15 Popular HR Management Software Solutions: Which One Is The Best?

BambooHR: No. 1 HR Software


Modern HR management software assists in streamlining human resources activities from hiring to performance assessment. These applications are designed to help HR managers locate, retain, and promote deserving candidates. Typically, applications of this type provide features such as payroll, time and attendance, benefits management, and performance management. Advanced HR management platforms can offer more complex tools such as employee self-service, fingerprint ID, smart reporting, dashboard view and more. If you are looking for a suitable HR management system for your company, you have come to the right place. In this article we will go over the top HR management software systems apps chosen by our review team to help you find the right fit for the needs and budget of you and your company.

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1. BambooHR

Our review team has analyzed all the leading HR management systems and after detailed tests we selected BambooHR as one of the tops app in this category based on its set of powerful features offered at a competitive rate. In addition to great features the company offers flexible pricing plans that should suit any budget and need. You can also make use of the convenient free trial to check out the app’s features before investing your money. You can easily sign up for BambooHR free trial here.

This award is given to the best product in our HR Management Software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.
BambooHR won our Best HR Management Software Award for 2017

BambooHR is an online HR software system designed for small and medium-sized companies. The app enables users a smooth switch from spreadsheets to a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that will meet most of their business needs. HR professionals can use this solution’s HRIS and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) features to easily manage the different aspects of the employee life cycle. The software also offers HR managers deep visibility into strategic factors like employee retention and turnover.

You can use BambooHR to collect and display all employee information in a single place. Users can quickly find the data they need, as well as evaluate and take action on that data instantly. It is easy to export data and generate insightful reports, too. To sum up, BambooHR is an easy-to-use HR system that adapts quickly to your business requirements and offers top-notch functionalities.

2. Zoho People

Zoho People is a flexible and simple HR platform that helps users to manage employee operations, including records, time/attendance, and leave. It functions great right out of the box and has been designed for businesses that need a solution that can be implemented easily without requiring to customize the entire program. The system makes HR workflows fast and simple and effectively organizes HR processes.

Users can handle the various aspects of employee management in a single hub. Employees can access the info they need through the employee self-service portal. The application also simplifies time management operations and makes it simple to keep track of leaves, absenteeism, holidays, time rendered, and attendance.

3. Workday

Workday is a popular SaaS enterprise-class system that can be used to manage global companies. The program offers payroll, financial, and human capital management solutions designed for modern organizations. It is cloud-based and is a good alternative to legacy ERP. More than 280 businesses including Fortune 50 giants use this application for their processes.

Workday is an intuitive and simple app that even lay users can use easily without IT expertise. It combines HR and finance to give you real-time insights, global visibility, and predictive analytics. A single version of the system is offered to all users. The company ensures there are no disruptive upgrades and always offers users the most recent version. You are also assured of data security as the vendor uses the latest security measures to safeguard your data and system.

4. SuccessFactors (SAP)

SuccessFactors is a popular enterprise application that offers fresh opportunities for development and innovation, and helps businesses stay ahead of their competitors. The system is cloud-based and offers flexible features to optimize your workforce and workflows.

SuccessFactors provides features such as onboarding, performance solutions, recruiting tools, an applicant tracking platform, talent management, succession, planning, HR analytics, a learning management system (LMS), as well as social business and collaboration tools. The application is used by businesses of all sizes in more than 60 industries. Companies can benefit from its full suite of solutions and collaboration, HR, and workforce analytics features to boost productivity and engage and motivate their staff members.

5. iCIMS Talent Acquisition 

iCIMS is an onboarding and talent acquisition system that offers robust features, including a branded career portal. The customizable portal assists candidates in searching for career opportunities. The platform provides businesses the features they need to simplify and speed up the talent acquisition process by selecting the best candidates for open jobs. The application helps companies to engage the brightest candidates, enhance the hiring process, make top quality hires, and view key metrics within a single system.

Notable features are social media distribution, job board posting, and career site search engine optimization (SEO). This robust system helps HR recruiters to reach and attract bright candidates faster. The iCIMS Social Distribution tool can also extend your reach beyond popular social media networks to more than 300 other social media sites, including niche and specialty outlets.

6. Recruitee

Recruitee is a widely used collaborative hiring solution. The system is intuitive and can help simplify your hiring efforts and manage your employees more easily. It is used by more than 600 businesses including famous companies like Evbox, Peerby, Vodafone, and Red Bull.

Recruitee offers a drag-and-drop user interface that is fully brandable and customizable. It allows you to create custom pages for each job opening. You also don’t have to write job descriptions from scratch as the app offers a collection of more than 200 job description templates for various positions. Candidates can apply by giving the required info in the online application form and upload their resumes. They can also link their Indeed or LinkedIn profile with Recruitee. On the website, readers can easily share open jobs on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

7. Planday

Planday is an employee scheduling system that offers HR managers the features they need to better manage their employees. The app helps both managers and employees to be more productive. It connects managers and employees across all devices through a shared overview of work schedules as well as shift swaps, absences, punch clock and more. The software also provides payroll export feature.

