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Top 3 Online Booking Software Solutions: Comparison of Acuity Scheduling,, and vCita Online Scheduling

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What is the best online booking software?

The best online booking software is Acuity Scheduling, owing to its robust automation and efficient scheduling tools. This powerful yet easy-to-use booking solution helps businesses easily book more customers and receive payments on time. It supports seamless customer self-service, allowing clients to book their own appointments, pay online, and other conveniences.

If your business depends mainly on client bookings, then having a reliable online booking software is a must. An efficient scheduling solution can serve your clients better, enhance your business efficiency, and even gain time and cost savings.

In this article, we’ll compare today’s top 3 online booking software, Acuity Scheduling,, and vCita Online Scheduling. We’ll contrast their core features like payment processing, scheduling, integration, etc. to see which solution has the best offering. With this comparative review, you’ll gain better insights on which online booking software to choose for your business.

Leading Online Booking Solutions

It’s quite unfortunate that in this age of electronic commerce, many companies still operate using traditional methods. This issue is quite evident among service providers. Appointment no-shows, overlapping appointments, and double-bookings remain as rampant as ever.

A perfect example of this is the medical sector. It’s biggest booking challenges are patient no-shows (44%), appointment availability (38%), unfilled slots (7%), and cancellations (6%).

Top Booking Challenges in the Medical Sector

Patient no-shows


Appointment availability


Unfilled slots




Source: MGMA's Maximizing Patient Access and Scheduling (eBook)

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When it comes to preferences, today’s consumers like it better to make reservations whenever, wherever they like. While 35% of clients prefer scheduling appointments outside business hours, 40% of actual online bookings do occur after office hours.

More bookings only mean more revenues. And, indeed, there are numerous ways to boost client appoints. For instance, you can intensify your marketing initiatives. Likewise, you can build a referral program or design a marketing campaign to reach as many clients as possible.

Yes, all these strategies can bring positive outcomes. However, all your efforts may prove to be futile if you don’t have an efficient booking system in place. 

For instance, in the travel sector, 60% of leisure travel arrangements and 41% of the business are made online. These are among the pressing reasons for having online booking software in your business. 

So in line with this, we’ve compared today’s top 3 online booking software. After reading this comparative review, you’ll likely find it easier to make a better, more intelligent software choice.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling dashboardAcuity Scheduling is a powerful yet easy-to-use online booking software. Used by more than 50,000 companies worldwide, this solution offers a wide range of robust tools for online scheduling purposes.

What’s more, this platform enables businesses to quickly view schedule availability in real-time. It also allows your clients to easily schedule appointments with your business using their preferred channels, e.g., social media or website.

Additionally, Acuity Scheduling’s calendar coordination tool offers a simpler way of booking appointments. This tool sends automatic notifications each time a client books an appointment. This way, you won’t miss any booking and always stay on top of things.

In addition to the above features, Acuity Scheduling allows extensive integration with numerous third-party applications. You can add bookings to the calendar and productivity solutions that your team already uses. These include Office 365, Quickbooks, and Google Calendar.

Further, it supports extensive customization of the services you offer. It allows you to send branded and personalized communications to clients. It also works well with payment processors like Square and PayPal as well as other payment methods.

Overall, Acuity Scheduling provides the tools and functionalities to deliver a seamless online booking experience. It offers a forever free plan and 3 paid subscription plans. The Entrepreneur plan comes for $15 a month, the Growing Business is at $25 a month, and Powerhouse Player is at $50 a month.

Acuity Scheduling key benefits

  • This platform offers highly-flexible calendar coordination functionalities.
  • Easy-to-use features to make your booking activities more efficient and problem-free.
  • Its Make Me Look Busy and Minimize Gaps tools let your clients see that your business is in high demand.
  • Acuity Scheduling can be integrated with your marketing platform to better advertise your online booking. dashboard is an online booking platform for businesses and organizations seeking to simplify and enhance their booking and scheduling systems. This solution allows customers to book appointments anytime, from anywhere, using any gadget or device.

Its booking page is easy to customize for branding purposes and can be added to your business website or social media page. Likewise, businesses have the option of creating a new booking site or just add a widget for existing sites.

Most booking platforms charge per service offering or number of users. In contrast, bases its pricing on the number of bookings and per system customization. With this setup, businesses can use as many staff and services offerings without worrying about additional costs.

You can try out its features when you sign up for free trial here. allows users to accept online and on-site payments via POS systems. This feature provides customers with the convenience and flexibility to pay online upon booking or as they avail of service on-site.

