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20 Best Accounting Software for Construction Business in 2019

What is the best accounting software for construction business? The best accounting software for the construction business is QuickBooks Enterprise, a complete financial and accounting application with all the essential features that you need to run your construction business at the optimum. It has a Job Costing Center to give […]

20 Best Accounting Software for Nonprofits in 2019

What is the best accounting software for nonprofits? The best accounting software for nonprofits is Quickbooks Enterprise as it provides them with industry-specific tools to manage their financials better. These features include generating and tracking of receipts for both pledges and donations. It also has powerful reporting capabilities that allow […]

20 Best Video Editing Software of 2019

What is the best video editing software? The best video editing software is Final Cut Pro which gives you a powerful platform complete with state-of-the-art tools that can handle simple or complex video projects. You also get the assurance of world-class quality and support from this Apple product. If you think […]

Pros & Cons of JitBit HelpDesk: Analysis of a Leading Help Desk Software

What are the pros and cons of JitBit HelpDesk? The pros and cons of JitBit HelpDesk are, it helps you organize your ticket management, build up a knowledgebase and automate the process for repetitive customer queries. However, it can be pricey if you are a freelancer, considering there are plenty […]

20 Best Accounting Software for Manufacturing & Wholesale Business

What’s the best accounting software for manufacturing & wholesale? The best accounting software for manufacturing and wholesale is Quickbooks Enterprise. It provides advanced, end-to-end accounting solutions specifically for the manufacturing and wholesale industry such as inventory tracking, sales order fulfillment, and various industry-specific tools, features and reports. Manufacturing and wholesale […]

20 Best IT Development Software of 2019

What is the best IT development software in 2019? The best IT development software according to our experts is Salesforce Platform. The software combines powerful developer’s tools with ease of use and streamlined processes, plus, the brand is synonymous to cloud infrastructure stability and reliability. Developers can rest assured they […]

Timeslips vs TimeSolv: Comparison of Leading Law Practice Management Software

Lawyers who have been in the practice for decades are most likely using Timeslips to manage their hourly billing. This app is the most common legacy solution in this space. Another law practice management software solution that has been around for a while now and has proven its name in […]

7 Business VoIP Best Practices: Virtual Meeting Etiquette

Connectivity brings in the money and VoIP services are changing the game. Gone are the days when distance and time-difference were limitations — your project manager could be in London while you’re in Cambodia for an ocular inspection and solid business decisions can still reach completion. It is easier now. […]

How Cloud Communication Helps Small Businesses Compete With Big Enterprises

How does cloud communication help small businesses compete with big enterprises? The emergence of cloud-deployed systems has to some extent leveled the playing field when it comes to business communication. Cloud computing has made it possible for even brick-and-mortar and mom-and-pop stores to enjoy the benefits of modern communications technology […]

Best 20 Content Marketing Software of 2019

There are plenty of methods to catch the attention of your target audience. Among the most efficient ways is through the use of content. By educating them about your products and services, rather than relying on ads or aggressive sales pitches, you can build your brand’s credibility, increasing more leads […]

Features That Every Restaurant Management System Must Have

A restaurant management system is a collection of tools and software that helps you operate your food business – Restaurant, Bar, Bakery, Cafe, Cloud Kitchen, or Delivery business. It has a POS (Point of Sale) system as a central unit. Along with tools that help build your online presence, take […]

20 Best Project Management Software for Enterprises

While industry experts have embraced the long-heralded IoT and prevalence of AI in every piece of software code that is now in the market, one development that has relatively gone under the radar is how Agile is finding its way into enterprise workspaces all the way down from small businesses. […]

Best Cloud Phone Systems for Small Business

Cloud-based business phone systems leverage the Internet and cloud technology to facilitate communication. It is also commonly referred to as a VoIP platform or Internet-based phone system.

20 Best Project Management Software for Medium-Sized Businesses

What is the best project management software for medium-sized businesses? There are plenty of solutions available but not all of them are ideal for medium-sized organizations. With more people to manage and more complex projects to tackle, the need for effective collaboration and communication becomes highly critical in such cases. […]

Pros & Cons of BigCommerce: Analysis of a Leading eCommerce Software

What are the pros and cons of BigCommerce? It has one of the more robust entry plans among ecommerce platforms and a bit higher-than-average price point. Is this an advantage or disadvantage? In this article, we take a closer look at one of the top ecommerce players in the market […]

Top 3 eCommerce Software: Comparison of BigCommerce, Wix and Shopify

Are you looking for a robust platform to help you manage and run your business online? With plenty of options available, a good place to start is narrowing down your choices by getting to know the best 3 ecommerce software solutions.

