Financial Help for Women: Five Blogs With Advice for Your Finances

blogging for womenWomen’s financial needs are not identical to those of men. With different sources of income, different health concerns, and different life risks, it’s important for women to consult with experts on our own particular financial concerns. With that in mind, we’ve scoured the internet to find a few blogs about women and money that combine useful financial advice with particular information tailored to the events and issues that women are likely to face in their financial lives.

Women’s Institute for Financial Education

Or W.I.F.E. offers straightforward advice with a woman-centric lean. Their “Investment and Saving” section is particularly useful, going from the basic questions of financial literacy like are bonds safer than stocks? (hint: yes!) to more complex questions like which mutual fund to pick? (bonus answer: the one with low fees!). W.I.F.E. has a special focus on issues of particular importance to women, such as dealing with financial assets during a divorce and the financial shocks of widowhood. Perhaps best of all, if you register for their newsletter they’ll send you an excellent bumper sticker, capturing advice we should all keep in mind: “A Man is Not a Financial Plan!”

Women's Institute For A Secure Retirement

WISER Women’s website features a great blog as well as other useful information. One recent post on savings bonds, the traditional investment-your-grandma-bought-you, highlights a new way of purchasing these bonds from the U.S. Treasury: directly online via your bank account. Not only do they tell you about it, they provide such detailed graphical information that actually, my grandma could probably still buy them. One great woman-centric part of the site takes note of the a simple fact: “The overwhelming majority of caregivers are females providing unpaid care for loved ones.” Women are more likely to care for parents and other loved ones by taking time away from work, and thus need to consider the possibility of being faced with such a request–especially because such requests are so hard to turn down.

Daily Worth

The Daily Worth is a website definitely worth looking at: it’s actually quite a lovely-looking website, with subtle ads and a great design. But more importantly, the content is diverse and solid. They have the financial planning advice in a regular feature called “Ask an Advisor”, with typical but useful topics like How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? and How to Recover from a Divorce. They also have an excellent section tailored to the free-thinking startup queens among us, that features conceptual advice on entrepreneurship. One very good recent article explains the concept of MVP: Minimum Viable Product. The perfectionist in all of us wants to wow the world with a finished product, but the successful among us aim lower: get to the Minimum Viable Product and start selling! There’s always time for iteration and improvement, but getting something out there is always the best plan. With all the difficulties women face in entering and re-entering the workforce, self-employment is an excellent way of sidestepping the problem, and this website can help you do it.

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The Glass Hammer

Of course, many women don’t need entrepreneurship advice because they’ve already arrived. The Glass Hammer is an old (in internet years) website geared towards “women executives in financial services, law and business.” In addition to quality write-ups of recent news and articles, the site contains a deep catalog of posts filed under a wide and helpful array of headings: Ask a Recruiter, 35 under 35, and the most amusing topic: Men Who Get It. Despite recent successes, the majority of those in leadership positions remain men. This means that recognizing and honoring those men who do in fact Get It remains a useful strategy for furthering women’s interests in the workplace. And one simple refrain comes throughout this section: men who don’t get it are going to lose.

US Department of Labor

While not a trendy blog, the US Department of Labor (DOL) features a ton of information tailored to the needs and questions of women. And who better but the DOL to have a big-picture understanding of women in the labor force? The top of their site features a quick primer: women are more likely than men to work in a part-time job, less likely to have retirement benefits, earn less on the savings they do have, and outlive the men in their lives? It’s all true, and it all presents a unique set of challenges for women to overcome. But the DOL is here to help! With quick links to calculate your Social Security benefits, factual information on divorce and widowhood, and a host of booklets on planning your financial future and navigating the bureaucracies that hold the cash, the website is uniquely useful. Also unique is the security you get with using it: unlike most websites, you can rest assured there are no catches and they are not trying to sell you something. With such peace of mind and useful advice, it’s a worthwhile addition to the list.

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