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What is payment gateway software?

The umbrella term covers a variety of transaction services that help businesses trade goods and receive payments on the web. In a fashion similar to in-store …

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Top 10 Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop CC: List of Popular Graphic Design Software Solutions

Graphic design software tools are used by graphic designers to create and organize their work. Take a look at these stats on the career prospects of graphic designers: By 2020, the demand for graphic designers will increase by 13%. You don’t need to get a 5-year degree in graphic design […]

How Much Does Project Management Software Cost? Comparison of Pricing Plans

Project management tools have been an integral part of all organizations’ management programs. They are viewed as invaluable additions to the way businesses handle their projects. This is probably the reason why companies are willing to invest in such tools no matter what the cost. Pricing is a very important […]

Benefits of Project Management Software: Examples of Top Solutions Explained

Modern business projects have become complex and sophisticated operations involving plans, tasks, budget, and people. All project components and processes have to be optimized to ensure that projects are carried out successfully and effectively with the highest level of efficiency.

Top 10 Alternatives to FlexiServer: Analysis of Leading Employee Monitoring Software Solutions

Employee monitoring software can be used by companies to keep track of their workers’ activities such as internet browsing, software usage, and more. Take a look at these stats on staff monitoring: A survey by the American Management Association shows that 78% of companies monitor their employees’ use of phone, […]

What is Service Desk Software? Analysis of Benefits, Features and Pricing

What is service desk software? Also referred to as IT service desk, this category is a broad term for systems with single point of contact that handles service requests and incidents relating to IT and other business processes.

Top 10 Alternatives to Front: List of Popular Email Management Software Tools

Email management software can be used to manage high volumes of inbound email. Take a look at these stats on email usage: The number of email users is expected to rise to $2.9 billion by 2019-end. Likewise, an average of 269 billion emails are sent per day but only 38% of […]

Tips On Writing Down Your Goals: How To Increase Productivity at Work

We all have success in our mind as our goal, be it for personal or career. But success is not a goal, it’s the effect of a achieving a goal. If your goal is to succeed then, that’s as clear as finding your way through a maze blindfolded. You must […]

Top 10 Alternatives to Zoho Recruit: Leading Applicant Tracking Software Solutions

Applicant tracking software (ATS) can be used by companies to hire employees more efficiently. Take a look at these stats on applicant tracking: 76% of candidates prefer to submit their resume on a company’s website. 81% of recruiting managers opine that using technology in the hiring process will be beneficial […]

7 Reasons Why Choose Online Store Builder over Marketplace

The trend of shopping has changed completely as most of the customers have shifted from physical stores to online market. A number of platforms used by brick and mortar retailers have helped them in expanding their businesses. Sellers either choose to build their own online store with the help of […]

7 Obvious (And Not So Obvious) Things To Look For When Choosing A Web Host

Although many of us might have much more fun designing and crafting our websites, the hosting and technical side of things is important, too. Your site’s reliability and performance shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, fast-loading pages have been proven to keep people on a website for longer.

Cutting Through The Noise With A Progressive Web App

As a small business owner, we’re confident that you know now the importance of having a digital presence; 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their smartphone. With the growing use of digital platforms for customers to search for products and services, […]

Top 10 Alternatives to GoToMeeting: List of Popular Video Conferencing Software Solutions

Video conferencing software can be utilized by participants in remote locations to conduct live conferences. Take a look at these stats on video conferencing: Businesses are able to reduce travel expenses by 30% using video conferencing. 66% of job candidates prefer to be interviewed over video. 55% of non-teleworking respondents […]

Top 20 Graphic Design Software Solutions of 2018

The evolution of technology has touched just about every facet of people lives. It has changed the way we work on virtually every task there is. And the art of drawing and its associated disciplines are no exception. What artists used to accomplish with the use of pencil, paper and […]

What is Live Chat Software? Analysis of Features, Benefits and Pricing

Quality customer service is fundamental to the long-term success of any business. Customers don’t just equate to sales. They are also one of your best bets in spreading the word about your services or products. When it comes to your website, providing good support fosters your relationship with your customers […]

History & Development of PMO Tools. What Are Trends For The Future?

