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15 Best Customer Experience Management Software: Comparison of Leading Solutions

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What is the best customer experience management software?
The best customer management software is Zendesk, an innovative platform that helps you connect with and proactively engage customers across different channels. It’s an omnichannel solution that streamlines communication, allowing businesses to establish personalized, meaningful, and productive relationships with their customers. Its holistic approach to customer support and the ability to collate customer data and present it in a single platform help agents deliver a personalized reply to every customer query.

Customer experience management, basically, is the process of improving customer experience through the accurate interpretation of customer feedback and using them as a basis to improve customer experience. This is done by correlating such feedback with a business’ metrics and analyzing them as a single entity.

Resulting data from such analysis are then used as a basis to boost both customer engagement and strategies for experience planning. Customer experience is considered vital to brand strategy, the very reason why organizations have been focusing on this business management process. In a survey conducted by Forrester, it was found that 72% of organizations view customer experience improvement as their top area of priority.

The commoditization of products and organizations’ failure to sustain price differentiation have contributed to companies’ focus on the delivery of superior customer experience. Along with different automation and integration tools, certain principles aimed at boosting customer satisfaction, perception and commitment are now being implemented by companies.

This trend has paved the way for the development of customer experience management software. The continued evolution of technology marketing has led to the adoption of customer-based strategies that provide customer value. This digital customer experience, as it is now called, appeals more to the individual customer. Focus on individual consumers, in turn, necessitated the development of experiential marketing strategies to improve customer experience. This personalization of customer service has been proved to greatly improve customer experience.

The customer experience software was developed to boost experience whenever a customer interacts with a brand. This type of solution aids businesses in determining customer trends and issues through customer feedback. Data gleaned from this process are then used to formulate initiatives to improve business processes and products.

leading customer experience management software

What are the 15 best customer experience management software solutions for your business?

In this article, we take a look at the 15 best customer experience management software currently available in the market, focusing on their key features and how they benefit users.

15 Best Customer Experience Management Software

1. Zendesk

Zendesk is a global leader in providing and developing advanced features for a smooth and hassle-free customer experience with proactive tools that allow agents to address customer needs, concerns, and problems fast. Its holistic take on the customer support process equips agents with the right tool to deal with multiple queries coming from different channels. Its design is geared towards building a strong sense of community and loyalty between businesses and their customers. Moreover, it is scalable and ideal for business of any size.

With Zendesk, superb customer experience starts with data. From the moment a customer sends a query from any platform — via email, chat, or social media message — rich customer information is collected. Agents are provided with this information and personalized replies are attuned to the customer’s profession, location, and interests, for instance. Zendesk also ensures that no customers are put on hold and made to wait; you have at your disposal automated live chats, agent collaboration, offline forms, and multiple ticketing. The latter allows agents to handle and solve more than one ticket at the same time while collaborating with other agents and departments.


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A proof that Zendesk means business when it comes to delivering good customer experience is its screencasting tool. Frustrations often arise between customers and agents when customers can’t articulate their problem and agents are left confused. This concern will no longer be an issue with Zendesk’s screencasting tool that allows users to video capture their desktop to show errors so that agents can clearly identify what and where the problem is. In addition, agents can also share files and images to customers. Transparency is promoted every step of the way because customers get to rate their experience right after every connection. Data on how agents proceed and their rate of effectivity and productivity is also provided.

Zendesk integrates with multiple platforms and third-party apps like Facebook, Twitter, Freshbooks, Shopify, Drupal, WordPress, and Shopify CRM. It is cost efficient for it bundles its service depending on the number of agents. You can purchase it for as low as $5 per agent/month.

Detailed Zendesk Review

2. SoGoCX

SoGoCX Dashboard

By extracting insights from customer data, SoGoCX, helps you boost your clients’ loyalty, improve their value, and reduce the instances of customer churns. This customer experience platform lets you map the entire customer journey by collecting data from various customer touchpoints in order to help you prepare a solid CX initiative for your clients. To ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the insights, the system is capable of lifting actual useful information from a sea of customer data full of noise.



