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What is payment gateway software?

The umbrella term covers a variety of transaction services that help businesses trade goods and receive payments on the web. In a fashion similar to in-store …

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Top 20 Free Web Hosting Services in 2018

When it comes to web hosting for your site, you don’t always have to reach for your wallet. There are numerous free hosting services available that you can check out. These free services are ideal for cash-strapped freelancers, and small businesses and startups that operate on a tight budget. You […]

Benefits of POS Software: Examples of Leading Solutions Explained

What are the benefits of POS software solutions? Be it mobile, terminal, or cloud-hosted, these platforms provide entrepreneurs with a faster and easier way to process their sales data. POS software help users free up a significant amount of time so they can focus on managing their business. On top […]

Top 10 Free Marketing Automation Software in 2018

Have you ever tried selling anything? Then you know it is a difficult thing to do. The mere thought of convincing another person to buy something from you may seem a bit off especially for non-professionals. The same is true for marketing, which even in its earliest form, has always […]

What does the HubSpot CRM do? Features and Benefits of a Free CRM Software

What does the HubSpot CRM do? CRM platforms are all about customers, and HubSpot CRM excels in empowering businesses to build engaging, enduring relationships with their customers and promote productive conversations with them. This capability in turn helps those businesses improve their revenues using crucial information provided by customer data flowing […]

20 Best Mobile Device Management Software in 2018

The proliferation of the BYOD (bring your own device) practice where smartphones, tablets, and laptops are brought and used by employees to the workplace and connected to the corporate network has become a security concern. Mobile device management (MDM) software came about to address this issue. In this article, we’ll […]

20 Best Business Phone Systems in 2018

Having a business phone system at your disposal can do wonders for your company’s operations. Be it for boosting productivity, reinforcing customer support efforts, or reducing communication costs, these platforms are a great way to help you optimize the way you handle business.

Pros and Cons of HubSpot: Are There Any Weaknesses?

What are the pros and cons of HubSpot? We looked, but there’s very little if at all that we can say against the applications created by HubSpot. The following thoughts explain why.

Dedicated hosting vs. Shared hosting: 4 Key Differences You Should Know

What are the key differences between dedicated and shared hosting? Pricing is the first thing that comes to mind, dedicated generally being higher. But pricing is just one difference, here are the 4 major differences between these two hosting types: Pricing Number of hosted sites Maintenance Control and space

How Live Chat Software Can Help You Get More Leads And Increase Sales

Do you want to know how live chat software can help you get more leads and increase sales? Your help desk solution automates the major aspects of your customer service. But beyond that, it provides you with more benefits in improving your bottom line through live chat.

Pros and Cons of Virtuagym: Analysis Of A Leading Club Management Software

If you’re a fitness club owner, chances are you may have heard of automation tools that can make your everyday tasks a bit lighter. However, you may be hesitant or altogether resistant to the idea of using club management tools, not knowing that you’re missing a lot.

List of Top Email Marketing Software Companies of 2018

Have you ever spent a large sum of money on a product only to find out that it does not live up to its promises? It’s sorely disappointing when you realize that your purchase was not worth what you paid for. You can chalk it up to deceptive advertising, but […]

How Much Does LMS Software Cost? Comparison of Pricing Plans

How much does LMS software cost? The price range varies widely – you can get one for free or one that will have you cough up thousands of dollars. Whatever price point you choose, make sure that the LMS software has features to help you with the following:

Why Is HR Software Useful?

Why is HR software useful? If you are a human resource manager or a small business owner for that matter, chances are you often don’t take that much joy from managing your processes. Maybe it’s time to rethink your view of the use of automation technology. Here’s a rundown of […]

Top 10 BigCommerce Alternatives: Popular eCommerce Software Solutions

Are you looking for an alternative ecommerce solution to BigCommerce? You may be on a search for a dedicated ecommerce platform, plugin, or an insights tool to leverage the processes of your ecommerce business. Fortunately, plenty of leading ecommerce software solutions are available to choose from that are equipped with […]

Top 10 Volusion Alternatives: Leading eCommerce Software Solutions

Are you looking for an alternative ecommerce solution to Volusion? There are plenty of ecommerce platforms available to choose from that can help you run your online business and handles its operations behind the scenes.

