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40+ Basic Appointment Scheduling Statistics: 2019 & 2020 Data Analysis & Market Share

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If your business is one of those appointment-based companies, you ought to know how important booking is to your cash flow. To stay competitive, you should pay attention to the way you set appointment schedules. But to do so, you have to be ready to change the way you set appointments. For example, you have to stop relying on conventional methods such as phone calls, texting, and paper calendars. What you need to do is take care of all your booking requirements using appointment scheduling software.

Appointment scheduling software or booking software helps businesses not just in setting schedules but also in many other ways like promoting customer loyalty, improving efficiency, and increasing income by plugging revenue leaks from no-shows.

To make things clearer, we have compiled the most relevant statistics, starting with the appointment scheduling software market and on to the use of online appointment scheduling in different industries. This reading should help you better appreciate the value of online booking statistics and recognize the benefits that come with appointment scheduling and help you decide if the technology is right for you.

key appointment scheduling statistics

Appointment scheduling software benefits helped push these systems into adoption by different industries. This is reflected in much-improved order volumes in the online booking market, including increased mobile bookings and the expansion of the technology in sectors like the restaurant, healthcare, and spa industries. This massive adoption led analysts to believe that online bookings have become the new norm.  Check out the following statistics that prove the authenticity of this trend.

Appointment Scheduling Software Market Statistics

According to a recent online booking market report, the global online booking software market continues to expand. It is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate of 15.1% through the year 2024, with its total market value reaching $360 million. The United States continues to have the largest share of the total online booking market size, though the Asia Pacific—through China and India—is expected to overtake the US. The increasing use of top appointment tools to improve efficiency will drive this growth. However, the prices of these platforms may decline as a result of the continued entry of more vendors into the market.

  • $360 million – The estimated value of the global appointment scheduling software market in 2024. (
  • 15.1% – The estimated compound annual growth rate of the appointment scheduling software market. (
  • 40% – The US share of the total market. (ReportsnReports)
  • Lack of technological awareness is seen to hinder the sector’s growth. (ReportsnReports)
  • 0 to $150 per month – The price range of appointment scheduling software. (

Most Popular Services For Online Booking

Health and Wellness




Gym, Sports and Personal Trainers




Spas and Beauty Salons


Massage Therapists


Education and Counselling




Hair Salons


Medical Centers


Business Coaches and Consultants



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General Appointment Scheduling Statistics

The expansion of the appointment scheduling software market size is due to one reason: they need to invest in such systems to stay competitive. Recent online booking research suggests that these tools have proven to be highly beneficial to organizations, helping them boost both customer loyalty and operational efficiency. All of these can only result in more profits.
They are also instrumental in minimizing no-shows, which are known as a major source of revenue loss for some sectors. But more importantly, appointment scheduling contributes to customer experience, an online booking report has revealed, something that businesses have been focusing on these days. The following statistics will give you a general idea of how online appointment scheduling has been faring so far.
  • 350,190 – The total number of appointments booked in 2018. (
  • 53% – online bookings made by staff. (
  • Online booking has been found to reduce staff labor. (
  • 58% of healthcare providers use online booking. (
  • 45 hours is the average lead time between booking and service fulfillment. (
  • 76% of clients use mobile devices to book appointments. (
  • 12% of clicks have been found to result in appointments. (
  • 29% – the percentage of reduction in no-shows with automated reminders (
  • Sundays from 4:00 to 8:00 PM is the most popular day and time to book appointments. (
  • 40% of online bookings are done after hours. (
  • 70% of salon and spa appointments are booked from mobile devices. (

How Customers Find Online Booking Pages

% by channel

Social Media


Web Referrral






Paid Search



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Most Popular Appointment Scheduling Software

  1. Square Appointments. An intuitive online appointment management software with an interactive calendar, embeddable booking widgets, and appointment history tracking. Read our Square Appointments review to see its complete feature set.
  2. Acuity Scheduling. A flexible appointment scheduling system that supports branded reminders, payment processing,and time zone adjustment. Learn more about the product in this Acuity Scheduling review.
  3. Calendly. A team scheduling and appointment management tool with calendar integration, reporting options, as well as custom notifications. View our Calendly review for more information.
  4. TeamUp. An appointment management system with self-service options, one-off scheduling, attendance tracking, as well as waitlisting. To learn what else this product has to offer, take a look at our TeamUp review.
  5. Checkfront. An online booking management solution offering inventory management, payment processing, and Facebook integration for a more streamlined operations. Check out this Checkfront review if you want more details about this product.

Medical Appointment Scheduling Statistics

Among the organizations that make use of scheduling appointment tools, healthcare providers are seen to benefit the most as proper care hinges on the timely fulfillment of medical appointments. There are still holdovers, of course, but many already use appointment scheduling systems because of their flexible pricing and accessibility.