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SoGoCX has a rich survey functionality as well. A wide range of professional-looking templates is available to help you easily kick start a survey campaign. For instance, there are ready-made templates for assessing customer satisfaction, asking for customer service feedback, and boosting Net Promoting Score (NPS). Naturally, surveys can be created from scratch too. Furthermore, the results can be distributed on a global scale through email, SMS, links, or even QR codes.

Not only will SoGoCX help generate insight but you can also use the system to act out on the data at hand. It has a powerful analytics tool that expedites the understanding of information by helping you drill down into your data. Plus, its Key Driver Analysis Reporting feature lets you and your team easily see the strengths as well as the weaknesses of your customer touchpoints. Its Customer Churn Prediction feature, on the other hand, allows you to determine and monitor potential churns through customer feedback in order to stop them from their tracks.

Detailed SoGoCX Review

3. Qualtrics

Qualtrics dashboard example

Qualtrics is a powerful software that is capable of gathering online data such as customer loyalty, satisfaction market research, and employee evaluation, among others. These information can greatly help businesses in their efforts to enrich customer experience. The application can integrate with any CRM seamlessly through its open APIs. Information collected by the software can be used to measure the success of a company’s business strategies and use them to formulate sound business decisions.

Qualtrics CX

Qualtrics CX

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With Qualtrics, users can keep track of productivity, sales increases and customer satisfaction. Equipped with its own native survey tool, the app can provide insights with which companies can go about performing quantitative statistics analysis of markets. Such surveys can easily distinguish potential customers, which is very useful for expanding one’s customer base.

These features can all be accessed from mobile devices as the solution depends on mobile optimization to make online surveys. In addition, Qualtrics features an employee appraisal capability, which provides valuable insights on staff engagement, while giving businesses the opportunity to come up with employee motivation programs. Using the software, businesses can view hierarchical roles, allowing them to measure employee roles. For customer support, the vendor provides a myriad of training materials and online support that is available 24/7.

Detailed Qualtrics CX Review

4. LiaCX

LiaCX dashboard example

LiaCX gives small, medium, and large-sized businesses a robust and intuitive customer experience solution designed for social listening and transforming data into actionable insights. It offers a comprehensive suite of solutions: IntouchSurvey for customer satisfaction measurement, IntouchCheck for mobile forms, IntouchShop for mystery shopping services, Intouch Audit for audit solutions and Intouch Capture for event data capture. Its social listening capability is competitive, unified, and powerfully integrated into other POS and sales tools. With it, you can implement surveys, manage and track social media and branding metrics, conduct operational audits, and equip your team with a seamless tool for correlating operational performance with customer experience.

The solution also features powerful reporting modules to help you and your team elicit data that is smart and actionable. A reporting module comes with flexible dashboards that let you visualize the data the way you plan it. It also lets you have a full overview of customer journeys and pinpoint areas of success and improvement. You can facilitate sound business strategy through sentiment analysis, text analytics, and key driver analysis.

With LiaCX, you can also mobilize your teams to drive in value by taking actions that will have the best impact on your bottom line. It boasts of an automated case management module. This capability gives you a tool to instantly appease unsatisfied customers, incentivize frontline performers, and build lasting relationships with brand loyalists. An Action Campaign module, a patent-pending innovation, lets you derive and delegate a series of actions for your team to improve the bottom line.

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5. Xoxoday Plum

XoxoDay Plum Dashboard

Digital rewards platform, Xoxoday Plum, helps businesses keep their employees and customers happy and loyal by managing their benefits, recognition, incentives, and other promotional programs effectively.

Through Xoxoday Plum, users can distribute customer rewards and incentives in a flexible and personalized way, create a white-labeled catalog and e-storefront, and enhance campaign engagement through personalized messages on different channels. Also, Xoxoday Plum lets users create better business decisions by measuring campaign effectiveness and ROI.

Xoxoday Plum can be integrated with HRMS, Single Sign-On, CRM systems, Helpdesk, and Document Engines. Users can sync employee data using third-party systems like Bamboo HR, People Strong, Workday, and Darwin Box. They can access Xoxoday Plum using Single Sign applications like G Suite, Office 365, LoginRadius, OneLogin, and Bitium. Users can also plug-in CRM systems with rewards through HubSpot, Insightly, Zoho CRM, Salesforce. Lastly, they can sync data from ticketing tools using Zendesk and Freshworks.

