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21 Best Church Management Software Solutions of 2020

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What is the best church management software?

The best church management software is Pushpay. It is a fully-featured church application that has live polls, fill-in-the-blank sermon notes, and announcement tools, all easily accessible via smartphones.

Available both as comprehensive and standalone platforms, church management solutions can prove to be beneficial to churches of any size. It is very useful in managing membership and mailings, events, fundraising, and report generation. It can also facilitate cost reduction and can track congregation growth.

With all these benefits, it is prudent to ask how should one choose a church management software? To accomplish this, one should come up with a shortlist of candidate software to be evaluated. From there, you may opt to avail of free trials to get a full picture of a tool’s features and functionalities. To help you pick the ideal solution that fits your church’s unique needs, we compiled 21 of the best church management solutions available today.

best church management software

Churches and other religious organizations have evolved to the point that managing them now requires more than just a church leader calling the shots. As these entities grew, so did the processes involved in running them. Simple tasks that used to be accomplished by a single individual have become more complex than before.

It is worth noting that one very important area the software facilitates is electronic giving, which provides members, sponsors, and contributors online giving options to their church or nonprofit organization. Churches are embracing technology to keep up with modernity.

Technology Use in Churches

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In this article, we take a look at the 21 best church management software solutions in the market today. We will discuss features, pricing, and benefits and what they can do to improve your organization. Tool descriptions provided are meant to give prospects an idea of what to look for in such software. Here are our picks.

1. Pushpay

Pushpay dashboard

Driving participation and inspiring generosity is the mission of Pushpay, an online church management solution that harnesses technology to fuel engagement in your church and community, get more people involved in the causes you care about, and help you save time and money. Pushpay gives you many advantages: it is a comprehensive mobile engagement platform; it is scalable and can be used by organizations of all sizes; it gives you access to an easy-to-navigate and comprehensible dashboard, and offers enterprise-grade security to protect your church from fraud and payment problems.

Relied upon by over 7,000 organizations around the globe, including nonprofits and ministries, Pushpay is built to help you promote your cause effectively and efficiently with the use of today’s technology. It comes with features such as ministry management, digital giving, event management, financial tracking, analytics and reporting, multi-site administration, branding, and media management, among others. It integrates with other services and software, and partners with other organizations to provide you tools and solutions for world-class giving and engagement. It even has open API tools so you can extend the capabilities of the platform according to the unique needs of your organization.

Pushpay offers extensive customer support through phone, help center, FAQs, app tutorials, implementation coaching, and administrative assistance. The software is available in three pricing plans – Core, Advanced, and Complete – which are all quote-based as they are tailored to the specific needs of an organization. Customer success managers are also included in each subscription plan to help you optimize the use of the software and all its tools and capabilities.

Detailed Pushpay Review

2. Planning Center

Planning Center dashboard
Designed to help churches using web-based solutions manage everyday processes, Planning Center is currently the most popular church management software out in the market. It is highly suitable for growing religious organizations, giving them tools to handle the complexities they are currently facing.

It comes with integrated applications that cover tasks such as check-ins, giving, groups, people, registrations, and resources and services. It likewise has a Music Stand application for both Android and iOS devices, which gives churches a single place to store their sheet music and allows them to play audio.

Now, among these functionalities, there are two that stand out. Planning Center’s Giving app allows accurate and quick accounting of cash and checks while making it easier for donors to give through the Internet. The Group Management tool, on the other hand, makes for easier group listing and signup and helps in attendance tracking. It keeps members constantly in the know when it comes to important announcements.

The solution’s pricing comes in the form of a percentage fee derived from the amount of each donation.

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3. FellowshipOne

FellowshipOne dashboard

A total church management software, FellowshipOne is made up of three solutions—a church management solution, an accounting software, and a church online giving platform. It is designed to manage growing congregations and religious groups with 1,000 attendees and 10 employees and is capable of hosting up to six users. The solution can streamline churches’ administrative tasks.

Equipped with powerful tools and an impressive database, FellowshipOne modular management has features that cover memberships, donations, events, and programs. It can manage mass messaging and background checks to improve communication and security in churches. An accounting tool, on the other hand, enables users to manage ledger, accounts payable/receivable, and payroll and purchasing.

A notable feature of the software is its online giving functionality, enabling users to manage donations and contributions. With this capability, users can create online giving pages and customizable funds, basically automating the whole giving and donation management processes.

The solution is priced at $179/month, depending on the number of accounts and members to be managed.

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4. EasyWorship

EasyWorship dashboard

A church media software service, EasyWorship, helps ministers come up with creative presentations for use in sermons, messages, and other church activities. The software has powerful tools, including fonts, themes, and presentation slides, which can remarkably improve church presentations. The solution enables users to have more control over graphic features like text outlines, shadows, and transparency, among others.

