What is the best CRM solution for e-commerce sites?

HubSpot: No. 1 CRM Solution


As far CRM and businesses deep in e-commerce staging are concerned, how CRM pays back $8.71 for every dollar spent is reason enough to make the most of the platform, though of course smaller enterprises and even startups also see in that a large window to level the playing field. In America, the fact that eight in ten Americans make purchases online certainly has a lot to do with that.

While CRM software is certified to bring a lot of positives—with the nifty figures to back them up, too—to any business, especially e-commerce sites, what is most striking among these is how it has brought back the good ole value of bringing a human face to customers while forging a path to continued, ever-expanding revenue and business. This is simply in great contrast to the big-city population, scattered-data era of yore when any client was just a faceless, anonymous number in any marketing, sales or customer support database. So even as your online business reaches out to buyers around the globe, CRM can lend a personalized touch to your transactions.

Think about it—in a market awash in commodified buy-and-sell quick bucks, what if you can bring old small hometown business to your e-commerce where everybody knows everybody else, and the merchant at the heart of the market knows a good deal what each neighbor would need stocked for each new forthcoming season or market-worthy events? Where Merchant Joe, for example, knows from personal conversations that farmer Dick is about to start his peanut rotation, but would need to find a replacement for his seeds that had gone short for some reason, along with the usual farm implements that need to be replaced.

CRM can help you achieve this, and a good deed more.

Having a CRM can help you address these top shopping cart abandonment causes (Baymard 2017) by connecting your sales and support to customers for a personalized service.

Is Your eCommerce Leveraging CRM?

For businesses relying on online commerce, it could mean providing the critical data sets to launch a campaign to go after those subscribers who accumulate a good number of products on their wishlists or those who suddenly abandon their carts at the last minute: there is still that matter preventing the subscriber to press that last button.

There is no way of knowing this in the past about the largely anonymous user, but the modern tools of CRM now offers a wealth of information culled from the user’s personal buying patterns as well as some factors revealed only through social media. So going back to that abandoned cart, perhaps there’s that one feature about the product that he or she is still missing (or any of the reasons cited by the Baymard study), and now you know from their social media posts just what that is.

The resulting action from the business should be straightforward from then on. There is power in CRM, and all of it depends on how smart you go about the data lying in front of you. Big data is no longer enough. Smarter data is more like it these days and very likely in the future too.

What is the best CRM solution for e-commerce sites?

As my idea of best might not really appeal to you, let’s try a larger net with a top-ten catch inside. The lesson, of course, is what’s probably a truism in this line of action: always select the vendor and just right CRM software feature sets for you.

Here’s what we think are best CRM tools for eCommerce websites:

  1. HubSpot CRM
  2. Pipedrive
  3. Freshsales
  4. Zoho CRM
  5. bpm’online CRM
  6. Teamleader
  7. OroCRM
  8. Infusionsoft
  9. Agile CRM
  10. plug&paid

Top 10 CRM Software Solutions
for E-Commerce Sites

1.  HubSpot CRM

When we mentioned smart data taking over big data, we of course mean that much of that smart data is all about relevant and helpful content to give a strong signal that your brand is not all about air, but instead also driven by substance and value that any customer would appreciate and guide their loyalties to your brand. Simple enough in paper, but how to execute in the real world?

In the real world, it means delivering trustworthy information with your brand at the heart of it, spread across channels like blogs, search engines and social media.

Once you appreciate the power of content, you will see why HubSpot CRM specifically tops our answer to what is the best CRM solution for e-commerce sites: with HubSpot, you get to learn the ropes of inbound marketing and master it in no time, leading you to earn a reputation as an active influencer in your business category with masterfully crafted content for blog, search engine, and social media channels. All these for free. The best-for-value factor alone merits it our Best CRM Award for 2017.  You can easily sign up for the HubSpot free app here.

This award is given to the best product in our CRM Software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.
HubSpot CRM won our Best CRM Software Award for 2017

Once you’ve taken the steps in this direction, be prepared to see how building trust and credibility will give you the kind of customer base that you would love to keep for the life of your business, even if means devising the trickiest loyalty programs you could dig up in your business war arsenal.

Specifically, HubSpot CRM for e-commerce features the following:

  • Personalize your marketing
  • Convert traffic into sales
  • Track and attribute revenue

And since HubSpot already integrates so well with a host of other offerings like Shopify, Ecomm Bridge, Groove among others and implemented in Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, you will find HubSpot a leveling-up proposition hard to ignore.

