurpose and share courses according to the specific needs of different user groups, as well as buy or sell courses.

Aside from its comprehensive and intuitive features, TalentLMS is also known for its gamification approach to eLearning. If you want to try the features at no cost you can easily do so when you sign up for a TalentLMS free trial here. Or you can ask for an eFront free demo here, the vendor’s other popular enterprise LMS.

This award is given to the best product in our LMS Software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.
TalentLMS won our Best LMS Software Award for 2017

Why choose Epignosis?

  1. Respected in the industry. Recognized as a pioneer in eLearning, Epignosis also has three solid product lines in TalentLMS, eFront and Snappico to back up its strong reputation. The three products account for 3 million learners, an extensive 650,000 courses, 75,000 portals, and 5,500 satisfied clients.
  2. Crossover scalability. While TalentLMS was designed with small to business owners in mind, the software is still versatile enough to scale up to the needs of enterprise-level clients, ensuring that existing customers need not spend more to upgrade their existing implementation of the software.
  3. Constantly on the frontline of industry trends. Epignosis executives and its around 50-strong employees are always seeking ways to integrate new applications to its core products, while constantly updating their mobile platform versions.

3.  Docebo

Docebo is a multi-awarded, ISO-certified and SOC2 Type 1-audited SaaS company behind the well-regarded Docebo LMS. It was founded in 2005 by Claudio Erba who remains as the company’s CEO.

Docebo markets its LMS solution to more than 80 countries in 35 languages. Designed to improve learning engagement and performance, Docebo LMS is known for its ease of use and allowing customers to combine coaching with social and formal learning, the 70/20/10 model that has been validated through extensive research. It manages, delivers and tracks web-based training, instructor-led training, and blended learning activities.

The best way to evaluate the features is for you to try them. You can easily sign up for a Docebo free trial here.

This award is given to the best product in our LMS Software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.
Docebo won our Best Corporate LMS Award for 2016

Why choose Docebo?

  1. Commitment to product technology. With roots in the academia, Docebo continues a sound approach to developing its core technologies by committing to continued research to ensure Docebo LMS is grounded on what works for its customers.
  2. Solid support. With offices in North America, Asia, and Europe, Docebo is never far away when its customers need it. The presence of these offices has also allowed Docebo to become one of the fastest growing learning technology provider in the market.
  3. High regards for trust. To ensure customers will have the least concern about their money and private data, Docebo has submitted itself to the most stringent screening, certification, and auditing procedures, resulting in ISO 9001 and 27001 certification, as well as being fully SOC2 Type 1 audited.

4.  WorkWize LMS

Founded in 2001, privately-held EssentialSkillz from Galway, Ireland, is a leading supplier of compliance-based eLearning. Its core eLearning courses cover both Health & Safety and Risk & Governance issues, including Asbestos Awareness, Equality & Diversity and Money Laundering. The company sells these courses as SCORM packages that they can load on their existing Learning Management System, or they can instead purchase the company’s unique compliance-focused delivery platform, WorkWize LMS.

Another learning management system, O-LAS LMS, features full SCORM-compliant LMS with extensive and dynamic KPI multi-tier reporting and detailed audit trail. EssentialSkillz is also the creator of ErgoWize, its best-selling DSE training and risk assessment software that enables customers to easily comply with DSE regulations.

WorkWize LMS ensures that employees acquire the 100% compliance knowledge that their specific job function requires. It integrates a market-leading feature, the Employee Self-Assessment software, that allows organizations to automate People-Based Risk Assessments such as Lone Working, Travel and Display Screen Equipment. The vendor offers an attractive free trial plan. Simply sign up for a WorkWize free trial here.

Why choose WorkWize?

  1. Solid reputation in the compliance industry. Almoyung st two decades in the compliance market with 95% retention rate attests to a company that simply knows what it’s doing delivering first-class solutions to its clients the whole time.
  2. Large customer base and still growing. Essentialskillz has already amassed over 1.75 million training sessions delivered, each year seeing at least 40% more than the previous year and yet it still clips an unprecedented 50-plus percent year-to-year growth since 2008. It counts more than 400 blue chip customers worldwide with around 500,000 employees using its eLearning courses.
  3. Strong customer support. Offices in the US, the UK and Ireland are staffed with highly knowledgeable people accessible from anywhere and happy to provide customer support 24/7.

