Why QuickBooks Hosting is a Real Big Thing for Accountancy?

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QuickBooks is a familiar name among accountants, who rely on technology with their services. It has worked exceedingly well especially for small businesses, which is a major reason of its popularity. Be it compiling a financial report or creating invoice chart for the client, QuickBooks is able to do all that smoothly. It cuts down the overall cost for accounting operations for the organization and at the same time it can effectively ease out the complexities in the processes.


These merits are part of some other accounting software as well. Among its close competitors, Xero and Kashoo are known for the offering more or less the similar features. They have their own share of merits and demerits. However, QuickBooks gains the slight edge because of pricing factor. But it leads them by miles with its hosting feature.

Though cloud computing is yet to reach its peak with accounting software, QuickBooks has already made a great way into this region. Virtualization and device-independency are slowly turning into the necessity for the businesses. To keep the productivity scale rising, ‘work from home’ is inevitable and with the business expanding without considering geographical boundaries, operations cannot be restricted to certain devices.

QuickBooks was quick to analyze this and went early into the hosting. While most of its competitors are still looking for Launchpad for hosting services, QuickBooks is all set to make the future of accounting easy and productive. Here is why QuickBooks is considered as the next thing for accountancy. In short, this article details the benefits of QuickBooks hosting.

1. Mobile Device Compatibility and Collaboration

QuickBooks hosting is adaptable with PC, smartphones, and tablets. Needless to mention, it supports almost all leading browsers and operating system as well. This helps you work in your own comfort zone as you can work on your favorite device (with any operating system installed) anytime from anywhere. You do not need to carry your hard disk everywhere to the accounting data with you. QuickBooks hosting keeps it with you if you have got internet access.

This feature is further strengthened by the collaboration ability. This means that different users can work on the same file irrespective of the same or different devices they are using. Though the number of users allowed to work is limited and depends on the plan that one opts for, it is still sufficient for small businesses or accounting firms.

2. Supreme at Operations

QuickBooks is popular for being able to deliver some of the best in class accounting features and simple user interface. With the hosting feature, the things have got even better on those scales. It offers all the existing features with least glitches in the system. Its simplistic user interface assures that even the new user will not have to struggle with learning its usage.

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It provides the user with options, such as- dedicated server service on demand, regular upgrades without interrupting ongoing processes, automated executing server internet issues, etc.

With so much on offer as automated maintenance, it saves your staff from maintenance hassles and struggles so that they can focus on other important tasks properly.

3. High Data Security

Be it a new small scale organization or an experienced big one, security of data is crucial for all and when it comes to financial data, things just turn even more critical. Most of the accountants and business owners are concerned with the issues that being available for different users on different devices; they are prone to data theft. Some of them have doubts over the stability of QuickBooks hosting.

QuickBooks concentrates highly on the data security aspects. Some of the basic data security techniques with QuickBooks Hosting include dual backup, password protection, and 128-bit secure encryption of the user data. So, your data on QuickBooks is as even more secure than in usual office locations. Along with that, all the information related to data security and privacy is provided to the user in the contract that signed electronically.

4. Updated Technology Always

Efficiency with the services is one of the reasons for which QuickBooks has always earned credits. With the hosting service as well, it has not left any door ajar. QuickBooks is also quick in updating its technology regularly to keep the performance levels optimum. Updated technology also assures that security checks are well maintained. Fast and regular updates keep the latest security measures in action to guard the data of the users.

5. Third-Party Hosting Options

Intuit, the owner of QuickBooks, authorizes the third-party application hosting services to host QuickBooks. Certain standards are to be met by the hosting services to gain this authorization to make sure that the performance of the application is not altered.

Third-party hosting service provides comes as an affordable option for the SMBs and CPAs. Some of them even offer free QuickBooks hosting for CPAs. Along with that, the hosting experts can offer some improved features from their own ends to take your QuickBooks experience to a completely new level. Some of the features that reliable QuickBooks Hosting services generally offer are- up to 99.9% uptime, technical support setup and installation, free cloud storage space, etc.

6. Excellent Support Availability

QuickBooks is usually easy and convenient to work upon. Considering it to be software that is available with a huge number of features for CPAs and SMBs, there is a possibility that you might face some issues that may require technical support. QuickBooks Hosting makes sure that the assistance is available round the clock. Even the reliable third-party support services are offering technical support 24×7 for their clients. So, you can utilize the services of QuickBooks over cloud whenever you want without any hassle.

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There is a lot that QuickBooks offer to it users. The many benefits of QuickBooks hosting get even better as you can access the services from anywhere and at any time. Many believers in traditional accounting methods consider it an expensive option. However, those who have opted for QuickBooks have shown that it is a pocket-friendly as well as convenient for account needs.

If a proper investment is dwelled in, it will surely flourish great business for the users. There are other great options as well, but where QuickBooks Hosting stands out are the overall features available at a very nominal price. It can work very remotely yet deliver very effective results.


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