2.  Pipedrive

Your e-commerce will live and die based on your actual sales. If you have a large untapped leads, you would want to make the most of them too, to help improve your revenue. But the health of yours sales and leads would also depend on a number of factors, and while there is a way to do it manually, the task could be so daunting as to generate any meaningful conclusions and insights, especially about little those nook and crannies where your team could have done better. So you’d want to adjust how the team works around your objective.

Before you could fine-tune your e-commerce activities for better results, you will need a good picture of how your sales is performing, to spot those areas that are presenting difficulties to the team involved. Pipedrive CRM reports will do just that, offering the insights gathered by the software after looking deeply into the sales process and activities.

And while humans are prone to forget, Pipedrive is not, constantly sending activity reminder emails, mobile notifications and alerts where a decisive lead and closing opportunities are concerned.

Despite the rise of social CRM, email marketing remains a decisive part of e-commerce; for that, Pipedrive keeps a watchful eye on those emails that it sends and receives for you, while staying alert for when the recipient reads those, so you won’t have to fret about how the communication went along with the other party. You can give the software a test drive at no cost when you sign up for a Pipedrive free trial here.

3.  Freshsales

Along with reining in inert wishlists and abandoned carts, e-commerce also means effectively managing leads from multiple sources: emails, Google ads, your website, chat and others.

With Freshsales, you have an e-commerce CRM that captures all these leads automatically, eliminating the need for all those disparate tools for lead management and locking useful leads safely away for revenue conversion. What you get is a way to a comprehensive customer profile, a more meaningful set of data that modern businesses would no longer be able do without if they want to have the slightest chance of competing in the marketplace. Checking this feature is possible when you sign up for Freshsales free trial here.

Crucially, that customer profile compiled by Freshsales could count, among other things, the prospect’s history of actions on your very own website: abandoned cart, searched for specific ideas, clicked on recommendations and the like. From all these you see what offers and packages piqued their interest, allowing you to design targeted personalized emails.

In essence, Freshsales gives you access to the future of e-commerce: gathering leads from social media and other online sources, tracking their behavior on the pages they visit, ranking and scoring their potential based on pre-defined parameters, and helping you design target-specific marketing campaigns through emails, templates provided.

4.  Zoho CRM

Citing a recent study showing that 25% of live chatters made 51% to 75% of their purchases on the web against a mere 10% of those who did not, Zoho CRM nudges customers to add a live chat software on their e-commerce stores to engage online store visitors and encourage them to purchase on impulse.

Zoho CRM’s e-commerce live chat solution also targets another common e-commerce problem: online shoppers who abruptly end their checkout sessions following discovery of unsuitable delivery options, payment security and generally bumping into other unexpected costs. By conspicuously placing a live chat software inside the shopping cart, the online store can group, monitor, and share essential information with visitors who are not progressing smoothly at the checkout page. The live chat feature is readily available for you to check out if you sign up for a Zoho CRM free trial here.

Aside from tracking and engaging visitors, Zoho CRM may be set to yield key visitor insights and furnish vitally important lead scoring for helping design more intuitive sales campaigns.

5.  bpm’online CRM

For e-commerce, bpm’online CRM provides its reference processes that brings best practices for opportunity management, lead management, quote management, order and invoice management. Bpm’online walks the users through the entire sales process, from the start of contact with a customer to closing of the deal. If you want to try these features on your workflows you can easily sign up for a bpm’online CRM free trial here.

Bpm’online looks at sales analytics through three capabilities, Sales Pulse, Sales Leaders, and Sales Reps Efficiency. All three dashboards present all pertinent metrics for fast analysis and in-depth data-driven decision making. For additional function, users can add custom charts and indicator to the screen easily.

Using bpm’online’s opportunity management feature, users can craft sales tactics for any deal, or track competitors by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. For a bit of fun, bpm’online also throws in a unique set of emoticons to illustrate the scope of the activity in a game manner.

Users should have no problem being game and sold to the whole scheme, as bpm’online delivers end-to-end e-commerce processes to manage the customer’s entire sales journey, working from lead to order up to ongoing maintenance.

6.  Teamleader

The time when customers only interact with businesses through a physical store has long been officially over. Nowadays many online stores not only could easily outpace and outperform any of those physical stores by a mile, they could also communicate through a vast network of social blogs, tweets, shared content through social media, even suffering the occasional dropped reviews from a fallout in a product, service, or just anything that matters to customers. The dazzling complexity of e-commerce is almost too daunting to rein in, but still the core business sense of keeping your loyal base happy and nurturing new ones remains the same. Before you begin to say otherwise, you must keep in mind that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. So CRM.

Teamleader makes this possible with key features such as stand-alone sales automation, live chat, web self-service, customer service and support and help desk, features that definitely reads like a shoutout about the essence of e-commerce in a short line.