Being a user-friendly piece of software, EasyWorship allows church leaders and staff to come up with professional-looking media. The interface can be easily navigated, requiring only a few clicks to access needed tools at any time. Collaboration among users is also facilitated through the sharing of data within a local network, giving relevant staff access to needed files. But administration control ensures that not all users can readily view and retrieve files under permission control.

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5. easyTithe

easyTithe dashboard
easyTithe is a powerful and flexible online giving platform that makes church giving a lot easier for both donors and churches. The tool significantly improves giving by providing church members with different payment options. It also addresses recurring giving, avoiding repeats of the process every time.

The real unique thing about the platform is that it is flexible and customizable, allowing for the creation of portals to reflect users’ individual brands. Such is very useful in providing givers with richer customer experience. As for security, all transactions are done over secure servers, and the tool meets all banking regulations, owing to its PCI and DSS compliance.

easyTithe’s is highly-scalable, allowing the software to grow as the congregation does. Its capability to support multiple campuses enables users to group donations and pledges for different projects. The software can provide access to an unlimited number of staff, volunteers, and even members.

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6. ChurchTrac Online

ChurchTrac Online dashboard

A church management solution designed to help churches grow, ChurchTrac Online can improve communication and organize church teams and ministries. Key functionalities include membership management, attendance reporting/tracking, donation and pledge and contribution management, among others.

The software’s church membership administration feature is limited to an organization’s active members. It records and organizes data as it accommodates visitors and prospective members. This feature can group both members and non-members in the form of customized Smart Lists, which can be configured, with new lists added if needed.

The solution’s financial management tool, on the other hand, can create, manage, and track church financial tasks such as payroll, budget, and church accounts. It can import transaction details and print W2 reports. With this feature, churches’ can track fund disbursements and know where funds are released to.

ChurchTrac can likewise monitor member attendance, not only during mass or service but special events as well, with important dates recorded and disseminated to members. Attendance reports can be generated and printed also, a beneficial feature in terms of monitoring attendance trends.

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7. Pro Church Tools

Pro Church Tools dashboard

Pro Church Tools is an online church management tool that offers churches the chance to attain new management skills with the use of free tools, courses, podcasts, and other web content. Using the software, religious organizations can find new ways by which to engage their congregations, especially the youth. Such can be achieved by using storytelling techniques that require videos, social media, email marketing, and other media.

With ProChurch Tools, member engagement can also be improved by using videos, podcasts, and educational tools to teach staff new methods of communication. Such a feature is especially effective with the younger generation, who are known for their use of mobile devices. The software gives insights on how to use such technology to reach out to their young members. For pastors, the solution can help them upgrade their skills as they learn to come up with multimedia communications

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8. ACS Church Software

ACS Church Software dashboard

ACS Church is a church management solution that comes with accounting functionalities. It consists of a number of tools, which are useful in handling information on member participation and contributions. Its accounting tools are designed to monitor nonprofit organizations’ finances, helping churches focus on growth by streamlining workflow processes.

As the platform keeps leaders and members in constant communication at all times, congregation engagement is facilitated. This can increase member attendance while helping churches reach out to non-members and prospects. The tool is customizable, and its modular nature is suitable for just about any church budget and goals.

Aside from these, the software’s cloud-based deployment makes it accessible to any user at any given time, a handy feature for members who do missionary work.

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9. Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder dashboard
A web-based church management platform, Church Community Builder, is designed to boost church communication. It can greatly contribute to church-community engagement and member assimilation and retention by providing coaching solutions. A myriad of tools allows the solution to aid church leaders in managing members and focus on growing the congregation.

Apart from streamlining church processes, the product integrates seamlessly with business applications, boosting processes like donation and financial and attendance management. It likewise has church metrics, which provide users with real-time data on which to base key decisions that are aligned with organization goals.

A children’s check-in tool, meanwhile, helps in managing children’s attendance at Sunday school. The software can also help in organizing volunteers with its volunteer scheduling feature.

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10. Churchteams

Churchteams dashboard
Churchteams is a church management application designed to help religious organizations manage operations and other key processes such as membership, attendance, and donation management. Users have total control over information anytime, anywhere, as the software can be accessed through mobile devices.

With the platform, users can organize members into teams, delegate tasks, and schedule programs and events. Its integrated tools provide accounting capabilities, enabling users to manage church finances. Giving is automated as the product has an Online Giving module, which allows members to make donations online. This feature can remarkably improve offerings by as much as 50%. It also serves as a payment portal for event registrations.

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11. dashboard is a church giving management solution designed to encourage congregations to be more generous while improving member engagement. The software provides religious organizations with their own customized church app, which can enhance the process of donation and pledging through the use of digital technology, which includes text messaging, online portals, and kiosks.

