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10 Most Recent & Current Communist Nations In The World

Communist nations are quickly disappearing from the world as we move further away from the Cold War and into the 21st century. Today the world has only five remaining Communist nations, most of which are struggling to hold on to any remaining political and economic power in the largely capitalist […]

13 Most Intelligent People In The History Of The World

We know these people are exceptionally intelligent and talented. But just how intelligent are they compared to each other? Here are 13 of the most intelligent geniuses in the world, or at least as far as two Western scientific studies had afforded us.

10 Countries With The Strictest Laws In The World

Discipline and strict enforcement of the policies and the laws of the land may be seen as harsh implementations by many but viewed as a necessary tool by others. Some say that overflowing strictness borders on oppression and this often leads to resentment of the people. However, advocates of stern […]

Top 10 World’s Most Disappointing Expensive Hotels: Ritz-Carlton & Bulj Al Arab Are Worse Than You Think

The world is a wonderland filled to the brim with breathtaking places you rarely see at home. Amazing mountain peaks, ski resorts, serene lakes, paradise beaches, and beautiful parks litter the planet. We all deserve a break once in a while. A holiday trip to some of the world’s great […]

10 Most Unpleasant Cities in America

Each city has its own character, but some just have to be unpleasant for one reason or another. Some of the reasons may be subjective, but they do lend some merit on how outsiders see these cities. If you’re a local in any of these places, we’ll be glad to […]

10 Wealthiest Cities in the World: It’s Not New York or London at the Top

What does make a city rich? Is it the people? Is it the culture? Or is it a combination of a lot of things? In most cases, state of wealth at the city level is measured by its Gross Domestic Product, or GDP. The term refers to the market value […]

5 Ways To Earn Extra Money With A Side Job

If you are a recent college graduate you’ve probably already realized that for many people it’s almost impossible to earn living wages off of one job alone. Even if you’ve been working for years, you might find that it’s becoming increasingly harder to make ends meet with just one salary. […]

The Expensive Ticket to Winter Olympics Gold

Much has been said about the Sochi Games being the most expensive Olympic Games ever and how no cost was spared to bring the spectacular event to this subtropical Russian beach resort. But few ever pay attention to the dollars and cents each competitor needs to invest to keep the […]

You’ll Be Shocked About This Woman’s Answer To Why She’s Happy Working For $3/Day In A Sweatshop

Your clothes were made in a sweatshop. They were made by a young woman, poorly paid, who was nonetheless excited to have the opportunity to make them. Her alternative, her life without making them; that would have been much worse. Jasmine works six days a week for $3 per day; […]

What Will Happen When Our Wages Don’t Even Cover Food? This Haunting Video Chronicles the Dying American Dream

I’ll give you the good news first: globalization and technology haven’t actually destroyed jobs in the U.S. like we thought. This is definite good news, and the fact that both have revolutionized our lives in so many great ways sounds like a fairy-tale ending. But it’s not, so here’s the […]

You Think Your Taxes Are High? This Video Will Shock You With How World Could Look Without Them

Your W2 is probably in the mail, and that can only mean one thing: taxes are due. While taxes are both a sure thing (“death and taxes”) and a painful thing (“death and taxes”), they’re also a necessary thing. How necessary? A world without taxes is a world with impoverished […]

Find Out How Big Companies Are Getting Away With Not Paying Young College Grads And What You Can Do To Help

The cost of college tuition is rising exponentially but companies are finding that the cost of hiring a college graduate is cheaper than ever—in fact, they’re not getting paid at all.

8 Work From Home Jobs For Those Tired of Commuting

These days it’s becoming more and more appealing to work from home. There’s no commute, no awkward coworker relationships, often no boss, and you get to set your own schedule. Whether you’re looking for a career change or just looking for some extra hours and ways to bring in more […]

Top 10 Most Expensive Nike Shoes Endorsements: From Kobe Bryant To Tiger Woods

Nike is one of the best-known brands worldwide, and those who wear Nike gear certainly get noticed. However, most of us have to pay handsomely for the gear–but that’s not true for everyone. In fact, some lucky souls are paid millions of dollars every year in exchange for wearing Nike […]

Learn How To Code: 5 Reasons Why It Can Help Your Career

Thinking of learning a new set of skills to enhance your chances of success? Consider learning how to code, a skill that allows you to create basic to complex programs that help companies to run their business more efficiently. We’ll give you five good reasons why having a set of […]

