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Comparison of 15 Leading Gamification Software Systems

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Gamification is a great way to improve employee performance or customer engagement. The benefits are numerous, but the most obvious outcomes include increased motivation; more effective learning; and more open communication between parties.

In this top gamification software list, we included apps that focus on either front-end or backend users, or in some cases both. Some apps are standalone gamification tools, while others comprise a suite, which can often be considered as a CRM system. No matter how these apps differ, however, they all share similar functions at the fundamental level. We did our best to evaluate their key strengths and weaknesses to give you a good comparison of gamification software systems currently available in the market.

We were investigating key features and focus points of each of the top 15 gamification software solutions, including customization and integration. We also considered gamification that is a part of larger company-wide systems, including HR systems and marketing automation. Check our assessment of each gamification app below to help you find out what kind of solution your company can benefit from.

1. Influitive

Influitive is a customer-oriented incentive solution that has been included in our comparison of gamification software because it rewards participating loyal customers. The system adds another layer of lead sources to your sales funnel. The concept is simple: identify your repeat customers and engage them with a rewards program.

The vendor positions the software as a better alternative to social media ad campaigns and email promotions, but we believe customer rewards programs are complementary and not a replacement of other promotions. This in mind, you expand, not limit, your lead generation reach.

Influitive allows you to build an online community of loyal customers, a portal where they can share their product experiences, tips, or discuss related issues. This community can be a wellspring of testimonials or pool of brand ambassadors for your campaigns. What we like best about this software is that it is easy for loyal customers to link to your rewards program via social, on-site, e-mail, the CRM you’re using or even through paid channels. The software does solve the problem of finding your best customers so you can focus more on fine tuning a loyalty incentive program.

2. Tango Card

Think of this gamification software as an all-in-one rewards platform that you can use internally and externally. It can deliver your incentives to employees, customers, and even partners or suppliers. That is Tango Card strength, and, admittedly, its weakness, too. That’s because employees and customers have disparate motivations for incentive; a company with little experience in developing rewards programs may mix its target audiences using a single platform.

On the other hand, if you have clear and well-planned rewards for different audiences with different goals, the software is very useful. It has a huge catalog where you can store various reward formats, such as, e-gift cards, donations, and prepaid items. Recipients can choose their rewards, while you get to deliver a variety of options. Likewise, the catalog lets you scale the rewards in staggered fashion to lead customers or employees to higher incentives that correspond to a higher ROI for you whether in terms of sales or productivity.

3. Badgeville

Badgeville also mixes employee incentive and customer loyalty program, but via a co-op structure. The channels for employee gamification is separate from customer loyalty rewards. You can run a sales performance or customer support leaderboard-based gamification to improve best practices. Meanwhile, you can have a parallel social media-based rewards program that tracks customer engagement and award incentives to brand ambassadors.

As an employee incentive platform, Badgeville uses multiple point systems to track performance. For customers, the software goes beyond badges and offera special discounts, freebies, trophies, or coupons. Badgeville can further monitor customer engagement, including video streaming, site visits, and shopping cart activities.

Moreover, the software is easily linked to Twitter or Facebook, lending to your customer rewards programs a wider reach and a more engaging platform. Participating customers can view a contextual leaderboard in their social media feed, where they can gauge their performance against other customers.

4. Hoopla


The name rings fun and excitement and that’s exactly what we felt tinkering with this software. It seems Hoopla is mimicking a live sports event that can spruce up burnt-out employees who deal with repetitive but critical tasks like customer support and telemarketing.

You can quickly create contests based on CRM metric and launch them using leaderboards. Then broadcast the results daily using video and streaming the results via web, internal TV channel (if you have one), or directly to  mobile devices of employees.

We find Hoopla really a dynamic way to run gamification campaign from start to end. It is most ideal for companies with full staff customer support or sales teams, to keep them motivated daily in spite of facing repetitive tasks. In the same vein, the software may not be applicable elsewhere out of this scenario, specifically if you’re targeting customers.