Project management offices (PMOs) today have a range of tools to help them not only to complete projects, but ensure these are aligned with organizational goals. PMOs today also do more than implementing projects; they are now accountable to budgeting, resource allocation and strategic alignment. These responsibilities in mind, PMOs […]

50 Best Tools & Apps To Maximize Your Marketing Team Productivity

Conventional wisdom dictates that marketing teams need members that have the right skillset to foster team productivity. This is why failure to meet such standard, which happens more often than we’d care to admit, could result in productivity problems. Good thing marketing productivity tools were developed to suit your business’ […]

Best Online Project Management Resources: A List of 100 Useful Tools

Search for “project management” online you’ll get 279,000,000 results! The Internet is a massive repository of information and knowledge on anything, project management included. We dug deep and searched far and wide (so you don’t have to) and came up with a list of online project management tools, courses, tutorials, […]

What is Email Management Software? Analysis of Features, Benefits and Pricing

What is email management software? At its core, the solution helps you sort, organize and reply to huge volumes of inbound customer emails. But it is by no means limited to providing support; email management software can be utilized for any situation that involves bulk incoming emails, such as campaign […]

Benefits of Document Management Software: Examples Of Top Solutions Explained

Technology has allowed businesses to transition from file cabinets to organizing files in digital format. Doing the manual process is time-consuming and arduous. This exposes the risk of human error which may lead to lost and damaged files. Hence, businesses automate this process using a document management system.

What is Call Center Software? Analysis of Features, Benefits and Pricing

Modern businesses are faced with numerous sources and types of communication which they can utilize to their advantage. A set of technology they can use to harness today’s multiple communication channels is call center software. What is call center software? It is a system that allows businesses to manage multiple […]

What is Document Management Software? Analysis of Features, Benefits and Pricing

Businesses are realizing that transferring some of their vital operations into a digital, automated system is a practical solution. One of these includes how they manage their documents. Paper-based files must be printed out and filed manually which is both time-consuming and costly. Retrieving them is also arduous. At the […]

What is Video Conferencing Software? Analysis of Features, Benefits and Pricing

One of the greatest products of modern technology, video conferencing has changed the way people communicate. What used to be but a concept of science fiction has become a reality in the modern world. Just about everyone uses the technology, especially those who need to talk to people in far […]

What Should You Look for in a Resource Management Tool?

Here you are at your desk, constantly fielding questions from different departments regarding the people available to address work concerns. The spreadsheets and manual logs lying before you contain silos of data that are either outdated, redundant or entirely irrelevant to the matter at hand. Added to which, you find […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Use VPN for Mobile Browser Security

The internet has become essential to our everyday life. For most of us there doesn’t go a day by without using it at least once, whether it be for work, entertainment, education or any other reason.  Nowadays the device most used for browsing the internet are Mobile Phones. As great […]

How Digital Tools Could Enhance Communication Between Construction Site and Office

The construction industry is currently facing serious transparency and accountability problems. It comes as no surprise, then, when we hear that the efficiency rate in the building sector is more or less 30%. On top of that, the rework rates are normally from 7% to 15% for each project.

Export Exchange Mailbox to PST & Migrate EDB Emails to Outlook Easily

Know how to convert Exchange mailbox to PST 2016, 2013, 2010 without Outlook. Transfer emails from Exchange to Outlook using manual methods & move to PST format.

Top 10 Alternatives to Bandicam: List of Popular Gamification Software Solutions

Gamification software provides insightful stats and metrics, and reporting tools to help businesses measure the effectiveness of the gamification methods they use. Take a look at these stats on gamification: 70% of business transformation campaigns fail because of lack of engagement. By 2015-end, 40% of global 1000 companies were using […]

How Much Do Payroll Companies Charge?

How much do payroll companies charge? We’ll get to this in a short while, but first, a brief background on why this industry is thriving. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employer costs for employee compensation averaged $35.28 per hour worked in June 2017. And this excludes the derivative […]

Top 10 Alternatives to Templafy: Popular Document Creation Software Solutions

You can use document creation software to create, customize, edit, and share text-based files. This type of system offers a host of helpful features to users. These features include document security, workflow automation, document indexing, customization, and other task-specific document creation tools.

What is E-commerce Software? Analysis of Features, Benefits and Pricing

What is e-commerce software? The short definition is, e-commerce software is the system that drives everything behind an online store helping owners manage important aspects such as handling inventory, adding and removing products, processing payment, calculating taxes, fulfilling orders, and all other things required to run a website specifically designed for […]