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Pros & Cons of Acuity Scheduling: Analysis of an Appointment Scheduling Software

What are the pros and cons of Acuity Scheduling? The pros and cons of Acuity Scheduling are its user-friendly, but robust features for easy booking and schedule management processes. It features multi-calendar sync, powerful integration support, promo services, alerts and reminders, customizable content, form builder, and more. The software also […]

Top 15 HRIS Systems of 2020

What is the top HRIS system? The top HRIS System is BambooHR. It is an award-winning software that features a comprehensive applicant tracking system, which lets you follow applicants through the hiring process and onboard them with ease. BambooHR also makes it easier for HR personnel to organize files for […]

Event Marketing Strategies: Complete Guide with Campaign Ideas & Examples

Event marketing is a birthday party writ large, and event marketing strategies mean running a birthday party for thousands of people at once. Businesses run live events to give themselves influence, both on other companies and, most importantly, consumers. Events, however, have a lot of moving parts that need management […]

12 Experiential Marketing Trends for 2020: Top Predictions You Should Know

Brands are like people. They have stories, histories, “personalities,” and (customer) relationships. These relationships are based on experiences that a consumer has with a brand. Thus, experts emphasize that companies should make all touchpoints conducive to building a profitable relationship with their target audience. One way to do this is […]

Top 15 CMMS Software for Business Facilities

What is the top CMMS software? The top CMMS software is Hippo CMMS. It is a user-friendly maintenance software for facilities and plants across different types of industries. Hippo CMMS provides a simple work order and preventive maintenance features all in one platform. You want to minimize equipment downtime, reduce […]

Top 15 Customer Relationship Management Software for 2020

What is the top customer relationship management software? The top customer relationship management software is HubSpot CRM. Users love its comprehensive features and easy-to-use interface. Also, the platform is free to use. HubSpot CRM helps you track and organize your sales pipeline and consolidate all relevant information and contacts under […]

16 Latest Cybercrime Trends & Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

There’s perhaps nothing more cumbersome than having your website hacked or your personal data stolen online. It takes hours to restore a compromised website to its normal operation, and that could mean financial loss for you if your business relies heavily on the web. Hacking, phishing, malware attacks–all these cybercrime […]

What is CPQ? Configure, Price, Quote Process Flow Explained

What does CPQ mean? CPQ means Configure, Price, Quote. This is an integrated process for accurately generating sales quotes fast, which enhances the purchasing experience. CPQ helps advance the selling process by removing cumbersome manual processes. It helps in streamlining the entire process, as well. In the past, everything must […]

7 Future Collaboration Trends & Forecasts for 2020 – A Look into What’s Next

There are many ways by which you can achieve effective collaboration. For instance, you can promote open communication, nurture creativity, and create an atmosphere where teamwork comes first. However, as the modern workplace evolves, so should your collaboration strategies. This is why knowing the latest collaboration trends is a must […]

Pros and Cons of Time Doctor: Analysis of a Leading Time Tracking App

What are the pros and cons of Time Doctor? The pros and cons of Time Doctor lie in its ability to boost productivity by providing real-time tracking of users’ working hours and activity monitoring. Managers get insights on workflow issues through detailed reports on hours worked, website and app usage, […]

8 Gamification Trends for 2020: Current Forecasts You Should Be Thinking About

Gamification is not a new technique but recently, the buzzword has gained overwhelming prominence. With engagement and retention rates dwindling, and consumer attention span taking a downhill trend, gamification is posing as a timely antidote to these cases. However, today, replicating game mechanics in business scenarios is a hard nut […]

What is Digital Transformation? Introduction to an Effective Business Strategy

What is digital transformation? Digital transformation is how companies use technologies to create or change organizational culture, processes, and offerings to meet the requirements of customers and markets. It is the process of transforming a business to become more relevant in the digital age. So, what is digital transformation? It […]

10 Current Small Business Trends & Forecasts for 2020 To Watch Out For

People’s outlook towards starting a small business seems to be on a high. Now even Millennials and Generation Zers are trying to get into the action. There are many reasons for this and there are many implications as well. This is why, in this article, we will discuss small business […]

What is IaaS? Definition, Examples & Comparisons

What is IaaS? IaaS is a cloud service where a cloud service provider (CSP) rents out highly scalable and automated IT infrastructure, usually over the Internet, to a small and medium business (SMBs) or individual developers. With Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), you no longer need physical IT resources like workstations, servers, and […]

What Is Gamification? Benefits, Examples & Techniques

What is gamification? Gamification is the process of introducing game mechanics into anything that results in better engagement and participation. In short, it’s making something more fun to do. There are many benefits to gamification. For businesses, it improves customer experience and promotes loyalty, to name a few. If you […]