5. Canvas LMS and Bridge LMS

Incorporated in 2008, Instructure, Inc. from Salt Lake City, Utah, provides cloud-based learning management platform for companies and academic institutions around the world. Instructure is well known for two learning management systems: Canvas LMS for the education segment and Bridge LMS for the corporate market. Instructure enables students, teachers and employees to develop, deliver and manage face-to-face or online learning experiences to achieve academic and corporate learning objectives.

Why choose Instructure?

  1. Segmented products mean more useful, powerful features. With Canvas LMS addressing the particular needs of the educational sector and Bridge LMS those of the corporate enterprises, customers know that they would not getting products with many features inessential to their requirements. Canvas LMS itself even branches further out to Canvass K-12 and Canvas Network, reflecting the more sophisticated requirements of educational systems.
  2. Innovative developers with deep understanding of the industry. Instructure’s two LMS offerings have a unique record of higher adoption rate by its customers, which means more of their features are actually put to good use by users rather than sitting idly within the systems. In short, you are getting the full value of your purchase from the get-go.
  3. Strong customer support. Instructure support personnel are well regarded for their expertise in the company’s offerings, which means quicker response rate and faster resolution of any issue that might arise.

6.  Schoology

Founded in 2009 with headquarters in New York, New York, Schoology is a privately-held company synonymous with its product, Schoology LMS, which provides eLearning modules for K-12 schools, higher educational institutions and business enterprises and let them create, share and manage content and resources. Schoology counts more than 9.5 million users from around 100,000 schools and companies in 200 countries all over the world.

Why choose Schoology?

  1. Strong focus in LMS development. With virtually no other product portfolio to mind about, Schoology stands by and is able to focus on the philosophy of its founders formed at the time they were students themselves, able to glean deeper into what must go with a productive solution that truly aligns with the needs of its customers.
  2. Stable company. Schoology has been in the business of providing comprehensive learning management software for almost a decade now, which means customers can be confident that their investment will not vanish down the road of failing business models as others had.
  3. Solid customer support. Schoology is well represented by professional representatives, trainers, and consultants who are experts in what they do and able to attend to the needs of clients in real time.

7.  Edmodo

Founded in 1999 in Fuzhou, China, NetDragon Websoft is a publicly-held Chinese company that presently aims to get seriously involved in education, especially through cloud-based online collaborative social learning platforms. Previously it is a company known mostly for developing and operating massively multiplayer online games.

It recently acquired Edmodo, after similarly acquiring another education platform, Promethean World, in 2015, boosting its push in the direction of the education industry.

Established in 2008, Edmodo the company provides a suite of educational technologies that feature communication, collaboration, and coaching to K-12 schools and teachers. It is behind the similarly-named Edmodo, a social learning network that lets teachers share content, distribute assignments and conduct communication with students, parents, and colleagues. It also created Snapshot, a set of assessment tools to measure student progress, and Ask Mo, an educational video search engine to be used in the context of video materials shared by teachers.

Edmodo has over 78 million users worldwide half of them in the USA, the rest from 180 other countries across the world.

Why choose Edmodo?

  1. Ride the tide with an old experienced hand. While admittedly many would perhaps be apprehensive where NetDragon Websoft will steer Edmodo in the short and long term, Edmodo’s reputation itself should calm nerves that a respected company would manage just fine riding the tide under the new arrangements. This will be more evident if the core personnel of Edmodo remains intact while lending their expertise to succeeding developments.
  2. Promise of richer feature sets. In Promethean World , NetDragon Websoft has a chance to combine a range of presentation technologies with the social learning collaborative power of Edmodo, further advancing the capabilities that previous users of both solutions can now employ. New users will be delighted to have both from the get-go.
  3. Better customer support. What has been a highly regarded customer support can only get better with the injection of more financial prowess and expansion to areas previously not actively covered by Edmodo alone.

8.  Blackboard

Founded in January 1997, Blackboard Inc. is an award-winning educational company headquartered in Washington DC. The company is best known for Blackboard Learn, a full-featured learning management system.