Planday also enhances employee schedule management with modern templates, mobile connectivity, automation, and all that with no spreadsheets. The solution can help to drastically reduce the time spent on employee scheduling tasks. This is because managers and business owners do not need to spend a lot of time tracking down employees, changing spreadsheets, and correcting schedules. This gives them more time to concentrate on important tasks and boosts customer satisfaction.

8. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based recruitment app that offers customizable features to help businesses quickly hire the right candidates. The system offers automated recruitment tools designed for staffing companies and the HR departments of small and medium-sized firms. You can use the program to communicate effectively with qualified candidates, create and publish job openings, and handle resumes easily.

Zoho Recruit also provides an activities stream that shows all the activities that happen within the hiring process. Other main features include document collaboration, social media utilization, security administration, territory management, automated workflow processes, posting to job boards, and website integration.

9. ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is a web-based HR management system created for midsize companies. The solution gathers and automates all of your company’s HR processes into a single dashboard. With it you can easily create added user permissions for your employees to help them handle multiple HR functions. The app also helps you manage your staff members’ benefits and holidays, and create insightful reports. It comes with a demo, video tutorials, and online support.

ADP Workforce Now offers useful HR features such as time and attendance, talent management, payroll, and benefits management. It also provides a benefit plan creation wizard that can be configured according to the on-boarding processes of your company. The system’s COBRA events can trigger notifications to staff members and other beneficiaries to meet qualifying event requirements under COBRA.

10. Halogen Software

Halogen Software is a popular HR management app that is used by leading staffing agencies and recruitment companies. This cloud-based staffing process and management program simplifies and automates recruitment processes including compensation management, performance appraisals, succession planning, learning management, job description, and feedback.

Halogen Software also offers user-friendly functionality to help you manage your recruitment and hiring needs. You can access and collaborate with a community of users using the system’s integrated social networks and customer websites. Plus, you can depend on the top rate support offered by the vendor whose knowledgeable agents will quickly resolve your issues.

11. TribePad

TribePad is a web-based applicant tracking system that offers out-of-the-box functionality for companies around the world. The app has been designed to help organizations understand the role of technology in their hiring process, and to help them improve their employment strategy. Using this solution, many businesses are seeing positive trends when exploring their talent pools, and have managed to boost the productivity of their employees.

TribePad is available worldwide and accessible on various devices. It allows users to access information in all situations and organizes the employment process with minimal management interference. The system can also be used for smart analysis, and to learn about the strengths and weaknesses in a company’s workflow. The app is priced on quote basis, which means companies need not pay for features they don’t use, but rather get a price only for the features they need.

12. Sage HRMS

Sage HRMS (formerly Sage Abra) has been created for small to mid-sized businesses and it offers a range of HR tools and features to enable users to fully optimize the total life cycle of their employees, including recruitment, talent management and more. This app also provides payroll functionality and is designed to support the payroll needs of businesses in a range of industries including agriculture, construction, manufacturing, retail and others.

Sage HRMS is a versatile HR and payroll management application that gives businesses the tools and capabilities they need to attract and recruit top class talent, boost employee engagement, and train their staff members to become valuable assets to their organization.

13. PeopleWorks

PeopleWorks enables enterprises to handle their end-to-end human resource responsibilities and streamline all HR processes. The software boasts a comprehensive set of functionalities to facilitate recruitment, workforce management, payroll, talent management, learning and development, and core HR responsibilities. Users can efficiently manage all HR-related tasks as well with its breadth of automation capabilities for administrative functions. Moreover, it features an integrated modular approach so businesses can easily adapt to their changing requirements and handle all their functions in a single platform.

With PeopleWorks, recruitment and onboarding is made easy as it automatically determines the top talents and places all of them in the right pipeline. The software centralizes employee information in a single database as well, which allows not only for quick information access and storage, but also for easy conducting of polls and surveys.

14. Xobin Interact

With Xobin Interact, companies no longer have to dread high volume applications. This candidate screening platform allows businesses to easily identify the best potential talents based on skill level through pre-employment assessment tests. This is quite handy as the platform enables you to easily breeze past hundreds of applications and filter great talents that either have an exceptional or poor-looking resume.

The platform has over 100 skill assessment tests across a wide range of disciplines, and the platform features custom assessment tests should you have any specific capabilities to assess. Xobin Interact includes pre-built assessments for determining candidate aptitude and personality as well as determining the level of knowledge and prowess on niche skills. Tests available on the platform include coding, general aptitude, psychometric assessments, and much more. With real-time reporting capabilities and various filtering options, you can quickly find the right talent that best fits your business.

15. ZipTiger Recruit

ZipTiger Recruit provides HR teams and staffing agencies with a comprehensive set of tools built to effectively facilitate and speed up the entire recruitment process. It simplifies recruitment operations by providing you with full control over all stages in the recruitment process alongside various functionalities to streamline your operations, including job vacancy posting, scheduling of tests and interviews, and candidate shortlisting, among others. The platform comes equipped with powerful talent assessment tools that not only  effectively determines the top candidates, but also accelerates the assessment cycle.

ZipTiger Recruit ensures your entire department is on the same page at all times through instant notifications for important updates and changes in recruitment processes. Furthermore, it has task management functionalities for better coordination of each activity and ensure that each project is accounted for.

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