5. Rise


Rise is marketed at online publishers that want to attract their target audience. The app is an auto ranking blogging tool that showcases the top social influencers who engage your digital channels. The app links to to measure social influence.

The software can improve your site’s online reputation and improve its SEO authority by involving visitors with high social influence. A group of Twitter users can be invited to participate in your weekly “Power 100 list of influencers,” wherein they’ll be ranked in a leaderboard based on their social media traction. The ranking is then embedded as a widget in your site with real-time updates and conversations.

The app is built on an open API to help you fine tune your gamification idea. Rise’ concept is novel, so it can be a little hazy for the first-time user. But the steps are straightforward: create a board, join a board, then follow a board.

6. LevelEleven

If your business is highly dependent on frequent sales made by your teams, LevelEleven can help motivate your reps. It has a CRM tool that helps your staff spot leads and follow a clear path to turn prospects into conversions. But the true value of the software is the incentivization of the sales pipeline. Sales reps can view their daily, weekly, and monthly results and match each other’s performances.

Although many of its tools are standard gamification features, one thing that we noted about LevelEleven is its major investor backup: Salesforce. That means we can expect the same reliable security and uptime as are the apps in the Salesforce suite. Furthermore, integration with other apps in the Salesforce AppExchange is native, so the software’s capabilities can be greatly expanded.

7. Bunchball Nitro

Bunchball Nitro is a gamification app focused on improving learning curves. The software, using funnel incentives, can introduce new customers to your product’s strengths, uses, and FAQs. On the other hand, you can use Bunchball Nitro for onboarding new employees. You can set an achievement goal at every level until the newbies are ready to be deployed live.

The challenge-based goals can be fielded online across your websites, social media channels, and via mobile devices and enterprise tools. Standard gamification features include leaderboards, goal setting, and a rewards platform. The app uses a standard rewards program process, so you can introduce a variety of incentive packages to sustain the excitement.

Other notable benefits from using this app include: boosting staff collaboration; reinforcing employee training; and increasing rate of repeat customers..

8. GamEffective

The one difference we noted about the GamEffective gamification app is its ability to help the manager identify specific KPI of an employee and benchmark it against actual employee performance. This clear gamified focus lets you improve on key employee skills. The result is better productivity at less than the normal time it takes through traditional training programs.

The employee can see his or her improvement by comparing past performance with the current one and setting this up with a score. Likewise, the app is collaborative where both employees and managers can work on quizzes, simulations, and other micro-learning segments.

It’s primarily an employee training app, but GamEffective is also applicable to sales. It uses analytics to plot the employee’s real-time progress and allows you to send immediate feedback. The app can help you arrest the day’s sales slump or ride on a sales momentum.

9. PlayVox

PlayVox is ideal for companies serving tons of customer support. This gamification app can enhance, not just the agent’s, but overall team performance. The one feature that we like about the app is that it allows you to view the performance of both agents and team leaders in a single location. This makes it easy to pinpoint weaknesses or patterns, if any, whether the issue is limited to an agent or a matter of leadership.

PlayVox, in fact, is a handy tactical tool for short-term sales boosts or quick resolution of issues. You can evaluate agent-customer interactions at once on myriad channels, such as, live chat, email, social media, and phone calls.

With this app, creating a QA monitoring program is easy. You can quickly distribute quizzes or courses in minutes and keep the staff updated with the latest content. Similarly, delivering rewards is convenient by using digital gift cards for such big brands as Nike, Amazon, and Starbucks.

10. Hooptap

Hooptap deserves a place in our last five list for its neat focus on building communities of empowered customers. The app is best applied to create a pool of loyal customers, who can turn to brand ambassadors over time. If you have a huge database of inactive customers or passive site visitors, Hooptap is worth your investment. Transforming even just 5% of these customer types can deliver a big return.