The software combines platforms called Learn, Transact, Engage, Connect, Mobile, Collaborate and Analytics. Blackboard also sells other products for K-12, higher education, business and government institutions. Teachers and educators will find products specifically tailored to the needs of their jobs, as will students and other education facilitators.

Why choose Blackboard Learn?

  1. Great product line. Blackboard Learn LMS is a great product, but customers with more specific training and personnel development needs will find Blackboard has them covered in many areas.
  2. Great business or academic institution partner. Blackboard Inc. has a deep pool of professionals—trainers, product representatives, consultants—who are always available on hand to assist their customers implement and get the most of their Blackboard investment.
  3. Great customer support. With physical offices virtually all over the world, Blackboard makes it easy for customers to reach out to them either through numerous customer support lines or online help.

9.  Brightspace

Established in 1999, D2L, also referred to as Desire2Learn, is a global cloud company that focuses on learning technology. It is the company behind the development of Brightspace learning management system which its founder, John Baker, sees as a platform to transform educational methodologies in schools, higher education, and businesses through blended and online classroom learning.

D2L’s products and services are currently used by more than 1,100 clients and 15 million learners spread over Canada, the USA, Europe, Australia, Brazil and Singapore. Notable among these products are Brightspace LMS, Engagement Plus, Performance Plus and Open Courses, a massive open online courses (MOOC) platform where it has shown to be bucking industry trends with 70% of users going on to finish their courses.

Why choose Brightspace?

  1. Vision, Passion-Driven. Choosing D2L is being part of the realization of a vision: Jim Baker started the company as a student who saw in the then-emerging technologies immense potential to change the educational paradigm as it existed then, seeing the day when learning tools and resources are made available to anybody instantaneously from any time and anywhere in the world.
  2. Comprehensive, Powerful Products and Services. Aside from its Brightspace, D2L is also well recognized for other products that addresses many of the current and emerging requirements of the learning industry.
  3. Impressive Customer Support. D2L professionals in its support department share the same enthusiasm and energy of their founder, and it shows in the way they embrace their roles providing help 24/7 or resolve issues or just reply to queries from prospects and customers alike.

10. Moodle

Tenth in our list of LMS software companies is Moddle HQ. Founded in 1999, Moodle HQ is an internet-based Australian company providing learning technology solutions through its open source platform, Moodle LMS. Moodle HQ currently has around 500 employees. Its operations are financially supported by 80 Moodle Partner service companies all over the world. It is backed by a strong open source community.

Moodle LMS provides learners, educators and administrators with a robust, secure and integrated system to create customized learning environments.

Why choose Moodle?

  1. Stable company, constantly upgraded software. Moodle HQ has been around helping steer Moodle LMS become one of the leading LMS solutions in the world. The software is constantly upgraded according to the latest emerging trends in the learning industry.
  2. Great support from company and community. Moodle HQ has robust customer support, but more importantly customers will find numerous internet forums with experts willing to share their knowledge with anybody from anywhere in the world.
  3. Moodle HQ is financially backed by 80 partners. The number of partners reflects the level of acceptance that Moodle LMS enjoys, and decades of dedication in the field ensure customers that Moodle HQ mean serious business and collaboration from the very start.

11. iCIMS Talent Acquisition

Established in 1999, iCIMS is a software-as-a-solution (SaaS) company that offers a full suite of talent acquisition applications to help recruiters source, screen, hire, and train personnel for better performance and retention. Its major products include iCIMS Recruit, iCIMS CONNECT, iCIMS ONBOARD and iCIMS UNIFi. iCIMS counts more than 3,500 customers, more than 2.3 million jobs posted per year and 32.2 million applications per year.

iCIMS ONBOARD provide new hires with rich resources and clear objectives for all their training sessions so they learn all the critical skills and information to help them succeed within their company environments.


  1. iCIMS provides customers with exceptional expertise and experience. Almost two decades in the industry and proven success with that are constantly gaining new customers worldwide while keeping older ones happy.
  2. Award-winning customer support. iCIMS customer support is constantly rated among the best anywhere, with 24/7 support through extensive knowledge base, video tutorials, and dedicated, friendly online and phone personnel.
  3. Extensive number of partners. You get instant access to iCIMS’ platform partners who can provide you with multiple solutions in order to meet your company’s changing objectives.