The platform promotes church transparency by giving them the ability to generate invoices and statements of accounts. After every transaction, automatically generated email confirmations are sent to donors, who themselves can track gift giving using the solution. They can likewise access giving history, enabling them to see how much they have donated to the organization.

Security is notable as every transaction is kept secure with the use of cloud transfer technology, which eliminates the need for account and routing numbers. This feature both simplifies and secures the giving process.

Detailed Review

12. Flocknote

Flocknote dashboard
is a church communication management software that can enhance communication with church members. It can collect member contact information, facilitate contact, and listen to what members think. Basically, the solution keeps church members, groups, leaders, and other key church personnel in constant contact while being able to respond to communication problems. 
The platform has a wide array of features, including text, email messaging, content sharing, and contact importing, among many others. 

Flocknote showcases a plethora of features, which include text and email messaging, content sharing, and contact importing, among others. It even eliminates the need for additional software like mobile apps and social networking solutions. However, what stands out among the solution’s features is its ability to send unlimited text and email messages, allowing users to constantly communicate with members.

The software is easy to use with an easy to navigate dashboard, where users can write a note or add a member. This feature enables users to send email or text messages to all members at the same time. Such emails can be sent with attached files, inserted videos or images, or even a poll. Email delivery schedules can be set, with copies of their drafts saved for future use.

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13. Elvanto

Elvanto dashboard

Elvanto is a cloud-based church management tool that is targeted at religious groups of any size. It aids churches in managing administrative and pastoral activities, member engagement, and financial processes. Using the solution, church leaders can significantly enhance worship affairs and events.

As the software helps in church management, pastors get the chance to better focus on growing their congregations. It enables users to capture and store member contact information, create church groups, and organize them for volunteer work. To improve church-member relations, the tool helps ministers to enhance their connection with members.

The platform has reporting tools that enable users to monitor church and event attendance and other metrics. These can likewise be used in the creation of member engagement strategies. A companion app, meanwhile, is provided to volunteers, enabling them to check on church activities and also respond to invitations.

The giving process is made simple with Elvanto’s integration with several online giving platforms. With this feature, givers are allowed to schedule their donations while making the giving process more transparent. Donations can be tracked, keeping donors informed of the status of their giving.

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14. Breeze

Breeze dashboard

A web-based church management software, Breeze caters to small and medium-size churches. Its interactive interface enables users to access member information, facilitate communication, monitor giving, and manage volunteers, among other functionalities. Contact information can be categorized into members, guests, volunteers, and staff.

The tool enables users to track donations from both members and guests. With this feature, donor contributions can be monitored, with reports generated based on a donor’s giving history. Customization features allow users to update custom fields and import data as well.

Breeze also has an event management module for use in member attendance tracking and generation of reports. It can print name tags for attendees during events and analyze event attendance. As for the communication functionality, the software enables volunteers to send event details to both individuals and groups using bulk emails and SMS. Other notable features of the product include contribution reports, integration with QuickBooks and MailChimp, and restriction of access.

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15. Chmeetings

Chmeetings dashboard

Chmeetings is the church administration software of choice for religious institutions that wish to maintain and update its organizational records easily. Mobile-ready and cloud-hosted, this solution serves as an easily accessible hub for all data concerning various groups and members, making organizational tracking and communications hassle-free and painless.

In addition to the abovementioned functionalities, this platform facilitates event planning through its meeting management tool. It comes equipped with attendance tracking and progress reporting options, making it easy to keep tabs on what happens every meeting. Furthermore, it features a text messaging tool that lets users communicate with each other in-platform.

Detailed Chmeetings Review

16. Blackbaud

Blackbaud dashboard

Cloud-based church management software Blackbaud is designed to cater to churches, para-churches, and ministries, regardless of their size. It is a total solution that offers membership management, check-in functionalities, ministry planning, donation management, and reporting capabilities.

The platform’s membership management feature enables churches to come up with group networks for their members. Member attendance can also be logged, and workflows for assigning members to outreach teams effectively managed.

An event management capability allows church leaders to handle online registration, check-ins, and asset, and room reservations. Functioning like an event management software, both public and private events can also be managed using the system. Website management is also a notable feature; it comes with a calendar scheduler, which allows members to join church events.

The product can seamlessly integrate with known email marketing tools like Constant Contact and BombBomb, which provide for easy management of member outreach programs and email campaigns. As for its accounting functionality, the product has integrations with applications such as QuickBooks and Sage 50.

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17. Servant Keeper

Servant Keeper dashboard

A church member and volunteer management suite, Servant Keeper is designed for midsize to large churches and other religious organizations. It allows churches to determine member skills, monitor attendance, or communicate with members using email.

Information from new members such as last names, addresses, and phone numbers are automatically collected and stored in a single database. Such data can be edited to point out differences in family data, when necessary. The software is highly customizable to meet churches’ specific needs.