Furthermore, its marketing tools can help boost your ads and promotional campaigns using gift cards and coupon codes. And because it provides increased visibility on multiple channels, it helps enhance your customer relationships.

This solution offers a free plan and 3 paid plans. The Basic plan is $9.90 a month, the Standard plan is $29.90 per month, and the Premium plan is $59.90 a month. All plans include scheduling, booking website, administration, notifications, multi-language, and support features. key benefits

  • Its dashboard offers a quick snapshot of all bookings and shows their status in different colors for easy recognition.
  • Offers an enhanced Class and Membership function for easy creation and attendance tracking of your activities and events.
  • It can now support up to 23 payment processing options.
  • You can integrate with your CRM solution to further enhance your relationships with clients.

vCita Online Scheduling

vCita Online Scheduling dashboard

vCita Online Scheduling is an online booking software that allows clients to book and manage appointments at their own convenience. This self-service scheduling solution is accessible on any device 24/7, which makes booking issues a thing of the past.

This cloud-based platform allows your clients to schedule appointments straight from their own website. They can easily do the same through your vCita landing page or social media account.

What’s more, you can use this solution whether you offer services as a solo professional practice or with a team. You can easily assign team members to appointments and closely monitor your service calendar.

If you want to know more about this platform, you only need to sign up for vCita Online Scheduling free trial here.

Meanwhile, this online booking solution sends automated reminders and confirmations via SMS and emails. Aside from reducing no-shows, this feature effectively removes obstacles in communicating appointment schedules.

Finally, it is designed to ensure that you’re always on top of your appointments and schedules by simplifying your calendar management. With this solution, you can easily sync your schedules with your business calendar, online sites, and social media channels.

vCita Online Scheduling is offered at a single, fixed plan of $15 per month, which is part of vCita’s business management suite’s Essentials package.

vCita Online Scheduling key benefits

  • This platform offers a free edition that can be used for a maximum of 300 clients.
  • It allows you and your clients to take advantage of the power of a self-service scheduling portal.
  • Offers intuitive calendar management, with multi-channel automated reminders.
  • Being part of a comprehensive business suite, it can boost the efficiency of your existing ERP software.

Comparison of Key Features

Calendar and Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling allows users to sync multiple Google Calendar accounts for easier coordination. Acuity Scheduling’s calendar and scheduling features are considered as among the best in the business. It allows businesses to get notified each time new appointments are booked. Likewise, users can conveniently check their schedules from any gadget, from any place. Further, users can automatically update their calendars, including Outlook, Office 365, and Google.

Meanwhile,’s Google Calendar Sync plugin makes syncing bookings and scheduling more efficiently. This tool offers several capabilities like easy event bookings, recurring appointments, and advanced employee/resource schedule management.

Lastly, the calendar and scheduling features of vCita Online Scheduling are all offered through its LiveSite client portal. This online hub allows your clients to self-serve their booking, rescheduling, and registration activities using any device. It also allows multiple calendar syncing.


Based on the above comparison, it appears that the 3 online booking solutions offer some of the best calendar and scheduling capabilities. However, Acuity Scheduling’s expanded scheduling capabilities make it slightly standout over the two solutions. 

Payment Processing allows online payments and deposits with over 35 payment processors. Some of these include 2Checkout, Alipay, Braintree, CCAvenue, Dwolla, ECPay, Mollie, PayPal, Square, TapPay, Worldpay, and Zooz. Its integrated POS system also accepts onsite cash and card payments.

Likewise, vCita Online Scheduling offers payment facilities through its landing page. It helps businesses with their billing and invoicing tasks, including accepting online payments from clients.

Meanwhile, Acuity Scheduling also provides a reliable payment capability. It helps businesses accept payment, deposits, and tips through PayPal, Square, and Stripe.


Accepting and processing online payments is a must among online booking platforms. And without a doubt, all these solutions rated high in this aspect. While all 3 offers best-in-class payment features, we choose This is mainly due to its having the most number of payment partners.

Members payment,

A dashboard showing a list of paid and unpaid memberships.


Although Acuity Scheduling is a full-service suite, the software integrates with several third-party tools and apps. What’s more, it can quickly adapt to the apps and tools that businesses already use. Some of these include QuickBooks, Xero, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, FB Ads, and Zapier.

Meanwhile, vCita Online Scheduling can easily integrate with other apps, landing pages, and other websites. You can integrate it with Wix, Drupal, Gmail, Mailchimp, PayPal, Stripe, Zapier, Quickbooks, etc.