Pros and Cons of Form.com: Analysis of a Top Restaurant Inspection Software

For people who invest in providing good food and cozy venues, restaurant automation tools abound, automating everything for both crew and owners from the kitchen to the counter. Yes, these products benefit a food establishment as a whole, there’s no doubt about that.

Top 10 Alternatives to Cority: Leading EHS Software Tools

EHS is an acronym for Environmental, Health, and Safety. EHS tools is designed to help companies reduce risks and comply with different regulations covering various fields such as occupational and industrial safety; health, medical, and hygiene; and environmental and waste manufacturing, among others. EHS software assists companies and organizations to improve […]

What is EHS Software: Analysis of Features, Benefits, and Pricing

What is EHS software? It is an intuitive platform that allows you to protect the health and safety of your employees from the hazards in your workplace. By understanding its types, features, and pricing, you can find one that suits your company and reap its many benefits.

20 Best Office Software Solutions in 2018

What are the 20 best office software solutions on the market? Heading the list are familiar names, but new and and old entries are keeping the market competitive and with pricing and features suitable for any budget and requirements. These may range from enterprise solutions, large, medium, and small businesses, […]

Top 10 Alternatives to eFileCabinet: Leading Document Management Software Solutions

While eFileCabinet is one of the market-leading solutions for document management tools and probably stands a reasonable chance of making a good match for your business requirements, nothing precludes the other possibility that you might be better off using another platform instead. There are many factors to consider in choosing any […]

20 Best Car Rental Software Solutions in 2018: Key Features to Look For

The global car rental market is booming with growth opportunities popping up from the tourism sector, the rise in the urban population, the growing economy and the increase in disposable income. These favorable market conditions, however, are not to say that all is smooth-sailing for car rental firms. There are […]

Pros & Cons of Qualtrics Research Core: Analysis of a Leading Survey Software

Is Qualtrics Research Core any good? Yes, for complex surveys and reporting. The market research industry is growing at unprecedented rate, spearheaded by powerful applications like Qualtrics Research Core. The program offers outstanding tools, mostly through its potent iQ artificial intelligence engine whose unique algorithms are able to dive into […]

Top 3 Survey Software: Comparison of Qualtrics Research Core, SurveyMonkey and SurveyGizmo

Are you searching for a survey research tool where you can create surveys, analyze data, and gain actionable insights? Plenty of choices are available today. To start, let’s take a look at the top 3 survey software solutions you can check out and compare their features and functionality.

Top 3 Customer Experience Management Software Solutions

What are the top 3 customer experience management solutions? Yotpo emerged at the forefront in our evaluation, with two leading competitors – Qualtrics Customer Experience and xSellco Feedback – following closely behind. All three have many common offerings but there are also distinguishing features that set them apart. Yotpo [ free […]

Affordable Marketing Automation Software: Marketo and Pardot Alternatives

Are you looking for affordable Marketo and Pardot alternatives? A marketing automation tool is essential for marketing teams and sales departments of all business size. For small and medium-sized businesses that are looking for alternatives of Marketo and Pardot with similar features at more affordable price points, plenty of robust […]

List of Top 20 POS Software Companies in 2018

Are you looking for a POS software company to match with your business requirements? Whether you’re a first-timer in POS systems or an existing user who’s looking for a new POS solution, narrowing down your choices can be daunting with the plethora of options available today.

20 Best Cloud Management Software Solutions for 2018

Cloud management software refers to tools and technologies used for monitoring and operating services, applications, and data residing in the cloud. It came about because of the diversity of cloud services and software and related functions that enterprises have to contend with which can include data storage, backup and recovery, […]

Are There Any Limitations To HubSpot Free CRM?

Are there any limitations for HubSpot free CRM? Yes there are limitations for HubSpot CRM, but not in the way that affects its overall value as one might initially think. We may consider the limitation as similar to the sense of premium offerings in the market whose features still fall […]

7 Best Practices To Optimize Your Conversion Forms And Get More Leads

How do you optimize conversion forms? Here are 7 best practices to do it. These are proven techniques and are distinct from creating an intuitive website conversion path, which, as should be pointed out, is your broader lead generation goal.

Top 20 HR Software Solutions for Small Business: 2018 Comparison of Leading Solutions

HR software, often also known as human resource management software (HRMS), is a technology solution designed to help you and your organization handle employee recruitment, hiring, engagement, and retention practices and processes. HR software tools likewise take care of ensuring your organization’s compliance with labor and tax laws; providing valuable metrics […]