With a starting price of $5,000 annually, businesses can already enjoy these features.

Detailed Xoxoday Plum Review

6. Yotpo

Yotpo dashboard example

Yotpo is a content marketing platform targeted at both online sellers and retailers. The application has a range of features which are bound to benefit any enterprise. The vendor offers a great free demo that will show you all the key aspects of the software.

What makes Yotpo a great customer management experience tool is that it enables users to create product reviews, which can be used to increase sales. Developed as a plug-and-play social review and e-commerce application, the software is accessible via mobile devices, giving customers a fresh look at the reviewing experience. This enables businesses to take on a credible look regardless of their size.

Detailed Yotpo Review

What sets the solution apart from its competitors is its ability to guide all aspects of a business to gaining increased customer traffic. It basically allows users to make buyers out of visitors. This is accomplished by keeping tabs on every customer that has ever visited a business’ database or inquired about a particular product or service. Aside from attracting customers, Yotpo is also equipped with customer retention tools to ensure that clients become repeat customers. This can also be achieved with the software’s capability to share social media content and distribute reviews across such platforms.

The application’s unique social curation feature identifies and captures user-generated content on social platform Instagram. To date, it is the only app that boosts conversion in this manner–using social media to gain new customers.

Yotpo is indeed a marvel when it comes to boosting customer experience. For companies who want to enrich customer experience, this solution may just be the one you are looking for.

7. Appcues

Appcues dashboard example

Appcues is a cloud-based customer experience solution that allows businesses to simplify and personalize the process of onboarding. Despite the lack in onboarding skills, the software allows first-time users to come up with product introductions, walkthroughs and messages welcoming customers to the website.

The application’s ease of use is complemented by its easy set up with the use of a native point-and-click editor. Appcues is ideal for use by businesses of all sizes, but small businesses are seen to benefit the most from the software owing to its low pricing and scalability.

Detailed Appcues Review

Basically, the platform seeks to boost customer engagement and loyalty by simplifying and addressing common onboarding problems. these include spammy product informations and boring walkthroughs, which really discourage customers from engaging in onboarding. With Appcues, customers become more receptive of marketing messages and product features, enabling them to quickly get an understanding of the potential benefits of buying a product. The solution’s capability to make personalized product tours lets businesses immediately connect to prospective buyers, with audiences targeted using language and name.

Users are given absolute control over product tours, allowing them to handle the customer experience the way they want. The application can also be customized in accordance with users’ branding strategies. To benchmark the efficacy of the onboarding process, developers have included flow analytics, giving users an idea of how they are doing.

Appcues is an intelligent choice for those who want to improve their onboarding processes. It is a customer experience management software worth checking out.

8. InMoment

InMoment dashboard example

Cloud-based customer experience management software InMoment is designed to let businesses capture, manage and use data from a customer database. Such information can be used in making strategic decisions that lead to better customer relations. It can also foster employee engagement by building advocacy from customer information.

Types of customer data that the platform captures include feedback, comments and recommendation. Information such as these have been proven useful in coming up with informed decisions. However, such data in raw form must be further filtered, InMoment uses complex analytics to capture what is needed and provide users real time insights. Quality of information collected is ensured with the use of advanced listening technologies. Vital customer information are translated into best practices that result in improved customer relations. These technologies entail great benefits to both companies and customers.

Detailed InMoment Review

InMoment’s Experience Hub allows organizations to share customer feedback all across the company, enabling decision makers to put their heads together in coming up with ways to improve customer experience. The system also features a tool that provides feedback and notifies staff of incoming data, allowing personnel to share stories of customer experience. The platform likewise enables frontline workers to identify root causes and quickly resolve consumer concerns, a very useful feature in terms of customer service.

InMoment can do these customer experience management wonders and more. It is definitely an application that organizations may have been wishing for.

9. WalkMe

WalkMe dashboard example

Cloud-based WalkMe is an enterprise-grade guidance and customer engagement solution aimed at simplifying online user experience. It essentially walks users through every step of an online experience. This is accomplished through the use of tools such as pop-up balloons, call to action buttons and notification bars. Such process applies to online activities such as navigating a website or using a new software.

