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¿Qué es el software CRM?

La definición corta es que el software CRM es un sistema que le permite fomentar relaciones con clientes y proyecciones para impulsar las ventas o mantener …

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The Secrets of Passive Income

How about earning on the side while you hold to your day job? Passive income, or the idea of earning with little effort on your side, can go a long way to helping you build up your investment or prepare for your retirement. Not the least, help pay the bills. […]

Safeguard Your Dollars From Common Money Cheats and Dupes

There are many situations in our everyday life where the money we spent should not have been that much. Blame this on common money cheats and dupes we were not even aware of.  Dollars and dimes that flew out of our pocket windows without us ever realizing it (or too […]

16 Ways to Avoid Wasting Fuel

America has a fascination for automobiles perhaps matched only by the desire for real estate. If only petrol was as cheap and abundant as water. But it’s not. The price of gasoline is as volatile as the substance itself. Fuel expenses can quickly burn a hole in your pocket, money […]

To Buy or Not to Buy House This Year

The subprime mortgage still fresh in our minds, does buying a house this year make sense? The economy is far from out of the recession that set off by the subprime market. American manufacturing jobs are still being shipped out, stocks are reluctant at best, government spending cuts are about […]

Seven Proven Tips for Teleworkers

If you work from home you’re one among millions who have joined the tech-enabled crowd who’ve said no to traffic jams and yes to life. Most teleworkers (those who work from home or in a remote, offsite location) find this arrangement liberating and empowering. Consider this. The 2010 US Census […]

Retirement 101: The Basics of 401(k)

Love her or hate her, we all agree that Suze Orman wagging a finger while saying  “Denied!” is one of television’s most iconic images. And what advice does she offer each and every time? Never, ever withdraw from your retirement savings before it is due. This  really makes sense, and […]

How To Get Out Of Debt And Get Back A Free Life

Yes you can get out of debt. It’s hard but not impossible. Unless you suffered from an emergency or sudden crash that quadrupled your living expenses, most debts are caused by a lack of foresight or just plain bad habit of spending that has stacked up to a mountain of […]

5 Deadly Money Views of Highly Impulsive People

Have you ever spent your hard-earned money on something that you feel will give you instant gratification or happiness while being unmindful of the consequences, and find soon enough that you made one of the worst money decisions of your life? What made you decide to succumb to that wanton […]

HOW TO DIY: Your Total Guide For DIY Directions That Really Work

The popularity of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) concept is consistently on the rise not only among the savings-conscious and frugal living advocates but others who find it a great way to explore their creativity, artistic skills and talents. As such, a comprehensive guide that serves as a directional map for beginners […]

The Fiscal Cliff Update: Did We Fall Off Yet?

Suddenly, the news is less loud about the 2012 toast of the political pivot: the fiscal cliff. Predictions were ripe late last year that the financial fallout would happen at the end of January. It’s nearly end of February. So have we just experienced a Mayan prediction slip again? Or, […]

How iPhone Is Made: The Global Assembly Line

iPhone, that iconic brand that is uniquely American as hamburgers and a can of Coke. Or is it? But we already know that behind this made-in-America smartphone is a mix of other products that are made in, yes, elsewhere.  Truth is, when you buy an iPhone, you’re also buying a […]

Subprime Mortgage, Primetime Crisis: Lessons from History

Some say the worst is over and it’s on to happy days for the US Economy. We all hope the happy days do come around for this country because its fortunes are inexorably linked to the financial health of the rest of the globe. The financial crisis that started in […]

5 Tips for Adopting a Minimalist Wardrobe

Some think that the key to success is dressing nicely always. I certainly used to believe that this was true—which is why I have the bigger clothing collection than the majority of my friends. If I dress seriously people will take me seriously, right? So buy more clothes! Only lots […]

10 Big Ideas for Small Spaces

If, like many young Americans, you’re one your own for the first time and moving into an apartment or condominium with a small space, here are some wonderful decorating ideas to make your new home more livable. You’ll create the illusion of bigger space, or at least make your quarters […]

Pay Less for Car Insurance

The cost of auto insurance depends on several factors: age and marital status, where you live, and what you drive. You can”t do anything about your age, and few people will move just to lower their insurance premium. You can, however, choose a vehicle that costs less to insure. And […]

ATRA offers some relief to taxpayers

Everyone’s keeping track of how their taxes will be affected by the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA) enacted to avert the fiscal cliff. Most of the focus, however, has been on   payroll tax rates and individual income tax rates. Rightly so, because these are the changes that affect […]

How Much Do You Need to Save for Retirement?

