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Best 10 POS Systems that Integrate With Quickbooks Online Accounting Software

Are you looking for a POS system that integrates with QuickBooks? With the array of benefits in having a solution that specializes in accounting, you can enhance the functionality of your POS system while growing your business. Hence, here are the best 10 POS systems that integrate with Quickbooks online […]

Best 20 Slack Alternatives And Competitors For Your Businesses

Effective communication is key to the success of your business endeavors. However, using traditional means of correspondence such as phone calls, emails, and faxes might no longer be as efficient for modern companies. This is where business messaging apps come in. These platforms serve as centralized hubs that facilitate instantaneous […]

Which Website Builder Is The Best? Weebly vs. Shopify vs. Comparison

Website builders today let you do deep customization, embed analytics and integrate with a slew of key business applications from e-commerce to live chat to SEO. These functions are now the baseline, that choosing a platform is likely to include any, if not all, of these top website builder software: […]

Marketing Software for Small Business: Guide To How It Works, Features & Benefits

How does marketing software help small business? Marketing software allows you to gain better control of the lead pipeline, increase conversion rates, provide better customer journey and, ultimately, generate more revenues to your bottom line. It helps you provide personalized engagement and ensure leads do not fall through the cracks. […]

Top 10 Alternatives to MailChimp: Popular Email Marketing Software Solutions

What software is a good alternative to MailChimp? MailChimp is a popular name in the email marketing domain. It is also known as a reliable marketing automation tool for small businesses. While it has an impressive standing in this category, it doesn’t necessarily work for everyone as one business varies […]

15 Best Website Builder Software Solutions for Small Business

Are you looking for a suitable website builder software solution? If yes, this article will help you. Website builders today is more than just a design platform. Many cloud-hosted website builders are far more robust than, say, five years ago, and now include eCommerce, order fulfillment, marketing, and SEO as part […]

9 Signs You Need To Replace Your CRM

What are the signs that you need to replace your CRM? If you find it hard to track leads and clients, miss follow-ups, your agents have overlapping accounts and they still send out a lot of daily emails, you may need to take a hard look at your CRM . […]

Various Types of Inventory Management Systems for Your Business

Inventory management requires complex decisions—when are you going to restock which items and how much? Due to this complexity, there are various types and techniques to consider for an inventory management system. In this article, we’ll talk about the various types of inventory management systems for your business to have […]

CRM vs. Sales Force Automation: Does Your Small Business Need Them?

Sales force automation and customer relationship management both offer benefits to help your small business thrive. However, you might be wondering which one is more essential for your operations. To help you get a better idea of which one is more crucial for your company, we will be answering the […]

15 Best Document Management Systems of 2019

Have you ever wondered how many paper-based documents – notes, memos, letters, faxes, reports, proposals, photocopies, presentations, etc. – your organization produce everyday? You probably have no idea.

How to Make Project Management Software More Efficient

Why do projects fail? You can cite a lot of factors like constrained budget, lack of resources and unmet deadlines. But when you get to the bottom of these reasons you’ll find that it all boils down to one thing: inefficiency. Constrained budget is a symptom of a failure to […]

Top 10 Alternatives to Expensify: List of Leading Expense Management Software Solutions

What is the top alternative to Expensify? The top alternative to Expensify is FreshBooks, taking into account its ease-of-use and flexible pricing, which makes it ideal for small businesses. This robust accounting platform makes financial management so easy that users can even create streamlined time-tracking and client-invoicing processes. It can […]

List of 10 Fleet Management Companies in the USA for 2019

To give you the latest details about the industry, we have recently updated this article with information on 2019’s leading fleet management companies in America. Are you searching for a fleet management software company that caters to U.S. clients? This article provides a list of 10 fleet management companies in […]

How Much Does FreshBooks Cost And What You’ll Get With A Free Trial

How much does FreshBooks cost? FreshBooks is one of the cheapest SaaS accounting apps with pricing plans from $15 to $50 per month depending on feature set and number of clients. The prices are offered at a significant discounts when you avail yourself of the annual plan. In this article, […]

4 Tools You Need To Design A Stellar Customer Experience

What are the tools you need to design a solid customer experience strategy? There are four essential tools that comprise the foundation of an efficient and consistent customer experience program for any business, namely: Help desk Live Chat CRM Marketing automation Gets Discontinued: What Are Your Top Help Desk Alternatives?