At the core of the app’s functions is community building. It can link to legacy systems like CRM, web tools, and other front-end apps and use their data to help you create meaningful content for the community. For instance, we’re able to extract customers who made multiple purchases of various dresses in our ecommerce site. We could have easily created a fashion forum for this community, offering tips and relevant content. Using the app’s Fundbound proprietary tool, we could have incentivized active members with deals down the funnel as they make more purchases.

11. MySalesGame


The gamification software is part of the CallidusCloud suite of apps for sales and service performance. It has an established brand behind it, which somehow made us feel confident about its tech support.

MySalesGame is built on three fundamentals that help people take a desired action: competition, recognition, and mastery. This makes the app useful for employee training and improving customer support.

A noticeable characteristic is its ease of use. It has single sign-on including for other CallidusCloud solutions. It also has a native integration feel within this cloud suite. Likewise, it comes with out-of-the-box badge icons and the leaderboard and activity stream keep you in the loop of the employee’s progress.

No matter how complex the training is, MySalesGame can help break this down to achievable milestones and keep participants interested throughout the training.

12. Zurmo CRM

Zurmo CRM is particularly useful to push your employees to adopt CRM principles. It gamifies the learning process in adopting a new CRM software, a task that can be otherwise cumbersome for employees.

We look at this app as just a component of an entire solution, but it performs a critical task: the adoption of productivity solutions. Zurmo, thus, is a good addition to a new application you’re introducing, whether project management software, marketing automation, or sales software.

Other key benefits to be derived from this app include: improve internal communication; improve campaigns by building on past metrics; identify demographics and market segments; and track key performance indicators.

We also like these key features: API for deep customization; mobile access for flexibility; and lead management to increase conversion rate.

13. Growth Engineering

Growth Engineering is actually a learning management system (LMS) with a gamification component. We included it in our list for companies that require a ‘fun’ way to implement an LMS-based training program. Businesses with online or remote staff can greatly benefit from this app.

As standard LMS solution, the app has calendar management tools, attendance sheets, and real-time assessment. Integrated to these tools is a gamified module that lets users to track their progress, even creating a competitive atmosphere within a closed group. This, we think, can fast-track learning. The app is useful for new software adoption or onboarding new employees.

We can see that Growth Engineering is adaptive to myriad user types whether by company size, sector, or expertise level. Likewise, its API ensures this software can be integrated to your current HR solutions, a practical feature if you have older systems already in place.

14. GetBadges

The gamification app is ideal for software development companies. GetBadges injects a gamified and fun way to track progress during the product development stage. For teams crunching time to meet milestones, the app can ease the tension and help developers to focus on their project.

The software works as any standard gamification for sales or service, only this time, the users are development teams and the goal is project completion. GetBadges uses badges and rewards, whether for individual or team, to motivate performance and enhance productivity. The gamification app is fast to set up and is straightforward at five minutes tops. Key features include: tv screen dashboard; custom KPIs and monsters; badge editor; and API.

15. WooBoard

WooBoard, wrapping up our list of top 15 gamification tools, enables businesses to appreciate and recognize their staff members, engage actively with them to discover their true potential, and help them improve their performance and productivity. Enterprises can utilize the application to make their workers happier, more interested in their jobs, and willing to give their best to assist the company in achieving the set business goals.

WooBard utilizes gamification and social media to enable companies to recognize the good work done by their employees. Staff members can earn points for their performance and redeem them to get popular gift cards. In addition, the software helps you measure performance by providing a range of analytics and reporting tools to assess performance, get actionable insights, and convert them to boost talent, company values, and culture adoption. Key features of WooBoard include rollout and implementation consulting, unlimited status updates, summary reports and notifications, leaderboard, and manager and staff member activity reports.

By Nestor Gilbert

Senior writer for FinancesOnline. If he is not writing about the booming SaaS and B2B industry, with special focus on developments in CRM and business intelligence software spaces, he is editing manuscripts for aspiring and veteran authors. He has compiled years of experience editing book titles and writing for popular marketing and technical publications.

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