12. Firmwater LMS

Established in 2001, privately-held Firmwater Inc. is a software-as-a-service company that provides extensive learning management systems for professional training companies and e-Learning content developers. Its Firmwater LMS is used by more than 1,000 organizations worldwide.

Why choose Firmwater?

  1. Stable company, solid product. Firmwater the company and LMS are both highly regarded in the industry from the time it was founded. The developers are actively improving an already great solution to keep up with emerging trends.
  2. Highly rated customer support. Firmwater’s customer support has earned the nod of many customers, known for being responsive and expert in their own products while being available anytime and anywhere.
  3. Keeping it small and dynamic. Unlike big corporations hampered by bureaucratic-style issues, Firmwater keeps its core personnel small and nimble, to be able to respond to customers better and faster.

13. iSpring Learn LMS

Established in 2005, iSpring Solutions is one of the leading providers of professional eLearning solutions worldwide. It lists more than 40,000 users of products that include: iSpring Suite, its eLearning authoring and publishing tool; iSpring Cloud, its commercial presentation sharing solution; iSpring Viewer, mobile apps for learning on tablets and smartphones; and iSpring Learn, its cloud-based learning management system.

Why choose iSpring Learn?

  1. Mature, proven company. iSpring Solutions is recognized for its leading role in the development of eLearning platforms especially for business-oriented institutions, rewarded by a long list of customers all over the world.
  2. Focused eLearning solutions. Aside from its well-regarded LMS software, iSpring Solutions have created closely related products that remains focused on improving the delivery of eLearning technology to customers.
  3. Proven customer support. iSpring Solutions’ customer support staff consistently scores high in satisfaction and appreciation from customers hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds.

14. PeopleAdmin

Founded in 2000, PeopleAdmin is a privately-held company providing cloud-based talent management solutions for K-12, higher education and government institutions. It lists more than 700 organizations using its products and services.

Why choose PeopleAdmin?

  1. Reputable company. PeopleAdmin has long years of experience in talent management solutions, including onboarding to ensure recruited personnel adapt effectively to their expected roles through extensive learning and training sessions.
  2. Well-developed products and services. PeopleAdmin’s software solutions have been around for years and regular updates ensure the latest versions incorporate all the essential tools to help companies achieve their goals.
  3. Excellent customer support. PeopleAdmin provides a unique conference-style approach to resolving customer issues and queries, aside from traditional phone lines and live online personnel. It also issues Connections Newsletter that help customers gain deeper insight into their industry and provide information about the latest product updates.

15. Lessonly

Established in 2012, Lessonly LLC is a software company that provides powerful training solutions for eLearning, learning automation, customer service training, employee onboarding training and sales enablement training. It lists around 1.3 million learners from more than 500 companies worldwide.

Why choose Lessonly?

  1. Fast-growing company. To grow from zero to 1.3 million users and from 500 companies is no mean feat for any company, and it points to a business that will be here a long time, providing customers confidence about the value of their investment.
  2. Powerful software, expert personnel. Powerful software can only do so much if there’s no guidance from the developer to help ease the adoption and use of its essential features. Lessonly shows this insight, constantly sending expert personnel to help clients take advantage of the software features.
  3. Outstanding customer support. Lessonly enjoys outstanding reviews from its customers about the quality of its customer support personnel, a large reason for its ongoing success in the industry.

16. ClearCompany

Previously known as HRM Direct, ClearCompany was founded in 2004 and established itself as one of the leading pioneers in cloud-based talent management systems. The company provides comprehensive HRMS and talent management solutions through: talent operating system, applicant tracking, employee training and onboarding and performance management.

Why choose ClearCompany?

  1. Solid Inc. 5000 company. ClearCompany ranks #1338 among Inc. 5000 companies in 2017, up from #1543 in 2016. Performance such as this ensures you can invest in the company’s solutions and not worry about where your provider has gone 3 to 5 years down the road.
  2. Superb applications. ClearCompany works closely with its customers to ensure streamlined adoption of their software solutions. This goes for its highly-regarded employee training software as well as other talent management offerings.
  3. Excellent customer support. ClearCompany consistently scores high in reviews of its customer support department, a record not many companies could boast about.