Healthcare providers use these platforms to reduce no-shows and ensure that patients get the service they deserve in a timely manner. But in case you need more feature-rich platforms, there are ideal medical practice management tools that you can easily find in the market. Let’s take a look at relevant online booking data on how appointment scheduling has been benefiting these businesses.

  • 91% of health practitioners use cloud-based systems. (
  • 52% of healthcare providers use various methods of patient reminders. (
  • 78.8% of healthcare providers say they have used a patient portal to enhance the patient experience. (
  • 42% of patients prefer to book appointments online. (
  • 54% of healthcare providers provide portals that allow for appointment scheduling and requests. (
  • 77% of patients think that having the ability to book, cancel, or change appointments online are important. (
  • 64% of patients are seen to use self-scheduling in the coming years. (

annual losses from missed medical appointments

Appointment Scheduling by Users Statistics

Appointment scheduling solutions have become a staple among different business types and individuals. They make it easy for businesses to offer their services and set up meetings. They benefit large and small companies—SMBs are heavily dependent on these tools.  Clearly, they work for businesses and individuals.

  • 25% of online bookings make up health and wellness services. (
  • 60% – the percentage of online booking rates that spas and salons can achieve. (
  • Spa and salon customers who book online make frequent visits. (
  • 38% of spa and salon bookings go for same-day appointments. (
  • 35% of total appointments are booked by men. (
  • 25% of customers book health and wellness appointments online. (
  • 65% of total appointments are booked by women. (
  • 79% of appointments booked by men are for cycling and triathlon coaching appointments. (
  • 88% of appointments booked by women are with beauty salons and spas. (

Features That Small Businesses Look For In An Appointment Scheduling System


Calendar Management


Automatic Alerts


Resource Scheduling




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Appointment Scheduling and Millennials Statistics

It’s undeniable that the millennial generation is one of the fastest-growing consumer segments around. Millennials or individuals between the ages of 20 and 35 would dominate the workforce in the near future; for that, they deserve their own stats. Members of this age group would become a major global economic force, gaining control of the market to the tune of around $19 to $24 trillion. With that, they are looking to increase their purchasing power ahead.

  • 51% of millennials say that trying to fit a medical appointment into their schedule is their biggest challenge. (
  • 82% of millennials are willing to book an appointment with their financial advisor. (
  • 71% of millennials would book an in-store appointment with a store associate at the most convenient time. (
  • 61% of millennials want a prompt response from their healthcare provider. (

millennials who book medical appointments

Financial and Time Savings from Online Booking Statistics

Appointment scheduling tools render the process of online booking easy. They offer huge cost savings. Virtually all types of booking-dependent businesses can realize such benefits from online booking. Find out more about these benefits by reading the statistics listed below.

  • $3.2 billion – the estimated value savings from using online appointment scheduling. (
  • 75% – The estimated reduction in college student phone calls from using online appointment scheduling. (
  • 39% of Gen Z individuals prefer receiving customer service by phone, making online appointment scheduling vital to retaining a younger client base. (
  • 10 hours per week – the estimated time savings from healthcare providers’ use of online scheduling. (
  • 61% – the estimated airfare cost savings from advanced online booking. (

savings from online appointments

Online Appointment Software: Why It’s Worth Buying

Cloud-based appointment scheduling software has become popular and for a good reason. They offer accessibility, quick and easy appointment scheduling, and significant time and cost savings. They automate many manual processes, virtually eliminating errors from human intervention. Next, we take a look at some of the other benefits that online appointment scheduling has to offer. 


As with any other cloud-deployed solutions, most online appointment scheduling platforms can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Users can easily use these systems from the comfort of their mobile devices, allowing them to respond to essential appointment messages in real-time.

No More Missed Appointments

No-shows can be a real headache for many businesses. These include disappointing results and lost income. Appointment scheduling software easily resolve this. They set automated reminders via SMS or email.

Error Reduction

Manual appointment scheduling is notoriously prone to mistakes, errors that could result in cancellations, double bookings, and lost income. The use of age-old methods like paper calendars, SMS, and phone calls can produce such complications. By having all pertinent appointment information within your reach, appointment scheduling software can reduce these.

Reporting Capabilities

Many appointment scheduling tools have reporting features that you can use to monitor valuable customers. Insights offered by these reports can help you decide better based on the insights just presented.

And we’re just about done. The statistics presented here will help you see appointment scheduling solutions as tools for growth. As such, they remain important to many industries. They cater to just about any business size or type. Among others, small clinics, restaurants, or salons have been using them. But if you happen to be a small salon owner, you may want to explore these cloud-based salon management software, which also have booking features and more.

By Louie Andre

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