Detailed WalkMe Review

The platform also drives customers by focusing on new features, and making relevant recommendations. It is so user-friendly that it offers just about any kind of assistance that users need anytime, anywhere. The software is especially useful for first-time website visitors, with the solution providing a list of tasks so that users will know which processes should be prioritized. These checklists may also be used to introduce latest features and monitor user progress, among other things. WalkMe’s Shoutouts feature, meanwhile, draws visitors attention to vital messages, while promoting services, announcing changes or downtimes.

In addition to this, the platform has the ability to help users in any confusing situations. Launcher buttons enable users to access helpful resources or websites. It can likewise trigger an application or accomplish a survey. A feature called WalkMe Player keeps all apps in a single storage and can be accessed through a tab on the screen. Using the application, one can easily create, edit or manage all WalkMe apps. Finally, the software’s analytics enable businesses to measure user experience, facilitating a better understanding of their needs.

10. Intercom

Intercom dashboard example

Intercom is a powerful software that is designed to target intelligence and behavior, which have been proven to be very useful in boosting customer experience management. This capability aids users in understanding and ultimately benefiting from consumer communication. Through this process, the solution provides companies with insights on customer profiles and allows them to send targeted messages and emails. These data can be viewed on a single platform, with details like location, contact and company names included in the entries.

Detailed Intercom Review

The app also keeps a customer database that constantly gets updated. User feedback is likewise facilitated and event invites and similar messages can be sent to almost any device, features that can provide insights on how to enrich customer experience. Also, Intercom notifies users of client status updates, which can be viewed in real time. Customer support staff can also create custom segments using the platform. These data can be used in formulating targeted marketing campaigns. The performance of these campaigns can be appraised using the software’s real time metrics, keeping decision makers informed on how their campaigns are doing.

With functionalities such as these, Intercom truly contributes significantly to customer experience management.

11. Totango

Totango dashboard example

An enterprise-grade customer experience management software, Totango enables companies to monitor the whole customer engagement process. The application works with customer relations management platforms by providing insights on customer engagement. These processes result in improved customer engagement and encourage customer loyalty.

Totango is specifically designed to cater to large businesses that sport multiple brands. For companies such as these, the software offers a simplified infrastructure that would ensure success across all products. However, the application’s cloud deployment and scalability also make it suitable for use by small and medium enterprises, which may utilize it to boost CRM or sales processes, leading to richer customer experience.

Detailed Totango Review

In lieu of personalized customer communication, Totango offers a clear view of customer relationship hierarchies across all channels. This way, businesses are able to monitor customer engagements and effectively address issues when needed. The software likewise speeds up processes such as customer segmentation and revenue forecasting. With this capability, users can create a predictable engagement workflow, which is very useful in perpetuating customer engagement levels. To increase income, Totango uses its ability to segregate customer portfolios based on revenue, allowing users to focus on more profitable client segments.

These, and a host of other features make Totango an attractive alternative to most customer experience software. Any business who seeks to boost profits by focusing on customer engagement should give it a try.

12. LiveEngage

LiveEngage dashboard example

LiveEngage is a popular chat and messaging software that can be used to improve customer experience. As a provider with over 20 years of experience, the vendor has proved that mobile messaging can effectively cut customer care spending by 48%.

The application was developed to establish meaningful customer connections through the use of digital messaging, allowing users to message customers through their preferred channels. Engagement can be customized and set up virtually anywhere, with consumers being able contact businesses with ease or continue a conversation if need be.

Being a mobile and web messaging app, LiveEngage can help businesses stay connected anytime, anywhere, while being able to notify customers of the time they will get a response. Urgent concerns can be prioritized as some consumers may mark their inquiries as urgent. The vendor made the software even better by adding security features so that the risk of conversations being accessed by unauthorized persons is virtually nil.

Another great thing about the app is that it can be accessed through any browser. Installation is a breeze, taking only four minutes. Mobility is also provided, with users being able to receive incoming message notifications. Users can also help customers navigate pages through the software’s Cobrowse session feature. The platform’s reporting and analytics are also top of the line, able to filter data so that users receive only relevant information. It can also merge live chat data and metrics with any channel.