How to Set Up an Office from Scratch: 5 Easy Steps Checklist

How do you set up an office from scratch, say, you have recently got an office space? The process of setting up a workplace is as overwhelming as decorating a new house. You tend to get excited over the idea of purchasing new furnishings, filling the place up with new […]

The Chatbot Apocalypse: Is it as Bad as You Think?

Are bots killing jobs, is your job at risk and what can businesses do to make the most of the AI tsunami. Let’s assume you work for the sales department of a large and thriving SaaS company.  You fire up your laptop to start the day, but unfortunately, you know you’re […]

Top 3 ERP Software Systems: Comparison of NetSuite ERP, Sage Intacct and SYSPRO

What are the top 3 enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions? Based on our evaluation, NetSuite ERP took the top spot while two of its competitors – Sage Intacct and SYSPRO – followed closely behind. All of them have many similar offerings, but there are a number of features that […]

Tradogram Pros & Cons: Analysis of a Leading Procurement Software Solution

If your business is involved in dealing with thousands of purchases a day, then you know how e-procurement applications can be heaven-sent and help you manage the often maze-like paper trail of endless supplier lists, product specs, pricing, and deliveries involved. While there are many various e-procurement platforms in the […]

Pros & Cons of NetSuite ERP: Analysis Of A Leading ERP Software

What are the pros and cons of NetSuite ERP? In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the system to help you determine if it is right for you.

How to Slash 80% of Your Daily Admin Chores

Small businesses today are spoiled in terms of just how many tools they have to choose from. From lead generation tools to automation software, making your business more efficient is just a few clicks away. But is it really, though? Because small business owners still have a ton on their […]

VoIP Phone System for Small Business: Guide for Small Office Owners

With the cord cutting revolution going on full throttle, it is becoming more and more common to choose software solutions over cable connections. One such example of this is the increasing usage of VoIP software among businesses. Built for flexibility and convenience, these platforms offer a full range of features […]

Pros & Cons of Workplace By Facebook: Analysis of a Leading Collaboration Software

While being a relatively new application, Workplace by Facebook has been making waves in the market, with thousands of organizations already making use of this collaboration platform. However, even as the solution has gained significant ground, the threat of stiff competition still remains. 

Pros and Cons of Hotjar: A Leading Conversion Rate Optimization Software

What are the pros and cons of Hotjar? Hotjar is one of the leading products in the conversion rate optimization software category. If you are planning to explore this CRO solution, it’s vital to look at its strengths and weaknesses to determine if it’s the right product for your business […]

Hotjar Pricing Guide: How Much Does It Cost and Which Plan Is Best For You?

Hotjar is one of the most reputable providers of conversion rate optimization solutions, so it is not surprising that plenty of professionals, agencies, and businesses rely on it to improve their websites. If you’re wondering if this application is worth its price or if it is a good fit for […]

What Are The Best Learning Management Systems For Schools?

Are you looking for the right learning management system (LMS) for your school? Getting the most robust solution may be your first instinct, but that usually isn’t the best way. LMS software solutions are wide and varied. For one, some LMS are targeted at corporate training, which you want to […]

Help Desk Ticketing System Comparison List: Who Is The Best?

Quality customer service relies on a lot of factors. It is crucial for you to respond to service requests as quickly as you can, provide your clients with personalized conversations, as well as make sure you are offering a consistent experience for all of your customers. However, these can be […]

Which Software Is Best For Spell and Grammar Check?

Which Software is best for spell and grammar check? To be able to answer this question, we first need to describe what they do. Grammar check solutions are designed to help users analyze the grammatical accuracy and consistency of documents. They usually come as add-on features to most word processors […]

Guide to Grammar Checkers For Google Docs and Microsoft Word

Writing has become an important part of our everyday dealings. The process is no longer confined to those who make a living out of the written word. Today’s information-driven society demands that most people be able to write with a certain degree of efficiency, with many jobs now requiring applicants […]