17. Udemy

Established in 2010, Udemy Inc. provides web-based learning platform, offering free or paid courses that personal or corporate customers can subscribe to. A strong supporter of massive open online course (MOOC), Udemy lists more than 20 million students subscribed to 65,000 courses provided by expert instructors in over 50 languages. Udemy for business offers subscription access to a collection of specific business courses. Udemy gives us a taste of what education could be in the future, a virtual structure perhaps as Udemy approaches it, where anyone can create educational content and sell or share it through this same virtual marketplace.

Why choose Udemy?

  1. Background agnostic. You can be a PhD holder or a self-professed expert of any one skill and make money or simply share to your heart’s content through the eLearning platform that Udemy provides.
  2. Popular platform. It’s not exactly YouTube yet, but Udemy is surely gaining adopters from diverse backgrounds all over the world, providing a ready audience or customers to what you or any company has to offer.
  3. Excellent support. Udemy support allows subscribers to contact their instructors. It has a list of typical issues and quick workarounds to address them. If that is not enough, Udemy support staff will personally see through your concerns.

18. Skillshare

Founded in 2010, Skillshare Inc. is a privately-held company that provides Skillshare, an online learning community of over 3 million members offering more than 20,000 classes in multiple disciplines. Students subscribe for $10/month and gain unlimited access to the classes of their choice.

Why choose Skillshare?

  1. Established name in the industry. Skillshare champions its own business model to set it apart from Udemy or Lynda and has found massive support from paying members. That means it is here to stay and you can safely plan ahead to diversify your offerings or take advantage of more courses to advance your skills or just improve yourself in some areas.
  2. That $10/month unlimited subscription is just basically a steal. You can easily see the advantage if you were the subscriber, but what about if you were the provider? If you are used to long instruction hours in Udemy, for example, you can cut your courses to bite-size chunks at Skillshare and earn more in the long run.
  3. Practically endless diversity and opportunity. Three-million-strong membership that is still growing can make your head spin no matter if you are looking for course material to subscribe to or designing ones to sell.

19. SmarterU LMS

Established in 2012, Neovation Learning Solutions is a privately-held research and development company that provides online learning platforms that companies can use for all their employee training needs. Its products include SmarterU Learning Management System, OttoLearn Adaptive Microlearning Platform and Flare Learning.

Neovation’s SmarterU LMS offers an integrated course creation suite, interactive SMARTERGAMES and full quiz and testing capabilities.

Why choose SmarterU?

  1. Fast-growing company. Neovation is recognized for registering an impressive five-year growth rate of 941%, good for a 78th place on the 2017 edition of Canada’s annual PROFIT 500 that ranks Canada’s fastest-growing companies. Making it to 19th place in our list of LMS software companies reflects Neovation Learning Solutions’ dedication to be a strong player in the learning management sector.
  2. Powerful, affordable learning solutions. Neovation Learning Solutions’ SmarterU LMS is a compelling suite of advanced training tools that are reasonably priced for their powerful features.
  3. Excellent customer support. Neovation Learning Solutions is noted for a friendly customer staff that is responsive, knowledgeable, and available at all times.

20. GO1

A cost-effective learning platform designed for small to medium-sized businesses, GO1 enhances the skills and capabilities of your employees. The platform features a host of courses created to ensure your business attain compliance and meet industry standards. GO1 also supports custom courses, allowing you to train and educate employees for organization-specific duties. Being fully functional on mobile devices, GO1 allows for effortless access of learning materials.

To gauge the effectivity of your courses and measure employee performance, the software features employee progress tracking tools. This allows you to receive detailed reports on their progress and efficiently assess their strengths and areas for improvement.

Why choose GO1? 

  1. Employee progress tracking. Receive timely reports on the current progress of each employee in their respective courses. Aside from allowing you to better evaluate employee performance in the various courses, its tracking tools enables you to commend top performers and offer assistance to employees having difficulties.
  2. Great support. Benefit from an all-around support team with GO1. Their support team can provide you with timely assistance and quickly overcome technical hurdles impeding your operations.
  3. Cost-effective. GO1 offers a free plan and two enterprise options that can best suit your needs and requirements. The enterprise plan stars at a mere $2 monthly per user.
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