10 Luxury Yachts with Unique & Ridiculous Features

A yacht with a helipad? Twenty rooms and a suite? A private deck with a Jacuzzi? We’re bored. How about something different that even a multi-billionaire will take a second look at and gasp, wow! Here are ten luxury yachts with unique features that thread the thin line between creativity […]

Top 10 Secret Travel & Holiday Destinations of The Super Rich: From Sunny Maldives To Snowy Aspen

For multibillionaires and top celebrities, travel goes beyond seeing places. Many of them like owning the place or a slice of it perhaps, not to mention the jet that flies them to their favorite destination. But who is the truly wealthy? Forbes defines the super-rich as having a net worth […]

5 Ways To Ask For A Pay Raise: Trusted Tips To Negotiate Your Salary Increase Effectively

Have you been stuck with the same pay scale for a year now? It’s time to talk to the boss and ask for a raise. But don’t just barge in into your boss’ office and demand for an increase; you need to justify it. We’ll give you five tips on […]

10 Most Luxurious Hotels in America: Stunning Surroundings & Breathtaking Interiors

Traveling in style can’t get any more luxurious than checking-in in any of these hotels. They made the cut by sitting guests on the lap of ultimate luxury that only a few get to experience.  For the rest of us, we can take a peek by reading on why these […]

Before You Go Shopping Listen To This Harvard Professor Explaining How Money Can Buy Happiness

Curious if money truly cannot buy happiness, a well-off Harvard professor went around the world to find out. What he found hit close to home, and revealed the truth: it’s not how much money you have, but how you spend it.

Russian Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014: 10 Amazing Facts About The Most Expensive Games Ever

The infographic features a selection from the many tales of triumph, tragedy, pride and glory in the history of the Winter Olympics. There will always be enduring achievements that will be forever remembered, such as Bjorn Daehlie’s 12 Olympic medals or Eddie Eagan’s amazing achievement.

Career Change Advice: 5 Things You Should Know Before You Decide

Change is something many professionals are scared of, particularly those who are already entrenched with their jobs and have integrated work routines, strategies and habits that took decades to master and mesh well with their lives. It is never easy especially when you have kids in college, mountains of bills […]

10 Unique Cruise Experiences: Forget Caribbean! Try River Or Antarctic Cruises

Cruising is not all about enjoying a Caribbean or Mediterranean getaway—two of the most popular cruise destinations according to Cruise Lines International Association—while sipping wine and enjoying a big band’s renditions of The Platters. The cruise industry is getting crowded and we can only expect more creative, if not silly, […]

10 Lottery Winners’ Stories: Don’t Make The Same Mistakes They Did

Everyone wants to win the lottery. Whenever jackpots get to record breaking highs you and everyone in your family goes out and buys several numbers hoping and dreaming that one of the tickets will change your life forever. While most of us will never experience the financial bliss that is […]

9 Most Expensive Cocktails In The World: Diamond Sparkled Champagne Or Martini?

On first going out for drinks in Los Angeles or New York, the cocktails seem expensive: $11, $16, even $25 for the fanciest. But if you are not satisfied with a double-digit delight, is it possible to spend more? I assure you it is: much more, in fact, with cocktails […]

2014 Tech Trends: Waiting For Smart TVs, Google Glass, Apple Smart Watch or Steambox?

Flexible TVs, the revenge of smart watches, Google Glass’ coming of age, the game console spillover, these are the top consumer technology stories that we expect in 2014. We don’t see any tectonic shifts in the magnitude of the PS4 vs. Xbox launchings late last year, just another twelve months of more of the same stuff padded with new features and design.

10 Awesome Space Exploration & Astronomy Discoveries of 2013

2013 was no exception when it came to discovering previously unknown information about the vast universe that we live in. Here are the top 10 most exciting things that have happened in space technologies, discoveries, and advancements this year.

Best Careers For People On A Job Search In 2014

2014 is your year to land a new job. Leading industries are always on the look out for new talents and career-hungry individuals. Know which jobs are in demand and what type of skills they are looking for.

Top 10 Startups of 2013: From Pebble Smartwatch to Snapchat Selfies

Here are the ten best startups of 2013. From language learning to Minority Report-style computer controls and hook-up apps to new chat formats, they’ve found success! Unsurprisingly, nearly all of the apps either are in the tech sector or dependent on it.

Top 10 most dangerous jobs in the US: It’s not police officers & firefighters who have the most risky career path

Check out the infographic about America’s most dangerous jobs in 2012. They truly have harsh environments: falling trees, molten hot iron, high altitude, and the open sea create conditions conducive to fatal work injury.