Visitors are automatically excluded from member-only marketing collateral like emails, and mailings. If for some reason, they need to be included in such lists, status can be changed from visitor to member.

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18. IconCMO

IconCMO dashboard

A church management solution, IconCMO, is aimed at helping church and religious organization leaders better manage their membership, communication, giving, accounting, and volunteers, among other tasks. It is a complete solution that can effectively slash church management automation costs. The software is highly suitable for organizations of any size.

The platform has built-in modules that include membership management and contributions modules. A fund accounting module makes it a fully functional accounting solution while keeping churches and members in constant communication.

The solution’s accounting module is one of its most notable features. This encourages FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) compliance, specifically when it comes to FASB reporting. It enables users to generate invoices, pay bills, manage checkbooks, and create funds, among others. The module supports both cash and accrual-based accounting, depending on what an organization uses. For transactions that require cash accounting, the software makes the process easier.

IconCMO’s access and security feature provides users with a username and password for them to be able to access an online directory. This functionality ensures the safety of member information, which can be reviewed online. These could be printed, doing away with the hassles of mailing.

Detailed IconCMO Review

19. WebChurch WCC-Lite

WebChurch WCC-Lite dashboard

A powerful and user-friendly church management software, WebChurch WCC-Lite has a wide array of features that enable religious organizations to efficiently manage their daily tasks. The solution can be customized in accordance with an organization’s needs as it supports mobile devices.

Using the software, churches can improve member engagement and management, which can result in congregation growth. It can increase donations by automating recurring online giving and can easily integrate with a church’s website. The church database is made up of different modules, such as members, donations, communications, assimilation, services, ministries, and members’ portals. WebChurch WCC-Lite has native Android and iOS apps, making it accessible to people on the go.

The software’s members module can come up with profiles containing complete member information and makes it easier to pull out attendance records. The donations module, on the other hand, handles the monitoring and management of giving and pledges. Tracking of donations is done automatically, allowing users to search for specific donations and payment options, among others.

Detailed WebChurch WCC-Lite Review

20. ZionWorx

ZionWorx dashboard

A multimedia platform designed to create excellent church presentations, ZionWorx is popular for its ease of use. It offers high-quality audio and video playback capabilities, including live and background inputs that feature text overlay. It can seamlessly integrate with a number of third-party apps, including and Microsoft Powerpoint. Like most file-sharing tools, the solution allows users to package an entire presentation into a single file, facilitating easy transfer.

The product is useful in helping praise and worship by being able to easily import songs from other worship presentation platforms. It gives users the ability to use any audio, video, or image file, without the need for additional software. Its powerful theme engine showcases several controllable contents that provide full control over presentations.

Also, text properties can be customized for every single song display, along with stunning graphics. The software’s visual song arrangement module enables users to drag-and-drop marked song arrangements. Pre-fabricated arrangements for songs can easily be added, and playlists can be transferred to another computer with ease.

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21. Church Helpmate and Realm

Church Helpmate and Realm dashboard

An easy-to-use church and membership management solution, Church Helpmate and Realm helps churches in managing administration, accounting, and community tasks, all from a single platform. Membership management is achieved by enabling organizations to communicate better using email, text messaging, and phone.

Attendance management is a breeze, offering member tracking features that give real-time data on visitor timing. The product is also very helpful in tasks such as baptisms and is known to encourage member fellowship. Ad-on apps like a barcode scanner and a check reader further extend the platform’s functionalities and can be accessed from both Windows and Mac machines.

Church Helpmate and Realm integrates seamlessly with accounting solutions such as QuickBooks. As it is cloud-based, the platform can be accessed from any mobile device. In terms of giving, it helps monitor pledge campaigns and contributions while maintaining a members and household information database. It is ideal for use by religious organizations of any size.

Detailed Church Helpmate & Realm Review

Choosing the Ideal Church Management Software

So there you have it, the top 21 church management software as we see them. Each has its unique features and benefits to offer, but one is right for your organization.

When choosing, one thing you can do is determine if the solution is targeted at organizations of your size. Many solutions of this type may be fit for small churches, hence, carrying with them limited features. However, for medium and large churches, more advanced systems may be called for. These solutions offer additional features that include accounting and reporting capabilities. They can also monitor spending and automate giving and provide fixed asset tracking, payroll, and taxes.

Still, for megachurches that may have memberships of more than 2,000 systems that provide a single database that can be accessed from any device are highly recommended. These can help leaders track and report from anywhere to manage church programs and events. It can also facilitate communication among volunteers and members.

Many vendors provide free trials, and these are usually the best ones out in the market. Pushpay, one of the leading church management solutions, offers several pricing plans. You can reach out to the vendor to have more information on the pricing details.

To know more about the benefits, types, and pricing of church management solution, you can check out our church management guide here.

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