If you are one of thousands of people using helpdesk platform, then you have most likely  already heard that Salesforce is going to discontinue in 2020.

List of Project Management Methodologies: Comparison & Examples

What are project management methodologies? Project management methodologies (PMM) are the different approaches and disciplines in handling projects, dictating how your team works and outcomes measured. No one methodology is better than the others; some are structured for speed while others for comprehensiveness. Each approach has its pros and cons […]

Top 10 Alternatives to Microsoft Dynamics 365: Overview of Popular CRM Systems

As an entrepreneur, you understand how crucial it is for you to build your client base and forge strong relationships with customers. However, it can often be difficult to be proactive in customer relationship management while running your business operations. This is why you need to utilize a CRM software […]

Top 10 Alternatives to Help Scout: Overview of Popular Help Desk Systems

Are you searching for an alternative help desk solution to Help Scout? You may be on the lookout for a dedicated help desk platform that will maximize the way you resolve customer issues as well as optimize your customer support processes. Good thing there are several leading help desk products […]

21 Best Distribution Software in 2019

As the backbone of modern global commerce, logistics, warehousing, and distribution have received their own share of furious upgrades in terms of methodologies and technologies. Distribution support, for one, is a core type of ERP functionality for many businesses. Any time a company needs to get products through to their […]

Top 10 Alternatives to Smartsheet: Overview of Leading Project Management Tools

Are you looking for alternatives to Smartsheet? This article can assist your quest. Smartsheet is an online collaboration software for your project management, sales pipeline management, crowdsourcing, and team task management needs, and more. But if you wish to cast a wider net, we also provide you the lowdown on […]

How CRM Can Help You Overcome Sales Objections

Can CRM software help you handle sales objections? Sales objections happen even to the best salespeople. As hard as they try to guide prospects through the sales funnel, even the best sales reps may have a hard time convincing prospects to buy. This unpleasant scenario is quite common in the […]

Top 10 Alternatives to Oracle PeopleSoft: Overview of Popular HR Tools

HR software are powerful tools that accomplish virtually everything that is HR-relevant. This is why they are very popular especially among large enterprises. Among these is Oracle Peoplesoft, an HR management tool that ranks among the best in terms of power and value for money. That is, there may be other “best […]

Top 10 Alternatives to Tableau: Analysis of Popular Business Intelligence Tools

Choosing a suitable business intelligence solution from the scores of equally capable platforms out there can be a difficult, time-consuming task. Tableau, for example, is a powerful tool in the category, but considering the unique way your business runs may require you to look elsewhere. To help you, we have […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your CRM: 8 Important Optimization Tips

Let’s assume that you’ve just purchased a top CRM system for your company. Implementation was smooth, and everyone got on board pretty quickly, but the results are simply not there. Before you throw the ball in the CRM’s court, think whether you have the right service strategy in place. Being […]

What is the Difference between CRM and Marketing Automation?

What is the difference between customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation? The main differences are on type of users, core function, goal and role in the buyer’s journey. CRM and marketing automation are different processes with different purposes and utilize distinct tools. The confusion usually arises because both CRM […]

How Project Management Software Can Replace Email Communication

What are the advantages of project management software over email? There are five major benefits that your team will reap at once when you shift from sending emails to working inside a project management interface: Handle individual and group communication in one place. Avoid missing messages. Project data and conversations […]

20 Best Identity Management Software in 2019

Identity theft is undeniably a major concern to any individual at this day and age when technological innovations continue to make strides. Such crime has resulted not only in financial loss but in the unauthorized use of personal information as well, which could prove devastating to anyone.

20 Best Virtual Data Room Software in 2019

Are you looking for a solution to facilitate safe and speedy document exchange? Virtual data rooms are taking over the market with its tight data protection and security measures on top of its organized storage space capacity. Since there are plenty of products available today, here’s a compilation of the […]

5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Free Project Management Tool To An Affordable Paid Plan

When is the right time to upgrade from a free project management system to a paid, yet affordable one? As practice shows, free software is a profitable but also a temporary solution, and it comes with limitations that won’t let it scale to the growing demands of your business. We’ve […]