Aside from a robust sales tracking feature that monitors your interaction with a customer from initial contact to invoicing, Teamleader can create offers or quotes through a template or from scratch.

Teamleader’s tickets module collects all questions from customers and sends them to your help desk or support department, where one or more can address any question. Once done, the results could be tied to a client record in the CRM, a solid foundation to maintain a strong e-commerce presence.

7.  OroCRM

Amidst the widespread adoption of CRM—91% of companies with more than 11 employees use CRM—perhaps it’s easy to overlook asking one important question: is the open source community even represented in the CRM scene?

As it turns out, the short and definite answer is a resounding: YES.

In fact, it is not just any open source CRM, but a well-regarded one: in OroCRM, open source comes in what is touted as a stringently designed CRM package that is not only loaded with powerful sales and marketing features, but also easy to use, flexible and reliable. Based on Oro Platform and developed in PHP5 utilizing the Symfony 2 framework, OroCRM can be seamlessly integrated into such familiar e-commerce platforms as eBay, Magento and Amazon. OroCRM provides e-commerce businesses a comprehensive set of features that are a match for their needs, while they can rest assured that the CRM’s functionality includes a number of tools and support at the enterprise level, while being fully expandable as needed.

While OroCRM obviously presents a chance for low operating costs, e-commerce businesses will appreciate that it does not mean a watered-down CRM solution, with tools for marketing, sales, and developers comparing well with the other names in the industry.

For e-businesses, OroCRM offers a 360-degree view of the client, enabling companies to design just the right solutions, advanced customer segmentation, powerful reporting through brilliant dashboards, as well as fully capability to integrate with third-party applications.

8.  Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft CRM helps companies establish their presence and sell their products and services online by providing them a professional-looking storefront, customizable templates and order forms and a shopping cart.

With Infusionsoft shopping cart, each purchase in a contact’s order history is sent back to the CRM and included in the update of their profile, so future promotions will no longer include items already purchased.

To manage sales pipeline, you can define specific triggers when a sales rep update reveals an opportunity, allowing you to strategize follow-up actions tailored to the prospect’s stage of the cycle.
Aside from allowing you to set up online shopping carts, Infusionsoft’s Storefront also lets you manage your online store, billing, and inventory from a single system, a handy tool to make timely decisions based on actual customer interactions.

To help you grow your business faster, Infusionsoft features a referral management, allowing you to design a custom referral program, provide partners with a portal to access marketing materials, giving you a chance to accelerate word-of-mouth marketing.

9.  Agile CRM

Agile CRM combines smart campaigns, smart user engagement and smart analytics to help e-commerce businesses win and retain customers. Driving the solution offering is the integration of customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation (MA) functionalities, giving SMBs and SMEs a powerful set of options to achieve their e-commerce goals.

Agile CRM has distinctly come up with a systematic solution to cart abandonment, citing some of its views about shopping cart abandonment myths : release of timed messages or timely coupons closely linked to user behavior.

Agile CRM eschews static profiles, segregated sales and marketing customer databases in favor of automated user management, which automates user signups and lets you continuously update customer profiles.

Agile’s drag-and-drop promotional campaigns allows you to come up with campaigns based on user behavior, while personalized pop-ups and web grabbers help prevent exit intent and offer additional timely content.

10. plug&paid

plug&paid should be on the list of businesses that are wondering what is the best CRM solution for e-commerce sites in terms of easy setup and deployment. Coding skills is not required to install this shopping cart solution. Simply copy and paste a short URL or a system-generated snippet to display a widget, button, or link to your potential customers.

With plug&paid, you can strategically display your buttons or widgets on your website or blog page for optimized conversion rates. The purchasing journey is also seamless for visitors and customers, as they can complete the entire purchase process without exiting your website or being directed to multiple web pages. Additionally, it integrates with popular payment gateways and supports 20 languages and 29 currencies.

Selling on your social media pages is also possible with this shopping cart solution. Simply copy paste the system-generated snippet to send a link to your customers.

Users can gain a clear view of their performance through live metrics on their dashboard. Managing your stocks to fulfill all orders is also made easy through its smart stock management tool.


While we have presented a solid list of options for the best CRM solutions for e-commerce sites, nothing beats actual firsthand experience using any of these so you know you have a perfect match for your specific requirements. For that you might want to proceed with the product trial periods on offer, or if you feel you need more ground covered to make a good decision, you may want to delve more into e-commerce solutions out there. Fortunately we got that covered too, and one you might particularly want is this article about the detailed featured benefits and features of e-commerce solutions, along with their pricing structures.

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