Lastly, was designed to integrate seamlessly with a number of business systems and applications. These include Dwolla, Facebook, Google Calendar, Joomla, Stripe, Wordpress, and over a dozen payment processors.


All these 3 online booking software integrate with an extensive array of third-party platforms and other websites. The difference could be found in an app’s capability to quickly integrate with unfamiliar solutions. So based on this criterion, Acuity Scheduling tops this feature.

Integration in Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling integrates with numerous third-party apps, mostly those that businesses typically use in their operations.

Social Media

Acuity Scheduling offers users a robust and compelling social media presence. By optimizing the social networking capabilities of Facebook and Twitter, businesses can empower their clients to directly transact in the channel they prefer. As a result, they can engage their clients in multiple ways to boost booking rates and thus better profits.

Likewise, vCita Online Scheduling allows clients and potential customers to make online scheduling/booking. By simply enabling the “scheduling option,” clients can directly book from your social media sites, emails, your client’s website, or through your portal.

On the other hand, connects users with Facebook and Instagram. Users can also add “Book Now” buttons in these top social media sites.


As in most categories, all 3 online booking software scored excellently as they all offer robust social media integration. Also, these platforms allow clients to book directly through their social media pages. Nonetheless, Acuity Scheduling’s broader integration and support for third-party sites gave a slight upper hand in optimizing social media power.

Meanwhile, you can further enhance this functionality when you use a social media management software.

Booking directly from social media, Acuity Scheduling

With Acuity Scheduling, your clients can book directly from your social media account.

Reporting & Analytics’s data management feature takes advantage of the efficiency of its Google Analytics plugin. Likewise, its discovery plugin offers deep insights into business operations such as booking rates, revenue performance, as well as internal performance metrics. Finally, this software also allows businesses to gather client feedback to help you enhance the client experience.

In the same manner, vCita Online Scheduling uses Google Analytics for its reporting functions. It enables businesses to monitor key operational metrics such as client transaction history, scheduled appointments, events, etc.

Finally, Acuity Scheduling also allows users to add Google Analytics to track the core aspects of their booking page and send events once an appointment gets booked. Every Acuity account integrates with a single Google Analytics ID.


Again, it’s a photo finish for this final feature. As discussed above, all 3 online booking solutions use Google Analytics for their reporting and analytics functions. Thus it’s a definite tie for this ultimate comparison. And with their extensive integration, businesses can connect their booking platforms with today’s top data analytics software for more advanced features.

In summary, it’s reasonable to conclude that all these top 3 online booking software performed positively in this comparative analysis. And while one or two seemed to offer better features and capabilities in some aspects, overall, all three rated above average in all comparisons.

However, if in case we must choose one solution, then it should be Acuity Scheduling. This is because Acuity is not only an online booking solution. Rather, it’s a comprehensive, end-to-end business suite that offers advanced tools and functionalities, yet is easy to use.

Insight Page,

Select from a number of chart options in for your reports.

How can you boost your booking efficiency?

In this competitive digital market environment, the best way to compete is by optimizing technology use and always going the extra mile. Allowing your customers to book online is just a part of a larger whole. And this involves doing whatever it takes to get as many client appointments as possible.

In line with this, here are some more ways to get more bookings on your website:

  • Use SEO to ensure your online presence will have a high search ranking.
  • Include a call-to-action (using a “Book Now” button) in your website to encourage making online appointments
  • Use social media to get more bookings on your website.
  • Add your business to relevant online directories to help you to rank higher in search engines
  • Share your booking website link to your customers
  • Share some social proof to get more bookings on your website
  • Provide multiple payment methods to your clients
  • Send reminders and follow-ups
  • Offer membership subscriptions or loyalty program
  • For holidays and special days, offer your clients discounts or promotions
  • Create more content to drive more bookings to your website
  • Build trust by adding more pages with more information about your company and services.

This entire initiative will likely take considerable time and effort. But in due time, the fruits of your labor will surely come in the form of increased bookings. Lastly, you might want to look into a closely related tool, the appointment scheduling software, in case you are in the market for similar solutions.

By Louie Andre

B2B & SaaS market analyst and senior writer for FinancesOnline. He is most interested in project management solutions, believing all businesses are a work in progress. No stranger to small business hiccups and drama, having been involved in a few internet startups. Prior to his for-profit ventures, he has had managed corporate communications for a Kansas City-based Children International unit.

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