Top 5 Reasons Why I Choose to Use Construction Project Management Software

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I could easily top more than just 5 reasons why I choose to use a Construction Project Management Software or simply say that it is the 21st century, but that would beat the purpose of this post. Being in the construction business, I first-hand faced the woes that comes with construction project management, seen the rise and fall of what was ‘project management software’, it all didn’t fit.

Time didn’t stop and thanks to the technological expansions, we have entered the era of cloud. All information is now digitized and every aspect of construction project management can be handled with construction project management software, be it sharing information, addressing RFIs, tracking progress of the project and more. Here are the top 5 reasons why I choose to use a Construction Project Management Software. To start, here’s an intro to the top benefits of construction management software

What are the top 5 reasons to use construction project management software?

  1. Effortless access to information
  2. Reduced paperwork
  3. Improved communication
  4. Mobility
  5. Save time, resources and money
  6. We are part of the tech age

1. Effortless Access to Information

If working in this field has taught me anything then that is, it’s always necessary to maintain a smooth flow of information.  However, with the massive flow of data at every level having access to all of it was quite a pain, too. Traditional methods were time consuming and the possibility of missed information always remained.

Switching to a Construction Project Management Software allowed me to store all documents relating to each project in a single integrated location, which could be accessed within seconds. Most importantly there is security of critical documents in the cloud platform. It provides a systematical and methodical way of keeping track of all paperwork. Construction Project Management solution makes it easy for project members to check the current status. It is also convenient to refer to any information anytime, anywhere.

2. Reduced Paperwork

The first thing that comes to my mind when it comes to construction management is paperwork. Right from the bidding phase till its handover, documents are generated at every step.  Now, being stuck on the jobsite or office for extra couple of hours to deal with paperwork for one day is okay, but considering the deadline of projects and during the times of emergency is a no-no.  Like any other sector it is important to correctly file every single piece of paper so that it could be found easily.  

Take a Construction Project Management Software and things are immediately easier.  Instead of storing documents in filing cabinet, it’s all digitized and stored in the cloud that can be easily accessed and managed.  It also means that you don’t have to spend extra time and hour on retrieving them or get buried under heaps of it while labeling. Besides, with less space taken, it doesn’t require an additional container to hire. It makes all documents mobile as now it becomes convenient to work on the go.

3. Improved Communication

The key element of a successful construction project is proper communication and visibility. However, the construction sector is not limited to the four walls.  You could be located in West Coast and handling a project in the east coast, so proper communication is what makes things tick.  So, how does a construction management software fits in here?  With a construction management software communication becomes much simpler and faster. The inflow of information is quick and lucid and irrespective of the number of stakeholders in a project everyone remains on the same page.  This allows quicker responses to RFIs, punchlist and critical questions with better planning of a project in general.

It is just like keeping site diaries, one personal and one for professional purpose. Construction management software provides an encrypted platform and has authorized viewership feature that let you share information to only specific members

4. Mobility

A construction project management process cannot be termed successful if there is lack of mobility. It demands so, as I may need to work from my office computer or while I am travelling and need to know everything what is going on. And it is not just me! This is applicable for everyone else involved, from the client down to the mason or ganger man on-site. Construction mobile apps fit right in and what a time saver that is! Just think of the mason; if he ever needs additional information he will no longer have to go and look for the site manager.

With a software everyone is on the same page and updated with current information. This is an excellent incentive that makes sure that the information comes back fast and accurate.

5. Save Time, Resources & Money

The three most important components of a construction project are money, time and resource. Opting for project construction software means quicker coordination of tasks owing to enhanced co-ordination, reduced error rate, re-work and others. So, you save resources, time and money.  Moreover with advanced search features all information is right at the fingertip, so no more going through thousands of documents to find the crucial information that you need. You also save more as there is no requirement for filing cabinets or the necessity to keep someone who will retrieve document every time you need it. This ensures improvement and timely completion of a construction project.

6. We Are Part of the Tech Age

We live in the technological era and it is only a smart move to reap complete benefit of what it has to offer. With construction management software we can be anywhere and take on easy to complex task that comes with construction management. It’s time to shed the decade old concept that the construction sector is not open to technology or newer trends. Slowly but steadily it’s time to break the mold.

Here is a brief look at the top 3 construction management software that you may opt for.


When it comes to efficient construction management software, SKYSITE ranks among the best. SKYSITE construction project management software is complete value for money and simplifies the processes that come with it. SKYSITE is a user-friendly software and makes it easy to handle projects documents, work on the go, find information and ease communication problems. SKYSITE allow users to add markups, annotation, manage RF, punchlist, submittals and more. It comes with additional profits like reduced budget cost and better visibility. SKYSITE offers 30 day free trial.


Procore is an advanced construction management software and ensures delivery of projects on time. This software makes it easier to manage construction documents throughout the project lifecycle. Your project team can visualize all project issues and always access updated information. It also ensures streamlined project communication along with documentation..


Fieldwire is designed for the AEC industry and allows you to store all documents and drawings under a single cloud based platform that makes it easy for all project members to collaborate together in real-time. Fieldwire ensures productivity and visibility of the project by streamlining the workflow; and makes sure that everyone is on the loop. Some of the core features include markups and plan versioning, punchlists and checklists. Small teams can use it for free.

It’s time for change, are you on board?

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