Detailed Brand Marketing Guide: Strategy, Types & Advice From Marketers

What is brand marketing? Brand marketing is the process of promoting products or services, to market a company’s overall brand. It is done by connecting corporate values, identity and personality and communicating them to audiences. Modern business is about a flurry of brand marketing activities. Contrary to what many believe, […]

8 Streaming Trends for 2020: Top Predictions You Should Be Thinking About

Video streaming has surpassed all other media in terms of the number of users. Streaming trends indicate that the technology has been reaching new heights. The convergence of new technologies, Internet penetration and an increase in the number of mobile users are the driving forces behind this development. Current streaming […]

14 B2B Trends for 2020: Future Forecasts You Should Know

Marketers and business professionals generally see B2B and B2C industries to have a wide gap between them. However, this gap is getting smaller. B2B companies are now looking for ways to make customer experiences as engaging as those of their B2C counterparts. Thus, the general direction that B2B trends tend […]

What is a Chatbot? Benefits, Examples & Use Cases

What is a Chatbot? A chatbot is a type of artificial intelligence used to interact with customers through chats, emails, or telephone calls. Chatbots offer customer support in place of human conversation. It breaks down a request or question from the user and provides an answer without human intervention. You’ve […]

Consumer Reviews: How to Get the Ratings That’ll Grow Your Business

If you’re wondering just how powerful consumer reviews are in the marketing aspect of your products and services, think of it this way: every year, companies spend billions on marketing and ads and yet, in the long run, the opinion of consumers is still worth so much more. Reviews influence […]

Performance Marketing Guide for Beginners: Definition, Types & Tactics

What is performance-driven marketing? Performance-driven marketing is predicated on paying not for inputs but for outcomes. This means brands don’t pay performance partners and affiliates upfront. However, they share revenue with sales or get paid for inducing the required consumer action such as engagements, clicks, views, and other metrics that […]

15 Current Instagram Trends & Forecasts for 2020: According to Experts

In 2019, Instagram trends are all about authentic content, influencers, visual effects, creativity, videos, Stories, and shopping. To start, the platform has innovated tools that enable users to create interactive and fresh content. Furthermore, the platform evolved to support its growing business accounts. So, it looks like Instagram is on […]

8 Browser Trends for 2020: Latest Predictions You Should Know

When a new innovation emerges, most of us get overwhelmed by its sheer novelty. We tend to be overcome by new technologies that we sometimes disregard earlier works like web browsers. Let this browser trends help you put things in proper perspective. The truth is, we spend most of our […]

10 Fintech Trends for 2020: Top Predictions According to Experts

If you have yet to wrap your head around the idea of ordering everything from groceries to your latest gadget online, then brace for more radical transformations currently in the works in the financial industry. These fintech trends will simply impact everything that involves money, from payment to banking. Blockchain […]

8 Advertising Trends for 2020: Latest Forecasts You Should Know

With almost 8 billion people on the planet, one might think that just putting any advertisement out there is good enough. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Advertising trends shift each year and there’s a lot of factors involved. Change in preference and emergence of new technologies are just […]

10 New Call Center Trends & Predictions for 2020 – A Look into What’s Next

When a sound call center strategy is meticulously executed service levels increase, customer satisfaction improves, and turnaround time for sales is reduced. But with new call center trends driving the shifting landscape, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to reap these call center benefits. Surprisingly, even the best call center […]

10 Current Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2020 You Should Be Thinking About

Marketing used to be quite simple, really. Just hire the best ad agency money can hire, tell them what you want, and you’ll likely get the results you need. But that was then. The entire world has changed. Nowadays, marketing trends are changing so fast it’s never easy to tell […]

9 Future IT Trends & Predictions for 2020 You Should Be Thinking About

In the span of 59 years our computing power has improved by 1 trillion times. That’s because new technology can become the foundation of other technologies. Those new technologies could then become the basis for newer ones. And the cycle continues. As a result, IT trends are getting harder to […]

10 Important Job Trends You Should Know in 2019

Job trends for 2019 see companies lean towards adopting a more consumer-type experience when it comes to handling job seekers in a more wide-open job market. This can be traced to the increased number of Gen Z that possess various talents, filling in the employment lines globally. Companies are looking […]

55 Construction Industry Statistics You Must See: 2019 & 2020 Market Share & Data Analysis

The rise of technology and the growing demand for ecommerce are helping fuel the growth of the construction industry. However, recent client preferences like green buildings will change the future landscape. Thus, if you are a construction professional, it’s better to keep up with construction industry statistics and goings-on. In […]