LiveEngage is truly an innovative application that can significantly contribute to any business’ customer experience management efforts. All its features make it a tool that is worth looking at.

13. Lithium

Lithium dashboard example

Lithium is a powerful social media solution aimed at boosting users’ presence in social media and customer engagement. It also enables businesses to capture pertinent data and easily connect with customers across social media platforms. Customer to customer interaction is also promoted through the creation of virtual communities, which can remarkably improve brand awareness and increase revenue.

A myriad of listening and response solutions, social conversation management tools and analytics allow users to create campaigns and gain insights for use in formulating social media strategies. The application is a stand alone platform capable of connecting businesses with regular and prospective clients, along with brand influencers. This is achieved through the use of social listening tools and a capability to immediately respond. With Lithium, companies can easily meet consumer expectations using the aforementioned features.

Detailed Lithium Review

The platform is highly-suitable for all business types and sizes, benefiting them through increased sales, service cost reductions and improved customer satisfaction, among others. Also, Lithium gives users the ability to manage social media conversations and absolute control over topics. This capability allows users to promote product and service advocacy. Its social media analytics, meanwhile, help companies monitor campaign progress and quick access to data to help boost social media strategies.

These features are but the tip of the iceberg for this innovative platform. Lithium is an ideal solution for companies who want to leverage social media strategies to increase profitability.

14. Satmetrics

Satmetrics dashboard example

Customer experience management software Satmetrix was developed to help businesses manage the entire customer journey. It is aimed at helping users gain a better understanding of their customers and boost their brand experience. This more often than not results in improved customer engagement, increased sales and growth.

The application provides companies with the necessary tools to accurately analyze customer experience and satisfaction, both in real time. Data collected are presented in easy-to-understand manner, helping users get insights and use them to come up with excellent decisions to further enrich customer experience. Data visualizations are optimized for easy navigation, allowing businesses to get to the root causes of customer behaviors.

Detailed Satmetrix Review

Another useful feature is the software’s native text analytics, which helps users view and analyze customer comments. This allows for the recognition of prevailing sentiments among clients. This feature also enables users to monitor comment volumes and even derive a clear picture of what is being said and come up with solutions to mitigate concerns.

The platform encourages collaboration among customer service personnel. It comes with tools that can facilitate online sharing of reports and annotation of trend lines, among others. This way, teams are always in sync as they have access to essentially identical information.

All these features make Satmetrix a one of a kind customer experience management software. Many organizations are sure to benefit from this amazing tool.

15. Client Heartbeat

Client Heartbeat dashboard example

A customer feedback and survey management software, Client Heartbeat allows for the management and automation of customer surveys. The app aids in the identification of factors responsible for customer satisfaction, while giving notifications on customer dissatisfaction. This enables users to meet potential problems early on by addressing consumer concerns, gaining loyalty and improving customer experience.

What is great about the solution is that it allows for the measurement of business performance, gaining insights on how it is doing against the competition. This is done through the use of a native algorithm that analyzes crowd-sourced data. with resulting information used to formulate relevant customer survey questions. It can also determine if a question has already been used in surveys conducted by other companies. Surveys can likewise be personalized to suit customers, a practice that has been found to boost response rates by up to 60%.

Detailed Client Heartbeat Review

Client Heartbeat is also capable of monitoring and analyzing customer satisfaction based on surveys, and can easily compare business performance from in between survey periods. This way, companies can determine whether customer satisfaction is on the rise or otherwise. With this knowledge at hand, companies can find ways to address problems long before they come.

Truly Client Heartbeat is capable of getting the pulse of a business’ customer base. This powerful piece of software is bound to improve any company’s customer experience management efforts.

Have You Picked Your Customer Service Software Yet?

There you have it, our impartial analysis of the best customer experience software. We’ve given you a detailed overview of each solution to help you zero in on a software that is fit for your business.

If you still can’t make the final decision, drop all the worries. Our experts examined these products rigorously, and in terms of customer service capabilities, Zendesk came out on top. We highly recommend Zendesk because of its holistic approach to customer support, advanced features that streamline customer service, and the ability to consolidate customer information from all channels. For more information about this product, be sure to sign up for the vendor’s free trial plan so you can get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment.

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