Most Americans struggle to balance the burdens of daily expenses with the need to save for retirement. The firm resolve to resort to penny-pinching measure to free up income for greater savings often crumbles in the face of day-to-day financial realities. Actions taken to reduce financial stress such as spending […]

Chromebooks: Best PC for Your Bucks or Overpriced Browser Shells?

If you use your laptop mainly for browsing the Internet, do you need all the bells and whistles that come with a standard Windows or Apple device? Google thinks there are millions out there who need way less than what the standard computers offer, and want to pay way less […]

The Bottom Line on Top-of-the-Line Smartphones

With Blackberry finally outing its flagship models running on OS10, the die is cast and the battle for your hearts and wallets is on in earnest. There will be shakeups here and there, minor skirmishes, and major word wars between loyalists of Blackberry, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and new player Google. […]

Check Out These 4 Local Library Finds

Libraries aren’t just for books anymore! Libraries have long been one of the greatest public services offered by the government—there is nothing better than free knowledge available to all. If you thought that the library was just for books these days though, you’re mistaken. This government lending business has been […]

Cheap Winter Vacations: A Guide to 5 Winter Destinations

It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s snowing, and it’s miserable. It’s time to save yourself from the winter gloom. Looking for a winter getaway with a budget? Look no further. Puerto Rico I am always amazed at how cheap flights to Puerto Rico are if you do a little research. Depending […]

Credit Card Rewards: A Guide to Helping You Find the Card That Best Fits Your Needs

Building credit can be rough. I have trouble even using my credit card because I am so forgetful that I know making payments on time will be an issue. Unfortunately, good credit is very important to functioning in the real world. From renting an apartment to being trusted by your […]

The NRA is lobbying and the gun companies are paying the bills

The NRA (National Rifle Association) was founded in 1871 by Civil War veterans of the North, back in the days where the most dangerous firearm was a revolver. The organization was founded by William Conant Church and General George Wood Wingate, two men who had genuine goals of teaching Americans […]

The Economics of Coffee: From Cherry to Cup

Follow our hypothetical cup of story and you’ll never see coffee in the same way. It’s five in the morning. Rob in Chicago opens a bag of Kenyan whole coffee bean to brew a cup. Eight thousand-plus miles away across the Atlantic, Bushogo keeps out of the afternoon Kenyan sun […]

Bringing back Barack: the presidential inauguration and the next 4 years

An overarching theme in Obama’s inauguration speech last Monday was the idea that we are all created equal. Everyone should benefit from economic prosperity and not just a few—or as they have come to be known “the 1%”. Obama also mentioned that the times change, and with change the government […]

TV Guide to 5 Series That Showcase Average Americans

For a family struggling with finances and scraping to get by one of the hardest things is to turn on the television and watch all of the glitzy stars of Hollywood parade around in their impossibly expensive clothes going on impossibly expensive vacations. I always prefer watching shows that have […]

Education Inequality: How Income Inequality Blurs Education As The Great Equalizer

Education has always been touted as the last bastion of hope for equality, which, when accessed by the youth who are the leaders of the future, will truly serve as the great equalizer. But with income inequality on the rise globally and worsening in America, a so-called achievement gap between […]


The ancient Mayans were not the only ones who miscalculated their doomsday, or Gangnam the only thing grooving to a winning beat this year. In the world of consumer spending, our pockets have collectively decided who would laugh all the way to the bank and who would eat crumbs and […]

Any Time is a Good Time to Teach Kids about Money

How soon should we start teaching kids about money? How young is too young? When and where is the right time? This was the hot topic of the day in the playground, of all places, as I and two of my friends watched our pre-schoolers accumulate dirt and grime while […]

Ten Tight and Tricky Financial Challenges That Will Test African-American Resilience in 2013

With various financial challenges that have historically hounded the average African-American household, coupled with the result of the US fiscal cliff negotiations that set the stage for economic and social changes in 2013, some very important questions loom over the heads of many African-Americans. What does 2013 hold for them? […]